Experiments In Gratitude- Day 337: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Gratitude is one of the major foundational elements of any Radical Self Love practice and it is such a pivotal component of our healing, growth and positive evolution. 

This video was recommended to me by one of my dear friends and fellow RSL member. During our high vibing chat about meditation and the power of gratitude and she shared that this video really left a positive impression and impact on her heart.

Sometimes in this world we need a little extra encouragement or evidence to nudge us in the direction of implementing change. This video is a amazing illustration of the basic science behind the practice of gratitude.

This little experiment warmed my heart to watch and reminded me just how powerful gratitude is and how the expression and sharing of our gratitude has the potential to ripple out massive inspiration and activate love in the hearts of the people we share with.

Share your love, express your gratitude- it will make you happier, science says so after all 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Beauty Is A State Of Mind: A Touching Reminder- Day 296: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Beauty is in the mind of the beholder.

This morning a wonderfully amazing RSL member shared this video with us. It is so chalked full of Radical Self Lovin goodness that I just had to share with you all tonight.

Below is a video documenting a very powerful experiment in beauty.

Watch, reflect and be inspired!

It is what we think about who we are that matters the most. There is never a quick fix that will make us more beautiful than we have declared in our minds that we are. To be beautiful we must begin with thinking beautiful thoughts about ourselves- and then the transformation begins.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Jonathan Budd’s Journey of Healing and Self Love- Day 282: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Wow! Epic masculine vulnerability ahead!

I came across this incredibly raw, real and authentic video from a fellow Awesomeness Fest tribe member Jonathan Budd today. Jonathan is such an inspirational leader in our Afest family and such a positive inspiration in the world and he just took that greatness to a whole new level of awesomeness.

In this 30 minute video he vulnerably shares his journey of Radical Self Love. This is such a courageous story and he zones in around the 21 minute mark as to why doing this work is so freaking important for our journey.

Have a watch, get ready to hear some radical real talk and best of all see that where ever you are, whatever you are going through, whatever you’ve gone through you are not alone and it is completely ok and acceptable to own your journey just as it’s been and to give yourself permission to “do the work”.

If you know you are ready to step it up and dive into your Radical Self Love Journey you can do so HERE by joining our 30 Day Radical Self Love Program.

You are worthy, you are deserving and you are so loved above all else ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

Because Who Is Perfect?- A Heartwarming Illustration of Self Love and Acceptance- Day 273: 365 Radical Self Love Project

A fellow RSL member shared this video with me this week and I absolutely adored it.

All of us are perfect in our imperfections and the more we remember this on a daily basis the more loving and peaceful we become. To see yourself in another is to see love.

No two bodies are ever the same and while certain industries would like to sell you big time on their ideal of perfection it isn’t exactly attainable. As far as I can see and the truth in my heart leads me to know this is all set up in a very intentional way. If people keep thinking they are not enough, if they keep striving for this so called perfection, their vibes will stay at a level that is bound by fear.

People who are fearful make wonderful consumers. When we feel like there is something missing or wrong with us we often head out on the path of consuming in attempt to fill the void. What there is to get is there is no magic pill or “thing” we can buy that will change whats really going on inside. Buying things is a temporary fix. It gives us an initial rush of feel good hormones and then like a sugar high the energy crashes again- and the cycle continues.

I’m not saying that I’m anti-consumerism or anything like that- I love a great new pair of shoes or an outfit that seems like it was made for me. What I’m saying is we must as a collective attune ourselves to the motives and intentions behind why we buy and what we are investing our money and energy into. Bring a little more consciousness to our commerce.

When we bring more consciousness to the land of consuming and commerce the veil of fears illusion begins to part and we really start to see that we are all imperfect beings, we all have “flaws”, we’ve all made mistakes, we all have something we just don’t dig about ourselves- and inside of all of that we are so divinely perfect.

To see this we must begin to change and the change has to come from within. We must embark on our own spiritual journey to uncover our brilliance, our truth and ultimately our unity.

This video is a beautiful illustration of the diversity among us, the illusion of perfection and some seriously yummy self love and acceptance. The more we see ourselves and each other as perfectly imperfect and the more we being to accept and embrace this eclectic diversity among us the more we open to massive love flow.

Awareness, acceptance and compassion all activate the flooding of love- in ourselves and ultimately in the world.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


A Poetry Slam Embodying Radical Self Love to the MAX!!! Day 215: 365 Radical Self Love Project


This is aboslutely incredible. I am so grateful to the beautiful women in our RSL tribe who shared this powerful expression with me last night.

This is Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

Start looking for your treasure. It’s in you to find.

Join the movement here: 30 Day Radical Self Love Journey



Raising the Vibes One Kitten At A Time- Day 170: 365 Radical Self Love Project

imgresMy ramy-ramness (crabbiness) has carried over into today.

I’ve kept to myself for the most part and after spending the afternoon with my guy friends I knew I needed to do something to raise my vibes.


My go-to for raising my vibes has always been kittens. It’s fail proof- works every time.

cute_kitten_with_bow_tieSo I began my kitten perusal and came across this amazing blog post all about kittens and their cuteness (ask and you shall receive) and inside this blog post was a VIDEO of an epicly cute kitten meeting a hedgehog. Adorable.

This raised my vibes almost instantly.

The lesson in today: every day may not be perfect and it is up to us individually to find beauty in the most challenging of days. It wasn’t on anyone else to raise my vibes, it had to come from within. I had to take the actions I knew would lead me to an experience of feeling more grounded, centred and present.

At times this inner peace is activated through an external response. The key though is to use something of a positive nature that you know brings to you an experience of honest joy and heart happiness. Kittens are one of those things for me.

So today I went to my go to- and in doing so allowed my heart to open a wee bit more, and allowed myself the space to be where I was and do something constructive about it.



Meow it’s off to have a relaxing evening and an early night. A good nights sleep always sets things straight again 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Beauty is What Is Possible When We Open Our Hearts to Each Other- Day 166: 365 Radical Self Love Project

After a seriously uplifting day I couldn’t think of a better vibration to beam out to all you lovers.

More details to come tomorrow, from the incredibly beautiful day of overcoming past ways of being, receiving support, allowing the beauty of connection to burst into form. These were all themes of my day today.

I am grateful for each of the sacred moments and once I have a chance to process them and share them fully they will be coming atcha tomorrow!

radical self love kelsey grantUntil then allow the beauty of this video to bring some joy, connection and true beauty into your life. It is incredible what becomes possible when kindness is at the source of our actions. In this video you will witness the power of a kind gesture and the heart opening impact it has.

Wherever we are, whatever our lives look like we are all capable of extending kindness, we are all capable of coming together in the spirit of love and contribution and when we do magic happens.

Check out this video love faces!

RSL Feature Friday- Adventurous Andrea!!- Day 126: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s Feature Friday!!!

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantToday I have the honour and pleasure of introducing Radical Self Love member Andrea Nicholas otherwise known as Adventurous Andrea

Andrea is a true beam of beauty and angelic light in this world. Her spirit is so gentle, kind and positive it is such a blessing to have her vibes floating around. I remember my first introduction to Andrea was through a common friend who suggested we connect. So naturally I hopped on my computer and did the virtual scoping out. I watched one of her Youtube videos and I was hooked. She embodies such a gentle, pure feminine energy I was immediately drawn to her and grew ever more grateful of the light she shines into the world.  Here is the first video I ever saw of her:

Andrea lives what some may think as an unconventional lifestyle. She chose to listen to the call of her spirit and the calling of her heart to make a lifestyle out of travelling and adventuring the world.

radical self love kelsey grant

radical self love kelsey grantWhat we love most about Andrea is her courage. Her courage to do what not many people do and follow her heart to unknown corners of the earth and explore the abundant blessings which await. We love her genuine and kind energy, her willingness to openly share her experience and to bravely lead the way for others to follow their own truth.

radical self love kelsey grantHer adventures literally take her around the world and from what we can tell are completely guided by her intuition and sense of trust in the Universe. It takes a lot of faith to pick up from your life and take off into the unknown. This is what Andrea has done and because of it her life is incredibly beautiful and is now a major inspiration to people world wide.

We also commend her for the bravery it takes to travel solo. Travelling alone while incredibly freeing and exciting can be frightening for people. We love that she is breaking that idea and showcasing in real time how safe and taken care of she really is. To us this is an example of how we are truly taken care of by the Universe, how we are always safe and protected if we believe we are and when our intentions are fuelled from spirit all things are possible.

radical self love kelsey grant

We also love her because she is a big supporter of living on purpose and living in a healthy manor. As you can probably tell from her glowing skin, bright shiny eyes and the glass of juice she is holding in her hand she takes great care of herself inside and out.

radical self love kelsey grantThe Radical Self Love Journey is exactly this. Learning how to love ourselves, fuel our bodies with the highest vibing food, energy and thoughts. Take care of our bodies through exercise, meditation and connecting to nature. Connecting within by getting clear on who we are, what we are here to do then doing it. It is the process of awakening to our purpose and then having the courage to live it. Andrea to us embodies all of these things.

She is such a beautiful soul and we are honoured to feature her today and so grateful to have such an incredible role model and friend in our lives.

Adventurous Andrea radical self loveAndrea is currently adventuring in Switzerland and from the pictures and updates we get to see on the regular, her travels have been blessed with incredible people, connections, juicy life lessons and most importantly a strong connection to herself.

To follow her adventures connect with her here:








#radicalselflove #adventurousandrea

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

7 Steps For Getting in the “Creative” Zone- Day 113: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Yesterday my plan was to have a chill Saturday.

This morning I woke up and changed my mind.

radical self love kelsey grantGiven the loads of tasks to complete for RSL and my higher energy levels I opted for a high vibin creative work day.

To get into this creative zone today I rocked a few fundamental steps to optimize my energy and enter into a state of flow.

7 steps to activate creative zone flow

1. I hydrated. The first thing I did today was drink a litre of water to rehydrate my brain, wake me up and flush out any stagnant energies from my sleep.

radical self love kelsey grant2. I worked out. I rocked a solid cardio workout, completed my daily ab challenge requirements and made sure to work up a sweat.

3. I did an oracle card reading then set my daily intention.

4. I fueled up my body. Ate a delicious high protein breakfast and grabbed a coffee.

5. I made a list of to-do’s. Doing this organizes my daily tasks and makes things way more manageable and fun to achieve.

radical self love kelsey grant6. I laughed and chatted with my roomies and snuggled our visiting puppy. These things always raise my vibes and get me in the space for awesome intentional creation.

7. I found some solid chakra healing/sound healing videos on Youtube and I set them up as my work playlist for the day.

radical self love kelsey grantRocking these 7 simple actions ensured I was grounded, clear and ready to welcome in the creative flow. Doing so allowed me the mental and emotional space to complete 95% of the creative content for my new website and the physical energy to rock an entire day of creative work.

What are your steps for getting in the creative zone? Share with us in the comments below or on the FB page- we can learn so much from each other!! 🙂

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The How To For Loving You: 11 Steps to Get You Started- Day 96: 365 Radical Self Love Project

How do I love myself?

Kelsey Grant radical self loveI get asked this question a lot and I love it every time.

As we all some how know, the first step in transforming or changing anything is realizing there is a need for the change. This question illustrates a desire to be better, a desire for a more rich and fulfilling human experience. We all deserve to have a beautiful and fulfilling life and we are the only ones who can actually make that happen.

Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love

Here are the 11 fundamental basics when hoping onto the self love train!

The How to for Loving You

1. Make a declaration. This is the ultimate first step. Nothing will change unless you put your foot down and declare that it will. Doing so is an incredibly empowering and powerful act. When you make a declaration of this kind the Universe begins to conspire with you immediately to bring to your awareness evidence of that which you seek, the circumstances most impactful for your growth and evolution and support in so many ways you can’t even imagine!

2. Stop playing the victim. You must, must, must, begin to step out of the blame game. Life isn’t happening to you it is responding to what you are putting out and who you are being moment to moment. You will have to step up and claim 100% responsibility for yourself and your life. If you have experienced hardship (we all have) have compassion with yourself and release yourself from the trap of giving up your power (blaming/playing the victim) and the trap of making yourself wrong for the experiences and circumstances of your life until now. Embracing this wisdom “we are always doing the best we can with the tools we have” helps to diffuse the ego and surrender into the expansiveness of the human experience.

images-33. Build up your muscles of seeking good. We all can get better at this. Even the top leaders in the world can seek out the worst in things- however, they make a conscious choice not too. They instead know their energy is better invested into seeking the good, finding the underlying lesson inside of contrast and viewing the world through the lens of possibility and love.

4. Quiet your mind. An over active untrained mind will always default to worrying, anxiety and fear. You do have the power to shift that pattern. Sit with yourself once a day and be still, be quiet, experience solitude. If there is a lot of healing to do being with yourself sans distractions will most likely be uncomfortable at first. So create an environment of success and start small. Almost everyone can sit in silence with themselves for 2 minutes a day. Start there. When you feel a calmness and sense of peace enter your stillness increase your time. Doing so will support you in building a successful meditation practice.

5. Take care of your body. This is your vessel for experiencing the world. Treat it with love and respect. Be mindful of what you put into your body and create the time to physically move your body each day. This might mean giving up late night TV in exchange for being able to get up earlier in the day or rock a workout after your day is done. Move your body, stretch, relax and nurture your body. Feed yourself with high vibrational food as often as possible. No one else is going to do this for you. Step it up.

6. Learn how to think. Begin the process of cultivating stronger more positive thought patterns. Mental activity and idle thought does not count as thinking. Thinking is consciously directing your thought and energy patterns to be in alignment with the life you desire and your intended outcome. If you are desiring financial abundance and the only thing you constantly focus on in your thoughts is your perceived lack, your thoughts are out of alignment with what you want. You must train yourself to do this. Begin by bringing your awareness to your thoughts. Take notice of the general theme. From there you can dive into the world of programming positive and building constructive thought patterns.

7. Give up self defeating and diminishing talk. The way you speak to yourself is the invitation you send out into the world for how you want to be treated. Stop being so hard on yourself- speak kindly within and without. If you said the things out loud to others that you say to yourself you would most likely not have many friends left. So why oh why would you speak to yourself like that? You are a beautiful being and deserve love and kindness. Being hard on you only tanks your energy and diminishes your ability to love yourself and others.

Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love8. Be of service. Taking the focus of the ego’s drama via service of others is the quickest way to open your heart more and connect you with the innate goodness within everyone and everything. Whether it is opening the door for a stranger, volunteering your time and energy, creating art, making a friend dinner, smiling at a stranger on the street- being of service activates the heart in the most extraordinary ways.

9. Build up a daily discipline. Self love is a practice and a daily discipline. It takes showing up each and every day as your best version. This muscle is built through building constructive daily disciplines. Commit to yourself and design a routine that empowers you. My daily discipline is simple- invest minimum 30 minutes into learning/personal development (#6), drinking minimum one litre of water a day and either writing, reflecting or speaking my gratitude. These daily disciplines keep my vibes high, my energy in alignment and inspire me to take empowered actions throughout the day.

10. Acknowledge others. What you do unto others you have already done to yourself. Sometimes it is easier to notice the goodness others are up to so do it. It feels good to share your acknowledgement and it ensures the other person feels seen, appreciated and valued. In turn you unknowingly cultivate those same feelings about yourself when you give another person your appreciation. These moments can change a life and sometimes save one. Do more, share more and leave a lasting imprint of love everywhere you go.

11. Acknowledge yourself. This will have multiple positive impacts. It will help you break away from the addiction we all have of seeking validation and approval of others. It will also ensure you are always acknowledged for the greatness you are beaming out into the world each day. Lastly it will boost your confidence and your knowingness that you are a capable, competent, brilliant and incredible human- which is where the growth of self love will stem from.

Kelsey Grant radical self love

There is much to this path of Radical Self Love-which is why we have build a community and a company to support you lovers in the development of this incredible aspect of life. In our continued commitment to supporting and loving the crap out of you all, this is what we have brewing at RSL in the coming months:

  • A weekly free video series exploring the how to’s of self love and successful relationships
  • A new website YUMMMMY!!
  • The Free 7 Day Radical Self Love Challenge
  • Our 30 Day Radical Self Love Program
  • Our RSL 1-1 coaching packages
  • The Conscious Breakup: 15 Self Love Lessons To Open To Love Again- E-Book
  • More lovetastic music
  • Free radical self love meditations
  • An interactive 6 week Radical Self Love for Relationships course
  • And more monthly RSL workshops!!!

Stay tuned as we beam these beauties out to you all!! If there is something you would really like to see us cover or teach at RSL leave us a comment below. We are here for you lovers! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love