Confidence, Channelling and Radio Talk Time- Day 222:365 Radical Self Love Project

Well tonight’s event was an epic success. A packed room of musicians, artists and actors showed up to get to the core of confidence and boy did we ever. In front of this particular audience I felt the most in … Continue reading

From Passion to Paycheck: Fundamental Lessons In Bringing Your Passion to the World- Day 204: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today was yet another productive and creative filled day. I shot the info video for our 30 Day Radical Self Love Program which launches on Monday!!!! One of the things I love most about making videos is the process. I … Continue reading

It’s Feature Friday With Yoga-Rockstar Will Blunderfield!! Day 133: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Waaahoooo!!! It’s Feature Friday Love Puffs!!!

Picture 54I am so freaking excited to introduce Radical Self Lovemember Will Blunderfield!!!

Will is one of my all time favourite humans and I feel so blessed to get to share him and all his sparkly amazingness with you all today!

photo-48Will is an incredible musician and outstanding yoga teacher aka A Yoga Rockstar . He beams inspiration, self expression and acceptance where ever he goes. One of the most brilliant things about Will is his attitude. I freaking love it. The best way I can explain it is a no shit policy. He doesn’t accept things just because he “should” or because everyone else does. He is strongly connected to his inner compass, his hearts truth and refuses to compromise who he is or what he stands for. For this we absolutely adore him.

Right now we find ourselves in a place where more people than ever before are awakening. Awakening to their greatness, awakening to their truth and awakening to the illusions of fear. Will is one of the true leaders of this fundamental love movement. He is the catalyst for a lot of people to begin to challenge the status quo and all they have been told.

Why we LOVE him and why he’s our Featured Member today: Will lives by this principal: by living your truth and shining your light you give others the permission to do the same. He has designed his dream life and is living it.

radical self love kelsey grant

167373_752688484291_21002843_44905988_4842709_nI remember when we first met him saying he wanted to tour, share his music and get out into the world. And he has done it. It took dedication and passion and he did it. He wrote and released his first album, began touring locally then expanded into the international touring world. He is now beginning work for his next album. He’s truly living his yoga rockstar dream. He just returned from his second tour to Japan where he got to share his deliciously yummy perspectives on life, yoga and contribute his truly angelic voice into the hearts of the masses.

He is currently in the midst of fundraising for the new album and intends to donate 25% of the raised funds to Rain City Housing– which we are really impressed by. Will really does what it takes to really make a positive and significant impact on his community and we love that he has integrated a charitable initiative within his next album project!!!

Will has seamlessly fused together 3 of the things I love most, music, self expression and yoga. Attending his yoga classes is a solid pump up of inspiration, hilariousness, ridiculousness and deep heart activations. I know every time I head into one of Will’s class there will be loads of giggles, singing, stretching and going to my edge in a respectful and empowered environment. Will is the same in a class as he is on the street or performing. He’s authentic through and through.

radical self love kelsey grant
He reminds us that is beautiful to have imperfections and that these imperfections are what give us access to our inner power and our access point to really connect with each other.

WillsmileI see a lot of myself in this beautiful human and every time I have the honour of being in his presence I get sillier, more playful, more inspired and incredibly connected to who I truly am. This is the gift Will gives to the world and all who have the true pleasure of crossing his path.

He reminds me all the time life is too short to be living someone else’s dream and that step by step, little by little a dream we once held in our hearts begins to unfold before our eyes.

I am blessed to have such an incredible friend in my life who calls me to play bigger, shine brighter and live in alignment with who I truly am. Will you are appreciated and loved more than you know. Thank you for being this angel of lovey goodness and paving the way for more inspiration to be born into this world.
#willblunderfield #radicalselflove

Connect with Will:

Details on how to contribute to the making of Will’s New Album:

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

I’m Grateful for YOU! Day 19: 365 RSL Project

Yup you heard right, I am grateful for YOU. The brilliantly wonderful, majestic human being reading these words right meow. Today’s post is an outpouring of my heart felt thanks to each and every one of you Radical Self Love lovers!


Over the past few days I’ve been super present to the gift this community is. Every day I wake up more inspired and driven to be a positive contribution and serve this beautiful vibrant community of people who are truly committed to beaming more love into the world by loving themselves.

All of you, while you may not know it, are impacting my life in ways I never imagined. Each day I have the honour of  watching this Radical Self Love community growing. To know the message is resonating with people and is making a positive impact, fuels my soul. Your collective energy has helped heal my heart and open even more. This vulnerability is a true gift and through the love you all send, I am stronger, more clear and in the best possible space to keep sharing and paving a path for future Radical Self Love lovers to join the movement. energy of support, gratitude and contribution has also allowed me to activate a new point of attraction. From this space I am being blessed with opportunities, connections and experiences beyond what my conscious mind was ever capable of generating. I am truly grateful for the abundant blessings which have come into my experience since I made the choice to fully jump in and follow my heart and start this project.

My top 5 attractions/ wins this month:

1. I’m performing original music at a kick ass personal development conference next week in LA with Kyle Cease.

2. I’m moving in with the love of my life which my heart is so completely happy about.

3. I’ve been asked to contribute RSL teachings for an virtual entrepreneurial academy.

4. I’ve been approached to be interviewed for a documentary on the quantum essence of love energy.

5. I’m blogging monthly about Radical Self Love for a wonderful new website.


There are certainly many more positive attractions I’ve magnetized into my experience in the past month by fully jumping in and following my heart and these 5 are rocking the top spots. I am so blessed to live the life I do and be surrounded by such incredible souls. Each day I feel the collective energy of this community raising and for everyone on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and any other medium in which the community unites, I acknowledge and appreciate you for contributing to the Love Movement.

Who you are truly makes a difference.

You make a difference to me, you make a difference to those in your life and you make a difference to this beautiful world.

Thank you for shining. Thank you for contributing. Thank you for being.

The biggest, most juiciest, glittery, love heart mists, hugs and appreciation goes out to each and everyone of you. ❤



Share with us in the comment section below what your top win or attraction this month has been. More gratitude = more wins. Just sayin 😉