The Top 5 Benefits of Being An Optimist Day 87: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Optimism = Power

Kelsey Grant Radical Self LovePower in the sense of having full and complete control over our perception of the events, circumstances and happenings of our life. The more optimistic we become the more likely we are to have a strong sense of self worth, self value and self love. This is simple. At this point we have identified and understand that we are  the only ones driving the experience of our lives. We’ve  learned to take 100% responsibility for themselves and their lives. When we are able to do this we access true power.

False Power vs True Power

False power is simply power driven by the ego. The intention of this kind of power is to control and manipulate others for the gain of a small few- sometimes even for just your own personal gain. This kind of power feels yucky in the body and even heavier in our hearts. Simply because it’s not on purpose.

True power is simply driven by our hearts. This is the soul path which wants what is best for all. Being in our true power means being vulnerable, admitting when we mess up and taking 100% responsibility for the life we live- knowing our external circumstances and conditions are only mirroring our internal state. True power feels good in the body it allows us to open up, connect and lead by example.

No one is “perfect”.

Occasionally I veer off the path, I am human after all. During these little detours I become even more present to the glory and power being an optimist holds since I feel and experience first hand how ‘off’ it feels dabbling in the negativity/victim pool. The unattainable expectations we create inside the illusion of “perfection” are all a function of the ego and the first indicator we have taken the exit to negativity town. When we begin to realize our “perfection” lies within our imperfections and the totality of the human experience, we get back on the road to optimism.

Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love

The Top 5 Benefits of Optimism

1. It feels better. Plain and simple. When you are optimistic there is a certain peace and gentleness that takes over the internal experience. Thus we are left having an experience of feeling better in our physical bodies, emotions and mentally.

2. It makes you more productive. People who don’t waste time being consumed by drama and negativity free up a lot of space to focus on other things. People who complain about not having enough time can easily create more time by ending the addiction to negative thinking. Constantly running negative thoughts, emotions and stories in the mind that take up a lot of mental energy and they also drain the emotional energies. To be productive we gotta have the mental energies and emotional energies full and in alignment with each other.

3. It’s a filtering device. Unhappy people will not enjoy spending time with people who are happy. When you are optimistic you can filter out the people who are bringing negative vibes into your experience in a really unobtrusive and kind manor. Those types of energies must be filtered out to live a life on purpose and one where we are feeling happy, fulfilled and powerful attractors.

4. Your life will get better. An optimist already sees their life as full, abundant and amazing. Guess how the law of attraction works? What you focus on expands and as you give focus to all that is going well you will get more things to praise and appreciate. The better it gets the better it gets.

5. You become a magnet for success, love and abundance. The universe we live in is a benevolent one and abundance, love and success are wanting to make their way into your experience. The key to allowing them in is aligning your vibration, thoughts and emotions to the energy of those outcomes. Meaning when you are feeling good aka rocking the optimism train you are in vibrational alignment to usher those experiences in. The more consistent you are in being positive and seeking the good, the more evidence you will collect that illustrates the very strong correlation between seeing the world through the lens of positivity, acting in alignment with that perspective of optimism and attracting everything you are looking to bring into your life.

Kelsey Grant Radical Self LoveBecoming a positive, optimistic person takes practice just like anything. Positivity is a muscle and you must build it every day if you want to see any tangible results. Take it one moment at a time, one day at a time. Make a conscious choice to see things through the lens of love and positivity. Over time positivity will become a natural extension of who you are and in the times when you veer off path, as you build this muscle, you will be able to get back on track and in vibrational harmony with the goodness of the Universe really quickly, which is pretty freaking incredible!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Have You Been Nice To You Today? An RSL Weekly Challenge- Day 72: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Be nice to yourself or no one else will.

imagesYes I know this is a very bold statement and in my experience it is also an incredibly accurate statement. How we treat ourselves, speak to ourselves and feel about ourselves sets the tone for how others interact with us. To truly shift the ways in which others relate to us we must set out on an inner quest to learn and practice being kind and loving to ourselves first and foremost.

The path of Radical Self Love is a roller coaster of emotions, lessons and experiences- and it is all worth it.

Understanding the power of our minds, thoughts and emotions is fundamental to making and maintaining any kind of long lasting shift. If the mind is left to its own devices we will often default to dwelling on all that is not working or that which we lack.

Three mega principals for rocking long lasting life shifts.

1. Think about what you actually want. The Law of Attraction responds to that which we give the most mental attention and emotional energy to. So while we may have moments of thinking positive thoughts if they are not the dominant mental pattern not much will change.

2. Pay attention to your emotions and make feeling good a priority. Our emotional energy is an even stronger magnetizing force than our thoughts. If we are thinking positive thoughts but emitting conflicting emotional energy (worry, negativity or anger) the Law responds to the dominant energy and brings you more of it, which is why it is seriously worth while to invest your energy into building up your positive emotions and feelings.

3. Congruent, consistent action makes all the difference. If our daily actions are completely outside of what is consistent with our desired outcome there is a major misalignment. For example- Your desired outcome: to be healthy and fit. Your daily actions: little to no exercise and a diet of junk food. See how the action might not line up with the desired outcome? 😉 Internally this misalignment is translated as a break in personal integrity. When we are out of alignment with ourselves we unconsciously impact our self esteem which is where our internal power is stored. It is only when we are rockin our authentic power are we able to truly sustain our desired outcome when it comes to fruition.

A simple access point to personal success.

images-1Gratitude and positive affirmations are our quickest access point to shifting our experience of empowered achievement and personal success. Combined they give us a pathway to rewire our mental and emotional patterns and over time experience a more congruent mental and emotional vibrational alignment.

be-gratefulGratitude puts us into immediate contact with feelings and emotions that allow us to feel positive. Affirmations begin to rewire the mental thought patterns which direct our behaviour. Combined these two create the transportation vessel for your transformation. Guess what gets that vessel to move along the path? Consistent action baby!!

Think of it like this: gratitude and affirmations are the vehicle you will use to travel to your destination (desired outcome), congruent action puts your hands on the wheel and turns the vehicle on and consistent action puts your foot on the accelerator moving you forward. We all know just sitting in a vehicle won’t get you to your destination, however sitting in the car, turning it on, holding onto the steering wheel and putting your foot down on the gas pedal will indeed set you right on course to reach your destination.

Interested in making a shift? Join us on this weeks Radical Self Love challenge.

small-love-photography-inspirations copy

Here are the 7 simple steps:

1. Get real with yourself about an area of life you would really like to shift.

2. Record a one page journal entry with the facts about the current situation and a one page entry on what your ultimate desired outcome is- be as authentic as you possibly can.

3. Make a list of actions you currently know to do which are congruent with your desired outcome.

4. Every day this week gratitude journal for minimum one page on what you are grateful for within the specific area of life you are wanting to shift (ie you want to be healthier and fitter- gratitude journal about all the things you currently love about your body).

5. Each day select or create an affirmation congruent with your desired outcome and repeat the affirmation minimum 7 times throughout the day. I find setting a reminder on my phone is the most helpful 😉

6. Each day take at least one consistent action toward the realization of your goal.

7. Share with someone what you are up to. It will hold you capable to actually completing it. (p.s. letting the RSL community know totally counts)

Looking forward to hearing your success stories this week lovers!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


p.s. Anyone who requires support in coming up with totally awesome affirmations hit me up on the FB page and I will happily post daily affirmations for your inspiration 🙂

What Hyper Criticalness Taught Me About Body Image And Radical Self Love Day 57: 365 RSL Project

So last night I had a full on meltdown.

Yup it happened. Within a couple hours of me posting the blog and admitting that when I am on the verge of something big my ego usually pulls out all the stops to keep me operating in the usual familiar ‘safe’ manor, I had an emotional breakdown.

Well it would appear I am on the verge of a breakthrough with my body image cause the ego has been rallying up quite a lil shit storm lately.

I_love_my_bodyAs I mentioned a few weeks ago my relationship to my body has always fluctuated. I have observed a new pattern inside of my body image relationship. I compare. I’ve caught my ego in a mess of comparison lately and behaving this way has completely distorted my perception of myself and my body.


The wonderful part of the Radical Self Love journey is that my awareness is attuned to observe these patterns of behaviour and bring them up for transformation.

I logically and rationally know that comparison is the thief of joy and I am pretty good a noting when I am comparing in almost all areas of my life. When I do notice it I generally catch it, reframe it and let it go. The one area that still trips me up, in all honesty, is body image.

Inside of my breakdown last night one thing became very clear. The physical actions I take (exercise and eating healthy) really make minimal difference if my internal dialogue is abrasive and down right mean. Meaning the physical state of my body is a manifestation of the internal state of my mind and thoughts about myself. Everything is a mirror.


One of my strong suits is my attention to detail and the value I place on high standards and high quality. While this serves me well in most areas there is a flip side to it. When I use attention to detail to place unreasonable expectations on myself and become incredible critical about my appearance.

When my partner and I dove into this conversation last night we were able to get to the root of my body image issue which is that I’m hyper critical of myself. I’m almost constantly comparing my body to my perception of other women and placing completely absurd expectations on how my body is supposed to look all the time. I am really hard on myself for the way I look compared to the way I think I should look and most importantly I do not speak in a kind and loving way towards myself when I get caught in the trap of the ego and comparison.

935850_600609979962295_1137674081_nThe reason I am sharing this with you all today is simple. When things are out in the open I can no longer ‘get away’ with running these patterns of behaviour and self sabotage. I love how my body feels when my thoughts and emotions are in harmony with feeling good, being appreciative and loving towards the way I look. Any time I am able to do that something shifts in the physiology of my body. My eyes are brighter, my skin glows, my body looks and feels more toned. There is an energy I emit when I am in alignment with my true essence and practicing a positive relationship with my body and the image I hold about myself.

Today I got to practice this moment to moment, one step at a time. I gave my word to myself this morning to see the beauty in my body and to do things that were aligned with maintaining the positive self perception. How did my day go? Pretty well.

First to shift my energy in a big time way I focused on something greater than myself, being of service. To do this I rocked a clearing meditation and then invested in a 3 hr Radical Self Love coaching session with a client. Our session took us into a full day adventure of eating clean, hot yoga, green smoothies, green juice and lots and lots of love. I ended the day with an amazing follow up conversation with my partner, who held the space of compassion, understanding and unconditional love.

It’s a start and tomorrow when I wake up I am going to choose to be loving towards my self and my body. I will continue to wake up day after day and make this conscious choice and commitment until the new perception totally sinks in. However long it takes, I’m willing to do it. After all, I am worth it 😉


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!


Why Being Emotional is a Really Great Thing Day 48: 365 RSL Project

I am emotional. It’s true, and I love this about myself. cancer_symbol

I didn’t always, in fact a large majority of my life I spent resisting my emotional and sensitive nature. In the past few years I’ve really started to embrace this energy about myself and allow it to contribute positively to my experience.

Today during my personal development time there were some pretty clear repetitive messages I was receiving.

  • Practice the law of non-resistance. When challenges arise, and they will, flow with them. Instead of reacting and flying off the handle, take some time and respond to the circumstance.
  • Be like water. Water flows, it’s gentle and it always gets to where it needs to go. Relax into the beauty of the present moment, trust my emotions will guide me to where I am meant to go and be gentle with myself and others in this process.
  • Practice the law of least effort, otherwise known as the path of least resistance. Life is not supposed to be hard. It is only hard when I resist my true nature (love) and get out of harmony with who I truly am. I am meant to be happy, joyous and truly enjoy the abundant blessings constantly being presented in the human experience.
  • Make being of service and a positive contribution the top priority. When I am focused on something bigger than myself (something like directly helping 500,000 people learn how to radically love themselves more) and being of service to a higher good, all worries cease, inspiration and creativity flow and massive doors open.

Waterfall-mountains-ImageToday was one of those days where I allowed these messages in and gave them the power to direct the flow of my day. Inside of this surrender to a higher purpose some truly magical doors opened that will allow me to truly achieve my intention of helping 500,000 people learn how to radically love themselves more. How freaking awesome is that?!!

The Universe really does have our back and the more I invite guidance in the more I am directed to opportunities for success, wellbeing and truly living on purpose!


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!