Giving Up Seasonal Obligation and Guilt: Returning To The True Spirit of The Holidays- Day 184: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Self Love, Friendship and The spirit of the holidays

You know those friends who you can spend massive amounts of time apart and the second you come back together it’s like no time has passed?

I had the privilege of meeting with one of those friends today.

tumblr_kuwqduor9x1qzr04eo1_500There is something really sacred about these types of dynamics, the ones where you just “get” each other. As I get older I have become more attuned to what really makes me happy. One of the things that brings me joy is hanging out with high quality and incredible humans.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by such gems all the time and it makes me realize how far I have truly come. Our friends are a reflection of who we are. My amazing time this morning with a girlfriend who has been living in another country for the past few months was an incredible reminder of how I have truly changed over the years.

Giving up the guilt, giving up the perceived obligation

I used to really be bound by a sense of obligation when it came to spending time with people over the holidays. Now I powerfully choose what my heart wants to do and who I want to spend time with. I’ve learned to select people who are a beautiful balance to my energy, a positive contribution and an example of love in the world.

Tis the season to be jolly

JollyThe holidays to me represent a time to enhance the experience of love and through many experiences of feeling anxious, overwhelmed and obligated I have learned how to say no lovingly and to say yes to only those people and experiences which allow me to embrace the true spirit of the holidays.

To all of you who are wondering if it is OK to do what you honestly want to do during the holiday season and to hang out with the people you truly want to bond with, the answer is:  YAAAA BUDDAY!


You have full permission to drop the guilt, drop the obligation and drop other people’s imposed expectations of what you should be doing. Instead trading it for inner peace, alignment with your heart and powerfully declaring what it is that would make you the most fulfilled, happy and love filled being this holiday season.

The holidays, just like any other time of the year, I have the power to consciously choose and direct how my holiday season will go. I make the choice to honour my heart, honour my needs, honour self care and self love first and foremost. Doing so ensures I am truly a positive contribution to all I meet and in that space of internal alignment I am connected to my core, which is love.

This dear friends is the greatest gift of all: the gift of love to one another.

You have a say in how it all goes, you always have. Find that power within and take care of you this Christmas season so you too can be the gift of love and positive contribution to all those who have the pleasure and honour of connecting with you.

Mega love and Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!