A Common False Belief About Self Love And The Easy Shift To Change It- Day 256: 365 Radical Self Love Project

“No one will love you if you don’t love yourself”

This is a super popular quote in the land of self love and in all honesty I believe it’s sending a message that isn’t quite making the mark.

I don’t actually believe this is true. I think it is very possible for others to love us even when we aren’t quite loving ourselves.

There is a distinction to be made though.

The distinction is this, if we are not loving ourselves we won’t be able to identify and accept the love that is ever present around us.

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantIf our internal code is one of despair, rejection of the self, anger and any of the other tag-a-longs of the fear camp, we are unable to resonate with the energies of love. It is simply incompatible. This doesn’t mean that other people wont love us though. It means despite their efforts to show love and connect, our internal code will throw up the defences and find ways to push this love away.


The shift then becomes one of “How can I love myself MORE so that I can increase my ability to open, accept and receive the love and abundance that is always trying to make it’s way to me?” 

So the next time you hear the phrase “no one will love you unless you love yourself first” gently remind yourself that “when I love myself I am more easily able to accept, receive and identify the abundance of love always present in my life”.

Ahhhh yes. Now that sure feels better 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!