How To Keep Up The Self Lovin On Vacation- Day 364: 365 Radical Self Love Project

radical self love kelsey grantVacations used to mean a free for all in my world- reckless abandon for my routines, health and well being. My late teens and early 20’s were seriously dedicated to being the life of the party and testing my body and mind to push to the limits of what was possible and healthy.

Having been consciously immersed into the world of Radical Self Love for the past year and a half my approach to vacations has dramatically shifted as well. Over the past year and a half I have come to really understand I love feeling good. My habits and routines are in place not to limit me or restrict me but to empower me into feeling good more of the time.

Eating really crappy food isn’t really much of a exciting thing anymore as my body reacts pretty intensely to large amounts of processed foods. Now this isn’t to say I never indulge. Of course I do- I just don’t over do it like I used to. Vacations used to be the time when I really would go over board and justify it to myself because hell, I was on vacation.

With my ever growing self confidence, self love and self value I’ve created a new way of vacationing for myself that clearly works and has me continue to rock out as my high vibin self.

How to keep up the self lovin on vacation

1. Pre planning.

A little planning goes a long way. In the case of this particular vacation the day before we left I was finishing up a 3.5 day juice cleanse. Knowing my body would have to be eased back into whole foods I made a declaration to our crew that I would be responsible for my own eats and then I did a little meal planning. I found a local natural/whole food market in one of the towns we drove through and stocked up on organic local produce and gentle whole foods that would compliment my cleanse and be easy to prepare.

Back in the day I likely would have had the same desire to eat clean but I would have been way to self conscious and insecure of voice my desires. What I learned this time around is no one else really cared that I wanted to do my own thing nor did anyone negatively question me. Because I owned it from a place of peace, inner alignment and love my positive inention was picked up by my peeps and respected.

2. Find the local gems.

Do a little research either before arriving or when you get there to suss out places that are in alignment with your lifestyle. Conveniently there is a raw, vegan, gluten free bakery literally down the street from where we are staying. We are in a seriously small town and I still managed to find an alternative that allows me to enjoy dessert just in a super healthy capacity. The gems are always around- it’s up to you to find them.

3. Stay active- just change it up.

My body is used to regular movement and exercise however often on vacation there isn’t a gym or yoga studio near by or accessible. Instead this morning I walked down to the lake set up on the dock, meditated for 30 minutes then followed it up with a 30 minute gentle yoga session. After breakfast I hit the hiking trails with my homies and rocked a mountain trail hike for 2 hours. There are always fun ways to get the body moving on vacation, swimming, playing, hiking, make shift yoga- the possibilities are there- it just takes you to open up to them.

4. Own what you need.

I run an online business, I LOVE writing. Just because I’m on vacation doesn’t mean I want to stop doing the things I derive value and joy from. I’m also not going to stop being of service to my community because I’m taking some time off. I set up my business to manage itself for the most part with just a few small check ins throughout my time away. I also communicate to the people I’ll be on vacation with, in advance, what my needs are. When I’m writing and being creative I’m really happy, which is why I do it every day- vacation is no exception. I don’t write because I have to I write because I love to. Big difference. To honour that which I love I just communicate to my peeps that each day at some point I’m going to sneak away for some solo creation time. I usually keep it to about an hour so I still have loads and heaps of time to play and enjoy the company of my amazing friends and family.

5. Enjoy life.

Yes yes yes! Vacations are meant to be fun and to fulfill the purpose of enjoying yourself. Enjoyment means different things to different people so get clear on what things make you super happy to do while you are on vacation and then just do them. I love listening to great music, writing, reading, swimming, tanning, running in nature, hiking, cooking, lounging, watching movies when it rains, eat ice cream, drink really really good vino, laughing, playing cards, creating something new, being a positive contribution to the local community- the list goes on and on. The point is to get to know you so you know exactly what enjoying life looks like and feels like to you!

radical self love kelsey grant

Ultimately vacations can be an opportunity to further the self love vibes and keep those feel good practices in full swing. You are always the conscious creator of your experience and how things go really depend on one thing- YOU. Get clear on what you need to feel great and what you want to do and experience during your vacation, then communicate this information as clearly as you can to the people around you. Standing in your truth is one of the greatest acts of self love we could ever learn to do on the regular. The great thing is when you have surrounded yourself with the right people, honouring your needs will completely resonate with them and may just inspire them to invite more self lovin into their lives 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


p.s. Stay tuned for our completion of the 365 Radical Self Love Project tomorrow!! I have a couple gifts to offer as a massive celebration of such an incredible milestone!!! Check in tomorrow to see all the goodness! xoxo


Love Made Simple- Day 106: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today I redeemed myself.

I made a successful batch of gluten free banana chocolate chip pancakes.

The last attempt of making pancakes didn’t really go so well and today I totally got back in the flow of awesomeness.

Inspired yesterday by a conversation with my monthly workshop co-pilot, in which she shared with me a amazing recipe one of our fellow RSL members made for her on their brunch date.

The pancakes had 3 ingredients: Bananas, eggs and cinnamon. They looked amazing and based on Kristin’s raving reviews I couldn’t wait to whip up a batch this morning.

I added my own KG flair and the results were incredible. I honestly don’t ever see the need to make traditional pancakes ever again. These were so simple, fast and delicious. Because of the natural sweetness of the bananas they really don’t need any syrup or sweeter which is AWESOME!!

Here is what I did:

kelsey grant radical self loveI cracked 4 eggs into the blender, pealed 4 bananas and put them in the blender, added a sprinkled of pumpkin pie spice, a splash of vanilla and blended until smooth.

I heated my pan with a little bit of olive oil (medium heat) scooped a ladle of the mixture into the pan and sprinkled each pancake with a few organic dark chocolate chips.

While the pancakes were cooking I quickly made some whip cream in the blender and sliced some strawberries. The end result perfection.

Love made simple

To me cooking is an illustration of love and one of the ways I show/give love to my friends and family. I know this is partly why I was so upset the last time I made pancakes and they were a disaster. While there was a great lesson and honestly now it’s a pretty funny joke to tell, inside I felt I had failed to effectively demonstrate love.

Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love

radical self love kelsey grantIt’s so important to know the ways in which we give love as well as receive love (The 5 Love Languages book is a great read for anyone unclear about what I mean). Understanding that one of the main reasons I felt so upset when I made a crap batch of pancakes, was linked to my belief around how I give love, is incredibly empowering. It helps to remove the negative charge/sting of messing up. It allows me to be gentle and forgiving towards myself for being so darn hard on myself. Knowing this I can then communicate to the people around me what it means to me to demonstrate my love in this way.

When things don’t work out trust there is always a reason, whether it’s a batch of pancakes gone awry or a relationship that ends suddenly or a massive change in any other area of your life- the challenge offers you a space to expand into. It offers you the opportunity to get to know yourself better and by doing so increases your capacity to really “show up”, be present and be real with other people and ultimately within your life.

Simple is always best.

radical self love kelsey grant

Making these pancakes has really illustrated this to me big time today. The best things in life are the simplest. Humans love to complicate the shit out of ourselves and our lives. Let today be the day where you look to where you can simplify. Stop overcomplicating things, get to the source of what is true for you aka find out your love languages and go forward sharing this brilliant information with others in your life. Letting people know how you want to be loved and how they can expect you to give love THEN getting to know how they like to give love and how they would like to receive love, is one of the best ways we can make our relationships more simple, enjoyable and free flowin!

Love yourself enough to get curious about who you are and then access the courage, that I know is in you and share these delicious nuggets of information with people you meet. This is how we will change relationships for the better and see a world where more partnerships embody two people who love and respect each other. This dear friends is a direct result of us learning to love, accept and respect ourselves a little more 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Set It and Forget It- A Key to Effective Manifestation Day 104: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Looking for instant manifestation? Simple be a better human.

This is not a moral conversation. Being a better human in this context is simply referring to being your best version, living with integrity, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, lack of internal and external judgement, self love, high self esteem, taking aligned action, taking care of your vessel physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually and spiritually.

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant

There is a tonne of info out there about how to manifest instantly. This post is not one of them. There are many interwoven keys to instant manifestation and simply put they are all correlated to how aligned we are internally to our truth, our hearts and love.

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantThe more self discovery you do and the more you implement the awareness you learn, the more effective you will be at manifesting. Also keep in mind you will only ever draw in experiences that are of highest potency for your spiritual growth. Meaning just because your ego wants that new spiffy car or those hawt new shoes you may not manifest these things simply because they are not on purpose for you at this point in time.

Our ego’s will want to consume and focus on manifesting things that will bring us instant gratification, increase our perceived status and ultimately make us “better” than other people. For the Radical Self Lover you are likely to be present of your ability and life purpose to make a positive difference in this world. So back to manifestation.

Take a tip from Ron Popeil- Set it and forget it.

Set your intention. What is it that you want to call into your experience? Feel into it, be clear about why you want what you want, beam it with gratitude and appreciation, let yourself daydream/visualize it, then….

Forget it. Let it go. Release it to the universe. Drop your expectations.

Kelsey Grant Radical Self LoveThe Universe is awesome and magical. It does not need to be reminded every 5 seconds of how much you want your intention (doing so will work in the opposite way you want it to). So go about your business as usual. Get on with your life. Understand your life is perfect, whole and complete already, as it is, because YOU are perfect, whole and complete as you are right meow. Be grateful for all you do have. Be great with people. Instead of focusing on the lack of what you are seeking fill yourself up with the presence of all the greatness in your life as of right now in this exact moment. Cultivate feelings and thoughts of belief. Learn how to strengthen your confidence and self worth. Practice building up your muscles of faith and trust in your day to day life. Spread love. Be love.

In those moments where desperation takes over immerse yourself in the service of others. This again will take your monkey mind off of dwelling and focusing on the lack of what you have intended and put ya back in the vibe of love where all possibility dwells!

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantHappy Manifesting Lovers!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!