Numerology, Love and Relationships- Day 340: 365 Radical Self Love Project

As an intuitive being I am super keen on using numerology in just about any way I can.

When it comes to relationships there is one particular way in which I find it very helpful. The personal year cycle. This is done by adding the date of birth, with the month of birth with the current year and reducing to a single digit.

For example my birthday is July 27th so I figure out my year cycle by adding all the numbers together like this:

My birth day is 27. I add both numbers together to get my first single digit: 2+7=9

Next I add 9 (day) + 7 (month I was born)= 16

16 reduced to a single digit is: 1+6=7

The I add in the next number which is the first number of the current year (2): 7+ 2= 9

Add in the next number of the current year (1): 9+1= 10

Reduce this number to a single digit: 1+0=1

Finally add in the final number of the current year (4):1+4= 5

My current year cycle is 5.

Knowing this I can prepare myself for the significant lessons of 5 this year which are change, movement and freedom. I use this website for a more in depth read out of each cycle. 

Then I do the same process for my partner to see what year cycle he’s in. This gives me access into understanding what challenges, growth and expansion await him in his year ahead.

Knowing this information allows me to operate at a higher level of awareness. First I can prep my partner for what may be coming down the pipeline for me. For example I knew that a year 5 brings massive change, lessons in freedom and flexibility and movement. At the start of the year I shared with him that this year for me would likely be full of experiences where I would be tested to learn and understand the true meaning of change, flexibility and freedom in my life. Simply put there would likely be a lot of change to experience.

To know this about myself helps me to be more responsible about my life and what we will likely face together as a couple.

Knowing his year cycle also gives me the opportunity to be the type of partner who will support his soul lessons for that particular year. For example my partner is in a 9 year, meaning this year is all about endings, completion and wrapping up an entire 9 year cycle of lessons and growth. Knowing this I can gently direct him into completing on certain areas of life, leaving old patterns behind and above all else not forcing new things to happen right now. There is a huge opening and serge of new life in a year 1 cycle and to push for things to happen in a 9 year only leads to upset and frustration.

I also use numerology to gauge the compatibility between people. I personally believe everyone has the capability to be compatible with one another, however some relationships are going to be more free flowing than others. The way we increase the flow of compatibility is through understanding the information in a numerology chart.

radical self love kelsey granto

I want to know what the soul urge of my partner is since this number influence will be the driving force behind almost everything he does. Having insight into his life path lets me see what the main themes of his life will be. Knowing the characteristics of his outward personality number lets me see who he becomes when in a community setting (out in the public eye).

There are so many extensive ways to utilize numerology within the relationship. The best use is always going to be for your own self discovery of YOU. The more you know how you are, the ways in which you function, what your areas of strength are, what your areas of challenge or growth are, you begin to return to the remembrance of your wholeness. A person who is in alignment with their wholeness and aware of their divine nature is a pretty sweet individual to partner up with simply because they are tuned into the power of love.

People often use these tools as a way of only understanding the other person better. That is all fine and dandy, it’s great to have positive insight and guidance on what could make the dynamic most optimal, but it is so so so important that you remain focused on using this tool to deeply understand yourself on a authentic level.

When you know who you are and what you stand for being in a relationship transcends into a whole new level of connectivity, relatedness and possibility.

When beginning to explore the world of numerology starting with a basic awareness of your year cycle and what is likely in store will support you in being your best version, embracing the soul lessons, passing the spiritual tests and rocking the main lessons of the cycle with as much ease, grace and positivity possible!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The Day Of Universal YES’s- Day 333: 365 Radical Self Love Project

As some of you may know, I am a lover of numbers-

It is one of the ways I make sense of the messages the Universe is always sending our way.

There are many different ‘omens’ or modes of messages the Universe sends our way. Depending on our unique make up, passions, areas of strength and interest we will notice certain forms more than others.

Numbers, colours, oracle cards and animal symbology are my strong suits to interpret and today is a massively significant day for my numerology lovin’ mind and heart.

333 represents a Universal YES.

Anytime we see this number it is a confirmation that what ever we were doing, saying or thinking when we saw the number is fully supported by the Universe and we are getting a massive YES to keep along that path. (If you want a little more insight you can check out this VIDEO of me decoding the number sequence 333, when I worked as a numerologist and host for the

It is fitting that today I awoke with the intention to say YES to life and above all else ensure that my top priority is keeping my vibes in alignment. When my energy is in alignment I flow, creativity pours out of me, life is effortless and it is a giddy adventure.

radical self love kelsey grant

I had the pleasure of gently starting my day with some snuggles and smooches from my man. Then he got up and I got to my leisurely wake up routine.

I laid in my bed for about 10 minutes just appreciating things about my life as it was in that moment. Then I grabbed my gratitude journal and did my daily gratitude writing. Following those feel good vibes I hopped into meditation. I rocked my 6 minutes of ego harmonizing then straight into 108 cycles of my RSL mantra- I am Divine Love”.

Following the completion of my mantra I had a nice conversation with my inner being. I asked to be guided to people, situations, circumstances for my highest good and highest potential, to use my body, mind and expression as a vessel for Divine love expression and to bless each and every being I crossed paths with today. Upon finishing my meditation I drank a bottle of water and was ready to start my day.

radical self love kelsey grantFollowing the completion of my morning routine I received an email from a potential new place that both my partner and I love confirming we have an appointment to see it this week. This house is everything we are looking for and it was just a sweet confirmation from the Universe that we are on the right path in taking this next step to go look at the space.

Next up I had a wonderful call with my accountability partner where we shared some wonderful insights with each other about honouring our pace, how to manage and transform any feelings of resentment that often show up after making a long term commitment with work (I’ll be writing about this one later this week) and a awesome perspective share on only doing the shit you like to do. Only doing the things that bring you joy allows other people the space and invitation to do what they love which is likely all the shit you don’t- humans are magical that way.

Then I hopped onto my daily writers training and uncovered some serious gems about my process, and so so so much confirmation that I am totally on purpose and taking the appropriate steps towards the completion of the ebook and the future publishing of the full length book! Feeling pretty buzzed and stoked on life!

With that being said I’m going to bravely share some of the Universal Yes projects we have in the works:

1. Launch of the first free RSL ebook “Sabotaged Love- The 12 Archetypes Keeping You From The Love You Want”
2. Upon completion of this 365 blogging project we will be transforming all the blog posts into an interactive multimedia Apple iBook and a couple other products and ebooks.
3. Our free monthly RSL mastermind call
4. Our membership RSL Relationship Mastermind
5. Release of the second RSL ebook “From Breakup to Breakthrough- 15 Steps To Heal Your Heart and Move Forward Fearlessly”
6. My first 12 week relationship and heart healing virtual program “From Breakup to Breakthrough”
7. And finally one of the projects I’ve been super pumped (and confronted) to launch: the RSL video series called “Ask The Oracle- sage advice to support your relationships and radical self love journey”. Eventually my vision is to turn this baby into a live coaching show where each week I bring on a guest who is comfortable sharing their coaching journey with our beautiful community, I will coach them through an area of challenge and upset and bring them to a resolution in 30 minutes! SO EXCITED!!!!

Let me know in the comments below which of these you are most looking forward to and I can prioritize them based on what you love faces are really wanting to receive from me 🙂

As I continue go through this beautiful day just saying a big fat YES to life I invite you to do the same and watch the miracles unfold! You are magical and amazing saying yes to your brilliance and yes to life is one of the best ways to remember who you truly are 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Back In The Teaching Flow- Feeling Good and Rockin In Goddess Love- 243: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Well it’s official! We have kicked off and completed session 1 of the 9 weeks of Relationship and Radical Self Love goodness tonight!

I am beyond inspired by the incredible Goddesses who are enrolled in the course and who so beautifully showed up to share in the incredible energy this evening. I truly have such a blessed life.

radical self love kelsey grant

Tonight was certainly an example of being in flow and doing what I love. The content flowed naturally, questions we so perfect and every one showed up an open, willing and incredible contribution.

Pure magic!!

radical self love kelsey grant

I am so stoked to keep this teaching flowing and to watch these Goddesses grow, expand and transform their relationships and their relationship to romantic love. Such a fabulous way to rock a Wednesday night!!!

Ahhhhh I am so in love and so very grateful for each and every one of you beauties who showed up tonight! Thank you for who you are and for being committed to your own greatness. That is a gift the entire world will now and forever get to benefit from!!! You are all so amazing ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Reading the Signs From the Universe. Day 190: 365 Radical Self Love Project

The Universe is always communicating with us.

signFor those who are open, willing and receptive we can learn to read the signs and the communication from the Universe to keep us on path and keep us living on purpose.

One of the main ways the Universe speaks to me is through numbers. There are three sets of numbers I kept seeing on repeat today and for the past few days.

555- The Vibration of Change.

This is a message of big time change and shifting. It is the energy of making choices, life changes and being open to going with the flow of life. It reminds us to be open and receptive to adventure, new opportunities, activities. The changes you are being called to make are for your highest good, brings forward long awaited circumstance and results and a full alignment with your divine life purpose and soul mission. The key to this alignment is staying centred in meditation and positive affirmation and healthy habits. This is a time to let go of the old to make way for the new.

888- The Omen of Abundance.

This is a message that financial and material abundance is on it’s way to you and it possibly suggests the receiving of unexpected rewards from past good work. Possibly times when you have worked for free (in alignment with your soul purpose) or given of yourself in the early phases of developing your craft or your life path work. It is a sign that your life’s work and mission is completely supported by the Universe and reminds you that the Universe is abundant and generous and the wish is to share the prosperity with you. This is a very auspicious sign that money is flowing to you.

999- The Energy of Completion.

This is a message that a very important phase of your life path is coming to a completion. This completion is required for your soul mission and is the clearing to fully pursue your life’s purpose and life work. The main themes of this energy are harmonious communication, inner resolve and strength, leadership, humanitarianism, leading by example, intuition, insight, being in service to others and the greater good and becoming an example of the Universal Laws in action. In this omen there is a reminder that a abundance of guidance is available to you from your guides, angels and Universal energies all you must do is ask for assistance in fulfilling what is required of your life’s mission. This cycle of completion is required to bring to you a new lifestyle reflective of your positive and love filled life-path work. To see this message is a important reminder to take action on your life’s purpose and soul work immediately. Once the step is taken the next one will be given to you.

I am so clear right now that 2014 is going to be a fabulous year for us here at Radical Self Love. The messages are clear from the Universe that the more we do to keep the mission of self love alive and support others in their self love journeys, the more we all benefit. This is such a fabulous sign of support and encouragement from the Universe.

I am incredibly stoked for this new year ahead and for all of us to blossom and thrive together!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The Mantra and the Mala- Day 108: 365 Radical Self Love Project

When it comes to meditation one of the first tools I used to get into the groove and surrender into the silence of being with me and my thoughts was to use a mantra and mala beads.

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantFor anyone who may not know mala beads look like this—> and they consist of 108 beads. The mala is used as a guided tool for meditation.

Mantra means to liberate the mind, consciousness and soul from the cycles of Karma. A mantra is a short series of words or an affirmation which you repeat in your meditation 108 times to anchor in the energy of the intention and to keep your mind and energy focused and in alignment with your affirmation.

Given the monkey minds we all have, the mantra and the mala are two fabulous tools when beginning a meditation practice or as a way to enhance and further expand your practice. If you can get over the idea of saying a phrase 108 times being a big number and a lot of times to say something you will most likely find this tool incredibly helpful. On average it takes me between 7-10 mins going at a slower pace to complete 108 mantras.

The power of 108

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantBelow is some very mystical and magical information about the energy vibration and significance of the number 108 and the reasons why I believe it to be such an incredibly powerful number.

  • There are 108 energy channels from our hearts that move life force energy through our bodies and into our chakras.
  • 1= God, Unity Oneness, Leadership forward movement
  • 0= Emptiness, void in which all things are created
  • 8= Infinity, Karma abundance.
  • 9= Completion, end of cycles, compassion and the greater good for all.

To me the numerology suggests: Forward movement into our own personal experience of emptiness/void. Inside this void and stillness is where we have the ability and opportunity to tap into our karma, clear it and come into alignment with our infinite being. This journey through the self leads us to eventually come to our spiritual completion/enlightenment.


Some RSL mantras to get you started in your self lovin meditation practice:

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantI am a divine expression of pure love

I am love

I am kindness

I am compassion

I am forgiving

I am pure potentiality

I am attuned to abundance

I am an expression of love’s divine nature

I am a channel for the light

I am free

For anyone interested in a custom, crystal and angel energy infused mala check out Rai Kai Healing Jewelry and their Angel Mala line 🙂

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Why Friday 13th Is Actually Awesome- Day 84: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I’m seriously over Friday the 13th having such a bad rap.

photoDuring my life I have come to observe Friday the 13th having a pretty harsh reputation. As long as I’ve been alive the dominant beliefs around this day are rooted in fear with the intention of spreading fearful thoughts, feelings and reinforcing not so constructive ideas.

Following up yesterdays post which was focused on “we become what we think we are” is the concept of “our beliefs about people, circumstances and experiences also shape our perception of them”. Meaning Friday the 13th can either be a negative, crap day for you or it can be a powerful and positive experience. The only thing that stands at the helm is your personal perception, beliefs and whether you choose a belief rooted in fear or one in love.

Here is what I have learned during my journey of life.

Astrologically Friday is ruled by the planet Venus- which is the planet of love so already we are off to a great start 😉

The number 13 while in our current society has a negative association when looked at in terms of vibration and numerology is actually really strong. In this sense the number 13 resonates to the vibration of 4 which is all about foundation, organization and structure. It also hold elements of both 1 and 3. One represents inspiration, new beginnings, forward movement, adventure and leadership. Three represents self expression, happiness, joy and creativity. Again all very positive meanings.

2724008f-80c5-4591-9202-f27926522c68I am a lover of the Goddess.

Goddess spirituality and encouraging women to re-connect to the sacred Goddess spirit within is something I’m really passionate about. Throughout history many spiritual practices have existed where the Goddess was celebrated and the earth was deeply respected and honoured greatly. In these times of Goddess spirituality, Fridays were believed and became known as very powerful and positive days as they represented the focus of love. Friday the 13th became associated with the Goddess Freya who is the Goddess of love, fertility, sensuality and creative expression.

For women the number thirteen shows up in many ways. For example, given there are thirteen months in the true lunar calendar means there are thirteen menstrual cycles which is a very powerful time for women to reconnect to their feminine essence and celebrate the beauty of their being.

Thirteen is also a symbol of our creative force for all humans. 1 (forward movement) + 3 (creativity and self expression) =  4 (foundations for success). We amplify our power by celebrating this creative energy on a Friday which connects us to the divine energy of love.

So today I’m choosing to reinforce my positive belief around Friday the 13th and celebrate it as a connection to love, sensuality and my inner creative force. Doing so only empowers me to see the rest of the world through this lens of love which is a pretty rad-tastic thing 😉

Whatever your personal beliefs may be take some time today to check in with yourself and take inventory on your current and dominate belief systems. I invite you to make a choice to keep only the ones that serve you, your highest good and the highest good of all involved.  Doing so will activate more positivity within you and set you further on the path of love. Which really is the goal here at Radical Self Love!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Angels, Milestones and Gloriously Delicious Wins!! Day 53: 365 RSL Project

Today something magical happened in the Radical Self Love community!!


We reached 444 Radical Self Love lovers earlier this afternoon! I’m a big fan of numerology and messages from the Universe so this is a particularly fantastic omen.

444 is a symbol that my Angels are close by watching and cheering in the wings. It also indicates to keep a look out for further guidance in the form of intuition and universal messaging.

These signs from the Angels can come in many different forms as I have mentioned before. Often I see repeating number sequences, over hear certain words and phrases and hear lyrics in songs. Those are the strongest forms of messages I have the pleasure of receiving.

angel-numbers-101-doreen-virtue-phd-1-2-s-156x156Achieving such an incredible milestone of 444 lovers in the community holds a wonderful significance. To me it has further reinforced the complete on purpose nature of this project and the building of such an incredible group of people. I am truly inspired every single day to see more and more people coming into alignment with loving themselves more.

To know we have such a glorious community of people committed to learning, loving and becoming greater versions of who they know themselves to be, is absolutely incredible.

It is with the purest of blessings, I thank each and every one of you for the contribution you make to this community just by virtue of connecting with us on our Facebook pages, our Twitter or our Instagram. Each of you make such a difference in this world and I am honoured and truly blessed to be a part of this earthly human journey with you. sole intention is to continue to bring the love with the obvious help from the Angels and continue to serve this community in the most on purpose and love filled way. I am so epiclly excited for all the Radical Self Love yumminess which is in the works! Very soon the e-book will be complete to support anyone going through a breakup or breakdown in their relationship, the first series of local workshops will be starting this month, the coaching program will open up starting September and the virtual group classes will be available come the fall! Weeeeee!!!!

I feel so grateful that this is my life, this is the work I have the honour of doing each and every day and that I am blessed by the energy and presence of every single Radical Self Love lover out there!! You all are so amazing!

Super sonic massive love beams to you all!!!


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


It’s My Birthday and I’m Feeling the LOVE :) Day 36: 365 RSL Project

Today it’s my 31st BIRTHDAY!!!!!! cute-kitten-with-birthday-hat

I awoke today to an abundance of birthday messages and a seriously mega wave of love. I am truly blessed for the life I lead and the incredible people whom I’m honoured to share this life journey with.  Today is magical, I got to wake up to the love of my life, got a great workout in, went for a purrrfect breakfast at the most beautiful spot with a view of downtown and all the boats in the harbour, went to my favourite book store and have been blessed with connecting and chatting with so many of the amazing people I love dearly.

Inside of this incredible outpouring of love, magic and kindness I just realized that today I’m on day 36 of this project and numerology wise 36= 9 (3+6=9).  This magical serendipitous occurrence holds mega significance for me. My lifepath number is 9- which is the number of the humanitarian, philanthropist, compassion and universal love.

The lifepath number is calculated by adding all of the numbers of your birthday together and reducing them until you get to a single digit or a master number. Here is mine

July 27 1982

7+ (2+7=9) + (1+9+8+2= 11)

7 + 9 + 11 = 18

1+8 = 9

The lifepath number is considered the most important number in the numerology chart as it describes the nature of your personal human journey. It describes the traits given at birth and gives a snapshot into the likely challenges, lessons and opportunities you will encounter during this lifetime.

I think it just just so magical that today on my day of birth which also adds to 9, I’m rocking the 36th day of Radical Self Love. To me this is further confirmation of how supported I truly am and that this Radical Self Love Project is truly the path for me to fulfill the intentions of my life’s journey. BEST GIFT EVER UNIVERSE!!!!!

Thank you to all of you who have and will contribute to this amazingly perfect day! I love and appreciate you all!! Seriously, how does it get any better than this?

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!



Beaches, Synchronicity and Awesomeness!Day 27:365 RSL Project

IMG_0603Today’s post although a little late is coming at the perfect time 😉 After a final morning of driving we arrived in LA this afternoon. We spent the afternoon with some great friends laughing and loving all over life and enjoying the wonder of Venice beach. Upon our day recap we came to realize our entire trip so far has been divinely orchestrated and our guides and Angels were with us the entire way.

We’ve seen number signs (111,222,333 and 444 are among the top numerology signs so far), witnessed the incredible magic of the power of intention and creative flow, watched synchronicity unfold before our eyes and experienced the universe taking care of us in every single way.

Since arriving at the hotel for this weekends epic event we’ve since been upgraded to a super lovely suite, been gifted with complimentary breakfast and appetizers and I was offered a stellar coaching opportunity with someone I have been intending on working along side with for the past year! DAY 1!!! How does it get any better than this?! 😉

So it is with deep gratitude and pure bliss this message comes to you all tonight! Really looking forward to sharing more of this epic experience with you all!

Radical Self Love to the Max!!!




Day 11: 365 RSL Project

The number 11 keeps popping up today and since it is magically the 11th day of this blogging project I figure this imagesis a call from spirit to share about the vibrational meaning of the number 11.

As some of you may know I have studied numerology and metaphysics for quite some time now. A huge part of my  Radical Self Love journey has been learning to acknowledge and appreciate my strengths and areas of talent.

One of my areas of strength is interpreting messages from the Universe. Often for me these messages come in the form of numbers. I have an amazing ability to understand underlying messages and interpret these messages for not only myself but for others around me.

The universe is always communicating to us and it is part of the human journey to open to this guidance however it looks. For some people it may be seeing numbers, words or certain animals or plants. For others they may hear certain lyrics from a song and keep hearing the same repetitive phrase again and again. There are so many forms communication from spirit can take and if we are open to hearing and seeing the guidance the experience of being human becomes very magical very quickly.


The number 11 is all about divine inspiration. As humans we always have access to higher intelligence and the access point to ushering this divine knowledge is through our cultivation of inner peace, love, honesty and integrity. The vibration of this number is enhanced when we embody the energies of patience, receptivity and honour our intuition.

In the spiritual sense, this number represents the light within all and is a call to radiate your light outward to inspire others to shine in their brilliance and spiritual alignement. Pretty epic! 4331547301_94416518ee_o

Let divine inspiration rock your day today. As part of my radical self love quest I will be amping up my compassion, patience, inner peace, honesty and integrity. This allows me to shine brighter and inspire those who are ready to step into their greatness and make this world an even better place! Leave a comment below if you are joining in on this massive love and inspiration-fest and let us know how you are rippling love consciousness today!

Mega gratitude in advance 😉