Self Love For Moms: 7 Days Until My Interview For “Bumps And The Boardroom”- Day 353: 365 Radical Self Love Project

In one weeks time (June 16th) at 7am PST/ 3pm GMT I’ll be hitting the LIVE airways for the 7 day global event Bumps And the Boardroom to chat “The Modern Mom’s Guide To Self Love”.

In this 45 minute interview I will cover the basics of Radical Self Love and the one fundamental piece new moms can put in place to honour what they need and fill up their self love tanks.

Why is self love so important for moms?

As women we are natural nurturers, the challenge is, most of us have been brought up in a culture that trains us to take care of everyone else before ourselves. When we do this we deplete our energy reserves and quickly become disconnected from our higher selves.

Moms have one of the most sacred callings in this human form- the responsibility of nurturing new life. When our needs as women are met, we feel full, as balanced as possible and taken care of a profound grounding radiates from our being. It is this gift of presence and deep inner calm which has the potential to be transferred into future generations through our own activation of it.

The impact of raising new generations with this new state of awareness is HUGE. We have the opportunity to anchor massive transformation into the history books when we begin to teach our future generations- through our example- that our happiness resides within and we must highly prioritize our own wellbeing- which is where Radical Self Love comes into the mix.

radical self love kelsey grant

Being a mom is a full time responsibility and in our 45 minute interview we will shed some light on how we can maintain our connections to ourselves, embrace the new role as mom and at the same time radiate love, nurturing and conscious awareness towards the little humans we have the honour of raising.

It’s going to be a fabulous event and the best part?! It’s FREE!

I am honoured to be speaking to all the mommas-to-be and the all the super hero moms out there who like the idea of self love and are looking for some tips on how to apply it in a practical and workable way.

If you are a mom, new mom or about to be a mom join us for this FREE Global event! 

Register HERE—->

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



RSL Feature Friday: Katie Phillips- Daring and Mighty Day 203: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s Radical Self Love Feature Friday time love faces!!!

radical self loveThis week I have the incredible pleasure of introducing you all to RSL Member Katie Phillips! Katie is the founder of Daring & Mighty a fellow self love company dedicated to supporting women in finding their flow, living a life they love all on the foundation self love.

Why we love Katie:

Katie is brilliant, kind and beautiful burst of positive, inspiring and heart opening energy. Her vibe is gentle, welcoming and encouraging. Her mission to help women develop a deep sense of self, self-worth and self-love – all fundamental to living a Daring & Mighty life, makes her a fabulous contribution to this community and to this world.

Why Katie is our choice for RSL’s Feature Friday:

radical self loveKatie, like us all has an incredibly powerful story about her path to self love. Like most of us we learn through the most challenging and painful times. If we use these experiences to their fullest capacity we can breakthrough the limitations we have created and set ourselves free. To do this brave work takes massive amounts of courage and self love. Katie’s story is one of those. Katie’s mother was one of her greatest teachers. When her mum took her own life after a long battle with depression, Katie had two choices, she could either self destruct and allow that experience to shut her down and close off OR she could see the divine calling her mother’s path was pulling her towards. This was the path of awakening, this was the path of forgiveness, this was the path of self love.

What I love and adore about Katie is her willingness to share her vulnerability and her story, knowing that there are so many others out there who are dealing with great sadness and her example gives them a source of positive inspiration that their lives can be different when they make the conscious choice to love themselves first.

radical self loveI also absolutely LOVE that Katie is a mum herself. As we go along the journey of life it is so encouraging, and inspiring to have women to lead the way. Katie is certainly well equipped to support all the mommas out there who are wanting to develop a self love practice and still maintain their divine calling as mommas. She completely knows what it takes to establish a self love foundation all the while caring and supporting her son.

I personally love this about her. I can only support those who are dealing with things I have personally experienced. I am not quite at the motherhood phase and I am so very grateful to have incredible women like Katie in my life who lead the way through their positive example. She speaks through her experience and to me that experience is so valuable and appreciated.

I honour her courage, her authenticity, her transparency and her desire to see a world filled up with love.

radical self love

Katie has a mission to remove the stigma that is often associated with “self love” and shine some light and truth into the perceptions of people around the world. To her self love is imperetive to creating a world of love and peace- I couldn’t agree more!!

radical self loveKatie’s life work is to support women in establishing their own “self love affair” as the foundational piece to living a life they love and are fulfilled and inspired by. As an additional means to support women in getting their self love on she is a creative artist and she has designed various affirmation art pieces. So RAD!

Katie’s energy just welcomes collaboration, positivity and harmony. We love that she leads by example and is a Rockstar leader in the self love movement! We honour her and the brilliant life work she contributes to this world.

Katie is about to kick off her 2014 Self Love Affair Mightymind a three month program for women who know in their heart they are here for a divine purpose and are looking for the access to getting there. This program is a mix of Skype calls and private FB coaching to help each woman on her journey of becoming Daring and Mighty. More details here:

We are so blessed to feature another fabulous woman rockin the self love work in the world. We honour her and encourage you to head on over and give her some love!!!

radical self love

More women like Katie in the world = a massive win for the betterment of this world 

Connect with Katie:
Twitter: @DareMightyThing

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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