The 1 Simple Step To Take You From Crappy to Happy In A Flash- Day 341: 365 Radical Self Love Project

We all feel crappy sometimes- it’s a normal aspect of the human experience.

Contrast helps us gain more and more clarity into what we truly want and can be consciously used to direct our lives in a more on purpose direction. If these downward spirals of the ego are left unattended for too long, we may find ourselves trapped in what seems like an unchangeable state of upset and despair.

In those times of feeling super low, choosing better thoughts or curbing the negative self talk is often quite challenging. So how can you move from one of these moments of energetic lowness to a higher vibrational state?

The 1 Simple Step To Take You From Crappy To Happy

Perform a random act of kindness for a stranger or someone with whom you do not expect anything from in return.

radical self love kelsey grant

When we act out a physical action of unconditional kindness towards another being it immediately reconnects us with our truth. It reminds us, ever so slightly of our interconnectedness with one another and our true nature which is love.

When we perform a selfless act of kindness towards someone else we take the focus off of ourselves. To step up the vibration scale this must happen. Staying trapped in the musings of the ego happens because the focus is all on you and the unfair or painful circumstance  you are experiencing. The ego loves this attention. It feeds off it. When we go into the space of being of service or a positive contribution to anyone other than ourselves we elevate our vibration, because to do so requires us to step out of the dramatic stories of the ego, expand our awareness to another persons needs and recalibrate with love.

To receive love we must first give it away freely.

A simple gesture of opening the door for someone, holding the elevator, smiling at a stranger, giving a nice compliment to someone who momentarily crossed your path- anything that takes the immediate focus off the ego drama and into making a strangers life a little better, will immediately send a surging of positive emotion through your body. When this happens our truth is triggered and we remember if for a second the essence of who we are- love.

The next time you are feeling crappy- embrace the world and do something kind for someone. The more consistent you are in your practice of random acts of kindness the more expansive your heart becomes. Inside this expansiveness we re-establish our connection to each other, to the world and most importantly to ourselves- our true selves that is 😉

Go be kind and watch with a keen eye to witness your circumstances improve.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



Beauty Is A State Of Mind: A Touching Reminder- Day 296: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Beauty is in the mind of the beholder.

This morning a wonderfully amazing RSL member shared this video with us. It is so chalked full of Radical Self Lovin goodness that I just had to share with you all tonight.

Below is a video documenting a very powerful experiment in beauty.

Watch, reflect and be inspired!

It is what we think about who we are that matters the most. There is never a quick fix that will make us more beautiful than we have declared in our minds that we are. To be beautiful we must begin with thinking beautiful thoughts about ourselves- and then the transformation begins.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


RSL Feature Friday- Jump For Joy! Photo Project- Day 280: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Oooooh It’s Radical Self LoveFeature Friday time loves!

radical self love kelsey grantToday I have the honour and pleasure of introducing you all to the amazing and so beautiful (inside and out) Eyoälha Baker the founding Goddess of the Jump for Joy! Photo Project

I was blessed to be featured in her amazing project a little bit ago. My experience shooting my feature was so amazing. It was the first time the two of us had met in person and right from the second we met up we were on a hilarious adventure. It was like meeting up with a soul sista, so natural, hilarious and playful.


I absolutely adore her and I am so excited to share her and her radiance with you all today. Eyoälha is one of those people who just radiates happiness, creativity and youthful energy. Her playful approach to our shoot made it so easy to relax and rock out in the creative flow which I completely appreciate and love about her.

radical self love kelsey grant

Why we love Eyoälha:

She is a burst of positivity, joy and truly embodies the spirit of her project: Jump for Joy. She is travelling around the globe capturing the joy of the human spirit while in mid air jumps. It’s pretty incredible first off that she is doing this project. Her desire to capture joy in the human spirit, calls joy forth in people. We love that she is the clearing for this type of positive joyful self expression and this is why we have chosen her today.

Eyoälha is our featured RSL member today because she knows first hand that if she wants to see joy in others she must first embody it.

Her natural jovial state is intoxicating in the best possible way. She is so captivating in her natural beauty that people can’t help but smile and enjoy themselves when they are around her.

radical self love kelsey grant

The world can always use more happiness and joy and she is a beautiful messenger and lightworker who call this beauty and joy forth in people. Eyoälha’s commitment to live a positive life is incredibly inspiring and I am blessed to call her my friend. She is like the big sister I never had- soft, understanding, compassionate, silly, playful and so clear on who she is and the direction of her life.

radical self love kelsey grantEyoälha understands that self love to her is all about connecting inward and honouring her intuition. As a hyper creative individual she really gets the importance of staying true to herself and to put as much love and care into herself as she does into others. This is why she is so fabulous at creating the expression of joy within her work and photography.

Eyoälha wishes to leave a legacy of inspiration and encouragement for people to truly jump in and follow their truth and their dreams. By constantly facing her own fears and living her dreams she gives others the permission to do the same. She is here to help us all remember what it means and feels like to be alive, awake and have incredible amounts of fun in the process of creating our dreams into reality. This dear friends is a beautiful legacy to leave and I can tell you all with full certainty that this woman is living her legacy full out and that makes my heart happy and makes her a most wonderful example of greatness to us all.

She reminds me of the value of exploration, travel and having loads and heaps of fun along the way which is always a fabulous reminder when life can get a little serious or heavy. Her brilliant bright light is a gift to us all and I am so honoured to spotlight her amazingness today!

radical self love kelsey grant

Her mission to travel the world taking fun photos of creative, passionate people jumping for joy and create a book with 1000 photos of joyful jumpers is pretty epic! She truly wishes to showcase the importance and influence of joy and positive perspective in our lives. She feels the more people nourish joy and make it a priority in their own lives, the more it will inadvertently have an effect on others as well. By making the conscious choice to focus on viewing life in a positive uplifting way the more our lives as whole will be uplifted- we couldn’t agree more 

If you want to find out more about her Jump For Joy Project you can do so here: 

To connect with Eyoälha:

Twitter: @jumpforjoyphoto
Instagram: @eyoalha

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!
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Because Who Is Perfect?- A Heartwarming Illustration of Self Love and Acceptance- Day 273: 365 Radical Self Love Project

A fellow RSL member shared this video with me this week and I absolutely adored it.

All of us are perfect in our imperfections and the more we remember this on a daily basis the more loving and peaceful we become. To see yourself in another is to see love.

No two bodies are ever the same and while certain industries would like to sell you big time on their ideal of perfection it isn’t exactly attainable. As far as I can see and the truth in my heart leads me to know this is all set up in a very intentional way. If people keep thinking they are not enough, if they keep striving for this so called perfection, their vibes will stay at a level that is bound by fear.

People who are fearful make wonderful consumers. When we feel like there is something missing or wrong with us we often head out on the path of consuming in attempt to fill the void. What there is to get is there is no magic pill or “thing” we can buy that will change whats really going on inside. Buying things is a temporary fix. It gives us an initial rush of feel good hormones and then like a sugar high the energy crashes again- and the cycle continues.

I’m not saying that I’m anti-consumerism or anything like that- I love a great new pair of shoes or an outfit that seems like it was made for me. What I’m saying is we must as a collective attune ourselves to the motives and intentions behind why we buy and what we are investing our money and energy into. Bring a little more consciousness to our commerce.

When we bring more consciousness to the land of consuming and commerce the veil of fears illusion begins to part and we really start to see that we are all imperfect beings, we all have “flaws”, we’ve all made mistakes, we all have something we just don’t dig about ourselves- and inside of all of that we are so divinely perfect.

To see this we must begin to change and the change has to come from within. We must embark on our own spiritual journey to uncover our brilliance, our truth and ultimately our unity.

This video is a beautiful illustration of the diversity among us, the illusion of perfection and some seriously yummy self love and acceptance. The more we see ourselves and each other as perfectly imperfect and the more we being to accept and embrace this eclectic diversity among us the more we open to massive love flow.

Awareness, acceptance and compassion all activate the flooding of love- in ourselves and ultimately in the world.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


A Week Of Love: Day 1 Anonymous Love Letters – Day 234: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Radical Self LoveWell lovers since Feb is the month of LOVEEEEEE and with Valentines Day a few days away and our Radical Self Love Relationship Course just over one week away I’m going to bring out a week of love and relationship posts for ya’ll!

I have found that one of my passions and areas of natural talent reside in the land of relationships. I have been gifted this beautiful ability to guide people through their relationship challenges with ease and grace and full on enjoyment. I get so incredibly jazzed about talking about relationships, coaching about relationships and rocking the high vibin train in relationships of all kinds.

So I’m going to share the love with you all!

For the next 7 days I’ll be posting a relationship related blog for you all to enjoy. Some days it may be an exercise to increase the love vibes, other days it may be practical advice on rocking your relationships even more. I’m not entirely sure how each day will look but I do know it will be amazing.

I am going to kick this week off with an invitation.

Radical Self Love Letters

IMG_0783A few years ago I had a weekly ritual of gathering the family and writing anonymous love letters and then giving them away to strangers in the time between our family gatherings. My invitation to you is simple:

Starting tomorrow, join me in writing one anonymous love letter to a stranger each day for 7 days. It doesn’t have to be long, just a kind note that you can give to a stranger to brighten their day. The context I always use is this:

I write the exact letter I would want to receive. Plain and simple. Some letters are longer, some are shorter but they are always filled with love.

Then once the letter is written I give it away to a stranger. Perhaps a clerk at the grocery store, a person standing next to me on the street, a person having a solo meal. I let my heart guide me to the person who my higher self declared would benefit the most from receiving the positive love boost.

Radical Self Love

For the next week I will be taking a picture of each love letter and posting it to our Facebook Page. Anyone who wants to hop on this love parade is welcome to do so. I invite you to share a picture of the love letter on our Facebook page, Tweet it to us or tag us on Instagram.

Hashtag all pictures with #RSLletters and lets get the love flowin baby!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Being Nice to Yourself- Day 223: 365 Radical Self Love Project

One of my friends passed this incredible presentation to me today.

Self compassion and self love to the max! LOVE this talk!!!

Hope you all enjoy this beautifulness 🙂

P.s. If you missed my radio interview this morning you can catch the recording of it HERE

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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Unconditional Giving = Rippling Out the LOVE- Day 197: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today in my meditation I received a very interesting mission from my higher self.

Every day in my meditation I request guidance from my higher self on how to be loving and fulfill on my earthly mission. Today I received a very different mission from the norm. Today my higher self requested I tithe, and do so in a slightly unconventional way.

I was instructed to take $20 out of my wallet and go to the local coffee shop. I was to purchase my coffee and request the $20 be broken into four fives. From there I was to tip one of those fives to the coffee shop and then give the person working the till the remaining $15 with this request:

“My request is that you use this remaining $15 to purchase the coffee of anyone who walks into this coffee shop today who is grumpy, agitated, challenging to deal with or looking like they are having a down day. The customers you select are of your own choosing. Thank you”.

So this is exactly what I did. What happened next was amazing.

Heart shaped splash

The girl working the till lit right up. Her eyes glimmered, her whole energy shifted, she opened up and became way more expressive. She asked a simple question “So this is like a pay it forward kind of thing?” My response “Yes, exactly.”

I stayed in the coffee shop to do some final writing for the 30 Day Radical Self Love Program which we are officially launching on January 13th, so I grabbed a seat and got to work.

From where I was sitting I could clearly hear the conversations behind the coffee bar. When the girl who had received the money shared the entire team got excited, they were super stoked to participate and the entire energy of the staff levelled up.

When we give, unconditionally we open the space for peoples expansion. We become the cause of a ripple of love.

The energy of unconditional giving filtered into each of the staff members working, everyone who overheard the original conversation between me and her, anyone who witnesses the act of contribution and of course those who are the direct recipients of the act of kindness.

imageshardest-to-love_originalYou may be curious why I was instructed to gift the act of kindness to the difficult customers. If you are the answer is simple. The people who are the most challenging to love need it the most. People who are surrounded by abundant levels of love are kind, they are happy and they ripple positivity. Those who are grumpy, mean or aggressive are that way because they are lacking that nourishing and life giving energy of love in their lives or perhaps just in their moment. Either way the people who are hardest to love need it the most.

inspirational-giving-quotes-12When we actively participate in the unconditional giving of our time, or our energy or of our money, so many people benefit. What I remembered today by witnessing it all was that at our core we all want to be good, we all want to help and we all want to give. Some people may not have the capability in the moment to give of their money, so for those of us who can we can give them the gift of being able to give by doing something like this.


If we all do what we can to be the cause of love ripples, this world will transform into a friendly, peaceful and loving place to be quicker than we may think. Let today’s example inspire you to give what you can. Even if it is a couple dollars. It makes a difference, it will make someones day and who knows you might even save a life.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Looking for Love? How Keeping the Peace and Being an Example of Love Brings Love Forth- Day 99: 365 Radical Self Love Project

How others treat you is their karma- how you react is yours.

kelsey grant radical self loveIn life we are constantly being tested. Moment to moment we a presented with situations, people and circumstances which will either trigger us into familiar destructive ways of being or call us to be greater versions of who we know ourselves to be.

Even though this may be hard for our ego’s to understand, we actually have ZERO control over anyone else. Each human being is the master of their own domain. The quest of human interaction is to learn how to harmoniously interact and accept each persons individual paradigm of the world while maintaining your personal boundaries and self respect. This is the dance of human interaction. We can always find ways in which to respect others and respect ourselves at the same time.

Kelsey grant radical self loveThe times of heated emotion are our opportunities to do something different and pass the test from the universe. For example, lets say you are wanting to attract an incredible loving partner. Once the declaration of intent is set the Universe conspires with you to bring it forth. To prepare for such a intensely transparent and intimate connection, our ways of being have to be spiffed up (If there was no fine tuning to be had within you your intention would already be manifest since you would be in vibrational alignment with it). The simple fact of not having that which you seek simply says there is some inner work to be done to get into alignment. Part of this inner work is passing multiple seemingly unrelated “tests” from the Universe. These tests fine tune our character, raise our awareness, strengthen our areas of growth and call us to learn how to be better in every way, shape and form. So if we say we want love and amazing relationships but then loose our shit on a total stranger we miss the opportunity to demonstrate we are in alignment with that which we seek. What if I told you the interaction with the stranger has everything to do with attracting the love you want? Consider this quote: “by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future”. Everything is interconnected.

Keep the peace, stay grounded in love and love will come to you

Every time we are reactive, retaliate, seek revenge and are abrasive towards others, it doesn’t matter who these people are, we cast ripples out into the universe and place our order for more experiences of that nature. When we are kind and loving to others we cast ripples for more of those experiences in our future. If we truly want the dreams, love and relationships we desire we have to learn to be love even in the face of no agreement- meaning when people are being jerks you are able to put your ego aside and respond from a place of calmness and love.

Dear drama i'm breaking up with youRemember how people treat you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with how they really feel about themselves, so don’t take their drama personally. Give them the gift and comfort of a loving and kind response. If they choose to shift awesome, if they don’t you have at least put forward the energy of positivity and love which is of great service to our human family. These seemingly small gestures of love, peace and kindness are your key to attracting the love and relationships you want, so the next time you are tempted to react in the same familiar fashion take a step back, take a deep breath and ask yourself: “What would love do”. Then simply act on the guidance you receive.


Your ego is not going to like this one bit. It will want to scream, fight, be right, make others wrong, justify, manipulate and judge judge, judge. Be aware it will attempt to sideswipe your progress with it’s trickery. As the saying goes- knowledge is power- now that you know and your awareness has been heightened to the ego’s ways you can consciously choose to behave and respond differently.

Remember to react is to allow the ego to run the show and to respond is activating the heart and letting love lead. Which are you going to choose?

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


What Hiking a Mountain Taught Me About Self Love Day 46: 365 RSL Project

Today I did something for the first time. I climbed the Grouse Grind. photo 1

This hiking trail is a famous trail and must see for most people visiting the beautiful city of Vancouver.  In the 4.5 years I have lived in this beauty of a city I had yet to make the trek up the mountain.

Today with my man and my mom we adventured up the 2.9km (1.8mile) mountain and in doing so I was present to some fabulous life lessons.

The 5 life lessons rocking the grind taught me today:

1. Life is not a race.

We will all get to where we are meant to go, in the perfect time. We are each dealing with different bodies, experiences and desired outcomes in life. To compare my experience to another person is just plain silly. I have no idea what is going on for someone else and to invest my time and energy into comparing where I am at in relation to where they are at is a waste of time. Today I honoured my body. I do know myself very well and only I knew what pace was going to be optimal for the epic up mountain journey. I went slow when I needed to, I rested when my body was tired, I drank water when I was thirsty and I went faster when I felt energized. I walked at a pace where I could maintain a positive internal dialogue AND deep, slow intentional breathing.

2. When I focus on the positive even the toughest summits are easily accomplished.

I knew enough today to use the power of positive framing to complete the trek from a space of accomplishment and empowerment. With each stair I climbed (2830 in total), all I repeated was the word YES. Each time I did this I was able to climb for longer with a greater sense of ease. The more positively I spoke to my body and was truly grateful for my bodies ability to rock this climb the better my body responded.

3. A high vibrational environment makes a really big positive difference.

I mean this in two ways. The external environment and the internal environment. Externally being in a beautiful old growth forest surrounded by moss, trees, plants, clean air and life energy at it’s highest began to increase my vibrational energy just by being in that environment. Internally my state was impacted by listening to a high vibin audio book called Working With the Law by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey. Hearing the positive messages within this audio book harmonized my internal state to be in greater alignment with Universal Law. This is always a good thing 😉

4. There is beauty everywhere.

This one is simple. Nature is stunning and life is just as stunning. Every single bit of it. If I simply open my eyes there is beauty everywhere I look. It all depends on the lens I am choosing to look at the world through. Seeing the world this way mirrors that on a deeper level I also see myself this way. I can only see something outside of myself which also exists within. Pure and simple.

5. People are  good and given the chance they will positively surprise you.

During this quest I observed many people stopping and offering help and support to others who were experiencing challenge. These glorious acts of kindness reminded me how amazing people actually are especially when they are given the space to show up that way.

photo 2

photo 4

photo 3All in all today was a beautiful adventure filled with juicy and incredible lessons. I am so grateful to be alive and to experience the awe and wonder this world has to offer.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!