How The “Other Woman” Helped Me Find Freedom and Happiness- Day 346: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Finding Freedom in the shadows

radical self love kelsey grantWe all have that side of ourselves we would rather keep hidden. Some call it a shadow, some call it an ego, some call it our darkness.

Whatever the name, we all have it. The elements of our personality with less than positive intentions. It is when we are living through our shadow we have a higher tendency to get triggered. Triggered by another person, circumstances in life and scenarios we are faced with.

Your shadow is one of the greatest access points to your highest potential if you allow this unfolding to take place. Embracing the lessons the shadow leads us towards, encourages the harnessing of energy and activation of our awareness for the highest good and potential for all involved.

What you can’t be with about another, leads you towards a deeper awareness of yourself.

Everything we can’t be with, everything we reject, resist or flat out dislike about someone or something outside of ourselves will always lead us to a greater understanding to what is going on inside ourselves on a deep deep level.

We can only identify that which exists already inside us and we are only activated or triggered by anything outside of ourselves, when an aspect of our own experience we have rejected and can’t be with- is still lying dormant in our unconscious.

How the “other woman” was key for my self awareness and deep deep healing.

There are a lot of things I could say about the woman with whom my partner broke our relationship agreement with and the only thing worth sharing is the truth.

It was really easy for me to hate her. It was really easy for me to be angry at her. It was really easy for me to make her wrong for everything. It was really easy for me to find fault in everything she did and everything she continues to do.

What wasn’t easy was coming to terms with one of my greatest spiritual lessons: Everything I despised about her, were actually elements of myself I had left unhealed and unattended. What a massive wake up call.

radical self love kelsey grant

My healing massively expanded when I started to use her reflection or more accurately my perception of her, for my own self discovery. Everything I couldn’t stand about her I took very close notice of- because it was actually mirroring what I couldn’t be with about myself.

I had to come to terms with the fact I had done the very same things I perceived she did- earlier in my life. I had repeated these disempowered behaviours multiple times during my life and I was still harbouring resentment and regret about it. I was withholding forgiveness towards myself.

Forgiving My Past

In my early 20’s I pursued men who were unavailable, men who were dating other people and I made it my game to manipulate them out of their relationships. In some shadowy twisted way when I “won” them away from their partners I made it mean I was enough, I was obviously a real catch and my bruised self worth was validated.

I would maintain friendships with men in relationships that were a little too close to respect the terms of their relationship agreements. I played the really good friend who was always there to listen to the relationship problems then eagerly offered my “advice”- advice to benefit me and my ego’s desires. I gave very little if any consideration to the woman in the relationship with the person I was scoping. She didn’t matter to me. I turned my back on my sisters.

I manipulated.
I meddled.
I flirted.
I seduced.
I made my ‘needs’ more important than the other hearts involved.
I broke trust.
I was dishonest.
My only intention was to get what I wanted at whatever cost.

Then I woke up.

Something in me shifted and I wanted more from myself and for my life. I wanted to learn what it meant to live in integrity. I wanted to learn what it meant to live on purpose. I knew enough back then that I would have to stop behaving this way to have the relationship and life I was deeply desiring. What I didn’t have access to was the essential healing ingredients- compassion and forgiveness.

Moving to Vancouver began a 5 year journey of understanding and developing my capacity for compassion and forgiveness. I practiced living on purpose and creating relationships in alignment and in integrity. When my partner and the other woman did what they did, it activated all of the unhealed wounds of my past. The shadow of my past behaviour was still unforgiven and reeking havoc on my present capacity for happiness. I was still living with the heavy heavy  impact of my past unconscious life.

Usher in the compassion

radical self love kelsey grantIt was through her, I was given an opportunity to identify all the suppressed junk I had been holding onto. The mirror of her behaviour also enabled me to wrap my past actions in compassion and love and set myself free- something I had not yet been capable of doing.

During this year long process of healing I’ve had to remind myself time and time again nothing I perceive about someone else is ever about them- it’s about me.


Through her, my awareness was directed to all the shadow wounds deeply buried within my unconscious mind. This situation happened at the exact point in time that I was capable of handling it. All of my “stuff” came up for review when it did was because I was in a place in my development and soul journey where I had the awareness and tools to move forward effectively.

This year I proved to myself how capable and willing I am at embracing my wounds, healing my perceptions and setting myself free.

We all fuck up. We all make mistakes. We all have done things we wish we could have done differently. If we hold onto them and make ourselves wrong until we leave this planet, we rob ourselves of the genuine happiness and possibility our lives hold.

When we learn from our behaviour and make conscious changes to become more respectful, more aware, more compassionate, more kind, more on purpose, more aligned with integrity and more loving- we have learned what that experience was meant to teach us. Then we can set it free. We keep the wisdom of the lesson and release the pain.

Making yourself wrong and others wrong until the end of time does no one any good. In fact it robs the world of your brilliance. This brilliance explodes into the world in the vehicle called your vibrance. Your vibrance is enhanced when you are happy, when you have released the weight of your “mistakes” and forgiven people who made their own mistakes. When you are living on purpose your brilliance inspires the world.

radical self love kelsey grantIt hasn’t been easy doing this work and forgiving all that has happened but it sure as heck has been worth it. Without her and all that happened I wouldn’t have developed Radical Self Love, I wouldn’t have this beautiful community to share with, I wouldn’t have uncovered and activated my purpose and potential. Without her I wouldn’t have done the inner work required to be in alignment with the relationship I desired so deeply and without her I wouldn’t have the relationship I do.

After I released myself from my past what I can see is I have a lot to thank her for. My life is beautiful, amazing, aligned and abundant because of her and all that happened. To be here in this head and heart space, a year later is a pretty incredible feat. It is through this experience I now have the honour to work with women in healing their blocks to love and finding their authentic relationship alignment and that my friends freaking lights me up!!!

You and only you have the capacity to set yourself free. You deserve happiness. You are worthy of success. You are so deserving of love, freedom and happiness. Be brave and do the most challenging and rewarding work of all: looking within.

Look, see, understand and love it all.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


If you are ready to learn to love you check out our RSL 30 Day Program to get started on building the best relationship of your life- the one with YOU!

The Coffee Shop Cry: Lessons In Personal Freedom – Day 339: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today I got triggered in a big time way.

As the magical universe would have it I was spiritually tested this afternoon to express and dig even deeper to expand my capacity for forgiveness.
radical self love kelsey grant

Inside of this triggering breakdown I had the chance to reach out and ask for support from my partner.

As soon as the trigger was activated, instead of letting it fester, I asked for support and if I could clear something with him that was activating an experience of upset and stress within me. Of course he said yes- he is incredible that way.

We dialogued for about 20 minutes while I cleared what I needed and gave him the stage to contribute his perspective and coaching my way. I let it in and found some peace around my challenge.

Then we headed out to adventure and find a new coffee shop to work in.

When we arrived at the coffee shop we continued our conversation and explored the deeper lessons and reasons why I was so triggered and upset. Inside of this very vulnerable exploration I was overwhelmed with emotion and I teared up.

I cried in the coffee shop

And it was incredibly freeing.

It was a testament to how far I’ve come along my journey. In a big time way I was able to be completely present to what was going on with me and not give a shit about where I was or the fact being gently emotional in public might make me “look bad” to anyone watching.

It didn’t matter because for one of the first times in my life, the exploration and expression of my wellbeing no longer dependant on the level of comfort people around me. My healing and gentle release was top priority. I allowed myself to completely be in my experience without stuffing it down or pretending I wasn’t hurting. I gave myself the freedom to just BE.

radical self love kelsey grant

Years ago I wouldn’t have been caught ever showing emotion in public never mind being vulnerable enough to allow someone into the most intimately sacred parts of myself and courageously outing my insecurities. I would have shut it down immediately and saved it for a more “acceptable” time and place- which in all honesty meant I just wouldn’t deal with it.

This RSL journey has supported me in accessing deep and profound levels of self acceptance through my ever growing understanding and application of self love. My free self expression allowed me to constructively clear what needed to be let go of and created the space for deeper intimacy and connection between my partner and I.

radical self love kelsey grant

I acknowledge my partner for the strength to hold space for me today and within that space anchor in more acceptance, compassion and connection.

I acknowledge myself for the courage it took to be boldly honest and deal with something immediately so that I could find a deeper sense of freedom, forgiveness and self expression.

Passing a spiritual test with grace and compassion = levelling up to the next stage of greatness

Crying and the most raw and authentic self expression in the moment = freedom. Beautiful, pure freedom.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


It’s Official- We’re Moving!! Day 325: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It was official yesterday afternoon.

We made the choice to move out and completely let go of the space I’ve been living in for the last 4.5 years. This signifies a pretty big change in my life as these past 4.5 years have completely shaped my life in a new direction and this apartment has been in incubator for my growth, development, healing and massive soul alignment.

It is with a slightly heavy heart I will say goodbye to this place but the beauty of a new chapter and new beginning is strong within too.

This is a wonderful new chapter for my partner and I. We’ve been living together for the past 10 months and this will mark a pretty significant change for the both of us. Our own place, just the two of us. Which is pretty pretty awesome! I’m pretty sure this means a kitten and a puppy are in our near future 😉

cute_kitten_with_bow_tieYAY for new beginnings and probably bringing this awesome new addition into our little family fully equipped with his own rainbow collection of bow ties ❤

Embracing change, letting go and levelling up!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Why We Should Be Hyper Selective In Who We Take Advice From- Day 302: 365 Radical Self Love

I’ve been having some really incredible conversations with clients over the past few days and there have been some incredibly synergy inside of all of our chats.

One thing that keeps coming up is “How do I know whose advice to listen to?”.

So I’m going to address it here on the blog as I imagine many more of you who are on the path of self development and self love are faced with a similar internal conversation.

Here is the think if you are just stepping into your awakening and your transformation people in your community most likely are not going to like it. They might have a lil shit fit, influence you to not go down the path of inner work or be full of reasons why personal development is a waste of time and a totally rip off and fill your head with less than empowering advice.

I have experienced all of this.

So why oh why do the people we think love us behave like this?

Because your transformation, evolution threatens the “safety” of their illusion. If you begin to look at yourself and make positive changes, it will mirror to them where they are NOT and thats not a fun thing to face. If you start creating results, transforming your body, mind and life it will completely debunk their internal ego story that nothing changes, people can’t change, victim,victim victim. To keep from having to deal with their own shit they will often try and deter you any way they can. ***Note this is often completely unconscious behaviour and they are not usually maliciously trying to keep you stuck***

See them through new eyes

When you elevate your perspective and awareness you can begin to see their behaviour as serving a deeper function. At the core they just want you to be happy and stepping into the unknown threatens the possibility of what they perceive happiness to be. So really when your friends try and keep you from going forward, in a strange sense it is their way of demonstrating to you that they care and just don’t want to see you get hurt by going into the unknown.

It is also a MEGA soul test for you- will you allow them to control your behaviour or will you assert yourself and stand in your truth?

radical self love kelsey grantWhen we are out of integrity and living out of alignment our egos will select company who will reinforce the stories we tell ourselves to keep justifying our behaviour. We attract people who will tell us what we want to hear not what we need to hear.

As we level up and awaken to our unlimited potential the people we attract into our lives will change. These new peeps will be straight talkers, they will call us out on our BS and they will not always tell us what we want to hear but what we need to hear for our highest good and the highest good of all involved.

Their advice will be firm but filled with love. They will see you as your greatness and relate to you as someone who is CAPABLE of making the much needed changes to fulfill your soul’s mission.

Anyone who relates to you as capable of being a greater version of yourself, calls you to heal yourself and encourages you to seek the answers within you are the people that will be the most beneficial to listen to. Ultimately these people act as mirrors- they mirror to you the wisdom of your spirit. They reflect to you the beautiful truth that resides deep within you.


As a teacher, facilitator and coach of all things self love and relationships I can simply say, I only ever reflect back to you that which is lying dormant within you and is ready to become activated and conscious in your awareness. I will never teach you something you don’t already know on a spiritual level. Both parties knowing this is a mega access point to long term sustainable progress and transformation.

In the coming weeks I will be releasing registration for 2 incredible mastermind communities:

1. The Radical Self Love Relationship Mastermind. B This is a free mastermind for all those peeps who are a part of our RSL community and are looking for a community of like minded and like hearted women to explore the depth of possibility all our romantic relationships hold for us. I have 24 spots available for this mastermind and will be interviewing each participant to ensure harmony and compatibility. If you are interested feel free to email me and we can get a head start on setting up that initial call.

2. My first ever group coaching class- From Breakup To Breakthrough. This is a program I will be doing likely once a year. It is a 12 week curriculum designed specifically for women who have experienced a breakup recently and are ready to do the heart work to heal and get into delicious alignment for the relationship they are worthy and deserving of. This classroom is limited to 10 women and will be a combination of live coaching calls, video tutorials, workbooks and real time actions. The specific details will be released soon (dates, cost and curriculum outline) if you want to be first on the list to receive the details and claim a spot email me with the subject line “I Love Myself And I’m Ready To Move Forward”.

It is absolutely possible to be a part of both communities if that is the calling of your heart 🙂

Ultimately the path of Radical Self Love will have us develop our ability to listen to our own higher guidance the majority of the time. But hey we are all human and we will need those amazing, positive and possibility minded peeps to reflect back to us our divine wisdom from time to time.

When you are receiving advice from anyone just remember you aren’t obligated to take anyones advice if it insults your soul in any capacity. Rule of spirituality and personal development 101: Take what works for you and leave all the rest. Weigh any advice you receive against the truth of your heart and you will end up in the most beautiful of places 😉

To your brilliance,

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Asking For What You Need IS Part Of The Path Of Love- Day 291: 365 Radical Self Love Project

The lessons just keep coming and it’s perfect.

As I shared a few days ago my partner and I celebrated a pretty fantastical milestone. If you missed it you can read about it HERE.

Over the past couple days I’ve been present to a few things. First being that it is so easy to get caught up in comparing our lives with what we think we know about someone else’s. When we slip into this ego trap we are comparing our lives, with all our beautiful and not so beautiful pieces, to an INTERPRETATION or PERCEPTION of what we THINK another persons life is- not the actual reality of it.

This is very true when it comes to looking at role models or leaders in our lives. The truth of the matter is EVERYONE has shit they gotta deal with and even the most distinguished and incredible leaders still have to deal with the lifeyness of life. No one has a picture perfect life- we all have challenges and we all have wins.

The second thing I’ve been present to is how much of the journey is really about claiming what we need moment to moment and conjuring up the courage to ask for what we need.


This showed up in my relationship BIG time these past few days.

Even though we achieved a significant and incredible milestone it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. We’ve had to work through some dark ass shit this week. Ultimately leading us to the place where I was able to really get clear on what I needed and ask for it.

At this stage of our relationship I’m really feeling the need for a little re-assurance and external validation from him. While I know he shows me love in many different ways there was still a major disconnect- I wasn’t pickin up what he was throwing down so to speak.

So we dove in.

We stood head on in the face of both our shadows and called for the greater parts of ourselves. The parts that were capable of understanding one another. The parts of us that are pure, divine and sacred.

This took some time but over the course of a few conversations we were finally really understanding each other. We came to the realization that right now the most effective means for him to communicate his love to me in a way that makes sense to me is through words of affirmation.

The outcome:

I awoke to one of the most beautiful written notes he has ever given me AND certainly the most love filled note I have ever received from a partner. The second I read it my entire body and being relaxed, I settled into the massive beam of love and affection he had just sent my way and I allowed myself not only to receive it fully but completely surrender into the bliss of the gift.

The lesson:

Not only is it completely OK to ask for what you need, it is a requirement for our path and our healing. It is also completely OK if from time to time you need outside reassurance and validation during this path. It can get intense and if we have the courage to ask for what we honestly need (while still doing the work to fill ourselves up in the self love department) we will always be blessed with the abundant gifts of the Universe and most likely we will start to see a side of the human condition that is soft, kind and downright incredible.

Give yourself permission to really OWN what you need right now, trusting that it may very well change in the future but for now it is what you need- and it’s all perfect.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



Causing Pain or Causing Happiness: Wisdom From My Yoga Mat- Day 284: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today at the yoga studio we are practicing the spiritual law of Karma, other wise known as cause and effect.

For every action there is an impact, a seed is planted with every thought, feeling and action we take. Those seeds will at some point be the cause of an effect. All situations in our lives can always be traced to the originating thought, feeling and action whether it be positive or negative.

radical self love kelsey grant

My dear friend and fabulous instructor said something at the end of class that really struck a chord with me. She heard this from one of her teachers growing up and I felt it had incredible significance for me right now. She said:

“We either make decisions that cause pain or decisions that cause happiness”.

I reflected on this in a few ways.

First I reflected being the cause of an effect in another person. Every interaction I have with someone holds the opportunity to either cause them pain or cause them happiness. Certainly in my past I’ve made crap loads of decisions that absolutely lead to the experience of pain in someone else. I’ve also made a tonne of choices that lead to the experience of happiness in someone else.

With this increased awareness I really have brought this question to the fore front of my mind when it comes to my interactions with another: “Is what I am about to do or say going to cause an experience of pain or happiness- either immediately or in the future?

This simple check in with myself allows me the conscious space to be acting from a place of integrity, honesty and respect.

The second way I reflected on it was more personal. I reflected that every thought, feeling or action I take has the potential to either cause me a future experience of pain or happiness. It has become very clear to me over these past few weeks of deep heart healing and soul work that I have been engaging in a major addiction to negative obsession (more on this in a future posty post). These obsessive thoughts I’ve been “indulging” in have lead to the effect of feeling shit, anxious and fearful- which is not good for anyone, especially me.

radical self love kelsey grant

Inside of this super clear ahhh haa! moment today I can see how my insecurities have been rooted in the choices of thoughts, feelings and actions I was taking. This ultimately is the cause of my pain (even though it was an unconscious behaviour, the choice still lead to the pain).

Now the unconscious has been made conscious and I’m already beginning to see a shift. I “outed” myself to a couple girlfriends today and I also told this truth to my partner. Doing so reduces my access to indulge in these patterns. When we share our awakenings and awarenesses of our patterns to our close peeps they generally don’t give us space to keep running them, because they see us as someone who is capable of overcoming this layer of growth.

So here I am tonight “outing” myself to all you beauties. My major shift will be happening inside- in the ways in which I think, feel and act towards myself and my relationship. The self awareness muscle I’ve built when it comes to others and understanding the future impact I am responsible for with them, will serve me greatly in taking on this new area of internal transformation. I will keep you all posted on this internal journey as I have a feeling this one hold a pretty massive treasure inside 🙂

Mega gratitude and love to my soul sisters who held space for me today, for my soul family who always has my back, to my incredible, patient and loving partner who always calls me to be greater and step into my brilliance, and for each and every one of you beautiful souls part of this self love movement- you all make this world such a brighter place through your awareness, willingness to step into love and your ability to move forward fearlessly.

You are all amazing in my eyes and I love you dearly!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Everything Is Not Perfect And That’s Ok-Day 278: 365 Radical Self Love Project

There has been a theme running through my community lately- the ego’s version of perfection.

Part of my Radical Self Love journey has required me to surrender my ego’s versions of pretty much everything and hop on the high vibe train of my higher self. Not always an easy task but always a really fulfilling one.

It has meant making peace with the fact that life isn’t always perfect in the sense that everything is always harmonious, positive, happy and love filled.

It has meant accepting that part of the journey is the shadow times when all my shit comes up and hits the fan in a big time way.

It has meant that my dream relationship from time to time will face the battlegrounds of an ego-ic blowout.

It has meant there are times when I struggle with insecurity in all areas of my life. I question what the heck I’m doing, doubt myself, diminish the accomplishments I’ve made, reject my body, and hide away from connection.

And it has meant in light of all of these shadow moments there is divine perfection.

radical self love kelsey grant

It is through these moments of non-perfection where I have the opportunity to see the divine perfection of the situation, moment or experience. It is in these moments of battle or challenge I get to come face to face with my ego, dance with it, get to know it, understand it better and from that place of greater awareness I can begin to transform those lower energies into something greater.

The Key to Moving On

radical self love kelsey grantTo move forward in any capacity, especially when it comes to painful points in our past we have to acknowledge what is true for us- even if it seems completely absurd and unproductive. The ego will always label it as unproductive so you don’t do the work and continue to stay stuck.

There have been so many times since re-uniting with my partner nearly a year ago where all of my vulnerabilities, fears have been triggered. For the longest time I didn’t want to admit that I was angry. I let myself feel upset and emotional but I shut down the entire part of me that was pissed. Angry at him for betraying my trust and the agreements of our relationship. Angry at her for pursuing my partner for months and ultimately creating enough chaos where shit went down and our relationship broke.

Until I was willing to get in the ring with my anger and get real about it, it unconsciously continued to control me. I would punish myself emotionally over and over by repeating the entire scenario in my head and experiencing it all over again. I had to get incredibly honest with myself and let myself admit that I was deeply hurt and underneath that incredibly angry.

The Sweet Beauty of Release

The process of letting go in matters of the heart is often a process. We do what we can with where we are at. As I got more truthful and honest about what was really there for me I began to dissolve the charge that was holding me captive. Every time I told the truth on myself sans drama and making wrong stories I would set myself free a little bit more.

As I set myself free- just by being honest that everything isn’t always perfect, there are parts of me that are still hurt and angry- my vibration began to increase. The weight of my suffering began to shed. A result of this shedding I was now more open and receptive to goodness flowing in.

radical self love kelsey grant

I began this layer of healing last month and this past month has been one of the most abundant and profitable months I’ve experienced since embarking on this journey full out last summer. As I got honest about what was real for me I dissolved my ego’s death grip and opened up to the incredible abundant flow of love.

So where ever you are right now is “perfect” however it is. Give yourself permission to be honest with yourself. Honour your feelings and what is true for you. When you are no longer in resistance to your reality  a sweet release begins to take place and inside of this release you reclaim your juicy freedom.

radical self love kelsey grant

To me now perfection is being at peace with reality and dancing in the glorious imperfections of my life. It is within these imperfect moments I am able to reclaim my power, my divinity, my abundance, my heart, my awareness, my happiness and my greatness- to me that is pure perfection in all it’s glory.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


What A Phone of Erased Text Messages Taught Me-Day 116: 365 Radical Self Love Project

A few days ago my phone erased all of my text messages.

radical self love kelsey grantYup you heard right, every single one of them- and it got me to thinking…WHY?!

To me it was a Universal nudge to take a look at my life and see where I am holding onto things, people or circumstances that are just taking up space and not contributing to my life in a positive way.

The clearing of my phone and all those messages was a symbol of letting go.

I like to hold onto things for sentimental reasons. I also know that more I hold on the less room I have for new loveliness to come into my life.

It also had me take a solid look at my relationship to attachment which goes hand in hand with wanting to hold onto things. The only reason I was upset about loosing my text messages is because I was attached to the meaning of them. Every message I had saved held a positive memory or a reminder. What there was to realize that even though the physical message was gone, the energetic memory will always remain. It also was a great bit of insight into how I have formed attachment to “things” and people in my life. These attachments are blocks to actual real time connection. They set me up for unfulfilled expectations and locking into a certain outcome which means I am never fully present because in every moment I can only be in tune with my expectations or in tune with the now, never both at the same time.

kelsey grant radical self love

How we do anything is how we do everything, meaning if I hold onto something as simple as a text message from last year chances are I will hold onto things in every area of my life. I hold onto memories good and bad. Most of the time the “bad” memories take precedence because they are the most emotionally charged and easiest ones to replay. The replay of the past is one of the ego’s tricky ways of strengthening itself as it removes me from the present moment and activates fear.

imagesGetting real with myself about this wasn’t easy but hey if I want to actually grow and expand I gotta be real about what is really going on in the corners of my mind. When I was able to see these deeper lessons within the experience I was able to let it go. There was nothing I could do to bring back the messages so I could simply dwell on that or move forward and build actual new memories of the positive variety in that moment. I chose door number two and I also chose to begin a process of clearing out.

Letting go of the physical “things” in my life that I no longer need or serve an actual present day purpose are being released from my home and my life. This process is one of spiritual, emotional and physical cleansing. It is also an invitation to the Universe to fill me up with more goodness here and now.

So at the end of the day loosing all my texts was one of the best things that could have happened 😉

My invitation to you is to consider and look at all areas of your life and see where you are holding onto “things” you no longer need. Then start the physical clear out. Making room for more love and awesomeness baby!!


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Signs from the Universe and Music: Day 26: 365 RSL Project

imgres-1I’m a big fan of listening to guidance from the universe. I often allow my days to be intuitively directed by omens and messages from my guides.

For the past three days I’ve woken up with one of my songs in my head. I’m taking this as a sign to play this song for the conference this weekend and also a sign to share it with you all! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

Big Love,



I miss your eyes, I miss your smile

If you’re here stay for a while

I’ve stayed awake I’ve stayed undone

Deep in the past where I’ve come from

What fills the space what fills the time

If you’ll be yours and I’ll be mine?

Or out beyond the scope of what we know

Play in the light and let love grow.


Emotions run deep and oceans will fall

If we try to run before we can crawl

Listen with the heart

Hear every truth

Then into me into me

Then into me into me

I see you

The masks we wear the things we’ve done

Build the path for what we’ll become

To see things clear see with new eye

Forgive ourselves drop the disguise

When darkness calls

Let your light shine through

© Kelsey Grant 2012