Reading the Signs From the Universe. Day 190: 365 Radical Self Love Project

The Universe is always communicating with us.

signFor those who are open, willing and receptive we can learn to read the signs and the communication from the Universe to keep us on path and keep us living on purpose.

One of the main ways the Universe speaks to me is through numbers. There are three sets of numbers I kept seeing on repeat today and for the past few days.

555- The Vibration of Change.

This is a message of big time change and shifting. It is the energy of making choices, life changes and being open to going with the flow of life. It reminds us to be open and receptive to adventure, new opportunities, activities. The changes you are being called to make are for your highest good, brings forward long awaited circumstance and results and a full alignment with your divine life purpose and soul mission. The key to this alignment is staying centred in meditation and positive affirmation and healthy habits. This is a time to let go of the old to make way for the new.

888- The Omen of Abundance.

This is a message that financial and material abundance is on it’s way to you and it possibly suggests the receiving of unexpected rewards from past good work. Possibly times when you have worked for free (in alignment with your soul purpose) or given of yourself in the early phases of developing your craft or your life path work. It is a sign that your life’s work and mission is completely supported by the Universe and reminds you that the Universe is abundant and generous and the wish is to share the prosperity with you. This is a very auspicious sign that money is flowing to you.

999- The Energy of Completion.

This is a message that a very important phase of your life path is coming to a completion. This completion is required for your soul mission and is the clearing to fully pursue your life’s purpose and life work. The main themes of this energy are harmonious communication, inner resolve and strength, leadership, humanitarianism, leading by example, intuition, insight, being in service to others and the greater good and becoming an example of the Universal Laws in action. In this omen there is a reminder that a abundance of guidance is available to you from your guides, angels and Universal energies all you must do is ask for assistance in fulfilling what is required of your life’s mission. This cycle of completion is required to bring to you a new lifestyle reflective of your positive and love filled life-path work. To see this message is a important reminder to take action on your life’s purpose and soul work immediately. Once the step is taken the next one will be given to you.

I am so clear right now that 2014 is going to be a fabulous year for us here at Radical Self Love. The messages are clear from the Universe that the more we do to keep the mission of self love alive and support others in their self love journeys, the more we all benefit. This is such a fabulous sign of support and encouragement from the Universe.

I am incredibly stoked for this new year ahead and for all of us to blossom and thrive together!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



The Power of Soul Inspiration- Day 180: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I am completely blown away with the response to yesterdays blog post.

(If you missed it click here)

This was a true example of the power of writing from the heart and following the direction of my higher self and my intuition. Yesterday I had the experience of being completely moved and inspired on a soul level and I allowed that energy to flow through me to create a beautiful piece of writing.

What this brought into my awareness is when I surrender my will or what I believe will be the best topic and allow inspiration to actually direct where the creation is to go- it’s incredibly powerful.

tumblr_mnxgu8RzYm1sp30b1o1_500It has also given me massive insight into the deep longing for women to experience more men of this calibre and the deep desire of men to transform into their best versions.

It also has caused me to be really present to the topics and ideas that stir my soul and how when I am in those vibrations of soul stirring delicious inspiration the impact is profound.

The more we allow this moments of soul inspiration to fill us up the more soulful inspiration we beam out into the minds and hearts of those around us. This is a gift we allow for ourselves and that we give to each other.

I am so excited to take this beautiful nugget of awareness into my work and into my life and allow more of these soulful inspirations to fill up my experience and infuse more love and blessings into the content I have the honour of producing.

The-Research-on-GratitudeI have so much love and gratitude for each and everyone of you who make my experience as a writer so fulfilling. Thank you lovers!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Say What You Need to Say- A Lesson in Love- Day 164: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Say what you need to say has absolutely been the theme of the day.

radical self love kelsey grantDuring my time away this weekend I had pockets of time carved out for learning and personal development, as doing so ensures my happiness and fulfillment.

The theme of what kept coming to me this weekend in all my course material, in my books and in my meditation/reflections was this:

“You have to say what has been given to you to say. The words you are gifted with are rooted in love and when you speak your truth the world opens up”.

Powerful stuff.

This afternoon I got an opportunity to put it into action inside of a lengthy conversation. This conversation was a gift to both parties. By saying what was there to be said it allowed a massive flow of possibility and expansion to flood in to both of us. It got the creative vibrations rocking allowing us individually to fuel our respective endeavours AND clearing the weight of a false belief that was so obviously (to me on the outside) in the way.

radical self love kelsey grant

It also brought my awareness to my effective abilities as a coach and healer. If we see things that others can’t in the moment and don’t say anything we rip them off from experiencing a miracle and we rip ourselves off from the healing the miracle generates for both people. I became very present to the fact I now longer am riddled by the paralyzing belief of wanting people to like me and gaining their approval. I am more concerned with the transformation of consciousness and serving a higher purpose. To be a messenger of love means saying things that others won’t AND saying what others won’t from a place of loving detachment.

radical self love kelsey grantSpeaking with love is the key here. A lot of people speak their minds without being connected to their hearts. This more often than not invokes more of an ego battle in both people and in a space of agitation and aggravation healing and miracles can’t exist. To speak through the heart means it needs to be open, it needs to be active and it needs to be committed to the higher good for ALL. It means bringing awareness to the blind-spot without attacking but with acceptance, without demeaning but with compassion, without aggression but with peace. This is the gift I have been given on my earthly journey, to say the things that very much need to be said for any hope of positive shifting internally and externally, and to say them with compassion, openness, acceptance and love.

My invitation to you all tonight is simple- willingly choose to speak your truth and speak it through the heart. Speak your truth through love. If you are unsure what that would sound like you are in the perfect place. It is not you who will be doing the speaking, you will not need to think of what to say, your higher self is the energy that will be speaking through your vessel. This happens when we bring our awareness to the present moment and surrender our will to the will of a higher nature, the will of love. Go ahead and ask your higher self for help, that’s what it’s there for. Ask your higher self to speak through you and that all words, intentions and vibrations come only from love. Then be present, allow and watch the miracle unfold.

radical self love kelsey grant

There is so much power in saying the things that will be uncomfortable in the moment but will ultimately lead you both towards your highest potentials. Quite a beautiful gift to each other and the world don’t ya think? 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


RSL’s Feature Friday- Earth Angels Day 154: 365 Radical Self Love Project

YEAAAAA!!! It’s Radical Self Love’s Feature Friday time!!! Today’s Feature Friday is a little different and incredibly significant.

EA_Logo_500-2Today I am giving a massive love shout out to all the beautiful Earth Angels who, through their daily contribution of kindness, love and light make all our lives a better place to be.

These are the people who will probably never be recognized for the incredible contribution they have made towards a stranger and who acted out of pure love to make some one’s day a little brighter.

There are a couple of these people who stick out in my mind today. One of them I don’t even know. I was sitting in a cafe in Dominican Republic the day I was coming home. I was inquiring with the people who I was eating with if any of them knew how long a commute to the airport would be and what the cost would be. None of them really knew and this caused a surge in my stress levels.

Out of no where a complete stranger, or as I like to call them- Earth Angel- approached our table. He mentioned he over heard our conversation and wanted to give me the information I was looking for since he was a resident of the area and could give me a little piece of mind with that seemingly small contribution. To me it wasn’t small. It gave me a HUGE amount of piece of mind and then allowed for the next Angel’s to show up moments later.

After knowing the details of how much and how long to get to the airport were in my experience the next step was to find a cab to get there.

Not speaking a word of spanish I had to ask for help. One of the women, another Earth Angel, with us was fluent in spanish and called numerous cab companies to help me to get a cab. After about 20 mins of no success I was getting super stressed.

I went back to the table and explained what was happening and that I didn’t have much time to find a cab and make it to the airport in time to board my flight.

What happened next was in my mind a miracle and an act of divine intervention. The wise wise man sitting across from me looked into my eyes and said this: “Kelsey, time isn’t out here, it isn’t outside of you. Time is in here (pointing to his heart), it is within you. You have the ability to shift and move time according to your internal state”.

It snapped me right back into the present moment. While I knew being stressed would repel that which I was trying to attract, I couldn’t quite get myself out of it. Enter the Earth Angel. Who in such a calm and knowing way reminded me of what I already knew and called me to relax, centre myself and remember all is within me already.

I closed my eyes, took a couple deep breaths and really tuned in to the knowingness that I would be taken care of and everything I needed would show up. Within what seemed like seconds, one of the cab companies called back the restaurant phone we had been calling from and told us they had found someone who was available to come and pick me up in 20 mins- exactly the time I had intended on leaving. A pure miracle. For this gift I am so grateful. Now any time I feel myself getting stressed I hear this Angel voice in my ear reminding me that time is within me and all I must do is calm down, centre myself and rock out in the present moment in the vibe of love and certainty. He may never know the immense impact that one little phrase will forever have on me and my life. Which is why today’s Radical Self Love Feature Friday is a tad different.

Today is an opportunity for me to beam gratitude, thanks and love to all of the Earth Angels who have crossed my path for sometimes seconds at a time and have given me the gift of empowerment, support and love. These people are constantly acting in ways to support the consciousness evolution of the people they come into contact with. They make the world better through their natural state of being.

So to all the incredible Earth Angels who have come into my life, and will continue to come into my life I offer you my deepest gratitude, the most abundant of blessings and a reminder that all you do is so appreciated, valued and seen.

If there is someone who you may not know, who has played this role of Earth Angel for you, share your story in the comments below. Even though they may never see your act of acknowledgement the energy of the blessing will transfer to them as well as everyone else who reads it. This is the ripple of kindness and the energy of love. When we give our blessings either out loud or silently it contributes to the evolution of us all- an evolution to our higher nature inside of the transformational power of love.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!


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It’s My Man’s 30th Birthday Time to Celebrate!!! Day 150: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today my man turns 30.

1234064_10200597021314658_240328618_nWhat a beautiful life milestone. I absolutely loved turning 30 last year and I am so blissed out he has now joined me in the land of 30.

What I loved about entering this phase of my life was that for the first time I really felt grounded in who I was. My twenties were a phase where I was experimenting with life. Trying all sorts of things, exploring what I wanted and what I didn’t want. It was a time of great self discovery, travel, learning, accomplishment, stepping out into my own, taking giant leaps of faith and coming into a greater understanding of myself, my talents, my passions and why I am here.

Upon my 30th birthday I had really settled into my skin. I could confidently say I knew who I was and was completely solid in standing in my truth. My 30th birthday was my first drunk free celebration. I had a couple glasses of wine with my dinner and a celebratory mimosa with my breakfast and then kept to water and high vibes. It became very clear on this birthday that feeling good in the long term was more important than a short term “release”.

It felt good to make such an empowered choice to keep my body and mind clean and clear and for the first time the focus of the celebration was on being present with the incredible people in my life who were presents at my birthday. I was really able to see and feel into the deep gratitude for these beautiful souls who had been a huge guiding force in my spiritual, emotional and mental maturation.

This same awareness has stuck with me since turning 30. I now make choices based on my values and whether or not I truly want to do something. I make better choices about what goes into my body and the energy I surround myself with. I am highly selective with whom I spend time with and make sure to choose a social circle that enhances the positive aspects of my being and family mates who call me to be more.

I am so blessed to have been here with my partner as he enters this amazing phase of his life. Only he knows what this phase will bring because his path is his own, I just know I am here to lovingly support him the way he has supported me during this new cycle. I am over joyed to be celebrating with him today and I am so excited to see the magical manifestations he calls into his life in this year ahead!

cbbdayMega love and blessings to the beautiful love of my life ❤
CB you are incredibly special and so deeply loved!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Inspiration, An Eclipse and Planting Seeds of Juicy New Habits- Day 135: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I am happy to report I am on the mend and feeling like I am getting back to my normal high vibin self!!!

In the spirit of sharing high vibes and allowing the spirit of love to fill us up I wanted to share a really fabulous video I watched this morning to begin my day, and first an important share.

kelsey grant radical self love

Today is a really special day vibrationally. Today we are experiencing a eclipse meaning it is a fabulous time to initiate a new habit. I chose to let today be an example of all the positive habits I wish to embody for the next 6 months.

I woke up quite early this morning 4:52am the first time and around 7 the next.

I spent the first hour of my day connecting and loving and smooching with my man.

I invested about 45 minutes into meditation.

I drank a lot of water.

I went outside and did a slow and intentional walk.

I drank great coffee.

I ate great food.

I rested when I was tired.

I honoured my body and what it needed.

I surrendered into the moment and allowed myself to be supported.

I connected with my family.

I laughed.


I worked on my company (RSL) doing things that inspire my heart and soul.

kelsey grant radical self loveThese are the themes I wish to positively bring forth in the next 6 months and so I intentionally planted the seeds for their sprouting and growth.

To share some inspiration check out this video I saw compliments of Cowabunga Life. Mega gratitude to Mr. Brad Morris  for finding this gem and sharing it this morning!!

Enjoy lovers!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Getting Back in the Saddle: My Return to Teaching- Day 117: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Holy awesomeness!!!

Tonight marks a very significant point in my RSL journey. Tonight I returned to one of my major passions…writing courses and teaching those courses.

I took quite a long break on the whole coaching and teaching front. I began to reawaken the facilitation and creation muscle with our monthly workshops which kicked off over the summer, but something was pulling at me to play bigger and put myself out there even more.

radical self love kelsey grant

So I did it, I got back into the saddle

I made a huge announcement a few weeks ago that I would be teaching a course on Forgiveness. I went on to interview each attendee to ensure ultimate harmony and learning and then got to researching and developing course content.

If you want to experience growth in a major way, teach what you most need to learn. Forgiveness had been this elusive “thing” to me growing up that really didn’t mean much or hold much significance. As I have gone through my life journey I have come to understand how important forgiveness truly is in maintaining states of flow, activating inner harmony, cultivating inner peace and ultimately expanding my self love. So I made the choice to follow the guidance of my spirit and get back in the teacher role.

I loved every single second of it

Each of the women in the course are such beautiful gems and so incredibly precious. I feel so honoured and blessed to have the privilege of guiding them through this inner journey of forgiveness and self love.

radical self love kelsey grantI had a bit of a rocky start to the day with a little squabble with my partner and then I applied one of the main principals- invest your energy, emotion and time into something you care more about than your pain and suffering. This reminded me to surrender into service mode and invest my energy into creating and facilitating the best possible session one I was capable of producing.

It was an epic success.

Vulnerability, rawness, open hearts and most importantly love, support and community blossomed in the room tonight. I am so freaking stoked to continue this next 6 weeks with these precious Goddesses. They have so much to teach me about who I am, how I show up and how to use my path for the greater good and for this I feel deeply blessed. I am giddy with heart warming joy to have attracted such a perfect group of Radical Self Lovers getting their forgiveness ON and ready to ripple more love into this amazing world.

I also know this is the beginning of teaching at a higher level and on a greater scale. I had visions tonight of teaching this course and courses like it in auditoriums and large seminar spaces. The miracles and blessings of this path will continue to make themselves known as I keep taking the small committed steps I am presented with each day. So stoked for right now and for all the goodness on its way!

radical self love

That thing that scares you the most, makes you say “I don’t know if I can do that, I’m scared”, run towards it because there is something epicly beautiful waiting for you on the other side and once you have jumped and find yourself on the other side, you will laugh at your hesitance to explore the callings of your soul.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Waves of Fire- RSL’s First Feature Friday-Day 91: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It is completely in our best collective interests to lift each other up.

I’m a big fan of collaboration, sharing and building on purpose communities. I believe there is a lot we each have the capacity to create and when we work together as a team we create even bigger ripples than if we try and go at it alone.

Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love

Here is the thing there is enough room for everyone, there is more than enough for everyone and  there is always a teacher, mentor or leader for everyone. I know the way I present information vibes with the people in this community, I also know the way I present information and share my wisdom doesn’t and won’t vibe with everyone.

This is why I created Radical Self Love’s Feature Friday’s. 

It’s an opportunity to share the wisdom, inspiration and awesomeness going on in our RSL community. I love knowing what peeps are up to and I’m equally as excited about sharing it with others who may never come across the content otherwise.

RSL Feature Fridays

Here at RSL we do our best to operate our company within the ever powerful Laws of the Universe. One of these laws being: The Law of Reciprocity. Give what you wish to receive. If I truly want this community to grow, flourish and be the most incredible space for love- I gotta share the love. The people I’ll be featuring each Friday are incredible humans and it honestly feels so wonderful to be able to acknowledge them, publicly recognize their work and positively affirm that what they do, who they are and that their creations truly make a difference in this world.

Here at RSL we are truly blessed to have such an incredible community of creators, teachers, students and people dedicated to the rippling of love consciousness in the world. I heart you all muchly. ❤

Feature Friday: Beth Watson/Waves of Fire

Okies lovers here we gooooo!

Waves of Fire Radical Self LoveRadical Self Love meet our gorgeous community member and sistah Beth Watson. Beth is the founder of Waves of Fire, a company dedicated to showcasing and awakening the “Modern Day Goddess” by introducing young women world wide to their connection to Spirit, playfulness, magic and a deliciously nurturing relationship with momma Gaia (mother earth).

What we love about Waves of Fire is simple.

They know, value and illustrate the importance of leading/living by example. Waves of Fire is incredibly authentic, transparent and a beautiful snapshot into the up’s and downs of the human experience. The raw vulnerability Beth has brought to this project and company is incredibly inspiring and is a constant reminder that all things are possible when we live a life guided by our hearts and our souls calling.

Her work is incredibly healing, heart opening and in my opinion what a lot of the ladies in the world are really searching for right now. There is such magical power when women come together in a spirit of kindness, love, healing and connection. The energy woman are capable of generating when living on purpose is nothing short of miracles in action. Men also have this power and potential when they come together in the spirit of service, love and peace. Human beings are magnificent creatures and the work Beth does in the world is designed to support those women who are really looking for a sisterhood, heart healing and a deep connection to themselves and to the earth.

Why we love Beth:

Beth is a beauty inside and out. She courageously took the leap into the unknown a few years ago to begin the creation and journey of living her life according to her truth, her heart and her passions. What has become of Waves of Fire was once just an idea in her mind, one that fuelled and fired up her heart and is an example to people everywhere that you can create a life by your own design, driven by your heart. We completely admire the fearless surrender, contribution and example she illustrates each and every day. We love Beth because she is real, she is authentic, transparent and totally honest about her journey. I believe these are the ultimate qualities which reside within every great teacher and inspiring leader.

So lets show Beth some love as we do 😉

Waves of Fire/ Radical Self LoveFirst and foremost she has a contest right meow where she is giving away one of her new aura/energy clearing sprays. All you need to do to enter is click on this link and share the picture on Facebook:



Waves of Fire Radical Self LoveSecondly Waves of Fire has an incredible program about to launch in October called Flower Child. Her program is an opportunity for women to immerse in the world of natural/organic body products, tap into the divine feminine through mystical practices and to re-establish a solid connection to themselves and mother earth. There are still a couple spots left and you can check out all the yummy details here:!flower-child/c1m5t

If you are as inspired by this Goddess as we are you can connect with Beth here:



Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Stepping In and Stepping Up-Day 69: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Tonight’s post is super simple. Tonight I have achieved (with the support of some amazing people) a huge milestone for myself, my path and the growth of the Radical Self Love community.

Tonight I co-facilitated the very first ever RSL workshop and it went better than I could have ever imagined. I feel so incredibly blessed and honoured to have shared the sacred space of transformation, awakening and possibility with such incredible souls tonight.

As I head off to sleep I acknowledge myself for a job well done, for staying committed even when things were rough, for speaking my truth, for sharing authentically, for being a real time example of vulnerability and trust and for stepping up and being a leader in this beautiful love movement.

To all the incredible souls whose co-creation enabled tonight to manifest I thank you. For my co-facilitator Kristin thank you for sharing your light and love even in the face of uncertainty. You rock lady! And for all the amazing women who showed up tonight- by doing so you have opened your hearts even bigger rippling the amazing healing energy of love into this world.


For this I acknowledge, honour and bless you all.

My heart is happy and the more I step up and shine through my teachings the more the world benefits.

p.s. The same thing goes for all of you reading this;)

Mega love from my heart to yours!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Archery and the Gloriousness of Trying Something New. Day 66: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Over the weekend I blogged about heading to my friends wedding celebration. It was filled with incredible moments and we truly had such a blast!

1160_545517958841181_2091966910_nPart of my journey has centred around the process of learning what works for me and honestly what does not. Part of the process of figuring all of it out calls me to step out of my comfort zone and occasionally try something new. Here is the thing ,without giving it a go I would actually not know whether or not it works for me.

This is why I have dabbled in many different things in my lifetime, different hobbies, types of work and even different styles of relationships. To me it is an exploration, a discovery and a research project into learning myself and what honestly vibes with my soul.

Through this lifelong discovery I have learned some pretty solid things about myself and what really works for me. A couple that truly stand out are:

1. I dig monogamy- Yup I know it’s not the route for everyone however it is the route for me. I love spending my life with a single partner. I think on some level I always knew it but I had to do some exploring to be sure. I am comfortable in the ways in which I got to this awareness of what works for me and now I actively create that reality with my loving partner every day.

2. I really love yoga and I really love gyming it up. Like many things in life I like variety and options. Without change we grow stagnant. One of the ways I express fulfilling the need of change is with my exercise routines. Some days I really love the warm, gentleness of yoga (even the hot and sweaty kind) and somedays I really crave a run and pumping weights at the gym.

3. I like things clean and orderly in my home and in my surroundings. This goes for me on a personal level too. I really like being clean and there is everything right and ok with that. Some people like to play in the dirt and get really dirty. I am not one of them. I tried it and through the trial and exploration got really clear that being clean and organized makes me feel the best. So I go with it and when I really honour this about myself I am a true expression of free flowing, high vibin, self loving energy!!!

4. I love love love coffee with lots of cream. That’s it. I just do.

5. I feel the most calm, centred and connected in my relationships when I have consistent physical human contact. My preference- cuddling. Maybe it’s because it brings back memories of being in the womb, I’m not sure,  whatever reason may be I just love physical contact and it is my main love language.

6. I am an observer. It is how I learn best. I watch repeatedly and I play it out step by step in my mind until I feel ready. It is at that point when I take on something new. Only in the past couple years I’ve realized the way I learn and approach taking on something new, invokes one of the main tools of manifestation- visualization, which is pretty freaking awesome!

And finally for today,

7. I only do things I am good at. Period. Instead of trying to fix my areas of challenge or struggling to embrace certain qualities which do not come naturally to me I’ve scrapped that entire model and only do things I’m truly good at. I focus on my strengths and dive into finding ways to enhance my natural abilities and capabilities. Doing so has opened me up to seeing alternative strengths and qualities I had laying dormant and allowed me to embrace the totality of my strengths and enhance my ability to experience calmness, flow, boundaries and self acceptance.


Now back to the theme of the day. Exploration. Over the weekend I did something I had never done before. Archery. It took me a while to mentally be at the point of preparation for the activity however, after watching the instructor and the other participants rock through a couple cycles of bow and arrow shooting I was mentally and physically ready to give it a go. By honouring my learning style and observation tactics, I was able to shoot the arrow with ease and by the second cycle of arrow shooting I was hitting the target.

Artemis_by_nat_ratHonouring myself allowed me to really enjoy the experience in a way that made sense to me and truly made the most of an incredible activity. I now know that I really dig archery and I know with a little more practice I will fine tune my skills and become even better. For now I can add another thing I am good at to the KG list and I have found more joy in my expression of self. Archery is so much fun for me and I have a feeling it was not my first lifetime shooting an arrow 😉 Maybe on some level I am channeling an inner goddess of times gone by and returning to an element of my being which truly lights me up. From what I can tell archery holds many valuable spiritual lessons for my growth such as agility, focus, calm steady intention, release and the balance between form and structure and relaxation and surrender. Pretty great for a new afternoon activity.

There are always juicy and delicious opportunities available when we dive into new and unknown territories. Honour yourself to explore this in a way that makes sense to your head and your heart. Go at your own pace- only you know what is best for you. When you embrace life in this manor your experience of being alive flourishes and your path of Radical Self Love grows and expands exponentially. True Story!

Share with us in the comments below your experience of how trying new things has lead to a greater sense of self discovery and Radical Self Love! Sharing is caring lovies!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!