The 1 Simple Step To Take You From Crappy to Happy In A Flash- Day 341: 365 Radical Self Love Project

We all feel crappy sometimes- it’s a normal aspect of the human experience.

Contrast helps us gain more and more clarity into what we truly want and can be consciously used to direct our lives in a more on purpose direction. If these downward spirals of the ego are left unattended for too long, we may find ourselves trapped in what seems like an unchangeable state of upset and despair.

In those times of feeling super low, choosing better thoughts or curbing the negative self talk is often quite challenging. So how can you move from one of these moments of energetic lowness to a higher vibrational state?

The 1 Simple Step To Take You From Crappy To Happy

Perform a random act of kindness for a stranger or someone with whom you do not expect anything from in return.

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When we act out a physical action of unconditional kindness towards another being it immediately reconnects us with our truth. It reminds us, ever so slightly of our interconnectedness with one another and our true nature which is love.

When we perform a selfless act of kindness towards someone else we take the focus off of ourselves. To step up the vibration scale this must happen. Staying trapped in the musings of the ego happens because the focus is all on you and the unfair or painful circumstance  you are experiencing. The ego loves this attention. It feeds off it. When we go into the space of being of service or a positive contribution to anyone other than ourselves we elevate our vibration, because to do so requires us to step out of the dramatic stories of the ego, expand our awareness to another persons needs and recalibrate with love.

To receive love we must first give it away freely.

A simple gesture of opening the door for someone, holding the elevator, smiling at a stranger, giving a nice compliment to someone who momentarily crossed your path- anything that takes the immediate focus off the ego drama and into making a strangers life a little better, will immediately send a surging of positive emotion through your body. When this happens our truth is triggered and we remember if for a second the essence of who we are- love.

The next time you are feeling crappy- embrace the world and do something kind for someone. The more consistent you are in your practice of random acts of kindness the more expansive your heart becomes. Inside this expansiveness we re-establish our connection to each other, to the world and most importantly to ourselves- our true selves that is 😉

Go be kind and watch with a keen eye to witness your circumstances improve.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Embracing Change- 5 Secrets To Making Change Stick: Day 312: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today on Marie TV is a special interview.

Marie interviews Todd Herman on the secrets to change and making it stick. With all the convo’s I’ve heard lately with feeling stuck or experiencing resistance along the path of Radical Self Love I figured this would be an amazing resource to share with all of you lovers!


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


What Obstacals Teach Us About Freedom and Self Awareness! Day 60: 365 RSL Project

” Freedom is not overcoming what you think stands in your way. It is understanding that what is in your way is part of the way”.

On the journey of Radical Self Love we run into thoughts, feelings, circumstances and people who we perceive to be standing in our way of success, love, freedom, happiness, or whatever it is we are seeking.

What if I told you that those roadblocks are actually meant to be there.

Wait whaaaaaat?!!

love-is-freedomYup it’s true. The elements of our experience which we believe should not be there, we think are a nuisance, or all the ‘things’ stopping us from achieving and actualizing our potential are there for a substantial reason. They are there to increase our internal awareness of self. If we can get to the place of understanding that all things we face are part of the journey for our highest good we will truly begin to feel what it is truly like to experience freedom. The universe wants us to be full on bliss love balls and clearing out all the shit that no longer serves is the quickest way to return to the truth of our being which is that of a beautiful, bright, sparkly love being.

Self Awareness = Freedom and lets face it Freedom ROCKS!

When we become increasingly more self aware we can start to notice the hidden gifts inside of all we resist. We don’t get to know the light without knowing what darkness is. I certainly wouldn’t have got to this place of teaching Radical Self Love if I didn’t have a reference point to what Radical Self Love wasn’t.

All the challenges I’ve faced and will continue to face are an indication to me that I am growing and evolving. We only are only ever given that which we are capable of handling. Inside of all my coaching and teaching programs this is a HUGE piece we focus on. To really understand that circumstances in life only appear when we are able to successfully handle them is incredibly empowering. I know the ‘problems’ I face now sometimes seem insurmountable at first glance. At second review I am now able to see them as an opportunity to grow and truly succeed.


When it comes to romantic love and self love, implementing this concept can really skyrocket our relationships to beautifully delicious and wonderful spaces of divine connection.

I graciously invite you to do some reflection today. What have you been perceiving as “in your way” that actually is the access point to your way? Feel free to share with us what treasures you find!

If you are looking for a more in depth exploration of this entire concept join us for our first RSL Workshop later this month! Details here: RSL Workshop #1

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!