Our New Home Is All Official!!! Day 343: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today we signed all the papers for our new home and we are freaking STOKED!!!!

There are some pretty magical manifestation vibes which have embodied this entire experience. I knew based on my past 5 years of playing with manifestation and the law of attraction consciously, that this experience would be as easy or as challenging as I decided it would be.

This move is a really big deal for me as it means leaving the home where I have established my new direction as an entreprenur, coach and business owner. I have learned so many challenging and uplifting lessons in this space and saying goodbye is pretty significant. This move to me symbolizes leaving the cucoon and fully flying into the world.

It is no coincidence that upon the completion of this year long blogging project we will be moving and shortly after moving homes we launch our very first RSL ebook which is a game changer. We are levelling up and shits getting really radically real in the best possible way!!

So with all that emotional and energetic stuff going on I wanted the process of finding, attracting and solidifying a new place to be easy, fully in flow and a fun exciting experience.

Five days after looking at the space we received word we had been approved and if we wanted the place it was ours. We received all the official documents last night 2 days after we heard of our approval. Everything so far has been such an easy transition, our landlord is happy and really easy to get along with. Her friendly demenour along with her high level of integrity (she has followed through impeccibly on every promise and by when that she has given us) has made this process easy and delightful for both of us.

Now that all the papers are signed and delivered we are pumped to officially announce it to the world! We are both so excited for this new chapter and to move into our beautiful new home in one months time! It’s pretty rad to have everything complete and sorted one month in advance.

Here is a sneak peek into our beautiful new space! I am so in love with this kitchen and view!!!!

radical self love kelsey grantradical self love kelsey grantLife is as challenging or as easy as you make your mind up that it will be.

We are conscious creators of our experience and it takes just as much energy to intend a positive, fulfilling and ease filled intention/manifestation- just sayin 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The Coffee Shop Cry: Lessons In Personal Freedom – Day 339: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today I got triggered in a big time way.

As the magical universe would have it I was spiritually tested this afternoon to express and dig even deeper to expand my capacity for forgiveness.
radical self love kelsey grant

Inside of this triggering breakdown I had the chance to reach out and ask for support from my partner.

As soon as the trigger was activated, instead of letting it fester, I asked for support and if I could clear something with him that was activating an experience of upset and stress within me. Of course he said yes- he is incredible that way.

We dialogued for about 20 minutes while I cleared what I needed and gave him the stage to contribute his perspective and coaching my way. I let it in and found some peace around my challenge.

Then we headed out to adventure and find a new coffee shop to work in.

When we arrived at the coffee shop we continued our conversation and explored the deeper lessons and reasons why I was so triggered and upset. Inside of this very vulnerable exploration I was overwhelmed with emotion and I teared up.

I cried in the coffee shop

And it was incredibly freeing.

It was a testament to how far I’ve come along my journey. In a big time way I was able to be completely present to what was going on with me and not give a shit about where I was or the fact being gently emotional in public might make me “look bad” to anyone watching.

It didn’t matter because for one of the first times in my life, the exploration and expression of my wellbeing no longer dependant on the level of comfort people around me. My healing and gentle release was top priority. I allowed myself to completely be in my experience without stuffing it down or pretending I wasn’t hurting. I gave myself the freedom to just BE.

radical self love kelsey grant

Years ago I wouldn’t have been caught ever showing emotion in public never mind being vulnerable enough to allow someone into the most intimately sacred parts of myself and courageously outing my insecurities. I would have shut it down immediately and saved it for a more “acceptable” time and place- which in all honesty meant I just wouldn’t deal with it.

This RSL journey has supported me in accessing deep and profound levels of self acceptance through my ever growing understanding and application of self love. My free self expression allowed me to constructively clear what needed to be let go of and created the space for deeper intimacy and connection between my partner and I.

radical self love kelsey grant

I acknowledge my partner for the strength to hold space for me today and within that space anchor in more acceptance, compassion and connection.

I acknowledge myself for the courage it took to be boldly honest and deal with something immediately so that I could find a deeper sense of freedom, forgiveness and self expression.

Passing a spiritual test with grace and compassion = levelling up to the next stage of greatness

Crying and the most raw and authentic self expression in the moment = freedom. Beautiful, pure freedom.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Early Morning Intention Leads The Way To Awesomeness- Day 255: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Last night I made a promise.

A promise to myself.

I gave my word that I would get up at 5:55am and be at the first hot yoga class of the day at 6:30.

I did it and the inspirational impact was HUGE.

radical self love kelsey grant I was tired this morning because of course I wasn’t tired last night when my ego knew I was wanting to get up early. But even in the midst of being tired, I rolled out of bed and was out the door at 6:04.

My intention throughout my practice was to feel good. I made my choices on the depth of the postures based on what felt good to me in that moment.

When we set an intention often at some point our resistance to the intention will present itself. I am certain this happens for one reason only.

So that we can bring our intention to the ego flair.

Bring acceptance to the resistance.

Bring light into our shadow.

So that we can clear another layer that would otherwise hold us back from truly experiencing that which we have intended.

So this moment came up for me upon returning home. I was thinking thoughts that lead me to feel not so great. I began having thoughts of doubt and upset about the work I do and where I perceived I was at. In this moment I had a choice I could either let this story run or I could access my intention to lead me elsewhere.

I chose my intention.

Just because my intention was to feel good I couldn’t in the moment make that flash change of state. So I asked for help. I reached out to my partner and told him what I was feeling, what I was afraid of and got it out rationally. He offered some fabulous perspective and reframes which helped clear so much of the sticky energy out.

The energy still hadn’t quite cleared itself completely so I asked myself what do I need right now to feel good. My body said rest and my eyes were drawn to a particular crystal. So I listened. I grabbed the crystal put it in my left hand and had a mini nap. When I awoke I was bright, feeling clear and most importantly feeling good.

I went on to have an absolutely incredible day connecting with people all over the world, rocking interviews for Awesomeness Fest. I seriously had the honour of talking with some of the most kind, inspiring and uplifting souls today.

Abundance on every level- feeling goodness on every level- and it all was possible because I kept my word to myself.

I did exactly what I told myself I would.

I embraced the flow of the day and asked for support when I needed it.

I allowed the energy of possibility and goodness to fill me right up.


Setting this clear intention and honouring my integrity were the two fundamentals in creating a day filled with inspiration, love, connection and abundance. This 21 Day Yoga Challenge is calling me to play at a bigger level and is having a substantial impact and it was only day 3 😉

Excited what the remaining 18 days have in store!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Why Having FUN Makes You MORE Effective and Productive- Day 242: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Tomorrow we kick off our 9 week RSL Relationship Course adventure and I’m so so so stoked!

I’ve been investing a lot of time and energy this past month in prepping it all and getting ready to rock. With all the intense work that has been going into it, in true Radical Self Love fashion today is a day to balance those energies.

It is a day of rest, a day of fun.

A day to enjoy time with family and just play.

When we are so busy and wrapped up in life it can seem super challenging to take this time away to relax. This relaxation time is so so so important and it increases your success and impact.

radical self love kelsey grant

Having Fun = Better Ideas

When you are taking time to have fun and enjoy life your energy is at an all time high. When our energy is at an all time high we are in perfect alignment with divine inspiration. Meaning we are the most open and receptive to new ideas.

When we step away from the busyness and working intensely we free our bodies and minds up. When we are in this state of expansiveness we are in flow. Flow is the real state of creation. All purposeful things happen when we are in a state of flow.

The State of Flow

Have you noticed the days that you are happy things just work seamlessly? There is a higher level of synchronicity? There is an air of ease and grace that floats through all that you do? People who you want to talk to somehow magically appear?

It’s designed this way for a reason. We are meant to be happy, our natural state as human beings is bliss. It is our birthright to be happy and fulfilled. The space for fulfillment and happiness is created when we are enjoying ourselves and enjoying life.

The Impact of Positivity and Flow In Work Environments

This is why work environments that encourage their staff to play, take time off and be silly and playful with each other are the most profitable. Energy is attracted to positivity. When people are happy, energetically they are more attractive. People naturally want to feel good and so they gravitate towards the happy companies. More people attracted into the company filled with positive and amazing people = higher conversions and sales revenue. Period.

Another great thing happens when people are playing and having fun with their lives and their work…the slimy, off purpose marketing and sales tactics that many companies use become majorly ineffective and people begin to see through all that shit.

New Level Integrity

Meaning the companies which encourage states of happiness, harmony and enjoyment must operate at a very high standard of heart filled integrity. It’s a new wave of business. Heart centred marketing meaning what is good for the highest good of all involved. Powerful stuff. This means products increase in quality and integrity.

Back to Life

When we transfer this to our personal worlds, when we take the time to play and have fun, it is much easier to identify and remove energies and people who are rocking shady vibes or ulterior motives. We begin to surround ourselves with like minded and like hearted people naturally because like energies are drawn to like energies.

It also makes you way more effective with your time and tasks. When I am feeling good and enjoying my life I can complete a work list that could take a full 8 hours in a fraction of the time. In this state I am not taken off track with distractions. Our minds are our biggest distractor, with the chatter of the monkey mind we become majorly unproductive. When we are happy and having fun our minds are clear giving us way more space to get shit done and get it done well.

This is why today I am taking the day to have fun, to play, to enjoy my life and the ones in it. Tomorrow is a big day and to show up in the best possible way I will play today 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Consistency: It’s The Secret Ingredient to Success- Day 174: 365 Radical Self Love Project

How are you so consistent?

I have heard this exact same question or versions of it all week long. I’m taking it as a sign to actually answer it and give some insight into how I maintain such strong consistency.

1. I just do it.

I have invoked a no excuse policy with this year long commitment. Which means no matter what comes up, I do what I say I will do. I sit myself down at the computer every day and make sure that I have carved out the time to make this magic happen. When I don’t know what to write- I write that. From there something beautiful always comes through-always.

2. I’ve learned to prioritize.

ConsistencyIf I was shite at time management and gave whim to all my excuses this project would never happen. I have learned to choose what is important to me and make sure there is always time to get those things done. I start my day with my RSL routine and I don’t compromise. To be a light in this world and a leader I have to be able to show up 100%, to do this my tank has to be full. For the tank to be full I have to know what is important to my success and ensure those things get done first. I don’t always write in the morning but I ground myself so that whatever the day brings- I am able to create the space and time to sit and write a post.

3. I only invest my commitment into things that actually light me up.

This was a big lesson. I had to learn to say no to things I really wasn’t inspired by and to only give my word to things I really wanted to do. I chose this commitment because it inspired me, it also challenged me to take a achievable “big” step beyond the boundaries of what I knew was possible for me and level up my game. I know what I’m capable of handling and I also know what will push me out of my comfort zone. The key here is to find the delicate balance between those two worlds because that is what inspires us to become greater versions of who we know ourselves to be.

love trust respect

My big why

It is just as important to share with you why I place so much value on being consistent. The underlying reason it builds trust. I begin to build trust in myself that I can give my word and fulfill on it, that I can actually accomplish any thing my heart desires, and trust in that I am fulfilling a greater mission by completing these writings.

To be real honest, there are days when I really don’t want to write a post. There have been days where I push it to the very last hours of the day to actually sit down and write. And even though I have resistance sometimes I still continue to fulfill on my word. This is what sets me up for success in my relationships, in my career and in my life.

a_little_more_love_couldn__t_hurt_by_gorilla_ink-d559n4oIt leaves an impression on the world that I am someone who can be relied on and trusted in a big time way. You know what that makes possible? More vulnerability, more heart opening, more healing and more love. The environments required for this type of work have to be created with the utmost care and intention. People aren’t comfortable going into the deep dark parts of their being if they don’t trust they will come back out of it. This is why I am consistent. To be the safe space for people to open to their own brilliance, to embrace their shadow from a place of empowerment and to open to the incredible beauty of their vulnerability- which is their capacity to give and receive love.

This is why I choose to be consistent. For myself and for those around me. To participate in being a guiding force to bring forth real time examples of what is possible when we are inspired by love’s energy. It is why we are all here after all 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

7 Steps to Skyrocketing Self Esteem- Day 131: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Tonight I am teaching week #3 of the RSL Forgiveness Course

The major theme tonight is self esteem, integrity, self love and how forgiveness is interwoven through these themes.

Seeing as how elevating self esteem has been the focus of my creation for the past week I wanted to share with you 7 steps you can take right now to begin to boost the self esteem.

radical self love kelsey grant

Why is self esteem so important? It is our driving force underneath the choices we make, what we attract into our lives and at the root of the standards we keep for ourselves and others. Our ability to love ourselves is directly related to our perception of self- our self esteem.

The higher our self esteem the higher our self love.

radical self love kelsey grantThese two work hand in hand. If you focus on cultivating more self love your self esteem will be raised as a result. Likewise if you focus on raising your self esteem your self love vibes will increase as a result.

The biggest form of self sabotage and breaking of self esteem we use is simple. Breaking our word to ourselves. Everything else stems out of this. If we break our commitments and word to ourselves we will break commitments to others as well.

How we do anything is how we do everything.

Before we can effectively keep our word out in life and out in all of our relationships we have to learn how to keep the promises we make to ourselves. Every time you make a promise to yourself and break it you chip away at your self esteem and let a little more love out of your self love tank.  We do this all the time. Promise to get up earlier, drink more water, eat better there are so many promises we make to ourselves that we continually break and then we tell ourselves “Well it doesn’t really matter, it doesn’t impact anyone but me”.

This is the trip up.

It does impact more than you. Firstly your relationship to you is precious and if you don’t care about keeping that one healthy, vibrant and in harmony with your internal honour code (integrity) you other relationships will indeed be impacted. What you unconsciously vibe out to people when you break your word to you is this:

* I’m not trustworthy

* I’m not valuable

* I’m not worthy of greatness, love, success

* I can’t keep my word (unreliable)

radical self love kelsey grantAll of this can be cleaned up simply by reassessing what you are committing yourself to and WHY. Determine what your values are and then ONLY make choices that honour your internal values, to anything else is a disservice to your spirit (and it sends mixed messages to the Universe). Then only make promises to yourself that you KNOW you can and will keep. Start small and build up your muscle of internal trust and integrity.

7 Additional Self Esteem Boosters

1. Stand up straight. Pull your shoulders back and let your heart shine.

2. Smile, make eye contact with people and FLIRT with life. Be playful in your day to day.

3. Get clear on your values and then act in accordance to them.

4. Talk nice to yourself.

5. Input healthy energies into the body.

6. Clear out stagnant energies (exercise, meditation).

7. Learn something new you are passionate about every day. Make it part of your daily ritual to honour your spirit.


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!