How Self Love, My Intuition and Universe Saved My Life Today- Day 354: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I’ve always believed the Universe has my back and today I received proof in a big time way.

I believe my intuition is an extension of source energy and my connection to an intelligence far greater than my human brain and body.

How often do we have a gut feeling about someone or something that we ignore?

How often do we follow it?

radical self love kelsey grantAs we travel through the journey of Radical Self Love we program ourselves to actively trust and honour this internal guidance system. The key with listening to the intuition is we have to be somewhat grounded, feeling good and clear for it to make any sense at all.

When we are scattered, anxious, worried or racked with guilt, shame or fear our intuition is drowned out by the musings of the ego. In this state of energy the messages we receive are mixed and just compound the confusion we are already feeling.

On the flip side when we are feeling good, clear, vibrant and resonating in the energy of love, our intuition is loud and clear. In this clarity we are really confident in following it’s guidance, no questions asked.

The key to getting to the space of clear intuition communication is training ourselves to feel good. The more active we are at seeking out what is working, what is going well and collecting evidence of all the gifts and blessings in our lives- we feel better. When we are feeling good our energy is at an all time high. When our energy is high we are receptive to the good around us and become magnets for more goodness to be attracted in. In this level of vibrational alignment with source energy our intuition’s messages come through loud and clear.

My intuition at an all time high.

Now it is very unusual for me to give energy and attention to these sorts of things but for the purpose of driving this message home I will share this.

This morning there was a shooting in my neighbourhood. Literally 2 blocks from my house. I live in a very safe and affluent neighbourhood and stuff like this just doesn’t happen here- but today it did.

I left my house around 10:40 this morning to head to grab a coffee from my fav coffee shop a few blocks from my house. I left the coffee shop around 10:50 and made my way back home. As I crossed the street towards my usual route home my intuition got super loud and literally pulled me in a different direction.

I took the back way home trusting it was happening for a reason. When I got home the reason became very clear. If I had taken the usual route home I would have been right in the line of fire at the exact time the shooting took place.

If there was ever any doubt in my mind that the Universe has my back and that I am here for a very distinct purpose this mornings events really solidified how protected I am. I’m so clear of the value of keeping my vibes high and my energy consistent. If I was in a lower energetic state or not used to hearing and following the guidance of my higher self/intuition I wouldn’t be here writing this right now and my life might be on a very different path.

Today my intuition saved my life and for that I am so deeply grateful.

Radical Self Love supports us in the cultivation of the behaviours, patterns and actions to keep our vibes in highest alignment as often as possible. Today I couldn’t be more grateful for this gift of Radical Self Love.

If you are ready to hop on your Radical Self Love journey our 30 Day RSL program may just be the perfect fit for you! 30 days of Radical Self Love immersion, where we start with simple but powerful shifts to support you in the long term cultivation of the one thing that might just save your life- your self love connection. If you are ready to embrace your intuition, clear your connection to your divine source and feel freaking goooood more consistently- lets do this! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



Jump For Joy Project Feature!! Day 276: 365 Radical Self Love Project

This morning I was a featured “jumper” on my friend Eyoälha’s amazing project:

Jump For Joy Project

radical self love kelsey grantI’ll be sharing more about this divine woman this friday in our RSL Feature Friday spotlight so until then I will share with you the wonderful spotlight she did on RSL today!

So grateful and blessed to be featured on this magical project and to be part of a movement that inspires more love, light, joy and happiness to be present in this world.

Jumping for this project was such a hilarious adventure and we got some seriously ahmazing shots. The feature shows some of the beauties for you all to see! xo

Check out the posty post HERE


Radical Self Love to the MAX!


What Having Fun, Self Care, Radical Self Love and Creativity All Have in Common Day 61: 365 RSL Project

I am a super creative person. When I am in a state of creation I am at my happiest whether it is making up new songs, writing content, brainstorming, painting, cooking, dancing or anything else my heart fancies, I love making things up and bringing them to life. It makes me feel alive, gives me a sense of purpose and allows me to truly be a positive contribution to the world around me. Sometimes though, I get stopped. My creativity is blocked. I’m stuck and the creative vibes are just not flowing.

There is one method I’ve implemented for a while which always recalibrates my vibes and gets me back in flow and it’s simple.

Have more fun, invest in self care regularly and celebrate the blessings each moment brings.


Curious how this works? Keep reading.

Did you know:

When you are having fun you are in flow?

When you are in flow you are most likely to take care of yourself meaning you feel better?

When you feel better the image you hold of yourself is more aligned and positive?

When you are in alignment with your authentic image you are practicing Radical Self Love?


When you are rocking the Radical Self Love bliss train your creativity is at an all time high?

Well dear RSL lovers it’s true, having more fun and taking time for personal and self care is the simple and easy process for getting back into the vibes of creation.

Today I set a pretty awesome goal.

I intended to complete the rough draft of my E-book “Introduction to The Conscious Breakup- 15 Lessons of Radical Self Love”. I knew if I got too in my head about it I would not even come close to finishing. So I implemented my RSL creativity flow.

RSL61I woke up early, meditated, hit the gym, got a coffee and then I went for 3 hours of pampering with my sista/wife/bestie. We got pedicures, manicures and a chance to connect and really enjoy each others company and playfully celebrate the incredible gift of pampering we were receiving. After returning home I made a litre of green smoothy to charge up my energy even more and started writing. I took a break in between writing chapters to do a Radical Self Love Reset Coaching session for 30 mins and then I kept on creating.

I was able to accomplish more today in 3 hours than I do when I spend an entire “workday” in the mindset of “being serious”, “working hard” and “making/having no time for playing and enjoying life”.

Now as I’m completing this post I have minor touches to complete on 3 chapters and the ENTIRE rough draft is complete. I know I will finish at least one more tonight and by tomorrows end be ready to rock the editing phase!!!

WHOOOOP WHOOOOP!! To me this is a HUGE win! Even though I will complete the book tomorrow instead of day I got a massive amount accomplished, created inspired and love filled ripples in my client relationships and all the while feeling super yummy with my new nails and glowing skin.

Life is seriously amazing!! Super grateful to the ladies at Frilly Lilly Yaletown for taking such incredible care of us today!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!!


Moving In and Moving Up- Epic New Beginnings Day 38: 365 RSL Project

AHHHHH being 31 is so incredibly RAD!!! This new year for me has so far been getting better and better and I am incredibly grateful for it all!

photoToday marks a massive milestone. My partner and I officially moved in!!!! I’m so freaking excited. We have certainly been through our far share of ups and downs since we starting dating last August and to be at this point together truly feels like an honour and quite honestly a massive achievement.

During the move today it was such a beautiful illustration of us both focusing on what we are good at and really balancing each other out.

Connor physically moved all of the furniture and boxes (very yang/masculine) and I unpacked and organized everything (very yin/feminine). It all flowed so easily and 6 hours later we are completely settled in, unpacked and ready to really step into this new chapter together!

I am so blessed to share my life with this man who makes my heart sing, who calls me to be greater, who challenges me like I have never been challenged before and loves me fully and completely. I know now more than ever, that everything we had to go through was so we could get to this point together, completely balanced, in our true authentic power and able to receive each others greatness.

photo 1How does it get better than this?!! 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!