What To Do When Tempted To Act Out Old Patterns- Day 336: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It is no secret that the path of Radical Self Love calls us to examine ourselves, our beliefs and our patterns.

radical self love kelsey grantFor the majority of us we have a collection of patterns and beliefs drummed up by our ego’s that have been repeated on automatic default settings in our brains for a large majority of our lives.

Often there is a defining moment in our lives when we are awoken from this unconsciousness and begin to question ourselves, our motivations, our patterns of behaviour and ultimately question who we are and why we are here.

As we begin to dive into the world of self reflection and discovery we begin to see how the functions of our ego have lead us into some less than desirable situations. The ego is rooted in fear and fear never leads us to the path of fulfillment and bliss.

If we truly desire to remember who we are and return to our natural state which is bliss we must consciously examine the behaviours and thoughts of an ego or fear based mind. Once examined we must begin to consciously question these behaviours and thoughts to honestly determine if they are truly serving our highest good. The final stage is choosing better high quality love based thoughts and establishing more empowering behaviours.

When tempted to act out old patterns of the ego here are three questions to bring yourself back to the vibe of possibility, potential and love:

1. What would love do right now?

2. Would love do what I’m about to do?

3. Would love say what I’m about to say?

Then the key is to LISTEN honestly to the answer your inner guidance will give you and act in accordance to this guidance.

Often old patterns are triggered anytime we feel vulnerable, open and our hearts are exposed. The work of RSL is designed to crack open the shells around your heart to open you up to the fullness of love and authentic connection. It is inevitable along this path that when we feel open and exposed the ego will do anything it can to shut down this opening and build the familiar fear walls right back up.

The only one who has the power to dissolve the walls around your heart is you. Dissolving these walls is essential to the manifestation of heart to heart connections with other human beings, to the manifestation of your dreams and potential and to the manifestation of your own self awareness which is the biggest gift of all.

The reason people avoid doing the work is because you can’t un-know something. When we learn these aspects about ourselves and our default ego settings, from that point forward each time the egoic patterns surface and we act on them it becomes a conscious choice. Most people don’t want to be honest and own that they are choosing to act out fears plan instead of their highest potential which is always rooted in love. The only way we can shift these patterns, thoughts and behaviours is through our conscious choice to change and choose love.

It is all up to you, are you open, willing and ready to choose love?

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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An Epicly Successful Workshop Complete! Day 320: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Tonight we seriously ROCKED out at our workshop on Divine Compensation and Abundance Consciousness!!

This particular workshop was rooted in the foundation of self love and from there designed to support actors, musicians and artists of all types in getting out of their own way and aligning with the Universal goodness within them.

Inside of this alignment they make themselves available to cultivate their ability to receive abundance of all kinds!

Being in the room, in a total state of flow I feel so blessed to have watched the AH-HA! moments clicking in everyone there. It was such an honour to hold space and facilitate for such an incredible room of game changers!

I’m deeply grateful for the generosity of Shoreline Actors Studio for brining us into their amazing community and allowing us the physical space to host such an incredible night!

I am so very deeply grateful for my co-pilot tonight the beautiful Brittney Grabill who kept the flow of the evening right on point and for holding such amazing space for my facilitation to flow through!

Tonight opened up a whole world of potential and I am so very excited to watch and see what the Universe has in store!!!

Feeling very blessed ❤

radical self love kelsey grant

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


How to Be Happy and Healthy- An Inspired Snapshot into the Future of Education Day 74: Radical Self Love Project

Living and learning by our own design

This morning I watched a really incredible video. For those who know me I love to immerse myself in any content which is inspirational, positive and love filled. When this content includes the awesomeness of little humans I’m even happier.

HappinessKids know where it’s at. They are in constant states of creation because they are present. Plain and simple. My life experience has taught me kids are pure innocence and are super duper aligned with the pure potentiality which resides in each and every one of us. The reason I can see they are more aligned with source, their truth, God- however it makes sense to you- is because they have not yet fully bought into the illusion of fear.

Fotolia-girl_smelling_sunflowerThey are in exploration and discovery mode. They adventure, even if they are scared they still try something they are curious about and in doing so learn such incredible life lessons. Adults are the ones who for the most part have lost sight of the awe, wonder of being alive and the magical universe we live in. Kids remind us of the truth.

As the collective consciousness shifts the systems we use must shift as well- Education is one of those systems.

Having gone through the standard school system I was left less than inspired by the structure and models used to teach kids and young adults. The whole thing just never made much sense to me- which I take to mean is an indication I will be part of the inspired movement to change it.

To me what makes sense is this:

  • Everyone is unique and views the world through their perception and life experiences. Meaning a one size fits all education model makes no sense. A system which understands and honours diverse learning styles and designs curriculum accordingly brings us all into greater vibrational alignment
  • Innovation and creativity are skills to nurture inside of an education platform
  • Teaching creativity means the education itself must be creative, flexible, and ever evolving
  • Instead of forced learning, adopting a flow of focusing on the strengths of the individual and enhancing what they are naturally good and and most interested in
  • Making content relevant and relatable
  • Teaching fundamental life skills, personal development, love consciousness, communication skills, environmental awareness, gardening/self sustaining community practices, how to really rock with money, life design and the ancient sacred wisdom of the Universe
  • Allowing kids to teach us what they know, value their input, allow their contribution- so we as a collective community can begin to remember who we actually are

It’s already happening.

hos_agaYup its true. Enough people have woken up and begun to question the systems we are a part of. When faulty or outdated systems exist instead of fighting and resisting them, a more effective and efficient strategy is available: build new and improved models. Green School is one of my all time favs. What is truly inspiring to me is witnessing similar education platforms begin to emerge. (A sweet TED TALK on Green School here)

Below is the video I watched which inspired todays share. This awesome kid illustrates in under 12 minutes the gloriousness of his education remix. A platform which he characterizes as a “mindset not a system” where creativity is the priority and flexibility is used to enhance the learning process. Pretty freaking rad! It’s examples like these that remind us change is possible, our dreams are achievable and the possibilities of happiness and health are available for anyone open to receiving this beauty of a gift.

Check out hackschooling by Logan LaPlante:

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!