Some Days You Just Gotta Have Ice Cream Before Dinner-Day 331: 365 Radical Self Love Project

We just arrived back home from our little mini vacation on the magical island of Salt Spring.

radical self love kelsey grantDue to some technical difficulties we weren’t able to rock our ice-cream intention while being away. So upon getting off the ferry when deciding upon dinner tonight, ice-cream was the obvious and most logical choice 😉

We decided to shake things up and get ice cream before dinner. And it was absolutely glorious!

It also lead me to ponder a few things:

1. How often do we just do things because we think we should? The majority of the time I go through my life eating sensibly and intentionally and most certainly fuel up my body with high vibing food first and if I still feel like the sweets or snacks then I will indulge after. But some days we gotta break our own rules a little- live spontaneously and just go for it.

2. To achieve harmony and balance it is important to indulge first from time to time. Building on reflection number one, if we are always adhering to our strict rules and regimens we loose touch with the dynamic and free flow of life. Likewise if we play too much on the free flow end we never really get anywhere since we are too busy flitting from one thing to the next. To ensure a healthy sense of balance between the two a shake up of our routines is required- whatever those “routines” might be.

Today’s insight, let loose, let go and have fun with life. Be playful and goofy. From time to time do something out of your ordinary and shake up your paradigm. Doing so will flood your experience with the warm, playful and inviting energy that causes us to be at ease with life, at ease with ourselves and at ease in the gloriousness of love.

And now…it’s time for dinner 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



Creating Space With A Lil Spring Cleaning- Day 294: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Given that tonight my man is home tonight I thought I would do a lil cleaning in our house today to make sure he has a nice clean space to come home to.

Anytime I go away I always love coming home to a super clean and organized space. It’s like starting fresh on a nice clean canvas.

As I was cleaning the apartment I thought I would take it a little further and actually do a clean out of my closet as well. Nothing says creating space like cleaning out the closet literally and figuratively.

radical self love kelsey grant

The entire time he’s been gone I’ve had the chance to go through my internal closet and clean shit out that really no longer serves any purpose being in my mind, my energy and my heart. Some outdated beliefs and patterns had to go and this time apart allowed me the space to purge them and clean out my mind, my energy and my heart.

With all the mind cleaning I chose to do some body cleaning too and made sure to juice every day and get back on the 5 days a week exercise train. Combining the practices of internal mind cleaning and internal organ cleaning was a really good move. My energy feels back to a really stable place, I’m happier lately, I’ve been waking up early in the morning without an alarm and I feel lighter- like a massive weight has been lifted off of my heart.

So with all this spiritual and body cleansing I wanted to really make some more space in our physical environment so today I cleaned out my closet. I let go of a bunch of clothes and felt really great about it knowing those clothes would now get to go to new homes to people who would really appreciate them. I did a silent blessing on each item I gave away and infused it with positive blessings and energy for it’s new owner.

Now with a clean home, a clean mind and a clean heart I welcome my babe back. I am so freaking excited to pick him up tonight and see his handsome face and reconnect with his incredible heart- and now our home has even more space. Space that we can fill with new positive intention and loads and heaps of love.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!