It’s Official- We’re Moving!! Day 325: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It was official yesterday afternoon.

We made the choice to move out and completely let go of the space I’ve been living in for the last 4.5 years. This signifies a pretty big change in my life as these past 4.5 years have completely shaped my life in a new direction and this apartment has been in incubator for my growth, development, healing and massive soul alignment.

It is with a slightly heavy heart I will say goodbye to this place but the beauty of a new chapter and new beginning is strong within too.

This is a wonderful new chapter for my partner and I. We’ve been living together for the past 10 months and this will mark a pretty significant change for the both of us. Our own place, just the two of us. Which is pretty pretty awesome! I’m pretty sure this means a kitten and a puppy are in our near future 😉

cute_kitten_with_bow_tieYAY for new beginnings and probably bringing this awesome new addition into our little family fully equipped with his own rainbow collection of bow ties ❤

Embracing change, letting go and levelling up!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



Causing Pain or Causing Happiness: Wisdom From My Yoga Mat- Day 284: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today at the yoga studio we are practicing the spiritual law of Karma, other wise known as cause and effect.

For every action there is an impact, a seed is planted with every thought, feeling and action we take. Those seeds will at some point be the cause of an effect. All situations in our lives can always be traced to the originating thought, feeling and action whether it be positive or negative.

radical self love kelsey grant

My dear friend and fabulous instructor said something at the end of class that really struck a chord with me. She heard this from one of her teachers growing up and I felt it had incredible significance for me right now. She said:

“We either make decisions that cause pain or decisions that cause happiness”.

I reflected on this in a few ways.

First I reflected being the cause of an effect in another person. Every interaction I have with someone holds the opportunity to either cause them pain or cause them happiness. Certainly in my past I’ve made crap loads of decisions that absolutely lead to the experience of pain in someone else. I’ve also made a tonne of choices that lead to the experience of happiness in someone else.

With this increased awareness I really have brought this question to the fore front of my mind when it comes to my interactions with another: “Is what I am about to do or say going to cause an experience of pain or happiness- either immediately or in the future?

This simple check in with myself allows me the conscious space to be acting from a place of integrity, honesty and respect.

The second way I reflected on it was more personal. I reflected that every thought, feeling or action I take has the potential to either cause me a future experience of pain or happiness. It has become very clear to me over these past few weeks of deep heart healing and soul work that I have been engaging in a major addiction to negative obsession (more on this in a future posty post). These obsessive thoughts I’ve been “indulging” in have lead to the effect of feeling shit, anxious and fearful- which is not good for anyone, especially me.

radical self love kelsey grant

Inside of this super clear ahhh haa! moment today I can see how my insecurities have been rooted in the choices of thoughts, feelings and actions I was taking. This ultimately is the cause of my pain (even though it was an unconscious behaviour, the choice still lead to the pain).

Now the unconscious has been made conscious and I’m already beginning to see a shift. I “outed” myself to a couple girlfriends today and I also told this truth to my partner. Doing so reduces my access to indulge in these patterns. When we share our awakenings and awarenesses of our patterns to our close peeps they generally don’t give us space to keep running them, because they see us as someone who is capable of overcoming this layer of growth.

So here I am tonight “outing” myself to all you beauties. My major shift will be happening inside- in the ways in which I think, feel and act towards myself and my relationship. The self awareness muscle I’ve built when it comes to others and understanding the future impact I am responsible for with them, will serve me greatly in taking on this new area of internal transformation. I will keep you all posted on this internal journey as I have a feeling this one hold a pretty massive treasure inside 🙂

Mega gratitude and love to my soul sisters who held space for me today, for my soul family who always has my back, to my incredible, patient and loving partner who always calls me to be greater and step into my brilliance, and for each and every one of you beautiful souls part of this self love movement- you all make this world such a brighter place through your awareness, willingness to step into love and your ability to move forward fearlessly.

You are all amazing in my eyes and I love you dearly!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Moving In and Moving Up- Epic New Beginnings Day 38: 365 RSL Project

AHHHHH being 31 is so incredibly RAD!!! This new year for me has so far been getting better and better and I am incredibly grateful for it all!

photoToday marks a massive milestone. My partner and I officially moved in!!!! I’m so freaking excited. We have certainly been through our far share of ups and downs since we starting dating last August and to be at this point together truly feels like an honour and quite honestly a massive achievement.

During the move today it was such a beautiful illustration of us both focusing on what we are good at and really balancing each other out.

Connor physically moved all of the furniture and boxes (very yang/masculine) and I unpacked and organized everything (very yin/feminine). It all flowed so easily and 6 hours later we are completely settled in, unpacked and ready to really step into this new chapter together!

I am so blessed to share my life with this man who makes my heart sing, who calls me to be greater, who challenges me like I have never been challenged before and loves me fully and completely. I know now more than ever, that everything we had to go through was so we could get to this point together, completely balanced, in our true authentic power and able to receive each others greatness.

photo 1How does it get better than this?!! 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Day 5: 365 RSL Project

601886_443926039029405_2145534892_nWhooop whoooop! Today marks an epic point in my journey! I had my last official day at my job and I’m about to launch into this next phase of my life with great excitement and of course a few lil nerves 😉

Today I am so grateful for the amazing time I had the honour of experiencing at my job. In all honesty that job saved my life. I somehow intuitively knew last December that shit was about to hit the fan in my life. So for the first time in 4 years I went out and got a job. In retrospect it now all makes sense.

Exactly one week after I started my job in January, my life forever changed. My relationship ended and I experienced a breakdown unlike anything I had ever experienced before. For the first time in my life the friends I would normally rely on to ‘get through’ a breakup were mysteriously all out of the country. This was completely on purpose and by design because it lead me to accessing a power inside of myself that I honestly didn’t know was there.

I had two choices. I could do what I knew to do, which would have looked like incredible destructive behaviour, brutal inner dialogue and a total annihilation of all the things I had worked so hard to build up in my reputation as a healer and coach, OR I could choose love.

Choosing love was no easy feat. Working through the confusion, hurt, sadness, anger and feelings of deep emptiness were tough. In fact I would consider this to be one of the most dark times of my entire life emotionally. Something inside me had shifted though. I was able to some how see a slight glimmer of hope through the haze of my chaotic emotional state. I was able to some how access thoughts and feelings of possibility and train myself to focus on all that was going well at the time. For the first time I honoured my emotional state and allowed the emotion to flow through. I also reached out for help and support. This was one of the biggest wins of all. I’m usually the strong one who is there for those in need and to be the one who was in extreme breakdown was completely out of my comfort zone.

I knew this challenge was given to me as a way to breakthrough and learn myself to be someone who is resilient  self reliant and driven by love. The consistency my job provided for me during this time of great chaos gave me the stability mentally and emotionally to know I was financially taken care of and ensured that for at least 8hrs 5 days a week I was focused on something bigger than myself. This shift of focus gave me access to really diving into the experience in a constructive way and creating a template for myself to build up my self love (which when I got real with myself was at the root of the relationship breakdown, and honestly every breakdown in my life to date). For this opportunity I will be eternally grateful to each and everyone of the ladies I worked with and all the wonderful people whom I was blessed to cross paths with during my time there. I truly believe my job gave me my life back.

A HUGE aspect of Radical Self Love is acknowledgement. In this context acknowledgement of the 7 women whose contribution to my life I will forever be grateful for. Each of them graced my experience in very different ways and all left a beautiful impression on my life and will forever hold very special spaces in my heart. This ladies is for you:


AH: Thank you for giving me this new start. You gave me a chance when I needed it the most. Your willingness to bring me into your business and onto your team will forever be present in my heart. The space you created for me truly allowed me to experience positivity and connection when I truly couldn’t see it anywhere else in my life. I appreciate your openness, your willingness to share and the determination of your spirit. I am so grateful for you ❤

JR: Thank you for being so friendly, kind and welcoming. Right from the start you made me feel at home and comfortable. Your words of advice were always so helpful and made a profound positive difference in my experience there. I learned so much about how to be great with people and relate to them just through observing you and your natural ability to create a positive and welcoming environment. I appreciate your ability to connect through intuitively reading people, the high quality of service you consistently provide and your hilarious sense of humour. I am so grateful for you. ❤

LS: Thank you for being the burst of positive vibrant energy each and every day. While our time together was short I always enjoy the way you fill up the space with pure jolly, excited energy. This energy makes my heart sing and illustrated to me how much goodness there really is in the world. I appreciate your curiosity, your playfulness and your commitment to keeping the good vibes flowing. I am so grateful for you. ❤

TF: Thank you for being so hilarious and honest. From the moment I met you I liked your vibe and I knew you would hold a great place in my life. Each day your willingness to learn, grow and develop yourself positively inspires me. I appreciate and acknowledge your courage, strength and intuition to follow your heart and let it lead you to new and beautiful places. I am so grateful for you. ❤

MA: Thank you for always being so kind, gentle and sweet. Your innocent and gentle energy is a breath of fresh air. You have such a kind and beautiful heart and your energy is so lovely to be around. I appreciate your laugh, your vibrant light energy and your ability to pick things up quickly and positively contribute to those around you. I am so grateful for you. ❤

AB: Thank you for reminding me of my light, my abilities and the positive difference I truly make. Your captivation with learning new things and diving into new ways of life is truly inspiring. You helped me believe in myself again and that is a gift I am deeply grateful for. Your openness, ability to be coachable and curiosity are all qualities I appreciate about you. I am so grateful for you ❤

AK: Thank you for filling the space and bringing your wonderful kind and awesome energy to this team. While we have only spent two days together I really get your desire to make a positive impact, be a wonderful contribution and leave things better than when you started. I appreciate your kind demeanour  your attention to detail and honesty. You will do great I know 😉 I am so grateful for you ❤

I am ready to venture into this new chapter with so much bliss, radiance and gratitude. Each of you ladies are a huge part of this journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!