3 Day Juice Cleanse, 2 Songs and A Whole Lotta Love- Day 350: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today wraps up my time in Victoria.

The past three days have been jammed full of creative expression, full on creation, cleansing and so much love.

I chose to do a gentle juice cleanse while I was recording for a few reasons.

  1. When I’m juicing I feel so much lighter and brighter. This is optimal when going into a state of creation. To feel bright and clear makes the entire process that much more enjoyable.
  2. Additionally it fills me up with raw life force energy, which is the pure energy of love. When I’m juicing I find it quite easy to dip into deep states of meditation and I am much jollier. Gratitude radiates out of me and I go with the flow so much more.
  3. I also have a stable levels of energy which is really required when doing work of this nature because it is so energetically consuming.

radical self love kelsey grant

radical self love kelsey grant
radical self love kelsey grant

In this state of super high vibes I am in very clear alignment with my creativity. Which makes recording music a lot easier and enjoyable.

In all my years of writing and recording music this by far was the most incredible and enjoyable process. I just got to be in my flow and the results speak for themselves. Without the pressures of “perfection” I could relax, get into alignment and allow the musical magic to flow through.

I spent about 5 hours in total recording both songs. I recorded the guitar, main vocals and background vocals for both and to do so in such a short amount of time seriously impressed me. We spent today in post production land mixing and putting the finishing touches on both of the tunes- and I am so pumped with how they turned out.

I headed out to a meeting just as the songs were being finished and when I came back to listen to the final product I was blown away. So freaking pumped and honestly really proud of myself and the amazing job I did. Listening to the guitar I was really impressed with how good it sounds and gave myself some serious credit for how far I’ve come in my playing in the past 6 years.

All in all this trip was exactly what my soul needed. I cleansed out the body, opened up to massive amounts of creative energy and allowed love in in a major way. The time I was so blessed to spend with my family, warmed my heart and spiked my energy even higher.

As I return home today I am tired but feel so damn alive and in alignment. So very excited for the next chapter of this crazy awesome adventure called my life 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


2 Days Until I Hit The Music Studio and Get Recording!! Day 345: 365 Radical Self Love Project

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would release my music to be used on a documentary film.

radical self love kelsey grantCompletely ecstatic at the request and manifestation to have my original music be used in a professional film there was one thing missing.

I’ve never officially recorded any of my recent (in the last 5 years) original tunes in a professional studio.

Prior to moving to Van I was in a band and did quite a bit of recording on the regular. I had a home studio with my former partner and I was able to hop in the studio any time I wanted.

Since moving to Van I re-directed my focus and began building my business and my new life. Music has always be a strong aspect in my journey but since moving five years ago it was no longer the dominant focus of my attention. I took the pressure off myself to “force” something to happen. I allowed myself to relax and trust that if music was meant to be a part of my journey going forward it would find a way.

And so it did.

In 2012 I embarked on a year long music challenge for myself. I decided that for an entire year I would learn one new chord on guitar every month and with that new chord write an original song and post it on Youtube. Out of that experience I deeply strengthened my skills as a guitar player and as a songwriter, AND…

It is those songs which were scouted for the documentary.

So now it is time to get back into the music studio and record a couple of them for use on the film- and I am stoked. I absolutely love being in the studio and recording music is one of my favourite aspects of being a musician.

My intention is within the next year to have recorded a series of my lovey/relationshipy/self lovey tunes to create the official RSL soundtrack for emotional healing and relationship manifestation.

Until then these are the songs I have selected to be used in the film. Have a listen and let me know which one is your favourite and the one you would like to see in the documentary!!!

#1. Free To Live Again

#2. Right Now

#3. Rain

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The Space That Stillness Creates- Day 310: 365 Radical Self Love Project

When we get still we create the conditions for that which is aligned with our souls path to align.
radical self love kelsey grant

This week I’ve been rocking the stillness train. Lots of rest, reflection and self exploration. What this has made available: the space for dreams to manifest and opportunities to pop up.

Today I had a wonderful meeting about a speaking engagement I’ve been asked to do here in Vancouver. We’ll be releasing all the official deets in the next few days but what I can tell you is that I’ve been asked to do a “Ted-like” presentation, short and sweet (15-20mins) on Radical Self Love, Body Image and Honouring the Ultimate Relationship- The One You Have With YOURSELF!!!! I’m beyond pumped!

Additionally this week I’ve been asked to have my original music used in a documentary film!!! Also incredibly exciting- and for those of you who have been long awaiting some legit recordings of my tunes we’ll have at least a couple tracks to release after the documentary awesomeness wraps up!

radical self love kelsey grantAnd best of all- I’ve found my creative sweet spot again. The beautiful space I love to dwell that is a mix of sass, humour, compassion and heart centred-for your highest good- creation zone. My writing for the past few months behind the scenes has taken a more serious tone. While I’m sure this was necessary I felt it was a little off for me. Returning to my playful, sassy- no nonsense style of writing has made me come alive again in these past few days. I’ve written more in the past 48 hrs (towards my books) than I have in the past month.

When life throws us an unforeseen “obstacle” or “delay” we are actually being primed more than we know to be able to hold the incredible nature of our hearts desires. The tricky part is actually opening up to this awareness and allowing the “delay” to unfold all of it’s magic into your conscious awareness.

In this week I had loads of time to connect within which is where ultimately all the guidance comes from. It also gave me a chance to reconnect with people whom I had not connected with in a while who awakened the silly, sassy, humorous parts of me that had temporarily gone into hibernation.

It is with this “new” refreshed and more authentically connected perspective that I get to step into a brand new week with. I’m delighted and excited for what is in store next and with all the energy that I’ve restored this week I’m ready to go baby!!!
radical self love kelsey grant

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


“Let Love Lead”- Day 307: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s music sharing time! This is a tune I wrote quite a long time ago. It was before I met my partner and I had come to this massive realization that if I was really wanting this “dream” relationship I was actually going to have to do something about it. I needed to start behaving in ways that would actually create the proper conditions for the relationship to manifest. So here it is for you lovers one of the first songs that activated a large chain of events that would eventually lead me to him 🙂



Let Love Lead- © Kelsey Grant 2012

I see you in a moment the image of a love went so right, so right

And I’ll call you in the morning your sweet soul fills my mind, my mind

And do I let my heart just open, knowing what I must leave behind?

Yea I gather it up and start walking, I’m choosing to waste no more time.


And I know it seems hard to break free

With a lifetime of built up stored memories

But nothings really stopping me now

So I’ll follow my truth and let love lead me to you


A closet full of mirrors are open and received in the light, the light

Reconfiguration, new level destination this life, this life

And I’ve been asked what I’m willing to do, to see great love delivered to you

So I speak my truth and ask you do to

Know I’m worthy of love and the strength to fly free far above


And I know it seems hard to break free

With a life time of built up stored memories

But nothings really stopping me now

So I’ll follow my truth and let love lead me to you.

Happy LOVE Day!!! Day 238: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Happy Love Day Lovers!!!

HappyLoveDay radical self loveI have to say today has been a pretty magical day so far! I’ve never really celebrated Valentines Day (except one time-for true) and this year is technically my first V-day with my man- we were still separated last year at this time.

With all that has transformed this year I was really looking forward to a little romantic day where we got to consciously focus on loving each other. One of the fabulous things about our relationship is that most days are like this- but I am a romantic at heart and I just love any excuse to rev up the cuteness and go out of our way to be great with each other.

I’m of the belief that Valentines is a two way street and if we are going to dedicate an entire day to love and relationships it really aught to be about BOTH partners giving and receiving. 

Somewhere along the way an expectation formed that Valentines Day is a day for men to spoil their partners. I have come to know that the best relationships happen when both people are feeling loved and supported. This means both people must give love and be willing to receive love.

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantI will say though that my man really did spoil me today. I awoke to a beautiful gift of my favourite flowers and a card with a list of the things he loves and appreciates about me, aweeeee!!!! The it was onto the amazing breakfast surprise, he made me gluten free pancakes surrounded by a fruit heart and arrow. Seriously adorable and incredible creative which I LOVED!

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant

Then off on our morning adventure we went! I got us coffees and we ventured to our favourite book store. Coffee, books and an amazing partner. Serious bliss.

Then he conveniently went off to meet his friends for the afternoon so I had time to finish up his gift. I wrote him an original song, about our journey and my love for him. I had just enough time to record it and send it to him before he arrived back home 🙂

Now this evening we are set to head out to a beautiful dinner with friends…a triple Valentines Date- yup this is a first!

My Valentines Gift To YOU

To ensure that everyone is feeling the love and bliss of this day my gift to you today is sharing a fabulous interview I rocked for the Dream Bigger Extravaganza.


You can all access it for the entire day here: http://bitly.com/1ePjfST 

My talk “Thriving in Romance- The Ultimate Journey Through Fear to Radical Self Love dives into:

* Getting real about the main roadblocks we all face to experiencing amazing, juicy romantic love
* How facing your biggest fear will break you through into the expansiveness of your brilliance
* Setting yourself up for success in love- creating aligned energy and environments within for the love you want
* Practical steps for boosting confidence, self-esteem and self-love

Pretty Yummy stuff!!! The interview will only be available for today listen in here: http://bitly.com/1ePjfST

So much love lovers!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

Making Some Music: Lovin On Life- Day 230: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Over the past couple days I’ve really been feeling the music creative vibes.

190400_194687870565419_7931144_nThese past few months in all honesty have been directed to other creative energies and my music has really taken a back seat. Now that I have completed on some major milestones and accomplished some kick ass completions my creative music vibes seem to have come back full tilt.

Every day this week I have picked up my guitar and jammed. I learned a few new songs this week and out of my new learning sparked some original music beginning to form.

What I’ve really learned over the past few months is how everything is in a state of divine flow. Sometimes we will really be vibin on one area of our lives and then as the energies of life shift and change so do our areas of focus and interest.

I really could have been hard on myself and gone into a disempowered state of comparing my musical creativity of the past few months to how it has been in the past few years (over the past few years I have been consistantly writing new music and performing live regularily). However, I have done enough Radical Self Lovin to know entertaining that train of thought does not serve me in any way shape or form.

What does serve me is acceptance and awareness.

Awareness that my creativity is still at an all time high it has just been redirected into a different area for the time being and acceptance that my creative energies going into these other areas of creation are the perfect places for them to be.

When I give myself permission to be exactly where I am at I immediately experience a flush of inner peace. If I have a belief that I always have to be making music that is a self generated thought creation. I can just as easily alter my thoughts to embrace the ebb and flow of life. This allows me the freedom to be and the freedom to express my creative energies in the ways in which I feel most called to moment to moment.

I have to say there is something truly fulfilling and magical for me about making music. I’m stoked to be working on this new tune and I’m even more excited to share it all with you beauties soon!

Remember this tonight lovers, where ever you are right now is perfect. You are perfect, whole and complete just as you are. If you are happy keep doing what you are doing, if you feel that something is missing, start making some empowered and conscious changes. Your happiness is in your hands, it always has been and it always will be.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


“Smile In Your Eyes” Original Tunes- Day 183: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today I’m totally vibing on this song I wrote a while a back so in the spirit of giving and sharing here it is for all of you beauties to enjoy!

Smile In Your Eyes

Music and Lyrics By Kelsey Grant

Copyright 2012

Tonight I lie awake

With one deep breath I take

And gear up for the start, gear up for the start

Tonight I see your face

With lips I long to taste

It’s you in my heart, it’s you in my heart


I like the way it feels

Each moment gets more real

Each layer of you I choose


And you fill my dreams

With the smile in your eyes, the smile in your eyes

It’s love my dear

And in time we’ll arrive

When the moment is right


We see what we believe

Is it you or is it me

Who whispers in the dark, whispers in the dark

Cause tonight you’re out of reach

Tonight I fall asleep

With you in my heart, with you in my heart


And I like the way you feel

Each moment gets more real

Every inch of you I choose


And you fill my dreams

With the smile in your eyes, the smile in your eyes

It’s love my dear

And in time we’ll arrive

When the moment is right

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


A Song Straight From the Intuition- “There Is No Greater Time Than Right Now”- Day 130: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today I set the intention to flow with possibility and rock the productivity train.

Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love And I have to say I accomplished a lot and I’m really proud of the work I did. Then this song I wrote over a year ago popped into my head. It’s called “Right Now” and was a song I believe was channelled from my higher self when I wrote it. This song was a part of a year long songwriting challenge I set for myself where I learned a new chord each month then wrote a new original song with the new chord.

In this song my higher self is reminding me it’s time to shine, it’s time to make magic happen right now. There is no other time. So I thought I would share the love, share the inspiration and share the tune!

Enjoy lovers! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Lyrics if You Want to Sing Along

“Right Now” Lyrics and Music by Kelsey Grant 2012

The moments come and gone

And you’ve just moved on

And the sun starts to shine.

Reminding you of your truth

These words I speak to you

Were guiding you through.

Cause I’m more than your lover, I’m more than your friend

I’m all that you’ve ever dreamt to be in.

The stakes may be high but step up we’ll ride

Cause your moments arrived.

And let love surround you

And let faith guide your way on tonight

The dreams within you

The strength you will find on the inside

Spreading your wings set to fly

It’s right now

There’s no greater time than right now.

Solid heart and mind

Have come to align

Leading you down this path.

It’s safe to trust again

The work you’ve done within

Illuminates truth.

You’ve learned from your past

You’ve opened to grow

The potential you have is more great than you know.

The stakes may be high

You’ve stepped up to ride

Now it’s your turn to shine.

The life you were meant for

You’re worthy if you just believe

You’re already everything you’ve set to become

And let love surround

And let faith guide your way on tonight

The dreams within you

The strength you have found on the inside

Spreading your wings set to fly.

❤ ❤ ❤

“Free To Live Again”- Original Soul Music to Heal the Heart- Day 107: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantI know part of the reason I am here is to spread the message of Radical Self Love through the healing energy of music.

This is a tune I wrote about a year ago. It’s about embracing our challenges, facing the truth of the totality of our being, accepting and loving every single aspect of who we are, what we’ve done and how all of it has  the power to set us free to learn to live again in a deeper and more profound fulfilling way.

**The audio is a lil off sync with the video so feel free to close your eyes and just let the love and healing vibes fill you up**

Lyrics in case you wanna sing along 😉

Free To Live Again

© Kelsey Grant 2012

We trip and fumble as we make our way

Nothings more perfect than where you are today

Let yourself fall down and trust you’ll get back up back up

Every single challenge every single pain

Is an opportunity to begin again

Gather all that you have learned and everything that you now know

Go forward acting let love show forward acting let love grow

What will you have to give up to feel love, love?

And what will you have to own to feel free?

Cause the battles you fight are only in your mind

And first we must see outside before we see behind

Every single moment is a story that we create

So face yourself to be free to live again

The stories that we run to fill up the time

Can set us free from the illusions of our minds

What we think we create

So keep in love keep in love

Moving forward with courage in your heart

Speak your truth and life opens up

Speak with an open heart love with an open mind

You are the source of a life by design

❤ ❤ ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


“Love Is” Original Musical Awesomeness! Day 55: 365 RSL Project

images copy 2Here are the lyrics to my newest song called “Love Is”. I wrote this tune for my best friends who got married over the weekend. This song is their wedding gift! Check out the video  to hear the song!


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


“Love Is”

Music and Lyrics by Kelsey Grant 2013

I closed my eyes and I sang to the night

Learning my worth in love to set me right

The path I would find it lead me straight to you

Just in the time that we were meant to

When I saw your eyes I felt the truth

Two souls uniting beyond what we knew

My happy heart has found its home

Deep in your love I know where I belong

Love is where your heart is

And its bound in mine

Bound in mine

Life is where our love is and our path with stand the test of time

Love is where my heart is

And its found in yours a sacred sign

Love is

Yours and mine

There may be times when we lose our way

Just so you know my hearts your home to stay

All that we’ve done and all we will become

For you I’m in our love is our song

We’ve got this chance to see things through

Our perfect love

Thyself be true

❤ ❤ ❤