Self Love For Moms: 7 Days Until My Interview For “Bumps And The Boardroom”- Day 353: 365 Radical Self Love Project

In one weeks time (June 16th) at 7am PST/ 3pm GMT I’ll be hitting the LIVE airways for the 7 day global event Bumps And the Boardroom to chat “The Modern Mom’s Guide To Self Love”.

In this 45 minute interview I will cover the basics of Radical Self Love and the one fundamental piece new moms can put in place to honour what they need and fill up their self love tanks.

Why is self love so important for moms?

As women we are natural nurturers, the challenge is, most of us have been brought up in a culture that trains us to take care of everyone else before ourselves. When we do this we deplete our energy reserves and quickly become disconnected from our higher selves.

Moms have one of the most sacred callings in this human form- the responsibility of nurturing new life. When our needs as women are met, we feel full, as balanced as possible and taken care of a profound grounding radiates from our being. It is this gift of presence and deep inner calm which has the potential to be transferred into future generations through our own activation of it.

The impact of raising new generations with this new state of awareness is HUGE. We have the opportunity to anchor massive transformation into the history books when we begin to teach our future generations- through our example- that our happiness resides within and we must highly prioritize our own wellbeing- which is where Radical Self Love comes into the mix.

radical self love kelsey grant

Being a mom is a full time responsibility and in our 45 minute interview we will shed some light on how we can maintain our connections to ourselves, embrace the new role as mom and at the same time radiate love, nurturing and conscious awareness towards the little humans we have the honour of raising.

It’s going to be a fabulous event and the best part?! It’s FREE!

I am honoured to be speaking to all the mommas-to-be and the all the super hero moms out there who like the idea of self love and are looking for some tips on how to apply it in a practical and workable way.

If you are a mom, new mom or about to be a mom join us for this FREE Global event! 

Register HERE—->

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



Self Love and Self Care Fill Up Day- Day 275: 365 Radical Self Love Project

To keep myself in tip top energetic, spiritual, emotional and mental form I take frequent personal development days.

These are days where self love and self care are number 1 priority.

Today was that day for me today.

I spent the morning with my man- we had a nice casual wake up with the sun beaming on our faces, took a lil morning walk to the store, got coffee, came home and made a fabulous breakfast- banana chocolate chip gluten free pancakes. YUM

radical self love kelsey grant

Then when he left for work I decided to take the day for my self care.

I did a little cleaning and organizing.

A little work- mostly brainstorming and creative sparking work.

Then I rocked an afternoon seawall run.

radical self love kelsey grant

Took some beautiful pictures and finished it off with a stellar meditation in the mini forest a few blocks from my house. I found this massive boulder overlooking the ocean, put on a meditation track and sat in stillness and honest bliss.

radical self love kelsey grantDuring my meditation all the people I sensed walking by the rock I was sitting on I beamed energetic love and blessings to. Then I hopped back on the seawall and finished the last leg of my run.

radical self love kelsey grant

Days like this are not a luxery they are a neccessity. For me to really show up for life, show up for my clients, show up for my friends, show up for my family and show up for my partner I have to first show up for myself. I know when I need KG fill up time and it happens every week.

Every week I take time to fill up my tank. I don’t always get an entire day like today but I always make time for at least a few hours each week to fill my heart and soul right back up onto the high vibe train.

When I do this my creativity soars, my intuition is sharper and more attuned, I’m way more productive and I am so much easier to get along with 😉

Your self care is important and if it isn’t a top priority yet that’s ok- we are all works in progress- start where you are at. If you can fit in 30 minutes a week just for you start there and work your way up. Make yourself your priority and by doing so the rest of your world will begin to thrive BIG time!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Setting The Tone for Success Weekend Style- Day 182: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I used to have a ritual a few years ago of going to hot yoga every Friday night. It was my way of unwinding from the week, getting a great workout in and balancing out my energies.

I also observed it held another major function to my development of self love. Doing an activity that was high vibing, healthy and spiritually connected, set the tone for my weekend.

The way it used to be

self-care-habitI totally used to be the party girl, who was out dancing and drinking every single weekend. Lets clear up right away there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, however, it didn’t really create the foundation or environment for my creativity to thrive or my energies to evolve and expand. It did the opposite.

So without even making that connection one Friday I finished work and headed to the yoga studio and rocked a hot class. The interesting thing about doing something that high intensity is afterwards I only wanted to put high vibing energies into my body, which meant a super healthy dinner and relaxing with people I loved.

The impact of conscious change

I also noticed it had a huge impact on the way I spent my weekends. Entering the weekend in a space of clarity, high vibes and healthy made me want to keep it up. So gradually as I practiced this new Friday night ritual my weekends became more constructive, I found I was more creative, more inspired and had way more energy to spend really connecting with the people I love.

Setting the tone for success

As part of my new commitment to health I noticed today that my Friday night ritual has returned without me giving conscious thought to it. As I was in my early evening hot yoga class I realized just the impact of setting up my weekend in this way, and ultimately setting myself up for success buy investing my energies into a healthy and soul nurturing activity.


Tonight I acknowledge myself for my commitment to my health and for coming back to this incredible ritual which feeds my soul. It feels so good to be in this space of filling up my tank and soulfully investing into myself.

With loads of love and high vibes I wish all of you an incredible weekend ahead full of beautiful blessings and happiness!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!