3 Day Juice Cleanse, 2 Songs and A Whole Lotta Love- Day 350: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today wraps up my time in Victoria.

The past three days have been jammed full of creative expression, full on creation, cleansing and so much love.

I chose to do a gentle juice cleanse while I was recording for a few reasons.

  1. When I’m juicing I feel so much lighter and brighter. This is optimal when going into a state of creation. To feel bright and clear makes the entire process that much more enjoyable.
  2. Additionally it fills me up with raw life force energy, which is the pure energy of love. When I’m juicing I find it quite easy to dip into deep states of meditation and I am much jollier. Gratitude radiates out of me and I go with the flow so much more.
  3. I also have a stable levels of energy which is really required when doing work of this nature because it is so energetically consuming.

radical self love kelsey grant

radical self love kelsey grant
radical self love kelsey grant

In this state of super high vibes I am in very clear alignment with my creativity. Which makes recording music a lot easier and enjoyable.

In all my years of writing and recording music this by far was the most incredible and enjoyable process. I just got to be in my flow and the results speak for themselves. Without the pressures of “perfection” I could relax, get into alignment and allow the musical magic to flow through.

I spent about 5 hours in total recording both songs. I recorded the guitar, main vocals and background vocals for both and to do so in such a short amount of time seriously impressed me. We spent today in post production land mixing and putting the finishing touches on both of the tunes- and I am so pumped with how they turned out.

I headed out to a meeting just as the songs were being finished and when I came back to listen to the final product I was blown away. So freaking pumped and honestly really proud of myself and the amazing job I did. Listening to the guitar I was really impressed with how good it sounds and gave myself some serious credit for how far I’ve come in my playing in the past 6 years.

All in all this trip was exactly what my soul needed. I cleansed out the body, opened up to massive amounts of creative energy and allowed love in in a major way. The time I was so blessed to spend with my family, warmed my heart and spiked my energy even higher.

As I return home today I am tired but feel so damn alive and in alignment. So very excited for the next chapter of this crazy awesome adventure called my life ūüėČ

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


A Weekend On A Magical Island-Day 329: 365 Radical Self Love Project

A weekend on our favourite island

This morning we left for a glorious long weekend adventure to our fav island- Salt Spring.

It is abundant with life, nature and so so so quiet. Living in the city where it can get pretty loud and chaotic it is so fabulous to have a get away spot so close to home.

For the next few days we‚Äôll be offline for the most part with a couple hop ons to share some of our magical adventures ūüôā

We arrived on Salty this afternoon and took our leisurely time heading to a cute coffee shop, getting lost in an amazing old book store for a while, picking up some groceries from my favourite health food market and now we have just made it to our amazingly cute cabin.

old-growth-forest-300x208We are right in the forest, birds are chirping, there is a beautiful garden off of our patio and we can see the water from our front porch. It’s quiet, the owners are so friendly, their dogs are affectionate and we are ready to decompress!

Let the reconnecting and frolicking in nature begin!!

Lots of love to you all for this May long weekend! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Top 7 Benefits of Giving Up Gossip and Hopping on the High Vibe Train-Day 328: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I love my girlfriends. I am seriously so blessed that I have the type of friends who I can have super engaging and meaningful conversations with and open to new realms of clarity, wisdom and potential inside our gab-fests. However my life wasn’t always this way. In high school and my early 20’s I was a gossip factory- hard to believe now- but thats the reality of of what my life used to look like.

I used to be a big time bitch. The bitchiest of the bitchy and the one you could always count on to have the lastest dirt on anyone and anything- AND I was miserable. My life lacked depth, connection and most of all love.
radical self love kelsey grant

In my early twenties after leaving a very toxic relationship I snapped back into reality. I looked at my life that was far from positive and inspiring and I knew I had to make a change. I had to be different if I wanted things to be different. And so my path of personal development and growth began. Dropping gossip was something that intuitively I just knew I had to do. I couldn’t keep talking crap and expecting to have positive relationships or experiences. So I began the process of healing my addiction to gossip.

I learned a long time ago that hopping off the gossip train was a foundational piece in my healing and in my experience of being happy. What I didn’t realize that was shifting this majorly toxic habit would have such incredible benefits on my life.

Top 7 Benefits of Giving Up Gossip and Hopping on the High Vibe Train

1. I feel better.

Not just a little better but A LOT better, about myself, about my body, about my relationships, about my career, about my LIFE. Cutting out the drama and the focusing on the positive aspects of people enabled me to begin to notice the more positive aspects about myself. When I could more easily focus on the positive aspects I was happy. As my happiness grew I found myself healthier, more connected to my passions, in really amazing relationships and living a life on purpose.

2. I stopped worrying everyone had ulterior motives.

My past inauthenticity and two-facedness cause a pretty significant imprint on my unconscious mind. Because I was talking smack about people behind their backs I immediately projected that everyone was doing the same to me. Living in this constant state of worry and anxiety was just plain shitty. When I cut the gossiping out of my life my faith and trust in others began to increase. Because I was being authentic, honest, real and kind I began to unconsciously build the belief that people are innately good, they can be trusted.

3. I learned the impact of being intentional.

Thinking before I said something. Becoming very tuned into my judgements of myself and others. Seeing the positive ripples that certain behaviours caused. All of these were results of becoming more intentional with what I was saying, how I was saying it, to whom I was saying it to. I began to understand that when I consciously chose to speak the best about people I would get more of what I praised. Likewise when I had an “issue” with someone going directly to the source always was the most effective way to resolve the misunderstanding or problem.

4. I realized the power of talking to people instead of about them.

We all have shit, we all know we have shit and the last thing we need to be doing in a world where there is already a tonne of crap flying is to add to it by talking about other people and not to them. When we talk about people we rip them off of the power to contribute their perspectives, reasons and intentions behind what they did/said. By behaving this way we strengthen the vibration of assumptions and begin to create an unreal and totally falsified version of what actually happened. By talking to people we give them the honor and respect to explain their behaviour and create the wonderful world of possibility and resolution. Inside of this course of action we activate the vibrations and consciousness of love.

5. I gained a profound sense of acceptance and love.

Underneath it all we all want to be loved and accepted. Gossiping is a dysfunctional means to having the need for connection fulfilled. It gives us a false sense of power, it provides the illusion of connection and rapport and it creates a massive divide between you and others but also between you and love. People who gossip are looking for the “buy in” of others to agree with them, take their side and in some twisted way create a sense of loyalty through fear. The ironic thing about gossip is it does the opposite. It creates separation and it removes us from authentic connection and the true experience of love. Hopping off the gossip train is the quickest way to actually create a life where you feel loved and accepted because you are being loving and accepting.

6. I remembered a deep and profound truth about humanity.

Only hurt people hurt people. People who gossip do so to cover up or divert attention from the pain they feel. When we are truly connected to love, loving ourselves and practicing kindness we actually can’t hurt other people- it’s energetically not possible. It is only when we are hurting can we hurt another. What we say about anyone else is a projection about something within ourselves that we can’t quite be with and what we give attention to grows. Meaning by pointing out the “flaws” in someone else we are strengthening the same issues inside of ourselves that we can’t be with. It’s the ultimate in deflection. Anytime we avoid looking at ourselves it is often because it is painful and there is some level of fear- which is always a call for more love. Gossip in a big way is a massive call for healing and compassion.

7. It freed up a lot of my energy for other more productive and creative pursuits.

Because gossip is such a low vibrational activity it sucks us dry of any inspiration to create. This has a massive impact if you want to actually make something of yourself in this world. Talking about everyone else’s business is a massive time waster and energy sucker. When you cut it out you have a tonne of free time and your energy is clearer and brighter- which is essential when creating anything. The time and energy that is freed up when dropping the gossip game leads you towards more authentic connections where you can begin to dive into the depth of who you truly are and have a loving and supportive community to nurture that growth.

radical self love kelsey grantIf we are truly committed to a life of greatness, love and ultimate potential we must release the things that hold us back and hold us down. Gossip is one of those epicly toxic and incredibly heavy weights that holds us back from our potential and holds us far away from love. A foundational key in the world of self love is to be loving towards yourself. When you are loving towards yourself you are just naturally kind and gentle towards the people in your life. A life off the gossip train is a life full of depth, connectivity, authenticity, happiness and most important a life filled with love.

Jump off the gossip train and step into the high vibes that make up an incredible life!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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RSL’s Feature Friday: Baljit Rayah from Lotus Destiny- Day 210: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Oh yeaaaa baby its Radical Self Love Feature Friday time!!!

Baljit+by+CBR+810-2684302897-OI am so incredible blissed out to share my fellow soul sistah, Goddess, lovey love face, and RSL member Baljit Rayat with you all today!!

You know those people you cross paths with and the second you do you just know you have spent many amazing lifetimes with?! Well Baljit is one of those women for me. From the moment I met her, her radiant beauty, compassionate heart, and love filled energy touched my heart and activated my soul. Her high vibin energy is a perfectly complimentary energy to mine and I feel so incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with her in this life time.

Why we love Baljit:

Her positive and love filled energy is contagious. She radiates unconditional love and is most certainly the closest to an Angel I have ever met in the Goddess form in my life so far. Her eyes penetrate deep inside to a place of true intimacy and spiritual activation. Her energy is so open, allowing and kind that people are immediately at ease in her presence. Wisdom flows through her in abundance and it is the juiciest most heart warming experience I have every had the honour of being with. This makes total sense considering she is a intuitive healer, Akashic Record Consultant and spiritual guide.


Why Baljit is our Feature Friday choice this week:

The work she does is rooted in love. Plain and simple. She is here to activate those who are ready to step into their truth, into their greatness and express their unique gifts and talents into the world in a big way. She works with artists, visionaries and philanthropic leaders to support them in expressing their gifts and living in alignment with their soul purpose. She is a love worker.

Baljit+by+CBR+1007-2684304968-OBaljit’s perspectives on self love have certainly been at the core of her journey and her expression of her talents and gifts. To her self love means embodiment of your soul’s truth. To come into alignment with your soul’s truth is to come into a deep and intimate understanding of your own being. It is in this deep understanding and alignment where we naturally are able to set healthy boundaries with others and drop the very human experience of seeking external approval.

To us at RSL this is so incredibly fundamental. When we love ourselves we most certainly are clear about what works for us and what doesn’t. When we have this clarity we are much more adept at establishing healthy boundaries with others. We love that this is the way in which Baljit lives her life.

Goddess2012She also understands the incredible power of intentions. Every day she sets forth her daily intention as a means to maintain the best possible levels of compassion, positivity and truth. Her intentions are how she maintains being in integrity with herself. These intentional allow her to be clear on her boundaries inwardly which is then reflected in her external experience. At RSL we too highly value the power of intention. It is our guide to flowing in the most on purpose, constructive and love filled manor.

We are so in love with her life mission which is to create heaven on earth through her Star Activations (her life work). It is through this work people gain access to their life work, mission and talents and learn how to bring these precious gifts into the minds and hearts of the world.

257177_227846263907987_5120072_oEach and every one of us has something of great value to contribute to the world. It is up to us to uncover this gift within and then find the avenues to express our truth lovingly into the world. Baljit is one of those Goddess leaders who is supporting this activation of love, purpose and truth on this planet. For this we are so grateful for her, for the work she does in the world and for the example she sets through her own life experience.

Her vulnerability, honesty and openness is truly a gift to everyone who has the pleasure and honour of meeting her. I am so blessed to have her in our RSL community and as a dear friend and sister.


Baljit’s¬†Lotus Destiny¬†Star Purpose Programs have been designed for any artist, visionary or philanthropic leader to truly access the power of their gifts and get those babies out into the world. We love the work she does and we are completely stoked and honoured to share all her goodness with you lovers today!

Goddess, healer and soul activator- Baljit is most certainly an embodiment of Radical Self Love.

Connect with Baljit:

0002_RK20130117_7927Website: www.lotusdestiny.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lotusdestiny
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BaljitRayat
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/lotusdestiny/

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

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RSL Feature Friday- Adventurous Andrea!!- Day 126: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s Feature Friday!!!

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantToday I have the honour and pleasure of introducing Radical Self Love member Andrea Nicholas otherwise known as Adventurous Andrea

Andrea is a true beam of beauty and angelic light in this world. Her spirit is so gentle, kind and positive it is such a blessing to have her vibes floating around. I remember my first introduction to Andrea was through a common friend who suggested we connect. So naturally I hopped on my computer and did the virtual scoping out. I watched one of her Youtube videos and I was hooked. She embodies such a gentle, pure feminine energy I was immediately drawn to her and grew ever more grateful of the light she shines into the world.  Here is the first video I ever saw of her:

Andrea lives what some may think as an unconventional lifestyle. She chose to listen to the call of her spirit and the calling of her heart to make a lifestyle out of travelling and adventuring the world.

radical self love kelsey grant

radical self love kelsey grantWhat we love most about Andrea is her courage. Her courage to do what not many people do and follow her heart to unknown corners of the earth and explore the abundant blessings which await. We love her genuine and kind energy, her willingness to openly share her experience and to bravely lead the way for others to follow their own truth.

radical self love kelsey grantHer adventures literally take her around the world and from what we can tell are completely guided by her intuition and sense of trust in the Universe. It takes a lot of faith to pick up from your life and take off into the unknown. This is what Andrea has done and because of it her life is incredibly beautiful and is now a major inspiration to people world wide.

We also commend her for the bravery it takes to travel solo. Travelling alone while incredibly freeing and exciting can be frightening for people. We love that she is breaking that idea and showcasing in real time how safe and taken care of she really is. To us this is an example of how we are truly taken care of by the Universe, how we are always safe and protected if we believe we are and when our intentions are fuelled from spirit all things are possible.

radical self love kelsey grant

We also love her because she is a big supporter of living on purpose and living in a healthy manor. As you can probably tell from her glowing skin, bright shiny eyes and the glass of juice she is holding in her hand she takes great care of herself inside and out.

radical self love kelsey grantThe Radical Self Love Journey is exactly this. Learning how to love ourselves, fuel our bodies with the highest vibing food, energy and thoughts. Take care of our bodies through exercise, meditation and connecting to nature. Connecting within by getting clear on who we are, what we are here to do then doing it. It is the process of awakening to our purpose and then having the courage to live it. Andrea to us embodies all of these things.

She is such a beautiful soul and we are honoured to feature her today and so grateful to have such an incredible role model and friend in our lives.

Adventurous Andrea radical self loveAndrea is currently adventuring in Switzerland and from the pictures and updates we get to see on the regular, her travels have been blessed with incredible people, connections, juicy life lessons and most importantly a strong connection to herself.

To follow her adventures connect with her here:








#radicalselflove #adventurousandrea

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

7 Steps For Getting in the “Creative” Zone- Day 113: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Yesterday my plan was to have a chill Saturday.

This morning I woke up and changed my mind.

radical self love kelsey grantGiven the loads of tasks to complete for RSL and my higher energy levels I opted for a high vibin creative work day.

To get into this creative zone today I rocked a few fundamental steps to optimize my energy and enter into a state of flow.

7 steps to activate creative zone flow

1. I hydrated. The first thing I did today was drink a litre of water to rehydrate my brain, wake me up and flush out any stagnant energies from my sleep.

radical self love kelsey grant2. I worked out. I rocked a solid cardio workout, completed my daily ab challenge requirements and made sure to work up a sweat.

3. I did an oracle card reading then set my daily intention.

4. I fueled up my body. Ate a delicious high protein breakfast and grabbed a coffee.

5. I made a list of to-do’s. Doing this organizes my daily tasks and makes things way more manageable and fun to achieve.

radical self love kelsey grant6. I laughed and chatted with my roomies and snuggled our visiting puppy. These things always raise my vibes and get me in the space for awesome intentional creation.

7. I found some solid chakra healing/sound healing videos on Youtube and I set them up as my work playlist for the day.

radical self love kelsey grantRocking these 7 simple actions ensured I was grounded, clear and ready to welcome in the creative flow. Doing so allowed me the mental and emotional space to complete 95% of the creative content for my new website and the physical energy to rock an entire day of creative work.

What are your steps for getting in the creative zone? Share with us in the comments below or on the FB page- we can learn so much from each other!! ūüôā

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!