It’s Time To Go Bigger and Brighter!!! Day 347: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I am over joyed and deeply moved with the outpouring of love and support from my communities within the last 24hrs.

Since publishing my post last night I’ve been flooded with positive feedback, incredible stories of courage, people relating and taking inspired and brave actions in their own lives. All of this possibility, transformation and love because of one extremely raw and authentic post.

Releasing that blog post was one of the best moves I’ve ever made.

It activated people in a big time way.

It touched hearts.

It opened minds.

It widened the capacity for compassion and forgiveness.

It evoked strong emotional reactions.

It caused the activation and expression of truth.

It gave the beautiful souls in this community the space to tell the truth on themselves.

It was shared- a lot.

This is not a coincidence. This is what happens when love leads the way. The activity and incredible feedback I have received in the past 24 hrs sparked within me a massive jolt of creativity, confidence and increased my capacity and willingness to be real and be seen.

Writing that piece wasn’t easy and releasing it out into the world brought up a lot of resistance- but the benefit I’ve seen in such a short time makes up for any initial uneasiness.

So Im stepping up.

radical self love kelsey grant

I’m playing bigger.

I am willingly submitting my work to additional platforms and allowing this to take me where I am meant to go.

I am going full stop into my passion- supporting peeps in repairing the #1 relationship in their lives (the one with themselves) and support these lovers in rocking their romantic relationships through the vehicle of Radical Self Love.

This past year has been literally life changing and I’m stepping into it all. I’ve been cracked wide open and I’m ready and willing to step beyond my limitations and play like I never have.

We’re getting really real and really rad for this next year of RSL.

Love you all so dearly. Thank you for standing for love in the world. Thank you for being you. Thank you for showing up and thank you for your willingness to radiate love consciousness into the world. Even if we’ve never met you have contributed to my life in such a deep and profound way, for this I am eternally grateful and I won’t stop going deeper and expanding higher. I’m open, ready and willing to release the aspects of my ego archetypes that keep me from being fully lit up, self expressed and self loving.

You all have made this journey so fulfilling and I bow in humble gratitude to your brilliance. Lets do this lovers! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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The Benefits of Being Real In Relationships-Day 338: 365 Radical Self Love Project

As my RSL journey has unfolded I’ve become more tuned into my passion and love for relationships.

Inside of this passion I’ve been noticing some behaviours in the dating and relationship world that deeply repel love in really sneaky ways.

This is one of the main reasons why I was called to write the first RSL ebook “Sabotaged Love- The 12 Archetypes Keeping You From The Love You Want”. 

One of the archetypes I explore in the book is The Chase and Dodger. This archetype thrives on the thrill of the chase. It knows what to say, how to say it, when to say it to keep their “interest” interested. The thrill of chasing and pursuit is strong in this archetype and once they get what they say they want almost instantaneously loose interest.

While I won’t dive into why this archetype shows up I will offer you some very solid coaching on how to lovingly approach and handle these types of dynamics.

The best and only way to approach people with this archetype is to be straight up. Be real. Be honest- like all out on the table honest- right from the beginning.

radical self love kelsey grant

This archetype only wants to pursue someone who is OK with ambivalence, ok with the grey zone and ok with a lack of clarity and grown up communication. The hint of any real talk spooks this archetype and they fast track themselves into the second aspect of their behaviour which is to dodge- dodge talking, dodge clarity, dodge commitment anything deemed as restricting their idea of freedom will send them running for the hills.

You might be wondering why clear communication is a good thing with these archetypes if they spook easily. To know where you stand with yourself means you are in your power, you are in alignment with your heart. When you are in this alignment you attract people who are playing at the same level. People with honest and true intentions, who have dealt with their shit, and are willing to be real and vulnerable can only be attracted into your life when you are being this way. People harbouring this archetype are, at the present time, unable to reciprocate this honesty and transparency, which leads you to know with deep certainty they are not the perfect partner for your precious heart.

Have the courage to pull out the real card, get honest and tell the truth about how you feel will filter out the chase and dodge types nearly immediately. This way your time isn’t wasted playing cat and mouse dating games and you support the vibration of love in the world by not buying in and feeding their ego archetype.
radical self love kelsey grant

Being real with a new potential partner is either going to freak out and run away or they will be excited and relieved because you are both on the same page. Either way you are taken care of. If they run away- it is a massive blessing from the Universe protecting you from a potential painful future heartache. The people who run away are NOT your perfect partner. No matter how we reason, justify or try and manipulate it, the fact is the perfect partner for you is the one who meets everything you are looking for and is willing to invest themselves into the relationship 100%. This means the perfect partner for you is someone who is available in every sense, mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually.

If someone freaks out because you love yourself enough to respect what you want and have the courage to boldly communicate your desires- they are not the perfect person for you. Let them run, eventually they will face themselves and once they do they too will be able to find themselves in the arms of their perfect match.

radical self love kelsey grantYou are so deeply worthy of a love that fills you up and a partner who is truly available to you and your heart. Honour yourself, be radically real and raise those standards baby! By declaring how you feel and what you are looking for right away you confirm your relationship order with the Universe. You have to act in alignment with your desires in order to bring them to fruition.

I knew my ideal partner would have to be someone who was capable of hearing my truth but also open and conscious enough to speak his truth and what his heart was calling for. Ever since I uncovered this nugget of wisdom years ago my dating life has become this beautiful, exciting and respectful place to dwell.

There is an ease present when both people know what the parameters of the union are and are in full agreement with the co-creation.

My relationship now is a testament to my clarity and willingness to speak my truth over and over and over. My heart is happy and my relationship is thriving. Being honest may not bring you the immediate result (person) you were hoping for but it will always deliver you exactly what you ask for (the perfect person for YOU) if you open your mind and heart to receive it.

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Radical Self Love to the MAX!!


30 Days Of Blogging Left And A Gift For You All!!!- Day 335: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Holy smokes today is the final 30 day mark lovers!

radical self love kelsey grantIn 30 days from now I will have successfully completed one full year of one blog post per day! 365 blog posts!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

In these final 30 days I intend to optimize this time together and write about the things YOU really want me to cover. This is my first of many gifts to you all! In the coming months after this blogging project wraps up I will be transitioning to a video blog format as well as weekly blogs over on my website and I would love to get into the habit of writing content based on our communities questions and interests.

So I have an ask of you.

If there is a specific topic you would like me to cover in these next 30 days let me know. Anything related to radical self love, self care, relationships, breakups, makeups, forgiveness, boundaries, trusting, healing infidelity, signs from the Universe, ego, love, fear, patience, anything about our 30 Day Program, RSL courses or RSL coaching we offer- ask away!

Send me a quick email at and give me a short heads up on your RSL or Relationship related questions and the first 30 people to write me I will be answering their questions directly on the blog for the final month. Every submission question will be kept anonymous to respect privacy of each of you love faces.

Everyone who submits a question will receive a direct response from me confirming we received the question and approximately the date your question will be addressed on the blog. If we end up with more than 30 questions we will find alternative creative ways to answer the questions to benefit you and the community- if you are one of those submissions I will let you know what to expect from us!

radical self love kelsey grantWhat I love about this style of sharing is, if one of you is having a challenge with anything self love, self care or relationship based, guaranteed there are many others dealing with a similar challenge. When you speak your truth and ask for what you need you give others permission to do the same and you also contribute in a massive way to the community as a whole.

I receive a lot of questions 1-1 and it makes sense to me to frame the inquiries in such a way where all of us can benefit from the insights, wisdom and coaching. Really excited to step it up a notch for the final stretch! I am so very grateful for each and every one of you lovers who have joined me in co-creating this community. This past year of blogging and radical self love adventures has been pretty wild and deeply transformative and this gift one of the best ways I can illustrate my gratitude and give a massive THANK YOU for all of the support and love!

Send me your questions loves and lets rock these final 30 Days together in a HUGE way! xo (

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


How To Release Disempowering Dating and Relationship Habits- Day 327: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I have a very exciting announcement lovers!! For the next six weeks leading up to the release of the ebook I am going to write two related articles to chapters in the book every week.

The first one: how to release disempowering dating and Relationship habits

When we become aware of the less than favourable antics of our ego inside relationships we can begin the journey to more conscious love and partnership. Single? This means more success, harmony and higher calibre dateable options. Attached? This means more success, harmony and authentic intimate connection with your partner.

When we practice detached awareness we can begin to see the crap our ego pulls in dating and relationship land. From there we jump start the process of acceptance. It is from that new juicy space of awareness and acceptance where we can actually begin to shift these patterns.

A common circumstance I find a lot of women I work with is going after or ending up in relationships with men who are in some way shape or form unavailable. Today I’ll be diving in to foundation for healing and releasing this not so optimal habit in love.

What to get first

Examine how available you actually are. If you are attracting men who MIRROR unavailability to you it is a massive hint to look within yourself to the ways in which you withhold aspects of your emotional, mental and spiritual availability. What most people likely find in this initial exploration-if they are truly honest-is they are not as available as they initially thought they were. Are you honestly open with your heart? Do you give freely without the expectation of anything in return? If either of these answers are no there is some inner work to be done.

Until we learn to hold our fullness and allow another person into the totality of who we are we will keep picking up partners who reflect unavailability. These relationships often lead to an experience of upset and emotional pain and each time we repeat the pattern the pain gets more intense. This is completely by design from our higher selves in hopes that inside of the painful experience we will be pushed enough to make a change and instead of thinking its all “out there” (blaming the partners you selected) that it’s actually all “in here” inside of you. These painful experiences are wake up calls designed to lead us towards our potential, expansion and our alignment with who we truly are. The only common denominator in all of your past relationships is YOU.

radical self love kelsey grant

Next step is increasing your standards

You are the one responsible for choosing the people you date and the criteria or standards they must meet before you enter into a dynamic with them. If you want to be with someone who is committed you have to learn to ask the tough questions. Questions like: “I am interested in a committed monogamous relationship- what is it that you are looking for?” Direct. To the point.

Ask it right away, at the very beginning, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to dive into a relationship where two people want two different things. Love is not the business of conversion. If someone doesn’t want the same things you do they arent the right person for you. Plain and simple. If you ignore this and go after someone anyway who has clearly expressed they are interested in something different than you are and you go forward anyways with the idea of ‘oh but once we hang out enough, or do this, or do that, they will see how amazing I am and then change their mind”, you set yourself up to repeat those painful patterns.

To ignore the truth of another because it doesn’t match your wants is setting yourself up for some major heartache down the road and it honestly is disrespectful toward the other person. Manipulating anyone regardless of how subtle or unconscious it is, is still manipulation and it never feels good or ends well. When you try to convert someone to want something they have said they don’t want is emotional manipulation. Tough to hear, but necessary. 

Shift your perspective

radical self loveIt requires courage and gumption to be upfront ask these tough questions and risk “rejection”. However, if you ask the tough questions first you find out immediately if people are a match to what you are desiring and if you are a match to what they are desiring. All parties must be on the same page for things to move in a conscious and harmonious direction.

If you ask and find out that you want different things that is actually awesome. Your time is precious and why invest it with someone who just won’t celebrate and welcome in your gorgeousness?


Just because someone wants something different than you do doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough or that there is anything wrong with you. You are perfect whole and complete and so is the other person. It’s only a matter of wanting different things and being spiritually and emotionally mature enough to trust that if you aren’t a perfect match someone who IS is on their way to you.

When you are clear right away you find yourself at a spiritual lesson crossroads. Lets say the person doesn’t want what you do you, you now have an opportunity to really anchor in your “order” to the Universe.

If you default to the old behaviour programming of lying about what you want, changing your story, compromising what you actually want (“oh I don’t actually need that type of relationship right now I just want it some day- ya a casual thing is totally fine with me”) then you loop back into your past pattern and will play out the same story and it’s your heart that will most likely end up bruised- but your ego will be thrilled with this choice and path of action.

If you embrace the opportunity to build a new behaviour based on your higher awareness and what you honestly want deep in your heart you anchor in a very very very clear and direct order to the Universe that you mean business. You actually want what you say you do because you are willing to act in alignment. Acting in alignment means saying NO to anything and everything that isn’t a match with what you are wanting at the core. What you are looking for can only make its way to you if you are constantly giving off very clear messages. Mixed messages = scattered and often unfavourable results.

Saying no opens the space for the right people to say yes.

When you stop choosing the same type of people your outcome will be very different. Energetically when you align your behaviour with your intention, that is how your intended outcome or manifestation can make its way to you.

Your clarity directs the delivery of your desires.

radical self love kelsey grantGet clear about what you want then act in alignment. Don’t settle, every time you compromise what you truly want because you don’t believe you can actually have everything your heart desires you send out wonky vibes to the Universe and fuck with the flow of your desire. What you ask for can only make its way to you when you are clear and deliberate about what you seek.

Get clear and act accordingly 😉

Stay tuned for the second relationship, dating and self love post later this week! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Searching For Security and The Quest For Freedom: The Dance Of Relationship Polarities (PART 2)- Day 315: 365 Radical Self Love Project

The Quest for Freedom.

radical self love kelsey grantWe are all freedom seeking beings however the sacred masculines deep desire is to come into complete understanding of what freedom means. Freedom, flexibility, movement, change- these are all aspects of the divine feminine.

While the masculine energetically represents structure, stability and groundedness the feminine represents the free flowing energies that dance between the boundaries of structure.

Why we need each other.

Without the free flowing nature of the feminine the masculine would become hard, ridged and incapable of change. Without the grounded and structured nature of the masculine the free flowing energies of the feminine turn chaotic.

When we start to understand that we have so much to learn and contribute to each other we can begin to put down our emotional armour and get on with our expansion and evolution.

radical self love kelsey grant

Gents listen up:

radical self love kelsey grantThe masculines life long quest is the pursuit of freedom. A common misconception exists that when it comes to relationships freedom and commitment are two incompatible energies.

There is a distinction to be made here. Freedom and commitment are two different entities that very much can co-exist harmoniously with one another. As far as my human life has proved so far there is a wide spread belief that it’s an either or conversation. We can either have freedom- which is equated to being single and doing whatever the heck we want or we can have commitment- and have our freedom contained.

When looking from this vantage point neither option looks all that enticing and it’s no wonder men and women are stuck when it comes to diving into the magical world of relatedness. What the masculine is here to learn is what freedom actually means. To come into this understanding and elevation of perspective, vibrational energy must be increased and a devotion to a life long quest of personal growth and discovery must be claimed.

To stand in our own awareness takes courage and strength- two qualities that are present in each and every human being.

To begin this evolution the masculine is called to look to the feminine to shed light on the true meaning of freedom. Freedom is an inside job, freedom is a state of mind. It is not something we acquire “out there”, it is not something we get. It is something that we are.

Freedom is our ability to change our minds- to assign positive associations to what we interpret the world to be around us. Freedom gives us access to challenging our deeply engrained beliefs and transforming elements of ourselves we thought were unchangeable. Freedom allows us to be in acceptance of life as it is and at the same time hold the awareness that our perceptions are ours and ours alone. Perceptions do not represent reality. They represent our internal reality and they give us major access to the ideas, beliefs and reality we are playing out deep in our subconscious. If we truly want to be conscious creators of our experience, which I know ever sacred warrior does, a true understanding of freedom must be attained.

What the divine feminine is here to teach the sacred masculine

radical self love kelsey grant


The divine feminine is flow, in a constant state of change, evolution and movement. She understands the importance of constant change and movement. The divine feminine knows without movement life gets stagnant and energy is stopped. She also understands the harmony between commitment and freedom.

The relationship between commitment and freedom

The divine feminine is the profound understanding that when we give our commitment we free ourselves. Inside of making commitments we hold ourselves to a higher level of operation. We can’t get away with the low level shit anymore when we truly give our heart felt word. In our commitment to something bigger than ourselves, whether it’s a way of being, a project or a relationship- we break free from the shackles of low level behaviours. We set ourselves free from the weight of fear and we return back to love. Commitment does that.

This is why I believe most women unconsciously push for physical commitment in relationships and why generally speaking the masculine resists it- it is his lesson after all. Physical commitment is fabulous, I personally am a big fan of monogamy however I also know, first hand, it isn’t the only form of relationship commitment. Commitment in a relationship is a co-created agreement. It is the conscious design of the relationship context and agreements based on all peoples, needs, wants and hearts desires. The more we let go of our rigid ideas of what commitment means (monogamy and forever promises) the more we can actually dive into the sacred world of conscious partnership.

The sacred warriors first access to freedom is committing to himself, committing to his greatness committing to his souls destiny. Without his ability to commit to himself, give his word and keep it- relationship commitment is going to be one hell of a rocky ride.

The masculine, along his warriors journey is going to learn this one way or another. The more resistant to commitment and change the warrior becomes the harder life occurs to be.

radical self love kelsey grantThe warrior who elevates and spiritually surrenders begins to see the blessing of change, the honour of commitment, the power within free flow and the ever evolving movement of our human nature. The sacred masculine who looks to the divine feminine is well on his way to his truest alignment. It does not make a man weak to look to a woman for support- in fact it’s required. We must learn to release the stigma and shitty belief systems that keep us from opening our hearts to each other.

A woman dancing in her divine feminine will madly respect the sacred warrior who shows up at her heart with a humbleness and willingness to grow and step into the man he is destined to become. I have yet to see a woman who when faced with a man’s honest vulnerability goes on a destructive rampage with his precious heart. A warriors ability to soften will always soften the heart of a woman. This is the power of vulnerability. And guess where our freedom resides? You guessed it in our ability to be real, to be vulnerable, to be free to be ourselves just as we are.

Free to be who we are without the masks, without the armour, without the judgements, without the anger, without the resentment, without the entitlement, without the deception of the ego.

The divine feminine will lead the sacred masculine to the path of his truth. She will lead him home to his heart where all of his wisdom, power and answers reside.
Both the masculine and the feminine have pretty big missions to help each other fulfill. The missions are balanced in their energetic requirements however differ in the nature and application of the healing.

What we do together

The masculine will bring the structure and energetic boundaries for the free flowing creative juiciness of the feminine to dance between. On an individual level this means we must come into balance with these aspects of ourselves.

We must have equal amounts of structure to equal amounts of flexibility.
We must have equal amounts of decisiveness to equal amounts of creative free flow.
We must have equal amounts of groundedness to equal amounts of dreaming and visioning
We must have equal amounts of work to equal amounts of play
We must have equal amounts of security to equal amounts of freedom.

radical self love kelsey grant

Why relationships are the perfect territory to learn

In a romantic relationship our hearts are open and to some degree we have an understanding that the unification of our polarities is necessary for our greatest evolution. Relationships give us access to the bliss and deliciousness of love’s embrace. They also quickly bring to the surface of our awareness everything that is unlike love. This happens so that we may activate the courage and strength it takes to clear all of our blocks to love.

radical self love kelsey grantOur resistance to learning from each other is one of the biggest blocks we collectively must overcome. We will have loads and heaps of generations to forgive and ultimately this forgiveness will set us free. Forgiveness is a shift in perception from fear to love. It removes a block within you, to your awareness of loves presence. It is the ultimate healing tool and the one most avoided by all people.

A conscious partnership will actively embrace the wisdom of forgiveness and allow the space for both people to expand into their greatest potential. To prepare ourselves for this new level of conscious relationship we must do the work within first to establish the foundation. This foundation will hold and withstand the intensity of the divine feminine colliding with the sacred masculine will ultimately unleash.

This level of relationship will pierce through your illusions, break down your walls and nurture and call out the brightest light that has always dwelled within. It starts with the relationship you have with you.

For those of you who are ready for the quest of conscious relationships, a Radical Self Love practice has to be in full swing. We must first have a healthy and vibrant relationship towards ourselves in order that we are in vibrational alignment with this level of partnership. If you are ready to begin your sacred partnership journey join us in the 30 Day Radical Self Love Program to begin building that solid love foundation for your divine love to thrive inside of.

The greatest gift we can ever give another is the gift of our own self development.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Searching for Security and the Quest For Freedom: The Dance of Relationship Polarities (PART1)- Day 314: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It is a well known fact that in love men and women approach things differently.

For the most part the feminine searches for security and the masculine quests for freedom.

This poses quite the dilemma when it comes to creating harmonious relationship dynamics as what the feminine is searching for pushes the masculine away and what the masculine is searching for pushes the feminine away. Seems like a challenging place to be and if we see it from this level it can seem like both genders are from different planets destined to be at odds forever. This is not the case, to see things differently and elevate our understanding of WHY this dynamic exists, we must elevate our awareness and come into greater alignment with our spiritual essence.

radical self love kelsey grant

So how can we come into alignment, have our conscious and unconscious desires fulfilled and experience harmony in our relationships?

We have to consciously choose to come into alignment with ourselves.

In this two part series I will dive into the juicy world of why women crave security and what we can learn from our masculine counterparts on creating internal alignment. In part two which I will release tomorrow, I will dive into the fascinating domain of why the masculine quests for freedom and what the feminine example can teach the masculine about achieving this search for freedom and create alignment internally.

Ladies listen up:

shiva3What the feminine unconsciously seeks in partnership is security. The feminine wants to feel safe and secure knowing that if the heart is openly given this act of love will be reciprocated and remain consistent and forever. This is a first level understanding of security. It is completely dependant on someone else and if the other person leaves or changes their mind our experience of security is crushed to bits. Not so fun. The next level understanding of security is this:

Knowing that the only true security is the security we cultivate within. This security is rooted in a strong and loving relationship to ourselves and our potential. When we learn to trust ourselves our experience of security flourishes.

One of the most powerful places to learn this massive soul lesson is in the domain of romantic relationships. Until we wake up spiritually, we will always seek out another to fill us up when we have no clue how to do that ourselves. In this circumstance we look to our romantic partner to provide us with an experience of “security”.

When it comes to embracing a conscious partnership we understand that our partners role is not to fill us up- we have to do that ourselves. Our partners role is to lead us into a greater understanding of how we can fill up our cup, leading by spiritual example and illuminate the areas in our lives where we are called to grow and expand.

How the Sacred Masculine leads the Divine Feminine to an expanded experience of wholeness and completeness.

If our collective soul growth as the divine feminine is to understand security and there isn’t a better example than to look to the sacred masculine. This is really good news lady loves as the masculine is a fabulous example of directing our awareness towards increased security, stability and grounding in truth- spiritually speaking.

The masculine energetically represents structure and the pillars of foundation. In real life this plays out generally like this:

Guys are usually pretty clear who they are, where they are going, what works for them, what doesn’t work for them and are for the most part are really solid in standing in this awareness and taking action in alignment with this knowingness. As women when we are tapped into these energies within ourselves, we are nourishing the sacred masculine within. It is in this discovery of self and knowingness of who we are that we begin to unearth and cultivate the feeling of security.

When we are constantly changing our minds, who we are and what we stand for (which is the energetic nature of the feminine) this unconsciously develops an untrue idea that the outside world can’t be trusted. A deep unconscious belief of this nature ultimately leads to activating and playing out a fear that we are unsafe. If we feel unsafe you better bet we are not feeling secure.

How do we heal this?

radical self love kelsey grantThis is one of the most magical aspects of the masculine feminine dynamic. The answers to the underlying lesson the feminine is called to learn is accessed through the example of the masculine and the answers to lessons the masculine is called to learn comes through the example of the feminine.



To spiritually evolve and come into greater alignment the feminine will draw inspiration from our masculine counterparts. We utilize the ways in which they come into knowing their truth, how they know what they stand for and the ways in which they maintain structure, stability and being anchored into who they are.

Then, we ask for help. We ask our spiritual brothers to lead the way to teach us how to become more internally stable. Our nature as the divine feminine is naturally free, changeable and all over the place and so if we want to thrive we must put any ego-ic guards down to sleep, embrace our humility and understand there is everything sacred about allowing the Sacred Masculine to lead us in the direction of becoming more balanced and really understanding our wholeness.

This is and always will be an inside job. The feminine’s ability to cultivate security resides in her willingness to honour and claim both polarities within her. It requires her to honour the masculine energies within and allow those structures for stability provide her with the security she is so deeply seeking. Our search for security is only a search for our wholeness- the merging of our masculine and feminine aspects within.

If any of these ideas about surrendering spiritually activates feelings of resistance, my invitation to you is to examine that resistance very closely. To examine this you will have to elevate your perspective and energy. When your vibration increases the stories around the resistance dissolve naturally and in this space of calmness we become open and receptive to really hear what is being said.

The longer the masculine and feminine are at war energetically with each other the longer peace, serenity and spiritual wholeness will elude us.

radical self love kelsey grantBoth the masculine and the feminine have EQUAL parts to play in each others evolution. As much as the masculine will lead and teach the feminine, the feminine will lead and teach the masculine. Men and women who put down the battle gear and surrender into this wisdom will be gifted with an awareness of their wholeness. With this awareness comes true peace of mind, happiness and you guessed it, Love.

Spiritual surrender is a cornerstone of any conscious partnership.

For those of you who have a desire to have a relationship where you are totally seen, understood, fulfilled, bursting at the seams with happiness, cherished, appreciated and loved in all the fantastical juicy ways you deserve- the path of conscious love is awaiting you to show up.

Show up for yourself, fill your cup and ladies its time to look to our spiritual brothers through the lens of compassion, curiosity and an openness to learn how to come into greater alignment with our inner masculine. If we ask the right questions, keep our senses acutely attuned and open our hearts to learning HOW to cultivate security and stability through the example of the Sacred Masculine- which is the dominant energy in EVERY man on this planet- we will embark on a powerful journey of self awareness, self empowerment, wholeness and the cultivation of divine love.

In tomorrows post I will be diving into the wonderful gifts the feminine has to teach to the masculine about his quest for freedom through her juicy example, so sit tight for those wisdom nuggets babes.

If this article really vibed with your heart, share share share it!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Asking For What You Need IS Part Of The Path Of Love- Day 291: 365 Radical Self Love Project

The lessons just keep coming and it’s perfect.

As I shared a few days ago my partner and I celebrated a pretty fantastical milestone. If you missed it you can read about it HERE.

Over the past couple days I’ve been present to a few things. First being that it is so easy to get caught up in comparing our lives with what we think we know about someone else’s. When we slip into this ego trap we are comparing our lives, with all our beautiful and not so beautiful pieces, to an INTERPRETATION or PERCEPTION of what we THINK another persons life is- not the actual reality of it.

This is very true when it comes to looking at role models or leaders in our lives. The truth of the matter is EVERYONE has shit they gotta deal with and even the most distinguished and incredible leaders still have to deal with the lifeyness of life. No one has a picture perfect life- we all have challenges and we all have wins.

The second thing I’ve been present to is how much of the journey is really about claiming what we need moment to moment and conjuring up the courage to ask for what we need.


This showed up in my relationship BIG time these past few days.

Even though we achieved a significant and incredible milestone it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. We’ve had to work through some dark ass shit this week. Ultimately leading us to the place where I was able to really get clear on what I needed and ask for it.

At this stage of our relationship I’m really feeling the need for a little re-assurance and external validation from him. While I know he shows me love in many different ways there was still a major disconnect- I wasn’t pickin up what he was throwing down so to speak.

So we dove in.

We stood head on in the face of both our shadows and called for the greater parts of ourselves. The parts that were capable of understanding one another. The parts of us that are pure, divine and sacred.

This took some time but over the course of a few conversations we were finally really understanding each other. We came to the realization that right now the most effective means for him to communicate his love to me in a way that makes sense to me is through words of affirmation.

The outcome:

I awoke to one of the most beautiful written notes he has ever given me AND certainly the most love filled note I have ever received from a partner. The second I read it my entire body and being relaxed, I settled into the massive beam of love and affection he had just sent my way and I allowed myself not only to receive it fully but completely surrender into the bliss of the gift.

The lesson:

Not only is it completely OK to ask for what you need, it is a requirement for our path and our healing. It is also completely OK if from time to time you need outside reassurance and validation during this path. It can get intense and if we have the courage to ask for what we honestly need (while still doing the work to fill ourselves up in the self love department) we will always be blessed with the abundant gifts of the Universe and most likely we will start to see a side of the human condition that is soft, kind and downright incredible.

Give yourself permission to really OWN what you need right now, trusting that it may very well change in the future but for now it is what you need- and it’s all perfect.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



Young and Raw Featured Relationship Blog Post!!! Day 236: 365 Radical Self Love Project



I am so grateful and honoured to have been asked to write two guest posts this month for the amazing team over at Young and Raw.

They are rawking the theme of love and relationships this month and it was so perfectly perfect they asked me to contribute some relationship and self love wisdom to their community!

To make sure all of you lovers get in on the action too here is a like to the guest blog!

The #1 Power Tool For Relationship Success

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


People Are Like Ingredients and Relationships Are Like Cake Day 67: 365 Radical Self Love Project

01_largeThere is one thing I have really been present to lately and  that is no two relationships are ever the same. While some relationships may be similar and hold within them repeating patterns, they are indeed their own unique expression based on the people and energies involved. For me this awareness has been one of the key elements to my internal freedom and strengthening my relationship to Radical Self Love.

Everyone is on their own unique journey and we all have roles to play in each others paths. Sometimes in relationships we forget this important piece and get caught up and attached to the idea that the combination of energies should go a certain way.

No two relationships can ever be the same. We are constantly evolving and changing and thus moment to moment our relationships change because we change. The simpliest way I make sense of this in my reality is through this example:

urlI consider every single person in this world a unique ingredient and through the combination of these ingredients we experience different results and outcomes. When we apply this to relationships it begins to make a lot of sense why different people create different relationship and life experiences with one another. If you are the ingredient of flour and you mix with a person whose ingredient is water together you will create dough. Likewise if you are flour and you pair with someone who is cinnamon you will create cinnamon flour. The two are completely different and wonderful in their own ways. It also makes no logical sense to compare the two different relationships since they are their own individual expressions based on the contributing ingredients of each person.

In relationships this means with each pairing of energies comes with it it’s own unique challenges and divine flow. When we compare our relationships to other people’s relationships or relationships of our past we hit troubled waters. It’s purely a distructive behavioural pattern to pull our past experiences and perceptions of reality and impose them on our current partners and relationships. When we do this it rips us all off the experience of truly embracing our unique flavours and combining them in a harmonious way that only the two people can. When couples are able to understand this they enter the high vibin flow zone.

How to create the high vibe partnership flow aka your relationship cake

tumblr_m106d86QSg1r9q3xpo1_500This first takes a commitment on each persons end to learn who they are. We have to know the ingredients we are bringing to the table in order to create the most beautiful possibility within that union.

Secondly inside of successful relationships both people actively practice identifying and creating effective ways to embrace the change and growth of the human experience. This allows the flexibility of growth and individual expansion to characterize the relationship.

Inside of harmoniously and consciously combining our individual ingredients with our partners we can set ourselves up for the opportunity to create a delicious, fulfilling and love filled dynamic. In other words we get to have our cake and eat it too 😉


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!