Major Successful Day In The Music Studio- Day 348: 365 Radical Self Love Project

This morning I made my way over to Victoria to spend the next few days recording my original tunes for the documentary.

How you know you are doing exactly what you are meant to:

It’s easy, it flows, and while the creation effort is intentional, the expression of the effort occurs as effortless. This was my experience in the studio today. In the past recording music has been a long and somewhat tedious process filled with high amounts of self criticism, doubt, anxiety, lots of takes, long hours, depleted energy- today was completely different

Today’s Music Studio Success

Instead today I chose to utilize the power of positive intention. Before I recorded I meditated. I made a super food smoothy. I relaxed. I laughed. I enjoyed and savoured the moments leading up to the recording session.

RecordingMicrophoneThe first take I completely messed up the song and I knew I had to find further alignment. Instead of putting pressure on myself to record a perfect take on the guitar I elevated my perspective. I tuned into the positive impact this music would have on all the people who would ever come into contact with the tune and from this place of higher, expanded awareness I went back to recording.

In this new head and heat space the music flowed through me. The takes got better and better and each one was honestly usable- which was a first in my experience of recording.

Anytime I sensed the old pattern of worry or self criticism trying to creep its way in I would draw my focus and intention back to the positive impact this song would have and the reason WHY I was doing it. The big WHY is to support the heart opening and healing of every person who listens to the song.

I chose to infuse massive amounts of intention into my work today and it paid off big time.

I recorded the guitar, vocals and background vocals in just under 3 hours- that is a miracle in and of itself an entire song completely recorded in 3 hours!

I am beyond excited to go into production with this song in the coming weeks and I am super pumped to do this all over again tomorrow and get song number 2 complete and filled with loving intention 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Our New Home Is All Official!!! Day 343: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today we signed all the papers for our new home and we are freaking STOKED!!!!

There are some pretty magical manifestation vibes which have embodied this entire experience. I knew based on my past 5 years of playing with manifestation and the law of attraction consciously, that this experience would be as easy or as challenging as I decided it would be.

This move is a really big deal for me as it means leaving the home where I have established my new direction as an entreprenur, coach and business owner. I have learned so many challenging and uplifting lessons in this space and saying goodbye is pretty significant. This move to me symbolizes leaving the cucoon and fully flying into the world.

It is no coincidence that upon the completion of this year long blogging project we will be moving and shortly after moving homes we launch our very first RSL ebook which is a game changer. We are levelling up and shits getting really radically real in the best possible way!!

So with all that emotional and energetic stuff going on I wanted the process of finding, attracting and solidifying a new place to be easy, fully in flow and a fun exciting experience.

Five days after looking at the space we received word we had been approved and if we wanted the place it was ours. We received all the official documents last night 2 days after we heard of our approval. Everything so far has been such an easy transition, our landlord is happy and really easy to get along with. Her friendly demenour along with her high level of integrity (she has followed through impeccibly on every promise and by when that she has given us) has made this process easy and delightful for both of us.

Now that all the papers are signed and delivered we are pumped to officially announce it to the world! We are both so excited for this new chapter and to move into our beautiful new home in one months time! It’s pretty rad to have everything complete and sorted one month in advance.

Here is a sneak peek into our beautiful new space! I am so in love with this kitchen and view!!!!

radical self love kelsey grantradical self love kelsey grantLife is as challenging or as easy as you make your mind up that it will be.

We are conscious creators of our experience and it takes just as much energy to intend a positive, fulfilling and ease filled intention/manifestation- just sayin 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Early Morning Intention Leads The Way To Awesomeness- Day 255: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Last night I made a promise.

A promise to myself.

I gave my word that I would get up at 5:55am and be at the first hot yoga class of the day at 6:30.

I did it and the inspirational impact was HUGE.

radical self love kelsey grant I was tired this morning because of course I wasn’t tired last night when my ego knew I was wanting to get up early. But even in the midst of being tired, I rolled out of bed and was out the door at 6:04.

My intention throughout my practice was to feel good. I made my choices on the depth of the postures based on what felt good to me in that moment.

When we set an intention often at some point our resistance to the intention will present itself. I am certain this happens for one reason only.

So that we can bring our intention to the ego flair.

Bring acceptance to the resistance.

Bring light into our shadow.

So that we can clear another layer that would otherwise hold us back from truly experiencing that which we have intended.

So this moment came up for me upon returning home. I was thinking thoughts that lead me to feel not so great. I began having thoughts of doubt and upset about the work I do and where I perceived I was at. In this moment I had a choice I could either let this story run or I could access my intention to lead me elsewhere.

I chose my intention.

Just because my intention was to feel good I couldn’t in the moment make that flash change of state. So I asked for help. I reached out to my partner and told him what I was feeling, what I was afraid of and got it out rationally. He offered some fabulous perspective and reframes which helped clear so much of the sticky energy out.

The energy still hadn’t quite cleared itself completely so I asked myself what do I need right now to feel good. My body said rest and my eyes were drawn to a particular crystal. So I listened. I grabbed the crystal put it in my left hand and had a mini nap. When I awoke I was bright, feeling clear and most importantly feeling good.

I went on to have an absolutely incredible day connecting with people all over the world, rocking interviews for Awesomeness Fest. I seriously had the honour of talking with some of the most kind, inspiring and uplifting souls today.

Abundance on every level- feeling goodness on every level- and it all was possible because I kept my word to myself.

I did exactly what I told myself I would.

I embraced the flow of the day and asked for support when I needed it.

I allowed the energy of possibility and goodness to fill me right up.


Setting this clear intention and honouring my integrity were the two fundamentals in creating a day filled with inspiration, love, connection and abundance. This 21 Day Yoga Challenge is calling me to play at a bigger level and is having a substantial impact and it was only day 3 😉

Excited what the remaining 18 days have in store!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Why Achieving Your Intentions is Great For Your Relationship-Day 237: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Well I did it, completed 55 miles in the gym by Valentines Day! YEAAAAA ME!!

images-1In my final gym session before Valentines day I completed the last 3.67 miles required to hit my target outcome, and it felt gooooood!

Since I gave my word to rock a week of relationship posts it got me thinking about the relationship between the intentions we set for ourselves and the success of our romantic relationships.

Why Achieving Your Intentions is Great For Your Relationship

1. You feel accomplished.

There is just a whole world of gooooood vibes associated with accomplishing things we have set our minds and hearts to. When we are rockin out on the high vibe train we are more enjoyable to be around. People wanna feel good and when you are vibin high and feeling proud, accomplished and in celebration mode that energy rubs off on others and it inspires and influences their energetic state. If they are feeling lower your pure positive vibes will help turn their frown upside down, if they are feeling good it will amplify the goodness and you both benefit. Either way both people win.

2. You come into greater alignment with yourself.

When you give your word to you and keep it you begin to build a greater sense of trust, integrity and self reliance within yourself. When you trust yourself you more easily trust others. When you are in integrity with yourself you attract people who are also in integrity, when you know you can count on yourself you stop putting the icky vibes of neediness onto others. When it comes to romantic relationships this is HUGE. When you trust yourself you will naturally be more trusting with your partner and that is the biggest foundation all solid relationships have in common- each partner is a trustworthy individual (they are self reliant, stay true to their integrity and trust themselves on a deep level). It is in this energy they create so much space to enjoy each other, create together and focus on things that bring out the best in them and their relationship.


3. When you play BIG you call your partner to step up their game.

This is fabulous when we are in relationships. Relationships fall into one of two categories. The first being relationships defined by two people who constantly default to old patterns and dysfunctional ways of being with zero intention of changing OR the second type of relationships where both people are always stepping up their internal game, constantly on the path of becoming better versions of themselves and who are willing to change patterns, behaviours and habits that do not serve the highest good. When you set an intention and achieve it you call your partner to look into their life and find ways to strive to be better versions of themselves. This also has a massive subconscious impact for your partner. When you demonstrate your ability to follow through you train them to see you and relate to you as a high vibin supportive partner. When you pave the way first you unconsciously demonstrate your ability to support them in “levelling up” and know they are supportive as they keep playing big.

4. It gives you more productive things to talk about.

Following the last point when we are in a relationship where we are being called to be our best versions the things we talk about and focus on change to a higher frequency. We begin to have “real talk” with each other about our fears, our challenges, our vulnerabilities, our wins, our strengths and our visions for the future. You setting a goal and achieving it brings such a positive focus to your relationship’s communication. What we talk about we bring about, so the more positive our communication the more positivity we will create.

Open your heart tonight and tune in to a goal or intention your heart would love to achieve. Then give your word to yourself to accomplish it. Set realistic targets and timelines to set yourself up for success. Start small and work your way up from there! You got this love face!! xo

For all of you lovers who are interesting in taking your relationships to the next level and want to join us for a 9 Week Radical Self Love Relationship Journey send me an email @ and I’ll hook ya up with the course details and how to register if it all vibes with your heart’s calling ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

RSL’s Feature Friday: Baljit Rayah from Lotus Destiny- Day 210: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Oh yeaaaa baby its Radical Self Love Feature Friday time!!!

Baljit+by+CBR+810-2684302897-OI am so incredible blissed out to share my fellow soul sistah, Goddess, lovey love face, and RSL member Baljit Rayat with you all today!!

You know those people you cross paths with and the second you do you just know you have spent many amazing lifetimes with?! Well Baljit is one of those women for me. From the moment I met her, her radiant beauty, compassionate heart, and love filled energy touched my heart and activated my soul. Her high vibin energy is a perfectly complimentary energy to mine and I feel so incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with her in this life time.

Why we love Baljit:

Her positive and love filled energy is contagious. She radiates unconditional love and is most certainly the closest to an Angel I have ever met in the Goddess form in my life so far. Her eyes penetrate deep inside to a place of true intimacy and spiritual activation. Her energy is so open, allowing and kind that people are immediately at ease in her presence. Wisdom flows through her in abundance and it is the juiciest most heart warming experience I have every had the honour of being with. This makes total sense considering she is a intuitive healer, Akashic Record Consultant and spiritual guide.


Why Baljit is our Feature Friday choice this week:

The work she does is rooted in love. Plain and simple. She is here to activate those who are ready to step into their truth, into their greatness and express their unique gifts and talents into the world in a big way. She works with artists, visionaries and philanthropic leaders to support them in expressing their gifts and living in alignment with their soul purpose. She is a love worker.

Baljit+by+CBR+1007-2684304968-OBaljit’s perspectives on self love have certainly been at the core of her journey and her expression of her talents and gifts. To her self love means embodiment of your soul’s truth. To come into alignment with your soul’s truth is to come into a deep and intimate understanding of your own being. It is in this deep understanding and alignment where we naturally are able to set healthy boundaries with others and drop the very human experience of seeking external approval.

To us at RSL this is so incredibly fundamental. When we love ourselves we most certainly are clear about what works for us and what doesn’t. When we have this clarity we are much more adept at establishing healthy boundaries with others. We love that this is the way in which Baljit lives her life.

Goddess2012She also understands the incredible power of intentions. Every day she sets forth her daily intention as a means to maintain the best possible levels of compassion, positivity and truth. Her intentions are how she maintains being in integrity with herself. These intentional allow her to be clear on her boundaries inwardly which is then reflected in her external experience. At RSL we too highly value the power of intention. It is our guide to flowing in the most on purpose, constructive and love filled manor.

We are so in love with her life mission which is to create heaven on earth through her Star Activations (her life work). It is through this work people gain access to their life work, mission and talents and learn how to bring these precious gifts into the minds and hearts of the world.

257177_227846263907987_5120072_oEach and every one of us has something of great value to contribute to the world. It is up to us to uncover this gift within and then find the avenues to express our truth lovingly into the world. Baljit is one of those Goddess leaders who is supporting this activation of love, purpose and truth on this planet. For this we are so grateful for her, for the work she does in the world and for the example she sets through her own life experience.

Her vulnerability, honesty and openness is truly a gift to everyone who has the pleasure and honour of meeting her. I am so blessed to have her in our RSL community and as a dear friend and sister.


Baljit’s Lotus Destiny Star Purpose Programs have been designed for any artist, visionary or philanthropic leader to truly access the power of their gifts and get those babies out into the world. We love the work she does and we are completely stoked and honoured to share all her goodness with you lovers today!

Goddess, healer and soul activator- Baljit is most certainly an embodiment of Radical Self Love.

Connect with Baljit:


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

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©Chelsea Brooke Roisum

A Song Straight From the Intuition- “There Is No Greater Time Than Right Now”- Day 130: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today I set the intention to flow with possibility and rock the productivity train.

Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love And I have to say I accomplished a lot and I’m really proud of the work I did. Then this song I wrote over a year ago popped into my head. It’s called “Right Now” and was a song I believe was channelled from my higher self when I wrote it. This song was a part of a year long songwriting challenge I set for myself where I learned a new chord each month then wrote a new original song with the new chord.

In this song my higher self is reminding me it’s time to shine, it’s time to make magic happen right now. There is no other time. So I thought I would share the love, share the inspiration and share the tune!

Enjoy lovers! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Lyrics if You Want to Sing Along

“Right Now” Lyrics and Music by Kelsey Grant 2012

The moments come and gone

And you’ve just moved on

And the sun starts to shine.

Reminding you of your truth

These words I speak to you

Were guiding you through.

Cause I’m more than your lover, I’m more than your friend

I’m all that you’ve ever dreamt to be in.

The stakes may be high but step up we’ll ride

Cause your moments arrived.

And let love surround you

And let faith guide your way on tonight

The dreams within you

The strength you will find on the inside

Spreading your wings set to fly

It’s right now

There’s no greater time than right now.

Solid heart and mind

Have come to align

Leading you down this path.

It’s safe to trust again

The work you’ve done within

Illuminates truth.

You’ve learned from your past

You’ve opened to grow

The potential you have is more great than you know.

The stakes may be high

You’ve stepped up to ride

Now it’s your turn to shine.

The life you were meant for

You’re worthy if you just believe

You’re already everything you’ve set to become

And let love surround

And let faith guide your way on tonight

The dreams within you

The strength you have found on the inside

Spreading your wings set to fly.

❤ ❤ ❤