What is Radical Self Love

The root or origin of all human love, expansion and connection resides within the cultivation of self love. If we are unable to love ourselves, how can we possibly love anyone or anything else to the fullest potential of the human experience? Radical Self Love is the journey of discovering and understanding the root and true essence of love. This is the process of learning to love yourself in the most on purpose way.

There is a common misconception that self love is narcissistic and self involved. This current collective belief  categorizes loving yourself as a ‘selfish’ and ‘wrong’ thing to do. As my experience has taught me, this belief is a complete illusion rooted in fear . It keeps people disconnected from their truth and from experiencing the incredible expansiveness of unity consciousness. Loving yourself is your access point to unity, connection and ultimate on purpose manifestation.

Radical Self Love is a personal and unique human experience. While the essence of love is the same for each human the access to this awareness is unique. The Radical Self Love journey is rooted in experiential learning and will be completely specific to each person. We all learn, process and experience life in different ways and at different paces. RSL is the process of understanding love on intellectual level and integrating this knowing into our be-ing, thus shifting how we show up each day for ourselves, for our communities and for the world as a whole.

loveyourselfLove is the only answer

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