“Let Love Lead”- Day 307: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s music sharing time! This is a tune I wrote quite a long time ago. It was before I met my partner and I had come to this massive realization that if I was really wanting this “dream” relationship I was actually going to have to do something about it. I needed to start behaving in ways that would actually create the proper conditions for the relationship to manifest. So here it is for you lovers one of the first songs that activated a large chain of events that would eventually lead me to him 🙂



Let Love Lead- © Kelsey Grant 2012

I see you in a moment the image of a love went so right, so right

And I’ll call you in the morning your sweet soul fills my mind, my mind

And do I let my heart just open, knowing what I must leave behind?

Yea I gather it up and start walking, I’m choosing to waste no more time.


And I know it seems hard to break free

With a lifetime of built up stored memories

But nothings really stopping me now

So I’ll follow my truth and let love lead me to you


A closet full of mirrors are open and received in the light, the light

Reconfiguration, new level destination this life, this life

And I’ve been asked what I’m willing to do, to see great love delivered to you

So I speak my truth and ask you do to

Know I’m worthy of love and the strength to fly free far above


And I know it seems hard to break free

With a life time of built up stored memories

But nothings really stopping me now

So I’ll follow my truth and let love lead me to you.


Dealing With Your Complaints In Love- Relationship Real Talk Time- Day 235: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Persistent complaints in relationships.

The judgements we have about others are a fascinating thing. The biggest illusion we all get caught in is thinking our complaints are the truth. They may occur that way, in fact they often do. The thicker the illusion the more our complaints seem real.

Here is the Kicker

Your complaints about your partner are not about your partner- they are about you.

This is one of the main reasons why most relationship issues are rarely resolved. We think the problem is someone else. They need to change. They need to fix something about themselves. Judgement after judgement.

All this judging cuts us off from our life force and the love within.

Inner-PeaceFor those of you who are ready to drop the exhausting loop of illusion and fear, keep reading because this will forever change the way in which YOU show up for your relationships and will forever change YOUR experience of success and flow in love.

Every complaint you have about your partner (or anyone in your life) is something within YOU that you haven’t dealt with, claimed and forgiven. These are shadows lying dormant within you. This will flare most egos to the point where they refuse to see the truth within.

What we see in someone is the greatest divine gift we could give ourselves. To set ourselves free from the burden of illusion is the most loving thing we can do for ourselves and for the people in our lives.

It frees us up to live.
It frees us up to love.

Use your relationship to come into a better understanding of yourself and take yourself to a new level of greatness. Remember, the truth will always set you free. 

  1. Examine the complaints you have about your partner or the people in your life. What are they? Write them down.
  2. Next reflect on where in your life this is actually true about you. Rewrite all the statements from a place of owning it. “When I say this about my partner what it means about me is…”
  3. Once you have reflected on the ways in which your complaints of others is a reflection of your own shadow do the deep and brave work of reflecting on how do you treat your partner when you have these thoughts about them? How does it feel in you when you treat them this way?
  4. Next ask yourself are these complaints about your partner actually true? Truth in the sense that these thoughts are expressions of love. Go through every single complaint until you see it clearly.
  5. Now ponder, who would you be without this story you have about your complaints?
  6. Finally what do you need to do for you to repair these illusions within you? What do you need to say to you? What gift has this person brought into your life?

We set ourselves free when we are able to get really honest with ourselves and come clean about the lies we have been harbouring. Most people don’t actually want to know the truth which is why they don’t ever ask these tough questions. We all have these illusions running rampant within. The beautiful reality is that if you have read this far you are one of those people who are willing, ready and able to really own your place in this world and own your greatness when it comes to love and relationships.

When we come to understand that people will do what they do until they don’t, we see obstacles, challenges and breakdowns from a new powerful place.

Love-coupleWhen your partner doesn’t do the things that trigger you anymore is a pure reflection of the resolution you have found within. At this stage, your partner may actually continue the behaviour we previously found a trigger in, however we have changed our perception and idea about it within ourselves, found peace within and are no longer controlled by the illusion. It is from this place we don’t even recognize the behaviour any more and all we see is love.



The love we see outside of ourselves reflects the love we have within us. For more juiciness like this come join us for a 9 week Journey into the land of Radical Self Love and Relationships. Our online course begins Feb 19th and we have a couple spots left for the people who are ready and willing to take their relationships to the next level of greatness! Email me at rsl@kelseygrant.com for more details and to register!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!