Self Love For Moms: 7 Days Until My Interview For “Bumps And The Boardroom”- Day 353: 365 Radical Self Love Project

In one weeks time (June 16th) at 7am PST/ 3pm GMT I’ll be hitting the LIVE airways for the 7 day global event Bumps And the Boardroom to chat “The Modern Mom’s Guide To Self Love”.

In this 45 minute interview I will cover the basics of Radical Self Love and the one fundamental piece new moms can put in place to honour what they need and fill up their self love tanks.

Why is self love so important for moms?

As women we are natural nurturers, the challenge is, most of us have been brought up in a culture that trains us to take care of everyone else before ourselves. When we do this we deplete our energy reserves and quickly become disconnected from our higher selves.

Moms have one of the most sacred callings in this human form- the responsibility of nurturing new life. When our needs as women are met, we feel full, as balanced as possible and taken care of a profound grounding radiates from our being. It is this gift of presence and deep inner calm which has the potential to be transferred into future generations through our own activation of it.

The impact of raising new generations with this new state of awareness is HUGE. We have the opportunity to anchor massive transformation into the history books when we begin to teach our future generations- through our example- that our happiness resides within and we must highly prioritize our own wellbeing- which is where Radical Self Love comes into the mix.

radical self love kelsey grant

Being a mom is a full time responsibility and in our 45 minute interview we will shed some light on how we can maintain our connections to ourselves, embrace the new role as mom and at the same time radiate love, nurturing and conscious awareness towards the little humans we have the honour of raising.

It’s going to be a fabulous event and the best part?! It’s FREE!

I am honoured to be speaking to all the mommas-to-be and the all the super hero moms out there who like the idea of self love and are looking for some tips on how to apply it in a practical and workable way.

If you are a mom, new mom or about to be a mom join us for this FREE Global event! 

Register HERE—->

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



3 Synchronistic and Serendipitous Messages From The Universe- Day 250: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today has been nothing short of the perfect example of divine timing, divine intervention and incredible messages from the Universe.

Today began with my standard RSL routine and from there kicked into high gear.

I had the honour and privilege to participate in two incredibly powerful and heart warming coaching sessions this afternoon. Both conversations left my heart incredibly open and feeling so blessed to have such beautiful souls in my life and to be in a place where I can show up and really be of service in my role as coach. It is pure magic.

Then after this major opening some of my “stuff” started to come up. I am so blessed to have a partner who is incredibly patient, loving and in-tune with me. We had a brief conversation which opened up an area of challenge for me and left me feeling pretty raw. Ok, but raw and pretty delicate emotionally speaking.

Enter Signs From The Universe.

No joke within moments of my conversation ending with my partner one of my best ladies sent me a message “Hey what are you up to? Want a coffee and a hug? I’m on my way to your fav coffee shop right meow”.

Ummmm pure perfection.

Spending time with her connecting, laughing, drinking coffee and creating in divine flow was exactly what my heart needed to embrace the raw emotional stuff that had just been worked through. It was so divinely synchronistic.

Then I come home to check the mail one last time for the Valentines Day card from my Dad that he sent Feb 8th, which still hadn’t arrived. I had sent him a message this morning saying “the card didn’t arrive 😦 I guess this means it will show up exactly when it is supposed to and when I need it the most”. I had no idea this morning when I wrote that how true it really was. When I opened the card it was  this beautiful message of love- reminding me how HUGELY I am loved and cared for by my Dad. I started to cry- it was exactly what I needed to hear today. Exactly. He also included a massively generous gift for my partner and I to go have a nice date night dinner. So kind, generous and loving. I felt so blessed and Divinely cared for.

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant

Then I opened my email to an incredible message from another one of my best ladies. We are big into numerology and synchronicity. Numbers is one of the main methods in which I receive my messages from the Divine. She sent me a fabulous email reporting some pretty significant synchronicities on our respective community pages. At 3:33 this afternoon she noticed that my page was at 2,444 lovers and hers was at 1,555. Triple numbers are majorly significant in numerology and divine messages. She took the time to write out each of the meanings and take this picture collage of it all.

Magical Synchronicity

I felt so taken care of, so loved and divinely guided BIG time.

Inside of these beautiful occurrences today I was able to be of service, work through some of my own stuff, allow myself to be nurtured and cared for, be in receptive flow of goodness, celebration and divine compensation and then to top it all off I got to return to being of service and close out this beauty of a day with teaching week #2 of our RSL Relationship Course.

I am so blown away by the massive progress each woman in the course has made since week 1!!! My heart was exploding and I was so giddy listening to their wins, their growth and knowing that the divine energy I have been called to share, is making a massively positive impact in their lives. The ripple is so expansive and we are just stepping into week 2 baby~

When we open up to the magic, synchronicity and serendipity of life the Universe responds in a BIG time way. I encourage you tonight to open up a little more, embrace the magic of being alive and dance in this gloriously divine energy of Radical Self Love.

It’s a game changer.
It’s a life changer.
True Story.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Taking Care of Me- Relaxation Feels Goooood! Day 202: 365 Radical Self Love Project

After weeks of intense working and completion tonight I got to rest.

Before my evening of relaxation began I had an amazing day filled with delicious coaching conversations and soul fulfilling work. I feel so incredibly blessed to live the life I do and have my days filled with such heart inspired work and contribution.

I was asked in my coaching call today if I would be taking a break from work now having completed all these major milestones. My answer was yes I would be taking a break tonight, taking time for me to recharge my energy after an intense few weeks. However, in regards to RSL we are going to keep up the high vibes and awesomeness flowing and to do so I gotta be at my high vibin best! This means taking ample time to balance out the busy work energies with some chill time.

To be at my best for all of you here in the community I have to be  responsible about my energy and where I am investing it. This means I must take time out to nourish myself. There hasn’t been a lot of solo self nurturing opportunity in the past few weeks and so tonight is my chance to take some well deserved me time.

I made myself some tea and pasta- my all time fav 😉 and meow I am going to have a relaxing bath and savour this sacred solo time. I absolutely love when I have time to just be silent and just be with myself. I feel totally blessed!!

spa in home bathroom

I encourage you to find sometime tonight or over the next few days to nurture yourself. Take a bath, read a book, snuggle your pet, get cozy comfy and love it all in. You are worth it!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Pamper Party RSL Style! Day 21:365 RSL Project

Today was all about me. I got my nails done, I put on makeup, I got my hair done, I drank coffee, I made green juice, I thouroghly enjoyed every item on my intention list for the day, I sang, I blasted my favourite tunes on a wonderful drive, I journalled and set intentions for my business (which I freaking LOVEEEE doing!!) and generally just had a day dedicated to what my heart wanted.

I spent time on me for me.

When I take these regular ‘beauty’ dates and get my girliness on, it for me, is an act of Radical Self Love.

  • For starters I love feeling pretty, beautiful and on top of my game. Lets face it getting my nails and hair done today was pampering and amazing and I feel super hot, sexy and ready to rock out 100%.
  • Secondly investing in myself in these ways puts it out into the universe that I truly believe I am worth the money I’m putting into getting these services done. Every time I pamper myself I say unconsciously to myself  I am worthy and deserving of a beautiful, comfortable and amazing life.
  • Thirdly when I take time to take care of myself I just feel better. Plain and simple. If I’m in a shitty mood it’s pretty hard to leave someone feeling better about themselves and their life by being around me now isn’t it? Often my crap moods are highly correlated with not taking enough time for me and nourishing myself. When I am feeling good I am able to have an even more positive impact on those around me. In this mental and emotional space of happiness I am actually able to serve others and take care of those I love dearly.

My invitation to you is this:

Take yourself out on a date this weekend. Go do something that makes you feel fabulous. The more you take care of you the more you will have an experience of being taken care of. You are totally worth the investment, I promise 😉

Share with us in the comments below, on our FB page or Twitter, how you took yourself out on a date and lets share some RSL Me-Date ideas!

Big love and appreciation to the girls at Frilly Lilly who took great care of me this morning and massive love and appreciation beams to my girl Bre at Corvus Studio who always pampers me to the max and makes my hair look beautiful! xoxo