RSL Feature Friday: Kayla Roxas and The Young Women Entrepreneurs Club- Day 266: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s Radical Self Love Feature Friday time!!!!

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantThis week I have the honour and pleasure of introducing you all to RSL member Kayla A. Roxas!!

Kayla is the founder of the Young Women Entrepreneurs Club, a speaker, mentor and business coach. We absolutely LOVE what she is up to with her YWEC and couldn’t be more happy to share her and all her goodness with you all today!

Why we love Kayla:

Kayla’s mission with the work she does is to help women become more aligned with themselves and express their passion through their business. It is completely possible for everyone to be fulfilled and lit up with every area of their lives and doing what they love and Kayla’s work and mission supports women in realizing this potential. Her deep desire is to help women achieve fulfillment while living abundantly and experiencing the bliss of freedom- sounds pretty freaking fabulous to us 

Why Kayla is our choice for Feature Friday today:

She expresses the importance and fundamental understanding of balance in life and in business. When she works with women she supports them in calibrating the inner work (mind/emotions) with the outer work (business strategies and systems) in order that they can rock the divine flow of abundance which is every humans birthright.

It’s so easy in life to get caught up in our mental capacities and forget to integrate and give props to the underlying emotional and spiritual nurturing that is essential to our success. Kayla is a beautiful facilitator of this knowledge within her community and within ours.

radical self love kelsey grant

We also really dig her awakening around self love. It was inside of a heartbreaking breakup where she realized her deep capacity for love. Following the end of the relationship she had the beautiful awakening to the freeing realization that she was able to cultivate those same feelings of deep love and connection towards herself and without necessarily having the structure of a relationship. This awareness no doubt has propelled her into the success she experiences in business as well as in her current relationship.

radical self love kelsey grantIt often takes a painful love experience for a lot of us to awaken to the depths of love we are capable of feeling and expressing. Her courageous journey and willingness to share authentically opens the space for other women who are experiencing similar situations to move through them with grace, surrender and hope. We love that she brings this energy into the world through her be-ing.

We also really dig the fact that her mission and legacy revolves around leaving this world a little more freer. Meaning that people awaken to the blissful understanding that they can create their lives in a way where they have the freedom to spend their time how they want and the freedom to receive all the glorious blessings the heart can desire.

radical self love kelsey grant

Kayla is a giver and we love that about her. She also is super keen on connecting with more women looking to increase their personal experience of freedom and create a life and business that lights up their hearts. If you are one of those ladies she would love to meet you! To connect with Kayla:

Young Women Entrepreneurs Club

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

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RSL Feature Friday- Alex Echols One Life Brand- Day 259: 365 Radical Self Love Project

WAAHOOOO!!! It’s Radical Self Love‘s Feature Friday time love faces!

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantToday I get the super awesome pleasure of introducing you all to the incredible and beautiful soul Alex Echols.

Alex and I connected first through an event I work each year called Awesomeness Fest– he was one of our delegates last year in Bali and from there our paths crossed. As a fellow Afester I knew we would share a lot of common ground as all peeps in the Afest tribe are up to some pretty inspiring and impactful work in the world- it’s one of the requirements! Since getting to know Alex over this past year he certainly had surpassed my expectations of a human doing incredible heart centred and inspired work for this world.

1lifelogocircleAlex is the creator of One Life Brand Co and the editor atOne Life Momentum. A few months back he so graciously brought me on as a guest contributor for his site. It was my great honour to support him in what he is up to and help spread messages of positivity and inspiration into the hearts of the masses.

This is what Alex does day in day out. His personal philosophy is to make the most of each moment and the most of each day in order to live life to it’s fullest potential.

Why we love Alex:

As a member of RSL Alex deeply understands the importance of self care first and foremost. He gets that in order for him to show up for life, show up for his community and to lead by inspired action, his tank needs to be full first. Self care and self love is first on the list of to-accomplish every day for this man. He stars his day before the sun rises, heads to the gym for a high vibin workout, follows it up with some solo quiet time, meditation and gratitude. Sounds very similar to our RSL am routines!

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant One Life Momentum

To begin every day like this takes something. It takes dedication and it takes being connected to something greater than ourselves. If we are just getting up every day for us the motivation fades, but when we get up every day and invest in ourselves in this manor because we KNOW it is going to increase our ability to positively serve others, bring the energies of positivity and love into the awareness of others and to really make a solid impact on the world- the inspiration of that knowingness calls us to get up and show up. Alex is one of these people who really understands this on a massive level and practices this in real time.

We love that he has made the conscious connection between his ability to be a powerful positive contribution and taking care of himself first and foremost.

Why Alex is our Featured RSL Member today:

We LOVE what he is up to with One Life. He currently has 4 different key parts to his company and all of them beautifully fit our mission of being a positive contribution and doing what we can to make this world a more beautiful, open and love filled place to be.

The first being the work he does with start ups and for-benefit entrepreneurs to create purposeful and effective marketing for their companies AKA helping peeps who have an incredible message get it out in the world.
2. Being the editor or One Life Momentum he has created a space for a community of inspired writers to come together, share insights, wisdom and perspective with peeps all over the world.
3. Rocking the nutrition and fitness coaching and training to support peeps with getting their bodies into a state of harmony, strength and health. LOVE it!
4. Creating One Life Merchandise which allows peeps to align themselves with a powerful and uplifting mission “to live their dreams and inspire others to do the same”.

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant One Life Brand

All four aspects of Alex’s company are so incredible and a true heart contribution to this world. We love his personal mission to inspire people to be their greatest selves and that their dreams are valid and they have within their reach anything they can dream possible. We love that he is infusing this mission into his company and into the way he lives his day to day life.

A huge element of Alex’s ability to be this support and do what he does is highly correlated with his perspectives of self love. For Alex self love means at the core knowing when to say yes and when to say no. He understands that self love allows him to really enjoy life while at the same time being conscious and mindful of his choices and decisions. Everything we do has an impact and what I really personally jive with is that we both share the perspective that even though some choices may be initially gratifying they may not actually benefit us long term and to make choices and decisions that will bring forth long term sustainable success and happiness.

Alex is a beautiful bright light in this world and we are truly honoured to feature him today and have him be a fabulous contribution to this community!

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant Alex EcholsCurrently Alex is looking to feature the stories of other inspired peeps up to greatness in the world. To submit a contribution/writing to One Life Momentum you can do so by heading over to his

And finally it is with extreme giddiness and epic congratulations that we get to support Alex in celebrating his TEDxSydney talk in 2015!!!! It makes my heart so happy to see a thought leader and an inspiration magnet like Alex take the stage and spread the LOVEEE!!

To connect with Alex further you can catch him at:

Website: and

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!
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RSL Feature Friday: Jessica Johansen & Fierce In The City- Day 217: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Oh it’s Radical Self Love Feature Friday time loves!!

unnamedI am so very excited to introduce you all to the beautiful Goddess Jessica Johansen who runs the community Fierce in the City. Jessica is a pure burst of positive energy and we are so blessed to have her be our featured RSL member this week!

Why we LOVE Jessica:

She is kind, friendly and has a heart of gold. She believes in spreading a message of love and kindness where ever she goes and whatever she does. He bright and positive outlook on life is refreshing and completely invigorating to be around. She knows that she really does have the capacity to make a real difference for people and for this world just by resonating in this love energy and going throughout her day.

We totally resonate with this perspective. Every conversation, every experience, every challenge is an opportunity to be love and share love. Jessica is a gorgeous example of this principal in real time action.


Why Jessica is our featured member today:

unnamed-1Jessica has a beautiful intention to empower people to step into their greatness. She loves the work she does as a digital marketing executive and she loves the community she serves with her passion project Fierce in the City, a blog dedicated to supporting people in accessing tools and resources they often require to harmonize their busy careers or education with a healthy, vibrant, self lovin lifestyle.

Let’s face it the majority of people in this world live a really fast paced life. Jessica understands this completely and knows how challenging it can be to stay on top of things when juggling a job, going to school, getting in exercise, having kids and still finding the time and space to nourish and take care of YOU.

She loves guiding people towards a guiltless acceptance of taking the time to self care and she gets so jazzed to share all the effective tools, resources and strategies to bring this balance into the lives of the busiest of the busiest people.

Jessica is a fabulous self love ambassador in this world and we just love her to bits for doing what she does each day to bring this message of love and positivity to the minds and hearts of the people she touches.

unnamed-2She recently launched a virtual running group through her Fierce in the City community called Fierce Runners, as a way to support runners from all over the world, in completing a local race in their community with the support of a world wide running tribe. Pretty freaking awesome!


unnamed-3Jessica’s kindness, commitment to serving her community, dedication to health and her deep understanding of the power of self love make her such a valuable contribution to this world and to our tribe here at RSL.

Jessica wishes to leave a legacy in which some way or another, she wants the people whom she has met to be left with the experience of feeling happier, loved and more confident. In her own words “I would love for people to feel like absolute badasses, like they can run the world – because they can!” – Yup that is certainly a legacy we can get behind and she is well on her way of leaving this impression on us here at RSL and we believe with every ounce of our being she leaves this beautiful impression where ever she goes and in all that she accomplishes.

This is a powerful and incredible woman we all want you to know! Lets give her some well deserved RSL LOVEEEEE!

To connect with Jessica:

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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RSL’s Feature Friday: Lysa and Gina! Day 196: 365 Radical Self Love Project


To kick off this brand new year I have some very incredible women to introduce you all to!

radical self love kelsey grantToday’s feature are RSL members Lysa and Gina! These beautiful ladies are intuitive coaches who support women in establishing a positive, healthy and empowered relationship to food, their bodies, body image and weight. What we love so much about these ladies is the strong undertone of self love and self acceptance that flows through their work.

Collectively these two have released 40 Kilo’s (about 90 pounds) and have stayed slim for the past 20 years through their application of a self love approach to body image, body healing, health and weight.


Their approach to supporting women in their body love journey’s is rooted in their own personal experiences. Their willingness to authentically share their stories, their fears, their challenges and their truth is heart warming and deeply inspiring.

radical self love kelsey grant

As women we are constantly bombarded with images and messages that we are not enough. The impact of this is a lot of women, myself included, form a dysfunctional relationship to our bodies, our beauty, and our brilliance. Often this takes the form of some type of self harm, whether it be over eating, under eating or debilitating internal talk, the essence of self hatred is there. Lysa and Gina are two beautiful and gorgeous women who have found their way through this experience and who have bravely chosen to use their journey to and through self love to inspire and encourage women to develop a healthy sense of self, an empowering relationship to food and most importantly a beautifully loving relationship towards themselves.

radical self love kelsey grantWhat we love about their work is that they get to to core of WHY the dysfunctional pattern came into being. Without knowing the cause or root of why we do what we do our results often are unsustainable. Being highly intuitive Goddesses they gently and boldly explore the emotional and subconscious territory with their clients to lead them through towards a long term sustainable resolution. They teach women how to eat in a loving way, think about themselves in a loving way, and feel their emotions in a compassionate and loving way.

radical self love kelsey grantThese women lead the way, through their example for women to give themselves permission to feel great, love what they see when they look in the mirror, fuel their bodies with the best energies and bring a fresh, positive and loving perspective to the health and wellness industry.

Here are two soul sisters, who have contributed to much positivity, honesty, integrity, compassion, friendship, kindness and love towards us here at Radical Self Love. We are beyond blessed to have these two beauties in our community and spreading the vibes of self love all over the world!

These two beautiful love faces are currently offering a Free E-book/14 Day Course called “Love Yourself Slim”. You can scoop up a copy here:


To connect with Lysa and Gina:


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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Feature Friday: Soul Sister Style-Day 168: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s Feature Friday!!!

radical self love kelsey grantToday I’m taking this spotlight time to shine some much deserved attention and energy to my incredible girlfriends!!!

This week has been an amazing time of re-connection, new connections and soul connections. I am so incredibly grateful for the calibre of women I have now created in my life. I am so blessed to have an abundance of smart, funny, beautiful, powerful, gentle, feminine Goddesses in my circle of influence.

radical self love kelsey grant

Each of the women I have close to me embody a beautiful quality and equally beautiful contribution to this world. I feel so blessed to share my life and my loves with these fabulous goddess angel women.

radical self love kelsey grantIt wasn’t always this way. For a long time I didn’t trust women. As a young girl I learned girls are fickle, they will turn on you in an instant and ultimately cast you out when you think you belong. Little did I know in my younger years this contrast was leading me to the precious lesson of SELF ACCEPTANCE.

The more I began to accept myself and own all the beautiful qualities about me my circle of friends began to shift. I was no longer attracting surface level friendships which were more based on outer appearances and looking good- and was now attracting deep, fulfilling soul connections, where there was space for everyone’s brilliance and each and every one of the women in my life represented something gorgeous about the divine feminine.

radical self love kelsey grantNow as I have really grown into my own skin, learned to love me, and am constantly levelling up to greater domains of self acceptance my girlfriends are a true reflection of the inner transformation which has taken place.

This week I have been so blessed to unite my energy with new friends who are clearly soul sistas, and with my ever incredible circle of Goddesses who are absolutely brilliant and beautiful in every way, shape and form.

radical self love kelsey grant

radical self love kelsey grantToday I honour you ladies. Thank you for showing up, thank you for all you do to beam greatness into this world and thank you for being the space for my brilliance to shine. You are so incredibly valued and I am honestly over the moon with how amazing each and every one of you are.

radical self love kelsey grantThis week has been such an example to me of the power women have when we unite in love. We are such gentle and loving beings and we all deserve to have friends who reflect this to us. The key is showing up that way for ourselves first. The more loving I became within, the more love I experienced outside of myself aka in my friendships.

Ladies I am truly honoured to be on this journey with you, my heart is happy because you are all in it.

With deep love and gratitude for the Goddess-Soul-Sistahs in my world! 

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

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RSL’s Feature Friday- Earth Angels Day 154: 365 Radical Self Love Project

YEAAAAA!!! It’s Radical Self Love’s Feature Friday time!!! Today’s Feature Friday is a little different and incredibly significant.

EA_Logo_500-2Today I am giving a massive love shout out to all the beautiful Earth Angels who, through their daily contribution of kindness, love and light make all our lives a better place to be.

These are the people who will probably never be recognized for the incredible contribution they have made towards a stranger and who acted out of pure love to make some one’s day a little brighter.

There are a couple of these people who stick out in my mind today. One of them I don’t even know. I was sitting in a cafe in Dominican Republic the day I was coming home. I was inquiring with the people who I was eating with if any of them knew how long a commute to the airport would be and what the cost would be. None of them really knew and this caused a surge in my stress levels.

Out of no where a complete stranger, or as I like to call them- Earth Angel- approached our table. He mentioned he over heard our conversation and wanted to give me the information I was looking for since he was a resident of the area and could give me a little piece of mind with that seemingly small contribution. To me it wasn’t small. It gave me a HUGE amount of piece of mind and then allowed for the next Angel’s to show up moments later.

After knowing the details of how much and how long to get to the airport were in my experience the next step was to find a cab to get there.

Not speaking a word of spanish I had to ask for help. One of the women, another Earth Angel, with us was fluent in spanish and called numerous cab companies to help me to get a cab. After about 20 mins of no success I was getting super stressed.

I went back to the table and explained what was happening and that I didn’t have much time to find a cab and make it to the airport in time to board my flight.

What happened next was in my mind a miracle and an act of divine intervention. The wise wise man sitting across from me looked into my eyes and said this: “Kelsey, time isn’t out here, it isn’t outside of you. Time is in here (pointing to his heart), it is within you. You have the ability to shift and move time according to your internal state”.

It snapped me right back into the present moment. While I knew being stressed would repel that which I was trying to attract, I couldn’t quite get myself out of it. Enter the Earth Angel. Who in such a calm and knowing way reminded me of what I already knew and called me to relax, centre myself and remember all is within me already.

I closed my eyes, took a couple deep breaths and really tuned in to the knowingness that I would be taken care of and everything I needed would show up. Within what seemed like seconds, one of the cab companies called back the restaurant phone we had been calling from and told us they had found someone who was available to come and pick me up in 20 mins- exactly the time I had intended on leaving. A pure miracle. For this gift I am so grateful. Now any time I feel myself getting stressed I hear this Angel voice in my ear reminding me that time is within me and all I must do is calm down, centre myself and rock out in the present moment in the vibe of love and certainty. He may never know the immense impact that one little phrase will forever have on me and my life. Which is why today’s Radical Self Love Feature Friday is a tad different.

Today is an opportunity for me to beam gratitude, thanks and love to all of the Earth Angels who have crossed my path for sometimes seconds at a time and have given me the gift of empowerment, support and love. These people are constantly acting in ways to support the consciousness evolution of the people they come into contact with. They make the world better through their natural state of being.

So to all the incredible Earth Angels who have come into my life, and will continue to come into my life I offer you my deepest gratitude, the most abundant of blessings and a reminder that all you do is so appreciated, valued and seen.

If there is someone who you may not know, who has played this role of Earth Angel for you, share your story in the comments below. Even though they may never see your act of acknowledgement the energy of the blessing will transfer to them as well as everyone else who reads it. This is the ripple of kindness and the energy of love. When we give our blessings either out loud or silently it contributes to the evolution of us all- an evolution to our higher nature inside of the transformational power of love.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!


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It’s Feature Friday With Yoga-Rockstar Will Blunderfield!! Day 133: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Waaahoooo!!! It’s Feature Friday Love Puffs!!!

Picture 54I am so freaking excited to introduce Radical Self Lovemember Will Blunderfield!!!

Will is one of my all time favourite humans and I feel so blessed to get to share him and all his sparkly amazingness with you all today!

photo-48Will is an incredible musician and outstanding yoga teacher aka A Yoga Rockstar . He beams inspiration, self expression and acceptance where ever he goes. One of the most brilliant things about Will is his attitude. I freaking love it. The best way I can explain it is a no shit policy. He doesn’t accept things just because he “should” or because everyone else does. He is strongly connected to his inner compass, his hearts truth and refuses to compromise who he is or what he stands for. For this we absolutely adore him.

Right now we find ourselves in a place where more people than ever before are awakening. Awakening to their greatness, awakening to their truth and awakening to the illusions of fear. Will is one of the true leaders of this fundamental love movement. He is the catalyst for a lot of people to begin to challenge the status quo and all they have been told.

Why we LOVE him and why he’s our Featured Member today: Will lives by this principal: by living your truth and shining your light you give others the permission to do the same. He has designed his dream life and is living it.

radical self love kelsey grant

167373_752688484291_21002843_44905988_4842709_nI remember when we first met him saying he wanted to tour, share his music and get out into the world. And he has done it. It took dedication and passion and he did it. He wrote and released his first album, began touring locally then expanded into the international touring world. He is now beginning work for his next album. He’s truly living his yoga rockstar dream. He just returned from his second tour to Japan where he got to share his deliciously yummy perspectives on life, yoga and contribute his truly angelic voice into the hearts of the masses.

He is currently in the midst of fundraising for the new album and intends to donate 25% of the raised funds to Rain City Housing– which we are really impressed by. Will really does what it takes to really make a positive and significant impact on his community and we love that he has integrated a charitable initiative within his next album project!!!

Will has seamlessly fused together 3 of the things I love most, music, self expression and yoga. Attending his yoga classes is a solid pump up of inspiration, hilariousness, ridiculousness and deep heart activations. I know every time I head into one of Will’s class there will be loads of giggles, singing, stretching and going to my edge in a respectful and empowered environment. Will is the same in a class as he is on the street or performing. He’s authentic through and through.

radical self love kelsey grant
He reminds us that is beautiful to have imperfections and that these imperfections are what give us access to our inner power and our access point to really connect with each other.

WillsmileI see a lot of myself in this beautiful human and every time I have the honour of being in his presence I get sillier, more playful, more inspired and incredibly connected to who I truly am. This is the gift Will gives to the world and all who have the true pleasure of crossing his path.

He reminds me all the time life is too short to be living someone else’s dream and that step by step, little by little a dream we once held in our hearts begins to unfold before our eyes.

I am blessed to have such an incredible friend in my life who calls me to play bigger, shine brighter and live in alignment with who I truly am. Will you are appreciated and loved more than you know. Thank you for being this angel of lovey goodness and paving the way for more inspiration to be born into this world.
#willblunderfield #radicalselflove

Connect with Will:

Details on how to contribute to the making of Will’s New Album:

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

Feature Friday!! Meditation Awesomeness, Bradley Morris and Cowabunga Life- Day 119: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s Feature Friday time lovers!!!!! Whooop whoooop!!

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantOh goodness I am so thrilled to introduce you all to the fabulous Radical Self Love tribe member Mr. Bradley Morris. Bradley is one of my dearest friends and most certainly what I consider my soul brotha.

Bradley came into my life at just the perfect moment a few years ago. I had been rocking out a meditation practice but in all honesty was feeling a little antsy and uninspired with the whole thing. I had only known meditation to be a sit still and observe your thoughts kinda thang and just when I needed some mega inspiration this man appeared in the most magical synchronistic way.

A few short minutes after virtually connecting we were on skype and had planned for him to come to Van, stay with us and rock a meditation workshop. What I love most about Bradley is his incredibly trust, faith and true positive outlook on the world. His spirit is bright, brilliant and so incredibly welcoming. When he is around the earth looks even more beautiful, the sweetness of life increases and the presence of love is strong and radiant.

radical self love kelsey grantBradley is the founder of an incredible company called Cowabunga Life where he teaches and leads people into their own unique inward journey through meditation. What we love and appreciate most about what Bradley does is HOW he does it and WHY he does it.

From all I have observed (I’ve rocked through his 40 Day Meditation Journey, co-produced a couple workshops with him and attended many of his brilliant live event workshops) his main perspective on life is to ENJOY it, have FUN, be kind, be present and be love.

Bradley is such a great example of what goodness is possible when we work as a community, we open up to trust others whole heartedly, we follow the call of our spirit and live in the NOW.

Bradley’s playful spirit reminds me daily the importance of play, laughter, resonance with the heart and living in a constant state of gratitude, thanks and appreciation.

radical self love kelsey grant

I know this world is a better place because he is in it. He teaches meditation in what some may call unconventional ways at times. To me this illustrates his deep understanding of human diversity and that there isn’t a one size fits all model when it comes to meditation and when it comes to life. We must allow for flexibility, openness, acceptance, gentleness and expansion within our practice and within our lives. This is what Bradley brings to his community and to the world.

My meditation practice is so rich, diverse and enjoyable since meeting Bradley and participating in his flow. I learned it’s ok to not want to always sit still and listen to my breath or observe my thoughts and to expand my perspective on what meditation means and all the abundant avenues and tools in which we can use to acquire the same desired outcome.

There are many paths to enlightenment and inner peace.

radical self love kelsey grantMy quest has always been: discover what works for me and leave the rest. Bradley has certainly supported me greatly with my meditation practice and on deeper levels he has helped me to develop a greater sense of self acceptance, self awareness and self love, for this and the abundant blessings he has brought into my life I am eternally grateful.

Here at RSL we absolutely LOVE when people step into their authenticity and shine their light for others. This is exactly what Bradley and Cowabunga Life do each day. For this we love them and feel so blessed to have them as a beautiful piece of this love tribe!

Currently Bradley is leading a $40, 40 Day Vision Quest which is a daily exploration of meditation, self activation and glorious celebration! I highly recommend checking out this program it was one of the best things I ever did to build up my self love practice…just sayin 


Connect with Bradley:
Vision Quest:

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

Feature Friday: Kristin Zerbin and RAWkin Snacks- Day 112: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s Feature Friday time lovers!!!

Kelsey Grant Radical Self LoveRadical Self Lovers we are so incredibly stoked to introduce you to fellow RSL community member Kristin Zerbin. Kristin is a beautiful soul, and incredible friend and a burst of brilliant light in this world. She is the founder of RAWkin Snacks-a raw food yummy, sustainable alternative for snack food, the co-facilitator for RSL’s monthly community workshop series, a yogi, meditation instructor and a high vibin teacher for the magical makings of Kombucha all wrapped up in a beautiful vibrant being.

Why Kristin inspires us and why we love her so darn much:

Kristin is a deep believer in the power of positive and like minded communities. She has a dream and vision of bringing together people in the spirit of love, learning and fun to co-create a better world. We find this incredibly inspiring and is the main reason (aside from her incredible heart and hilarious spirit) why we partnered with her for the co-facilitation of RSL’s monthly community workshop series.

kelsey grant radical self loveWe also love and admire her passion and courage for stepping into “owning” her passion and rocking her passion project “RAWkin Snacks”. Her company was inspired out of her lack of inspiration for the the current snack foods on the market. With her background in high vibin raw food Kristin established a company which creates high vibin snack food to her local community. We all have the right to healthy and delicious food and there is so much room for us as a global family to embrace this truth.

radical self love kelsey grantLike a lot of women Kristin did her experimentation phase with dieting and this whole idea of limiting oneself. Her challenging relationship with food became one of her biggest blessings as it was a major catalyst which served the purpose of bringing her more into alignment with who she truly is, helped establish a solid self love relationship and pique her curiosity of exploring what she was capable of creating in the world.

kelsey grant radical self loveShe is currently in the process of expanding the vision and allowing the company to flow in the direction of her heart. Her snacks are absolutely delicious and the best part…they are always made with love. We truly appreciate and understand the massive impact this has on the people who purchase her products (health, nutrition, positive energy, healing vibes of love) and the massive impact it has on the planet. Making choices to be more sustainable, conscious and compassionate to this beautiful earth we live in- is something we majorly support.

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantAlong side her high vibin snack food Kristin is really coming into her flow as a teach and facilitator. Here is  the thing we all have something of value to teach one another and there are so many different ways we can do this “teaching”. Kristin has recently launched monthly Kombucha workshops where she gets to combine her love of bringing people together, the healing power of Kombucha and empowering people to become more self reliant and healthy. In these $20 workshops coined “Go Home With a Batch of Brew” Kristin teaches how to make your own ‘booch’, the health benefits, flavouring ideas/how to and other fun facts. This is a great example of when we love ourselves enough to honestly claim that which we are radical self love kelsey granttruly passionate about, the Universe conspires in our favour. Her workshops so far have been an epic success and it’s pretty awesome to head to our yoga studio and hear chitter chatter of all the people who are now excited and stoked to share their creations as a result of attending her workshops! It is such a beautiful experience watching all of this unfold for her.

Ripples of Love

The power of love is the only thing that will indeed shift this world for the better. When one person like Kristin follows her heart and consciously chooses every day to be an example of love, community, leadership and compassion we all benefit.

kelsey grant radical self loveWe absolutely love this woman so incredibly much and feel blessed and so very grateful to have her be such an interactive part of this community, the expansion of RSL and at cause for making the world a better place through her example. Kristin’s passion for raw food and Kombucha are so incredibly obvious the second she gets chatting about it. This makes her an incredible teacher, facilitator and inspiration for others who may be considering following their hearts path. When we do what we love there is an unseeable energy that acts as a magnet of attraction, curiosity and inspiration. Others can see themselves in our example of living on purpose and by doing so maybe just maybe will access their inner courage, will and strength to step out of the norm and do what they love no matter what that looks like. This is the role that we see Kristin play over and over within this community and the local community in Vancouver. She is an inspiration instigator and for this we absolutely adore her and all she is up to! #radicalselflove #rawkinsnacks

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Feature Friday! Birth, Breath and Death: Amy Glenn- Day 105: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s Feature Friday!!!

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantRadical Self Lovers meet Amy Glenn! Amy is a Doula, mother, author, Chaplain and a huge part of what is right with the world.

While many may or may not know there is so much sacredness to be accessed in the world of giving birth and understanding and honouring completions and endings.

Amy handles both ends of the spectrum. She is the guiding light for women and their partners as they usher in new life and she is the guiding light for all those souls who have completed their earthly mission and are ready to leave this earthly plain.

Why Amy inspires us:

Natural birth, the honouring of the divine feminine and sacred masculine and the health, well being and respect of our bodies is of HUGE interest to us here at Radical Self Love. I personally have always felt the call to the more alternative healing arts, including natural births and the sacredness of women’s circles.

In my perception of this world, there seems to be a dominantly cold and abrasive energy within many environments that a lot of women birth in. Let me say first and foremost this of course is not the experience of every woman and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this environment or this way of birthing. From what I can tell and all I have learned so far is there is major room for improvement when it comes to creating sacred welcoming space for women to birth in. What I feel intuitively though is that birth is not meant to be an excruciating and isolated experience. I feel it is meant to be a celebration of life, filled with an energy of compassion, encouragement, positivity, comfort, calmness and above all else, LOVE.  My experience and path in life has lead me to develop a deep respect and reverence for Doula’s and Midwives. These are the women who are bringing mega love back to birthing.

We are so blessed and inspired to know Amy and to see such a beautiful woman courageously sharing her path of motherhood and helping other women to embrace and blossom within their journey’s of birth and motherhood. Along side her work as a Doula, Chaplin, mother and yoga instructor she is also a published author.

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantIn her first published book she explores the thresholds of life via, birth and death. For all our momma’s to be in this community I highly recommend you pick up a copy of her amazingly inspired book! Let the experiences of women fill you up from a space of awareness, love and inspiration. Women coming together inside of sacred communities around birth is one of the most magical and beautiful things we all have the opportunity to experience in our life time.

Women are intutive healers and when we are open enough the divine essence of love flows through us and towards each other. We love that Amy is inspiring the way for women to explore the sacredness of birth in the energies of love and acceptance! We appreicate the work she does in this world and look forward to the expasion of women’s wisdom to fill up the hearts, minds and bodies of momma’s to be and all the fabulous momma’s out there!

Amy recently created a 9 minute webinar for The Birthing Site on the healing that came to her heart when she became a mother. We love this because it illustrates we are always in the state of healing, expanding and exploring our relationship to self love in every stage of life. If you feel inspired check out the webinare here:

To pick up a copy of her amazing book:

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Twitter: @amywrightglenn

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