30 Days Of Blogging Left And A Gift For You All!!!- Day 335: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Holy smokes today is the final 30 day mark lovers!

radical self love kelsey grantIn 30 days from now I will have successfully completed one full year of one blog post per day! 365 blog posts!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

In these final 30 days I intend to optimize this time together and write about the things YOU really want me to cover. This is my first of many gifts to you all! In the coming months after this blogging project wraps up I will be transitioning to a video blog format as well as weekly blogs over on my website and I would love to get into the habit of writing content based on our communities questions and interests.

So I have an ask of you.

If there is a specific topic you would like me to cover in these next 30 days let me know. Anything related to radical self love, self care, relationships, breakups, makeups, forgiveness, boundaries, trusting, healing infidelity, signs from the Universe, ego, love, fear, patience, anything about our 30 Day Program, RSL courses or RSL coaching we offer- ask away!

Send me a quick email at rsl@kelseygrant.com and give me a short heads up on your RSL or Relationship related questions and the first 30 people to write me I will be answering their questions directly on the blog for the final month. Every submission question will be kept anonymous to respect privacy of each of you love faces.

Everyone who submits a question will receive a direct response from me confirming we received the question and approximately the date your question will be addressed on the blog. If we end up with more than 30 questions we will find alternative creative ways to answer the questions to benefit you and the community- if you are one of those submissions I will let you know what to expect from us!

radical self love kelsey grantWhat I love about this style of sharing is, if one of you is having a challenge with anything self love, self care or relationship based, guaranteed there are many others dealing with a similar challenge. When you speak your truth and ask for what you need you give others permission to do the same and you also contribute in a massive way to the community as a whole.

I receive a lot of questions 1-1 and it makes sense to me to frame the inquiries in such a way where all of us can benefit from the insights, wisdom and coaching. Really excited to step it up a notch for the final stretch! I am so very grateful for each and every one of you lovers who have joined me in co-creating this community. This past year of blogging and radical self love adventures has been pretty wild and deeply transformative and this gift one of the best ways I can illustrate my gratitude and give a massive THANK YOU for all of the support and love!

Send me your questions loves and lets rock these final 30 Days together in a HUGE way! xo (rsl@kelseygrant.com)

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


A Very Romantic Gesture To Heal The Heart- Day 292: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Following up yesterday’s post of asking for what you need I was gifted again this morning with a second love letter from my partner.

Immediately upon reading it I was giddy with happiness and it completely activated my awareness of love’s presence within my being. I took this vibration throughout my entire day and allowed the blissful energy of love to permeate everything I did, created and experienced.

I was just leaving a coffee shop this afternoon after finishing up my notes for my Relationship Course tonight and I was gifted another surprise from my partner.

To me I absolutely love it when he speaks to me through music. I find it incredibly romantic and it blasts my heart open even more. Words of affirmation are one of my main love languages (receiving love that is) and when I receive music I really tune into the message that is being shared lyrically. It stirs something in me.

The romantic gesture and gift I received was this song posted below. Immediately upon listening it sounded exactly like our relationship and I could hear the truth inside of each lyric. My tears welled and spilled over and my heart began to swell with gratitude, appreciation and in all honesty a lil raw vulnerability. He was able to activate a very delicate place in me that is deeply tender and so open through the sharing of this song.

When I spoke with him a few minutes later he had mentioned he had heard this song and immediately thought of me and our relationship together. He let me know that every part of the song was real and honest for him and in those moments another layer within me healed. We levelled up to a new place of connectivity, joy and harmony.

So here is the song for all of you to enjoy and I hope it activates your hearts in a beautiful and loving way as well! So freaking magical! ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Why Relationships Bring Out Our Shadow- Day 269: 365 Radical Self Love Project

“Demons”- Imagine Dragons

I’ve had this jam on all weekend.

When I find something I like I consume it big time especially when it comes to music.

What I particularily like about this rendition of “Demons” originally by Imagine Dragons but performed here by Kina Grannis and Tyler Ward, is the beautiful blending and harmony of two incredible voices, the originality of the musical arrangement and the deep feeling both of them are emoting through their performance.

Embracing the shadow in love

As I’ve been embracing elements of my shadow this week in relation to my relationship this song really resonates. We all have “demons” and they are all hidden within the corners of our mind, body and soul. When we find ourselves in relationships there is often a time when when our shit starts to surface.

At the start of a relationship we are pretty open, we are in the bliss of love and our hearts are blasted right open. Then something happens. We start to change. Things become more challenging- our shadows begin to emerge.

The beautiful spiritual purpose of intimate relationships is to evolve, transform and open to our truth. How do we get there? We gotta go through the shit. All the crap we have accumulated over a lifetime of believing in fear or at least making agreement with it. We gotta undo all of it. The more we undo the higher we fly- the freer we become.

The purpose of intimate love is to set us free- free from the illusions of our ego and into the bliss of our hearts the bliss of love.

To experience love in its purest forms and in all its glory we must become aware of all the blocks we have to love and then consciously do the work to dissolve them. We have to heal ourselves. We have to let love in.

Romantic relationships are the greatest access point to our healing.

They will open us, crack us open and then shine the spotlight into those deep dark corners of our being. Our shadow will be called out. At first if we are unaware it will seem like the relationship is falling apart and beliefs like “love shouldn’t be this hard” or “love is supposed to be easy” are what keep us trapped in the illusion.

What we are being called towards every single time shit hits the fan in love is to go within. Look at what part of our shadow is wanting to be made seen. What “demon” is ready to be let go of.

Why this happens in relationships

Because it is only in the energy of love that we can truly heal these elements of our being. When our hearts are deeply connected to another there is an opening to the divine. There is an exchange of love’s bliss. It is in this highest vibration that all darkness can be transmuted. In the divinity of intimate relationship we have the chance to dive in, swim to the depths of our being and come out alive. The energy of love is safe. On a soul level we all understand this and so we are drawn into relationships with the exact people who will help us heal the most.

This is why we may have many partners in a lifetime. Each relationship will take us into different layers and levels of who we are. All of it is a beautiful exploration if we let ourselves perceive it that way. Relationships bring out our shadows so we can learn to become greater versions of ourselves, understand fully and lovingly embrace the totality of being.

When we can make friends with our shadow we have passed the soul lesson. We have many shadows and many lessons. So when we bring curiosity, awareness and love into our relationship mix we access infinate potential for massive soul expansion and deep human connection.

Who knew our shadows could bring to us something so beautiful and deeply fulfilling 😉

For more relationship goodness hit me up at rsl@kelseygrant.com as I’m currently working on a new relationship program coming this spring!  If you are interested in going deeper and stepping up your love game lets connect and get the conversation started!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The Beauty Of A First Kiss- Day 262: 365 Radical Self Love Project

A beautiful friend of mine posted a link to this beautiful video tonight. Here is the original posty post.

The premise is 20 strangers were asked to kiss for the first time and what unfolds is nothing short of beautiful.

To me this video truly showcased the gorgeousness of our humanity and the heart connection that is possible between us all.

Check it out and let me know what you think!!

The yumminess of a first kiss is just a fabulous thing 😉


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The Day My Calling Called Loud and Clear- Day 241: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I’ve been reflecting a lot about my calling lately and I’ve come into a keen awareness of what it means for me.

My understanding is when something is your calling it is just a natural part of who you are- you can’t not do it, and when it comes down to it your calling has nothing to do with career compensation. It is bigger than that. It’s something you would do regardless of whether you got paid for it or not. It is your spiritual service.

That is a pretty magical thing.

This clarity was deeply present for me this morning. I began my day with a visit to one of my besties,sister, wifey, goddess soul sistas. Within moments of sitting down with each other the conversation took a very direct turn towards relationships.

My calling was calling.

I didn’t think about it, I just began sharing, loving and offering this bountiful wisdom that was pouring out of me. It felt off not to. So we went with it. The calling guided us into deep and beautiful places of the human psyche, the recesses of the heart and the spiritual infiniteness that abides within us all.

It was beautiful.
It was freeing.
It was my calling.

As I completed my time with her and was walking back home I really “got it”. Guiding people through and  to their most heart open relationships is my calling. We arrive at this kind of love through our self love, self exploration and commitment to greatness.

I would do this even if it wasn’t my profession. In fact, if I get radically honest, I have been doing this my entire life. I have literally been obsessed with relationships, I find them so fascinating and now looking back I see my deep passion for learning about relationships and understanding the human condition was my “prep” to step into my calling full tilt.

radical self love kelsey grant

I can’t not help people with their relationships. That is what people are drawn to me for. Any conversation I have always ends up heading in the direction of relationships. I help peeps see what they can’t see for themselves in that moment and lovingly guide them back to their own infinite power and brilliance.

The profoundness of this calling really hit home today and expanded my heart in ways I can’t even describe. I am deeply honoured and privileged to embrace this calling and do my part in creating a world where more people are living in their truth, living in love and loving full heartedly.

When we are in harmony with ourselves we are in harmony with others. Relationships mirror to us the places within that we are not in harmony with ourselves and provide the sacred opportunity to bring light, love and compassionate understanding to those areas. Through relationships of all kinds we get to know ourselves better. What a gift.

For when we know ourselves, we know our divinity and when we know our divinity all we can see is that divinity in all others. It is a movement of love consciousness. It is the healing of our collective hearts, it is a return to love.

radical self love kelsey grantI am so freaking stoked to begin our 9 week Radical Self Love Relationship Course!!!! Ahhhhh it is going to be so incredibly fabulous! I have 1 spot left so if you are ready to embrace your brilliance, power and bring more amazingness into your relationships send me an email at rsl@kelseygrant.com

The course is a virtual classroom, we begin Feb 19th (every wednesday for 9 weeks) meet from 7-9pm PST and the course is $333 for the entire 9 weeks! I would be honoured to guide you through this exploration and support this entire community in creating the love you are so deeply worthy of.

Lets dooooo this lovers! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Young and Raw Relationship Guest Post #2 “Thriving In Love: Practices For a Vibrant Healthy Relationship- Day 240: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Well lovers my second guest post for Young and Raw is live!!!

So excited to share this one with you loves!

As I get prepped to being a 9 week teaching adventure (our RSL Relationship Course launches on Feb 19th) this article is perfectly perfect pre-content!

Here is the post for you all to check out!

“Thriving In Love: Practices for a Vibrant and Healthy Relationship”

Let me know what ya think!! xo



I have 3 spots left for the Relationship Course and if you are ready to take your relationship to the next level, heal from a breakup and align yourself to the relationship you are so deserving and worthy of send me an email at rsl@kelseygrant.com and I will send you further details.

For the curious cats here are the basic details:


Feb 19th, 26th
March 5th, 12th, 19th 26th
April 5th, 12th, 19th

Time: 7-9pm PST

Cost: $333.00

If you are interested in working together AND connecting with a fabulous community of high vibin Goddesses lets do this!!! I’m so excited to begin this course!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Happy LOVE Day!!! Day 238: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Happy Love Day Lovers!!!

HappyLoveDay radical self loveI have to say today has been a pretty magical day so far! I’ve never really celebrated Valentines Day (except one time-for true) and this year is technically my first V-day with my man- we were still separated last year at this time.

With all that has transformed this year I was really looking forward to a little romantic day where we got to consciously focus on loving each other. One of the fabulous things about our relationship is that most days are like this- but I am a romantic at heart and I just love any excuse to rev up the cuteness and go out of our way to be great with each other.

I’m of the belief that Valentines is a two way street and if we are going to dedicate an entire day to love and relationships it really aught to be about BOTH partners giving and receiving. 

Somewhere along the way an expectation formed that Valentines Day is a day for men to spoil their partners. I have come to know that the best relationships happen when both people are feeling loved and supported. This means both people must give love and be willing to receive love.

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantI will say though that my man really did spoil me today. I awoke to a beautiful gift of my favourite flowers and a card with a list of the things he loves and appreciates about me, aweeeee!!!! The it was onto the amazing breakfast surprise, he made me gluten free pancakes surrounded by a fruit heart and arrow. Seriously adorable and incredible creative which I LOVED!

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant

Then off on our morning adventure we went! I got us coffees and we ventured to our favourite book store. Coffee, books and an amazing partner. Serious bliss.

Then he conveniently went off to meet his friends for the afternoon so I had time to finish up his gift. I wrote him an original song, about our journey and my love for him. I had just enough time to record it and send it to him before he arrived back home 🙂

Now this evening we are set to head out to a beautiful dinner with friends…a triple Valentines Date- yup this is a first!

My Valentines Gift To YOU

To ensure that everyone is feeling the love and bliss of this day my gift to you today is sharing a fabulous interview I rocked for the Dream Bigger Extravaganza.


You can all access it for the entire day here: http://bitly.com/1ePjfST 

My talk “Thriving in Romance- The Ultimate Journey Through Fear to Radical Self Love dives into:

* Getting real about the main roadblocks we all face to experiencing amazing, juicy romantic love
* How facing your biggest fear will break you through into the expansiveness of your brilliance
* Setting yourself up for success in love- creating aligned energy and environments within for the love you want
* Practical steps for boosting confidence, self-esteem and self-love

Pretty Yummy stuff!!! The interview will only be available for today listen in here: http://bitly.com/1ePjfST

So much love lovers!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

Fear is a Liar: Dream Bigger Extravaganza- Day 212: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Fear is a Liar. It wasn’t too long ago when I was living a completely different life. I was in a relationship that didn’t call me to my greatness, I was doing things in my life to make others happy … Continue reading

The Everlasting Power of Love- Day 191: 365 Radical Self Love Project

True Love is everlasting.

When we think of love there is a common belief that love can end. In my experience I have come to learn that love never ends it only ever changes forms.

The following video is a beautiful illustration of the ever lasting nature of love.

From March 1st to May 31st 2010 The Museum of Modern Art held an exceptional interactive exhibit called “The Artist is Present”. This piece was a 736-hour and 30-minute static, silent piece, in which Marina Abramović sat immobile in the museum’s atrium while spectators were invited to take turns sitting opposite her. She sat with each person for one minute looking deep into them- soul to soul. On the opening night of the exhibition her former love Ulay was in the audience.

These two met and fell deeply in love in the 70’s. They combined their artistic work and produced multiple avant-garde collaborations during their decade together. A passionate love, a true love burned between them. After their final trip in 1988, where they walked the Great Wall of China, each starting at the opposite end, walked 2500km to meet in the middle, they said their final goodbye and go their separate ways.

It was not until 2010 when they would meet again. Watch the video below to witness the beauty and ever lasting truth of love between two hearts. Truly beautiful.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Chalets, Mountains, Snow and Love- Day 162: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I have to say I am one blessed human being.

My man has scooped me away for another snowy weekend getaway and I am so freaking happy!

This weekend we are in Big White, in a cozy beautiful chalet, on a gorgeous mountain, with awesome friends and totally soaking up all the amazing love vibes.

radical self love kelsey grantComing to these ski hills really reminds me of home. Being an Alberta girl, I am really used to snowy, cold winters. Since relocating to Vancouver nearly 5 years ago my winters are so different. I love the coziness of being by the fire, rocking the fuzzy slipper socks, reading a good book and taking it easy.




Today I am incredibly grateful for a partner who takes me on these beautiful adventures, who loves to play in the snow like I do and who is willing to take the time to invest into some solid quality time. Right now we are making beautiful memories and truly infusing positive energy into the growth of our relationship.kelsey grant radical self love

We’ve been on a wild ride together and I never thought a year ago this is where we would be. It is incredible what can happen in a very short amount of time, when all parties are committed to being their best versions. We did have to go our separate ways for a little bit, learn some incredibly valuable lessons, clear out our individual blocks and some how find our way back to each other. The path to relationship bliss, at least as I’ve learned, is a twisty, turny adventure that sometimes is a hell of a mess and ultimately leads you right to the place you are meant to be.

radical self love kelsey grant

We now are BOTH clear how incredible this relationship is, how precious we both are and that we both contribute beauty, love and commitment to this partnership. I am blessed and so grateful. I’m grateful for the craziness we had to go through to get here, because the way I see it- ALL of it was worth it.

Big love from Big White 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!