Celebrating B-School With Some Yummy Yin- Day 259: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Well lovers I made the leap.

I registered myself for this years round of Marie Forleo’s B-School!!! I am beyond pumped and I am so excited to be back in the classroom and learn.

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned throughout my life is the value of investing into myself and my future. The last time I made an investment of this magnitude (I registered for the Landmark Forum and went on to complete the entire curriculum for living) my life forever changed.

I repaired my relationship with my parents.
I got closure on a significant relationship I had just left.

I opened my heart to love.

I got mega clear on what I was looking for and felt inspired and powerful to take action.
I accessed the courage to ask for what I wanted in love.
I moved cities.
I created a soul tribe in my new city. These people are now my closest family mates, friends and business partners.
I started my own business and began living my soul purpose.
I was totally freed up to live my life, by my design.
I began attracting opportunities for growth and expansion and all the tools to get me to this point I’m at meow.

And now it is time to take the leap again, level up, invest into myself, my development and the expansion of this beautiful company and incredible community.

It’s been a pretty big step for me to take and I am certain this investment, this learning platform is the tool I am requiring to blast through to the next level of fabulousness, to be able to serve my purpose and serve this community to my greatest capacity. I am incredibly excited for what the future holds being a part of this incredible new community.

It has finally sunk in today that I am saying a big time YES to me, a big time YES to life and a BIG time YES to my soul purpose.

It is an honour to be here with you all and I am truly looking forward to being able to serve you lovers and support you all in going to your next level whatever that might be.

Our tribe here at RSL is so precious and I am delighted to watch it grow and to see you all THRIVE in your greatness.

To celebrate this massive win and HUGE new chapter I am taking myself to a hot yin class, to stretch out, relax and enjoy some sacred partner time with my man.

Feeling blessed, excited and ready to ROCK it!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

Healthy Body, Healthy Love: How Our Body Image Shapes Our Relationship Success- Day 245: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Well it’s monthly workshop share time!!

This month is a juicy one!

“Healthy Body, Healthy Love: How Our Body Image Shapes Our Relationship Success”

In this month’s Radical Self Love Workshop series we are diving into the world of body image, health and relationships.The image we hold of our bodies is directly correlated with the outcome and harmony of our intimate and romantic relationships. In this month’s workshop we are going to identify the connection between how we see ourselves and the ways in which we show up for love and relationships.

In this workshop you will learn:

* How our health/body image habits directly mirror our patterns and habits in relationships.

* Why we fall back into old habits and new effective tools to embrace this normal experience.

* How to cultivate the harmony of positive self image, body image and relationship image.

*The fundamental importance of learning to embrace our shadow side with the beautiful energy of light and love.

radical self love kelsey grantWomen and men alike all struggle to some degree with body image. Like wise we all struggle to a degree in our ability to connect and thrive in romantic partnerships. The cause of both breakdowns is a block in love.

In this workshop we will be sharing HOW to uncover the blocks to love we all have in body image and drawing the incredible correlation that our body image has on our success in romance.

Only once the darkness within has been identified can it be transformed into something beautiful, something new, something worthy of love’s name.

If you are vibin with us and are ready to come rock out another fabulous Thursday session we will be starting promptly at 7. Please arrive early doors will open at 6:30. We will be in the love flow until 9pm!

Tickets are $15 in advance or $20 at the door. Advance tickets are available in the link below or copy and paste this link into your browser (https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/healthy-body-healthy-love-how-our-body-image-shapes-relationship-success-tickets-10707846457)

***If you are not in the Vancouver area and would like to join us you may purchase the audio of the live workshop for $11. Email me directly at rsl@kelseygrant.com with the subject line “February Virtual Workshop Details” and I will set you up from there! ***

This workshop IS for you if:

  • You have struggled with maintaining a positive self image and body image and feel ready and willing to make a substantial shift in your life.
  • You are interested in tools to increase your positive body image.
  • You are compassionate, self forgiving and embrace your ever growing evolution and expansion.
  • You are open minded and have embraced some level of spiritual connectivity.
  • You are looking for ways to enhance your romantic relationship and become a better partner.
  • You are keen on being surrounded by like minded positive, expansive and love filled community.
  • You are on your own unique journey of self love, self compassion, self awareness- and jump at the opportunity to soak up any resources and information that can contribute to your healing and growth.
  • You understand the importance of contribution and relate to yourself as someone who has a worth while perspective and you honour the contribution you are to your community.
  • You are committed to your personal transformation.
  • You believe in the power of love.

This workshop is not for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix
  • You are looking for dieting tips
  • You are closed off and naturally distrusting of new information or “happy people”
  • You don’t see the value in being on time, paying for workshops or being part of a high vibing community.
  • You are all talk and no action in your life.
  • You are more interested in looking at other peoples flaws and shortcomings than investigating your internal terrain.
  • You don’t believe in the power of love.

As always, whether or not this workshop or community is a fit for you, we honour you for stopping by and beam to you infinite blessings for your journey!!!

You can scoop up your ticket and additional event info HERE


Only Love,

Kelsey and Kristin

The Day My Calling Called Loud and Clear- Day 241: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I’ve been reflecting a lot about my calling lately and I’ve come into a keen awareness of what it means for me.

My understanding is when something is your calling it is just a natural part of who you are- you can’t not do it, and when it comes down to it your calling has nothing to do with career compensation. It is bigger than that. It’s something you would do regardless of whether you got paid for it or not. It is your spiritual service.

That is a pretty magical thing.

This clarity was deeply present for me this morning. I began my day with a visit to one of my besties,sister, wifey, goddess soul sistas. Within moments of sitting down with each other the conversation took a very direct turn towards relationships.

My calling was calling.

I didn’t think about it, I just began sharing, loving and offering this bountiful wisdom that was pouring out of me. It felt off not to. So we went with it. The calling guided us into deep and beautiful places of the human psyche, the recesses of the heart and the spiritual infiniteness that abides within us all.

It was beautiful.
It was freeing.
It was my calling.

As I completed my time with her and was walking back home I really “got it”. Guiding people through and  to their most heart open relationships is my calling. We arrive at this kind of love through our self love, self exploration and commitment to greatness.

I would do this even if it wasn’t my profession. In fact, if I get radically honest, I have been doing this my entire life. I have literally been obsessed with relationships, I find them so fascinating and now looking back I see my deep passion for learning about relationships and understanding the human condition was my “prep” to step into my calling full tilt.

radical self love kelsey grant

I can’t not help people with their relationships. That is what people are drawn to me for. Any conversation I have always ends up heading in the direction of relationships. I help peeps see what they can’t see for themselves in that moment and lovingly guide them back to their own infinite power and brilliance.

The profoundness of this calling really hit home today and expanded my heart in ways I can’t even describe. I am deeply honoured and privileged to embrace this calling and do my part in creating a world where more people are living in their truth, living in love and loving full heartedly.

When we are in harmony with ourselves we are in harmony with others. Relationships mirror to us the places within that we are not in harmony with ourselves and provide the sacred opportunity to bring light, love and compassionate understanding to those areas. Through relationships of all kinds we get to know ourselves better. What a gift.

For when we know ourselves, we know our divinity and when we know our divinity all we can see is that divinity in all others. It is a movement of love consciousness. It is the healing of our collective hearts, it is a return to love.

radical self love kelsey grantI am so freaking stoked to begin our 9 week Radical Self Love Relationship Course!!!! Ahhhhh it is going to be so incredibly fabulous! I have 1 spot left so if you are ready to embrace your brilliance, power and bring more amazingness into your relationships send me an email at rsl@kelseygrant.com

The course is a virtual classroom, we begin Feb 19th (every wednesday for 9 weeks) meet from 7-9pm PST and the course is $333 for the entire 9 weeks! I would be honoured to guide you through this exploration and support this entire community in creating the love you are so deeply worthy of.

Lets dooooo this lovers! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


“It Is An Act Of LOVE For Me To Say No”- How To Powerfully and Respectfully Stand In Your Truth- Day 218: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It is an act of love for me to say no.

radical self loveThis is one of my all time favourite Radical Self Love mantras I have.

We have grown up in a culture which has conditioned us on many levels to fear saying and claiming what we want.

Part of being clear about what we want and desire also includes being clear what we don’t want. There comes a time in all of our lives when we are faced with saying no and staying true to ourselves.

How to deal with the guilt that comes up when we speak our truth.

Phase One

img-thingIf you are feeling like you have to explain why you are saying no, it is an indication that you have been saying no to yourself for a long time and saying yes to the world at the expense of your own true happiness. The impact of compromising in this way breaks our personal integrity. When we do things we don’t want to do we compromise our souls. We give up a piece of who we are. Doing this enough times leads to an experience of energetic fragmentation.

Energetic fragmentation is simply the scattering of our soul energy. When we give up ourselves for others energetically we give up a piece of who we are and unconsciously give the other person control over our soul energy.

Inevitably there comes a time when we become so sick of ourselves acting outside of our heart’s guidance that we WAKE UP. In this phase of awakening we become acutely aware of all the ways in which we have given ourselves up.

Phase Two

Once we are aware of the places in which we have given up ourselves we can begin the reclaiming process. We must command our spirit back. This means doing the exploration to identify the places, people and circumstances in which we have given away our power. Then we do a lil self lovin forgiveness work.

Self Loving Forgiveness

The commanding of our spirit back will require you to get radically real about where you gave yourself up and approach it from a space of empowerment. Meaning don’t fall into the ego’s trap of making yourself wrong for doing it. You did the best you could with the consciousness you had. When you know better you do better. Next one by one you are going to pull the circumstance, person or place in which we gave up our power and bless it with love.

” I am aware I unconsciously gave up my power to you. I forgive myself love myself. I forgive you and I love you. Thank you for teaching me this precious lesson. I now release you from playing this role for me and willingly command my spirit back.”

Your-past-mistakes-are-meant-to-guide-youOnce you repeat the forgiveness mantra sit in stillness. In this stillness you will begin to feel the experience of your soul piece returning. Some pieces come back quicker than others.

This is a fabulous practice to include into your daily RSL Routine.

We are all human and we all give up pieces of who we are along the way so we can learn to reclaim our power and become incredibly present to our divinity.

When we feel like we have to constantly justify ourselves what’s up with that?

It is a sign you have ignored your intuition for too long and your confidence has suffered a bit of a blow. Your perception of their lack of acceptance reflects your own inner insecurity with yourself and your choice. This is totally natural lovers especially for those of us, who for a very long time, didn’t speak up or share our truth.

You are building a new muscle and for the first little while you are going to feel uncomfortable. The length of time you feel uncomfortable is total under your control.


Minimizing the Discomfort

Every time you feel like you have to justify or explain your choices, remind yourself your need to speak your truth will not always include everyone’s acceptance of your truth. Some people just won’t get it. Especially if it means you are now standing up for yourself inside a relationship where you previously allowed yourself to be walked over.

Ego’s don’t like transformation and they certainly do not like self love actions.

1743729_10152232664608707_2009396956_nWhen you are feeling like you are being challenged by someone on your belief system, remind yourself that your discomfort is a function of your ego not wanting to let go of a past, disempowering way of being. Any time we go into defence mode or justification mode we have activated our own ego’s.

Not everyone is going to like what you have to say when you start speaking your truth and darlings that is totally ok. One of two magical things will happen the more consistent and confident you become at speaking your truth:

1. People will really not be ok with your new confident and self lovin ways and it will become incredibly obvious through they’re behaviour that they are no longer be in vibrational harmony with you. Meaning you will start to attract people who are more on your wavelength who understand and respect where you are coming from.


2. The more self assured you become the more your community will naturally acclimatize to your authenticity. They may need a little time to get used to it, but they will indeed get used to it and then come to know you as someone who now unapologetically speaks their truth – which is a pretty rad thing.

Basically the process of you sticking with it, even when it’s tough in the beginning, will reveal to you your honest and true friends, family and soul tribe.

How to increase the confidence when it comes to speaking your truth

Feeling confident about ourselves goes hand in hand with speaking our truth. So to enhance our success and our feeling of acceptance both internally and externally we must also develop our confidence and give ourselves mega acknowledgment.

The 30 Day Radical Self Love Program is designed for this exact transformation and inner development work. And if you haven’t scooped up your program yet try these on in the mean time:

1. Do more of what you are naturally good at.

When we put ourselves into situations where we will naturally shine our confidence gets a massive boosting. We all have a couple things we know we are just rockstars at, give yourself permission to do more of those things and make it a regular daily occurrence.

2. Walk through life with an engaged core.

Yup I’m talking about flexing those tummy muscles. When we activate our core we hold ourselves higher AND on an energetic level we activate our solar plexus which is our storage unit for confidence, self assuredness and self love. Practice tightening your core any time you are walking or sitting. If you really wanna take it up a couple notches add a plank exercise into your daily routine. Holding plank pose is a fabulous way to develop those muscles, activate the core, tone everything up and activate the yummy self confidence waiting to be set free in your solar plexus.


3. Give yourself some credit.

We are often so focused on where we are lacking that we deplete our self confidence and self love tank without even noticing what we are doing. Giving gratitude and acknowledgement to yourself for all the greatness you are up to helps strengthen our confidence in a massive way. When we are thriving in positivity land we can HEAR the voice of our intuition clearly. When we can hear our intuition it is much easier to act on it’s guidance. To act on the intuition’s guidance is to act in our own integrity.

4. Remember this is a process.

We can be so hard on ourselves when we don’t see immediate results when it comes to shifts in our personal development. Remember this is much like training at the gym. You won’t see results right away after a workout, but with consistency and repetition you will one day look in the mirror and be blown away with the epic results you have achieved. The same goes for our self love and inner journeys. It will take time. Be patient and loving and enjoy flowing with the journey of your own awakening.

The more you begin to get comfortable with saying no to things that are really a no and yes to things that are really a yes your quality of life quickly begins to skyrocket. You have every right to thrive, be happy and live a life that honours your internal knowing.

No two people will have the same life experience so it is up to you to claim what works for you and what doesn’t coming from a place of respect, kindness, love and peace.

People will do what they do and say what they say and in the end none of it has anything to do with you. 

Keep rockin your truth lovers! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


For all those ready to ROCK your 30 Day Radical Self Love Journey sign up here to get started: www.kelseygrant.com/30dayprogram

From Passion to Paycheck: Fundamental Lessons In Bringing Your Passion to the World- Day 204: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today was yet another productive and creative filled day. I shot the info video for our 30 Day Radical Self Love Program which launches on Monday!!!! One of the things I love most about making videos is the process. I … Continue reading

Invest In Yourself- How 1 Hour of Self Study Can Increase Your Happiness- Day 189: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Learning is very important to me.

tumblr_lybg6nhPx61qzmufro1_500I know it is one of the things which makes me an effective teacher, leader, friend and partner. Being open to learning and receptive to new information increases our vibrational alignment, increases our confidence and ushers in the opportunity to really claim our power and own our inner wisdom.

We are all teachers.

Perhaps not in the conventional sense of being infront of a body of students and lecturing, but in our own ways we are all teachers. We all have wisdom which comes through us and is accessed through our life experiences.

How to be an effective teacher.

First things first, an effective teacher is a top notch student. The best teachers I know are students of life. They are open, receptive and humble enough to know they don’t know everything and they all share a common desire- to be better humans, be more effective teachers and be powerful examples of love in the world. These types of teachers are always learning. They study their craft, they practice and they do the work they require of their students.


The second step to being an effective teacher is learning how to get out of your own way. This comes through self reflection, self learning and self love. The best teachers I know invest an abundant amount of time, energy and resources into self development aka learning to be the best version they can be. They learn how to overcome their challenges by bravely looking at and acknowledging where they require growth. They seek out information and teachers who can take them to the levels they want to get to and they are driven by the insight that when they are their best version they create the environment for their students to succeed in life as well.


My RSL Invitation to Increase Your Happiness

My invitation to you today is simple, invest 30 minutes each day in studying your passion and 30 minutes each day studying self growth or self development.

tumblr_mlamcxbWMo1qhziwoo1_500One hour is a great starting point to establish a positive and inspired habit around learning. So much of my life I felt like I had to learn about things I really didn’t care about or was passionate about. Now I realize I have 24 hours in the day just like everyone else and how I spend those hours is completely up to me. When I began this process of self study about 7 years ago I made a commitment to myself to “give up” an hour of TV in exchange for learning about my passion and practicing. Ultimately that one choice was one of the foundational factors leading me to the life I live now, in a city I love, with a partner I adore with all my heart, living a life I am truly uplifted and fulfilled by.

As we approach the new year it is a great time to reflect and really commit to you and your wellbeing. It is a time to step into creating a life you are worthy of and that lights you up. It is the time to start living on purpose, living your purpose.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Releasing Attachment and Embracing Acceptance: What One Hair Cut Taught Me- Day 173: 365 Radical Self Love Project

This past week has brought a new level of awareness and eventually self acceptance into my experience.

About a week ago I went to go get my hair cut. I’m very particular about my hair and lets just be honest, I’m totally attached to it. It took me five years to grow it out and I have always really loved long hair. So imagine my surprise when my long locks were lying on a pile on the floor below my chair. When something like this happens there really isn’t much to do except eventually get to a place of acceptance via shifting internal perceptions.

What this hair cut taught me:

1. Un-communicated expectations are at the root of many, and most upsets.

I had an expectation of how my hair was going to look, I showed a picture and it turned out very different. Had I communicated how important it was to me to keep the length of my hair, perhaps it would have gone differently, perhaps it wouldn’t. The point though is not my hair, but what my hair brings to my awareness. If I have uncommunicated expecations with a hair cut- I have them all over my life. It is now up to me to discover where these expecations exists and then *GASP* communicate them effectively.

2. Attachment to an outcome is painful.

I was really set on the way it was going to go and when it turned out differently I completely had a meltdown and continued to experience internal conflict-all because I had a very strong attachment to how it should go. Like anything in life what is meant to happen is what does. Everything happens for a reason and when we hold death grips on our expectations we rob ourselves from the opportunity to see what we are being called to learn. There is always a greater and higher reasoning to why things happen the way they do. I can see first hand why having these restrictive attachments is something my higher self was guiding me to release- the more I embrace going with the flow and being clear in my expectations, the more I can actually relax and trust that whatever happens is what is meant to happen for my highest good. This does wonders for the experience of inner peace, happiness, abundance and flow. For True.

3. I am my biggest critic.

This massive change brought up a whole lot of “stuff” about feeling pretty, attractive and sexy. This entire situation has brought to my attention how hard I can be on myself and my physical appearance. What this also really brought to my attention was the fact that until my internal state resonates with the positive feedback I was receiving from others, I will actually reject what is coming at me externally. Meaning every single person I have come into contact with since getting the hair cut has affirmed just how amazing it actually looks- I couldn’t accept their praise as the truth simply because that was not what I believed inside. It wasn’t until today when I fully embranced, accepted and could see the beauty of it that I could really take in the positive feedback externally as truth.

4. The things that trigger an upset are not actually what we are upset about.

WHHHAAAT??!!! Yup it’s true, while I’ve known this for quite some time this entire experience drove the lesson home even more. I was triggered into an upset by my hair cut. Deep down what I was actually upset with was much different. The hair cut was just the surface trigger point to lead me to a deeper understanding of myself and the profound richness of my being. It was really about: my levels of self acceptance, my communication skills and my self perceptions. I have learned through this experience to see myself as beautiful no matter what, to accept myself as a beautiful and attractive woman inside and out, to level up my communication, learn how to communicate my expectations clearly, and how to allow the positive feedback from the outside guide me towards developing a more positive and loving relationship with myself.

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant

So all things considered this was indeed one of the best hair cuts I have ever received, because it was so much more than a change in physical appearance. It inspired the transformation of my self acceptance, my body acceptance, my body love and ultimately my self love. This is a win, a really big one 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Happy Halloween- Day 132: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Happy Hallows Eve Lovers!!!!

imagesHalloween is my second favourite holiday/celebration time (Thanksgiving is my fav).

I’ve always been fascinated with magic and all things witchy, so naturally having a night to celebrate the mysteries and magic of the Universe is high on my LOVE list.

images-2Originally today we had planned to rock our monthly RSL workshop and in an unexpected turn of events we had to cancel the event as I threw out my back really intensely and can barely move. Inside of being a day dedicated to the magic and mysteries of life I dove into the mystery of why this happened on this day.

Being immobile is a very clear message to me that I need to slow down. Every move I’ve been able to make has happened very slowly and with major intention. I got me to pondering how much I just operate on auto-pilot and don’t give much thought or intention to the most amazing things like walking.

Buddha_Doodles_Supported_MollyHahnIt has also given me the opportunity to really receive. Receive help and nurturing from the people around me. I’m usually pretty self sufficient and I believe this is the Universe’s way of bringing my attention to a little imbalance. I love to give and part of being in harmony is to balance the giving with receiving. I am currently being blessed with the opportunity to fully receive.

To have such amazing people around me today who truly just want to help and be of service has opened my heart even more. Inside of this little speedbump I have truly experienced how much love I have in my life all the time and I am truly blessed to have such an incredible partner and friends.

Even though my body is in an experience of pain my heart is happy, I’m feeling the love and trust this is happening for my highest good. 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


How My Friends Helped Me Raise My Vibes Day 109: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantDown days seriously always have a beautiful silver lining

Today was one of those lower energy days, where I was feeling a bit down and through today I am even more present to the fact the Universe always has my back.

Knowing I was feeling a bit sad today I was responsible for my energy, kept to myself for most of my morning doing work that was more reflective in nature.

Then I went to the sauna for a nice long crystal meditation and to read some positive learning materials.

I also reached out to a couple friends for support. I had to find the courage within to tell them the truth and not answer the standard question “How are you?” with a cover up “Oh ya I’m good”. I just was honest. I mentioned I was feeling a bit down, shared the facts of what was going on and allowed their support in.

radical self love kelsey grantBecause of this I was blessed to have a afternoon real talk/pep talk with one of my friends who took time out from his work dinner to call and make sure I was ok. This particular friend is incredibly supportive and calls me out on my shit when I’m going into woe is me mode. He did this for me today and for it I was able to snap out of my funk and look at my challenge through a elevated vantage point.

kelsey grant radical self love



Following this conversation I experienced the hilariousness of my ever entertaining roommate who offered to illustrate his interpretative dance/ballet skills for my afternoon amusement. This lead to a hilarious ballet performance and sharing in a funny off the cuff convo where I learned new things about him. Learning something new about people I care about I always consider a most precious gift.

What I love most about my friends is they always tell me what I need to hear not what I necessarily want to hear. This to me is such a blessing and a gift. They won’t let me get away with playing small or when I straight out of line they call me on it AND they guide me to see the light and lesson inside of the areas where I experience challenge in my life.

Radical Self Love kelsey grant

I have my off days just like everyone else. Admitting that we are not always our best versions or in the highest of vibes is the access point for us to get back into the high vibin awesomeness of our being. When I am truthful about what I am experiencing, without the drama of my story about it, I witness the most beautiful of miracles: a flooding in of love, support, real talk and encouragement from my friends and family. For this and for them I am incredibly grateful ❤


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Keep Your Head Up- Keep Your Heart Strong Day 103: 365 Radical Self Love Project

We all have moments in life where we need a reminder to keep our heads up and our hearts open.

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant“Keep Your Head Up”- By Ben Howard is one of my all time favourite songs and something inside of me is urging me to share this amazing song and this incredible message with you lovers today. The reason I love this tune resides within the deeper message. Life can be shitty sometimes and we all go down these spirals of darkness at different points in our lives. While we are “away” “looking” for something we can’t seem to concretely identify, there comes a point when we realize all we ever have really been searching for is ourselves. In those moments of extreme clarity we come back up to the surface for air and are welcomed with open arms by the people who truly love us.

There seems to be an energy going around today where peeps are feeling a lil down. Remember even in the darkest of times we always have each other and all we need to do is let people know what’s up and that we need a little love and support.

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantLet this song support you today, let the community of Radical Self Lovers serve as a group of aligned and open hearted people who are always there to support you, and remember our ability to be vulnerable is our access point to experiencing the fulfillment and joy of this lifetime.

To be vulnerable allows our hearts to heal, to open and to love more.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!