2 Days Until I Hit The Music Studio and Get Recording!! Day 345: 365 Radical Self Love Project

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would release my music to be used on a documentary film.

radical self love kelsey grantCompletely ecstatic at the request and manifestation to have my original music be used in a professional film there was one thing missing.

I’ve never officially recorded any of my recent (in the last 5 years) original tunes in a professional studio.

Prior to moving to Van I was in a band and did quite a bit of recording on the regular. I had a home studio with my former partner and I was able to hop in the studio any time I wanted.

Since moving to Van I re-directed my focus and began building my business and my new life. Music has always be a strong aspect in my journey but since moving five years ago it was no longer the dominant focus of my attention. I took the pressure off myself to “force” something to happen. I allowed myself to relax and trust that if music was meant to be a part of my journey going forward it would find a way.

And so it did.

In 2012 I embarked on a year long music challenge for myself. I decided that for an entire year I would learn one new chord on guitar every month and with that new chord write an original song and post it on Youtube. Out of that experience I deeply strengthened my skills as a guitar player and as a songwriter, AND…

It is those songs which were scouted for the documentary.

So now it is time to get back into the music studio and record a couple of them for use on the film- and I am stoked. I absolutely love being in the studio and recording music is one of my favourite aspects of being a musician.

My intention is within the next year to have recorded a series of my lovey/relationshipy/self lovey tunes to create the official RSL soundtrack for emotional healing and relationship manifestation.

Until then these are the songs I have selected to be used in the film. Have a listen and let me know which one is your favourite and the one you would like to see in the documentary!!!

#1. Free To Live Again

#2. Right Now

#3. Rain

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The Space That Stillness Creates- Day 310: 365 Radical Self Love Project

When we get still we create the conditions for that which is aligned with our souls path to align.
radical self love kelsey grant

This week I’ve been rocking the stillness train. Lots of rest, reflection and self exploration. What this has made available: the space for dreams to manifest and opportunities to pop up.

Today I had a wonderful meeting about a speaking engagement I’ve been asked to do here in Vancouver. We’ll be releasing all the official deets in the next few days but what I can tell you is that I’ve been asked to do a “Ted-like” presentation, short and sweet (15-20mins) on Radical Self Love, Body Image and Honouring the Ultimate Relationship- The One You Have With YOURSELF!!!! I’m beyond pumped!

Additionally this week I’ve been asked to have my original music used in a documentary film!!! Also incredibly exciting- and for those of you who have been long awaiting some legit recordings of my tunes we’ll have at least a couple tracks to release after the documentary awesomeness wraps up!

radical self love kelsey grantAnd best of all- I’ve found my creative sweet spot again. The beautiful space I love to dwell that is a mix of sass, humour, compassion and heart centred-for your highest good- creation zone. My writing for the past few months behind the scenes has taken a more serious tone. While I’m sure this was necessary I felt it was a little off for me. Returning to my playful, sassy- no nonsense style of writing has made me come alive again in these past few days. I’ve written more in the past 48 hrs (towards my books) than I have in the past month.

When life throws us an unforeseen “obstacle” or “delay” we are actually being primed more than we know to be able to hold the incredible nature of our hearts desires. The tricky part is actually opening up to this awareness and allowing the “delay” to unfold all of it’s magic into your conscious awareness.

In this week I had loads of time to connect within which is where ultimately all the guidance comes from. It also gave me a chance to reconnect with people whom I had not connected with in a while who awakened the silly, sassy, humorous parts of me that had temporarily gone into hibernation.

It is with this “new” refreshed and more authentically connected perspective that I get to step into a brand new week with. I’m delighted and excited for what is in store next and with all the energy that I’ve restored this week I’m ready to go baby!!!
radical self love kelsey grant

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!