Inspired Chats, Yoga and Great Friends = Awesome Night Day 270: 365 Radical Self Love

Today I spent 5 hours at my yoga studio and loved every minute of it.

I kicked off my time with a delicious hot yoga class. I had a new instructor who was absolutely divine. It was my first experience of a mentally relaxing hot class. She was so fabulous.

Then I began my volunteer/karma shift. I show up for 4 hours a week to work in the studio in exchange for yoga. It’s pretty rad.


As the evening unfolded a bunch of friends appeared and I was blessed with having inspired and love filled chats with each of them. I feel so blessed and honestly a little tired from such a energy packed night, but over all deeply blessed that all of my friends are such beauties!

Keeping this post really simple and really short so I can go and rock some self love relaxation time after a super long and rad day!

Today was such a great reminder of how lovely it is to take the time to really connect heart to heart with friends and acknowledge them for who they truly are.

RSL weekly challenge:

For the next 5 days give a heart to heart acknowledgement to someone precious in your life. Let them know who they really are to you- it will make all the difference in their world and the ripple of love and goodness will be cast.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


A Family Yin Adventure and Reminder of A Law of Love- Day 228: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I absolutely love how divinely perfect everything always is.

Tonight I was at my usual Yoga volunteer shift and a bunch of my family mates showed up to do class together.

There is something truly magical about like minded and like hearted people in the same room, opening the heart chakra and letting more love in.

This week at the studio is the Spiritual Law of Giving and Receiving.

I observed a beautiful expression of this law right in the moments of the class. When I began the class, in our first posture my left hand (the energy of receiving) brushed my partners and we grabbed each others hands and held the posture. In this posture I was openly receiving his energy.

To close the class we were totally turned around for the last posture and my right hand brushed his (the energy of giving) and we completed the class holding hands except this time I was the one giving my energy to him.

This reminded me of how important in relationships it is to balance the energy of giving and receiving. At times we are the ones extending the energy and at other times we are called to receive. The happiness of our experience in relationship really lies within our ability to give love and receive love in balance.


I am so grateful for this beautiful reminder tonight and feeling so blessed to have an incredible family tribe who I have the pleasure of sharing precious moments like this one with.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Celebrating Love and Flowing With the Spirit of Giving Day 64: 365 RSL Project

This morning I did a little intuitive card reading to set the tone of the day. The very first card I pulled was “Easy Does It”- the meaning of this card is stop trying to control and relax by going out in nature and enjoying play time.

Web-IMG_2869This card couldn’t be more perfect. Today I’m heading out to the Zajac Ranch for Children to celebrate the marriage of two of my dear friends. We have a full day of fun camp like activities we can participate in such as kayaking, horseback riding, archery, swimming. The best part is we will be spending this day of love celebration with our family tribe.

This marriage celebration is particularly heart warming for me and completely reminds me of the path of Radical Self Love. Carl, my friend who just got married to his partner Julie has been the most wonderful and beautiful example of what a humanitarian is all about.

ed7af3b17c2c29a9ab0ffd943ed41ed1He has taught me and our entire tribe the value of giving. He sits on the board for the Zajac Ranch and a lot of our conversations together always have a beautiful undertone of ‘how can we be of greater service’. I am an experiential learner and to watch and observe a real time example of how to really uphold and express the universal law of giving, contribution and the role of the humanitarian has been truly inspirational. I know his example has been a huge part in the development of the Radical Self Love Project and its true intention to inspire people to learn to love themselves more, through real time examples.

I am so grateful for the generosity Julie and Carl have always extended my way and I am incredibly grateful for the two beautiful little humans they brought into this world. Those kids are pure beauty and bring such joy to all of our hearts. I feel so blessed to be there today to play with them, relax and celebrate the contribution they have both had on all of our family’s lives.

aa77f7151ccd3ea6394fc4c8329955f2Beaming with love, appreciation and happiness for my two friends on this gloriously beautiful day!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Sometimes It’s Best to Just Listen Day 39: 365 RSL Project

love-is-you-green-300x300I’m sure we’ve all experienced this at least once- somebody in our lives, at some point cared enough to just listen and really hear and understand whatever we were needing to get out. Do you remember how incredibly amazing it felt when you got to experience the presence and wholeness of yourself through another persons listening of you?

It is in these times of connection where we have the opportunity to experience love in its purest form and to embody the energy of contribution, giving and receiving.

Let’s face it, in life stuff comes up and sometimes it’s just not pretty.

We all go through ups and downs and it is just so utterly incredible to have people around who care enough to be there when we need them the most.

In order to have a community of support we need to start being the support.

During my Radical Self Love Journey I have had my fair share of these compassionate moments, so today I took the opportunity to repay the kindness and give the gift of listening to those in my life who needed it the most.

To hold the space of present listening is such a gift, it reminds us we are not alone and that it’s ok to be going through the lows and the highs of this human experience.

My Radical Self Love Challenge for you today is this:

Give someone you know today or tomorrow the gift of your full presence. Just let them share what they need too. Only offer up your advice, opinion or perspective if it is asked for. Hold eye contact. Be present to their divinity and greatness throughout the entire interaction. Then let us know in the comments below how it feels when you are seeing through loves eyes.

Go Be Love 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!