RSL Feature Friday: Kayla Roxas and The Young Women Entrepreneurs Club- Day 266: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s Radical Self Love Feature Friday time!!!!

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantThis week I have the honour and pleasure of introducing you all to RSL member Kayla A. Roxas!!

Kayla is the founder of the Young Women Entrepreneurs Club, a speaker, mentor and business coach. We absolutely LOVE what she is up to with her YWEC and couldn’t be more happy to share her and all her goodness with you all today!

Why we love Kayla:

Kayla’s mission with the work she does is to help women become more aligned with themselves and express their passion through their business. It is completely possible for everyone to be fulfilled and lit up with every area of their lives and doing what they love and Kayla’s work and mission supports women in realizing this potential. Her deep desire is to help women achieve fulfillment while living abundantly and experiencing the bliss of freedom- sounds pretty freaking fabulous to us 

Why Kayla is our choice for Feature Friday today:

She expresses the importance and fundamental understanding of balance in life and in business. When she works with women she supports them in calibrating the inner work (mind/emotions) with the outer work (business strategies and systems) in order that they can rock the divine flow of abundance which is every humans birthright.

It’s so easy in life to get caught up in our mental capacities and forget to integrate and give props to the underlying emotional and spiritual nurturing that is essential to our success. Kayla is a beautiful facilitator of this knowledge within her community and within ours.

radical self love kelsey grant

We also really dig her awakening around self love. It was inside of a heartbreaking breakup where she realized her deep capacity for love. Following the end of the relationship she had the beautiful awakening to the freeing realization that she was able to cultivate those same feelings of deep love and connection towards herself and without necessarily having the structure of a relationship. This awareness no doubt has propelled her into the success she experiences in business as well as in her current relationship.

radical self love kelsey grantIt often takes a painful love experience for a lot of us to awaken to the depths of love we are capable of feeling and expressing. Her courageous journey and willingness to share authentically opens the space for other women who are experiencing similar situations to move through them with grace, surrender and hope. We love that she brings this energy into the world through her be-ing.

We also really dig the fact that her mission and legacy revolves around leaving this world a little more freer. Meaning that people awaken to the blissful understanding that they can create their lives in a way where they have the freedom to spend their time how they want and the freedom to receive all the glorious blessings the heart can desire.

radical self love kelsey grant

Kayla is a giver and we love that about her. She also is super keen on connecting with more women looking to increase their personal experience of freedom and create a life and business that lights up their hearts. If you are one of those ladies she would love to meet you! To connect with Kayla:

Young Women Entrepreneurs Club

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

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