A Gentle Sunday To Seal The Healing- Day 254: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Often when we go through deep transformational shifts of any kind there is a phase of time when our tenderness and rawness requires us to embrace our new opening with some solid tender loving care.

After the deep healing and opening of this past week I knew today was one of those juicy days to relax, enjoy and most importantly be gentle.

radical self love kelsey grant

I didn’t set an alarm today and just woke up when my body wanted.

I made a super healthy breakfast for me and my man, drank some baileys and coffee, snuggled up on the couch and just spent time doing the things that made me happy.

  • Perusing Pinterest
  • Getting fully prepped for my full days work tomorrow
  • Devouring an amazing book
  • Having heart to heart chats with the roomie
  • Receiving graciously a gift from my roomie
  • Making yummy raw salad snacks
  • And signing up for a delicious restorative hot yin class to close out the night.

The path to healing is unique to each of us but the process of what we need remains very similar. After we go deep- we need some gentle recoup time.

Just like when we fatigue our muscles in the gym to the max we need a rest day. Same goes for our spiritual and emotional training.

It feels good to be good to me and I am so looking forward to dancing with this space I have set free within me for this next chapter of my experience.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Beauty, Abundance and the Power of Forgiveness- Day 159: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Oh wow!! Tonight we wrapped up the final classroom session for the 7 week RSL Forgiveness Course!!!

Kelsey Grant Radical self loveHoly, accomplishment lovers!

I am absolutely in awe of the magic which has transpired in the past 7 weeks with the beautiful women in the course. Each of them had a chance to share their great accomplishments and breakthroughs tonight and my heart is so completely blissed out.

There is something beautiful, sacred and magical when women come together in a spirit of love and kindness. Wounds- life long wounds- can be healed, hearts can be opened and transformation on a global scale is possible.

I have watched each of these women, grow, nurture their respective paths and ultimately flourish in their own self awareness and brilliance. To me this is the biggest honour.

I love teaching, I love to be a supportive pillar for transformation and I love watching people break out of their fears and OWN and revel in their exceptional beauty, abundance and brilliance. It is a true honour to have gone through this journey with them and I am so blessed to be part of a now growing community of women and men who are up to BIG things in life, who stand for each others greatness and who ultimately are transforming the planet through their example.

Tonight I am left with a huge expansion of my heart, a massive flooding of connection and presence to the true abundance we are all capable of aligning to.

One of my beautiful participants gifted me with this amazing completion gift:

radical self love kelsey grant

My favourite flowers

Chocolate (my two fav’s combined vanilla and salt in dark chocolate)

and Oranges- an abundance of them.

Tonight I am so present to the beauty and abundance I bring into the world through my own transformation, my own healing and my own forgiveness. I have learned so much about myself through teaching the one thing I needed more of- forgiveness.

I can proudly say my intention for this course has been wildly fulfilled and I am so proud of each of the women who showed up each week, who did the work (and they all did) and who opened their hearts and minds to the incredible power of forgiveness.

The world is a better place today because of the internal work these women have invested themselves into. More love beams are now possible through the opening forgiveness provides. More brilliance and connection is now possible. More women in harmony with one another is now possible. More women connected to their truth and following their heart’s path is now what is happening- All because they were all brave enough to expand their knowingness of forgiveness.

Ladies I truly acknowledge you, for your courage, for your vulnerability, for your honesty, for your transparency, for your willingness, for your growth, for your acceptance, for your wisdom and most of all for your love. Thank you for be-ing. You have made my role as a teacher so incredibly fulfilling and for this I am deeply deeply grateful.

The better it gets, the better it gets 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The Treasures Found in Unexpected Places Day 50: 365 RSL Project

imagesIt’s day 50 of this magical blog and what better more on purpose way to celebrate than with some wisdom and music?!! Today has been an emotionally intense day for me. One of the most effective tools I’ve found to help when I experience overwhelm is to dive into a creative project of sorts. Most of the time it’s playing and writing music, sometimes it’s painting and sometimes it’s writing content for blogs, my books or my site.

When I allow my creative energies to take over I stop thinking about what my perceived problem is and reconnect to my true state which is bliss and love. Music totally does this for me. It raises my energy and is my outlet for expression. A huge part of my Radical Self Love journey has been about embracing my musical talent and sharing my creations with the world. So in the spirit of giving and sharing the love vibes here is a tune I wrote about a year ago.

This song is about diving into the unknown and into the places in our experience that frighten us. Any one who has ever experienced a breakthrough in any area of life will attest that getting to the breakthrough, means entering the cave we are most fearful of. A lot of the time people (myself included) want the breakthrough without having to do all the inner work required. There are always actions we will need to take in order to be in alignment with that which we seek.


Facing our fears, acknowledging them, embracing them and compassionately loving them sets us free in unimaginable ways. When we consciously and lovingly enter into the deepest, most secret parts of ourselves and begin to shine light and love onto whatever we are keeping secret or avoiding, we unknowingly build the muscles of courage, self acceptance, self reliance and ultimately awaken our own incredible powers to create. This song is about diving into all of those aspects within myself, understanding that the seemingly shitty parts in life are the greatest opportunities to personally evolve and that what we tell ourselves repeatedly is what we will create ourselves to be. To me this song is a reminder to keep the self talk positive and allow myself to indulge into focusing on that which makes me happy and brings more love and light into the world.

If you dig the song feel free to share the blog post and spread the love! xoxo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


p.s Here are the lyrics if you wanna sing along 😉


Lying awake I dream

Of a city beyond my reach

Where the winds of change are blowing

Am I ever going to find it there?

Where ever the road may lead

It always comes back to me

It’s time to begin again

And in this moment I’ll set it free

In the places you fear to go

Hold the greatest gifts you know

And you can hold yourself back or just let go

Just let go tonight

And in the darkness you will find

The space to realign

Let the courage within you speak

Cause we become what we believe

So many times I’ve fallen down

But I pick myself up and I turn it around

Cause the only thing worth living

Is the love that we are being

And every day it’s clearer

That I know I’m going to find it there

In the places you fear to go

Hold the greatest gifts you know

And you can hold yourself back or just let go

Just let go tonight

And in the darkness you will find

The space to realign

Let the courage within you speak

Cause we become what we believe

Thank YOU!! Day 37: 365 RSL Project

Wow, yesterday absolutely blew my mind and heart wide open. I’m truly overwhelmed with the outpouring of love I had the opportunity to experience yesterday for my 31st birthday.

For the longest time the underlying theme of all I do has been to ensure people are really taken care of. Yesterday I for the first time really got the impact of who I’ve been showing up as to the people in my life and I was graced with the gift of truly being taken of.

My heart is bursting with so much gratitude, appreciation and love for all of my friends and family who contributed their time, energy and amazingness to ensuring I had the best possible day ever.

561771_10200458221964761_1303626064_nI am so grateful for my family who took the time to each write me a love letter and for the vulnerability and courage it took to share their truth with me.

I am so grateful for all the incredible friends who took the time to send me a message, text or phone call wishing me a fabulous day and year ahead.

I am so grateful for all the incredibly thoughtful and seriously perfect gifts I was so blessed to receive. Honestly the thought and kindness of each one has opened up my heart even more and has made me incredibly present to how amazing my tribe and life really is.  You all know what I need most and your generosity is deeply appreciated.





















I cherish you all, so much. Thank you for letting me know how good it feels to be taken care of and held in the arms of love.  All of you are incredible beings. This may be a first, I am kind of at a loss for words to express who you all are to me and what the outpouring of love, kindness and generosity means to my heart.

I honour and love you all muchly! Thank you for being a part of this beautiful new year and I’m so freaking stoked for all the magicalness year 31 has to offer!



Radical Self Love to the MAX!


How To Distinguish Between The EGO and LOVE- Day 16: 365 RSL Project

A truly simple way to distinguish when we are vibin in ego or when we are vibin in love.

Ego/Fear is restrictive and is always out to get and to take.

Heart/Love is expansive and is always out to give and contribute.

Moment to moment we dance between the two ends of the spectrum, between fear and love. The journey of Radical Self Love is about embracing this dance, heightening our internal awareness and shifting from fear/ego into our hearts/love more frequently.

As we invest more energy towards increasing our personal awareness, the easier it becomes to make the shift to love when we notice we are in the thick of our egos or resinating in a frequency of fear.

This mantra has served me very well and my wish for you all is for it to be a positive contribution to your journey of Radical Self Love!



Day 9: 365 RSL Project

IMG_0728It is true. You are loved. Very much. I know sometimes even the strongest and most love filled people need to hear this. Along my journey of Radical Self Love I have come to learn how important it is to ensure I am sharing love’s energy to all those around me.

About a year ago my friends and I heard about The Global Love Letter Project. The premise of this project is simple.

1. You write a love letter. This letter is filled with all the things you would ever want to hear in a positive, inspiring love filled letter. It can be however long you would like, just say what you need to say.

2. Address the letter as follows

To: You

From: Someone who loves you.

3. Put the letter in an envelope

4. Give it to someone you don’t know


Each week we would meet for Monday night family dinners and write anonymous love letters. Then, between Tuesday and Monday we were all responsible for delivering the letter to someone we did not yet know.

The Law of Attraction ensures whoever received the letter was the perfect person to receive it and the message inside would be exactly what that person, who you do not know, needed to hear.

I believe a beautiful contribution to rippling self love vibes out into the world is to send some authentic love and support to those who I may not know. The positive impact of this act of love is beyond the scope of what we could ever imagine.

Lets get writing some anonymous love letters and ripple more love and greatness into the world. If you are inspired to join in on this love ripple share pictures of your letters on our Facebook page or Tweet them to us!

What you see around you is a direct reflection of what you are. Choose love, be love, see love.


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