Adventures, Friends and Epic Pancakes- Day 155: Radical Self Love Project

Today our awesome friends took us on a little brunch adventure.

Since it was CB’s birthday this week it was a birthday celebratory brunch. They wanted to take us to their favourite breakfast joint. So we decided to bust out the adventure vibes and try something new.

WOW. So happy that happened!!!

They took us to this quaint little organic and love filled cafe called Ethical Kitchen.

ImageEthicalKitchenThe vibe was homey, warm and my fav- the natural vibe. Organic, healthy food joints have a distinct smell to them, a smell I absolutely love because I know it means high vibing, amazing tasting, love prepared eats.

I can say with complete certainty I had the best pancakes of my life this morning, and for it I am so very grateful. Sourdough pancakes, with wild boar bacon, eggs and a life altering maple butter syrup.

radical self love kelsey grantWhat I loved about this place even more than the incredible food was their commitment to contribution. For every mealshare item purchased they donate a meal to someone in need. Incredible.

I love discovering local gems like this and I’m so grateful for our amazing friends who introduced us to such an amazing local company doing what they can to make this world a little better πŸ™‚

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


How Cooking With Love Makes The World Better- Day 153: 365 Radical Self Love Project

For the first time since I’ve been home (over a week) and the previous week and a half of being away, I am finally getting to cook a home made dinner.

kelsey grant radical self love

To some this may not be exciting but I am not those people.


It is one of my favourite forms of expression, creativity and contribution. I love taking care of the people I love and one of the ways I find it easiest to do so is to make incredible food.

The way I cook is unique to some.

I cook with intuition and intention.

radical self love kelsey grantThis means I don’t follow recipes I combine ingredients based on an intuitive knowing and do enough knowledge seeking about food and cooking that I have a pretty solid grasp on what will work and what wont. Occasionally this method goes awry and more often than not it is an epic success.

I also choose to cook with intention. This means I infuse positive intention and blessings into the food while it’s being prepared AND I also ensure my energy is positive and coming from a space of love and contribution BEFORE and WHILE I am preparing and cooking. It is so important to me to enjoy the process of cooking and to not rush.

Any energy I am holding while I’m cooking is being transferred and infused into the food, which then is consumed by me and anyone else I am preparing food for. So if I’m in a shitty mood, super stressed, pissed off, worried or anything to that effect ALL of those energies are being transferred and consumed by other people, and guess what once transferred those energies begin to impact the mental and emotional states of the other person. This is not the type of impact I wish to have.

radical self love kelsey grant

So I choose to infuse love and possibility vibes into the food being made and consumed. If I’m feeling blessed, grateful, excited, present, happy, loving all of those energies are being given and received. That is the impact I am intending on having.

The work we are here to do is always in motion. Our journey of Radical Self Love is uncovering how to integrate our gifts and positive intentions into all things we do, including the day to day stuff, especially the day to day stuff. This is our practice ground. The space where we get to build the muscles of our gifts and practice beaming positivity and love out into the world. When we are able to effectively infuse love into the day to day, or seemingly small or menial tasks, we pass the universal test and get to “level up” and are awarded a greater audience or scope to impact.

Take some time tonight to reflect on how you can infuse more positive intention into the “small” things and then put those intentions into action.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


How to Make Homemade Almond Cashew Milk in Under 10 Minutes- Day 79: 365 Radical Self Love Project

This morning I was lazy and it was good for my health.

I ran out of almond milk and instead of going to the store (a mere 3 minute walk) I made a batch of milk from scratch. My reasons for making it at home were simple I was feeling lazy and wanted to stay in my pj’s. Which got me to thinking why do I go out to the store and buy it when it’s

  • A- way more cost effective to make at home?
  • B- Takes a mere 10 mins from start to finish?
  • C- Tastes way better/ contains more nutritional value?

When it comes down to it I buy almond milk more out of perceived convenience more than anything else. So when I chose health and fitness as my area for my 7 Day Radical Self Love Reset it just made total sense that I made raw milk from home this morning, as it is honestly better for me. The shelf life on this puppy is about 1 week since it hasn’t been pasteurized, so I made a small batch that I knew we would go through in a weeks time. Turned out pretty wonderfully and here is the how to in under 10 mins:

1185951_10153266264540145_2125651990_nTools you will need:

  • cheesecloth or a milk bag
  • a high powered blender
  • an empty glass bottle (recycled jars work too)

Ingredients you will need:

  • handful of raw cashews
  • handful of raw almonds
  • handful of raw sunflower seed
  • 3 organic dates (I like my milk on the less sweet side so if you like it sweeter add more dates accordingly)
  • 1 TBSP of vanilla
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon
  • filtered water (a full blender full)

How to make the milk magic happen:

  • pit the dates
  • put everything in the blender
  • blend on highest speed for 2-3 minutes
  • strain through a cheesecloth or milk bag
  • pour milk into a sealed bottle or container

**If you have more time than 10 mins I would totally recommend soaking the nuts overnight to sprout them, release more of their the awesomeness enzymes and make your milk creamier. After soaking over night give them a quick rinse and pop them in the blender with the rest of the ingredients and proceed**

Health quote

Im so stoked my 7 Day Radical Self Love Reset this week has re-presenced me to the awesomeness of making things like cashew/almond milk from scratch. In all honesty making it at home is way quicker than heading to the store plus I get way more nutritional value out of it since it’s completely raw and unpasteurized. Getting back into the swing of making really yummy food consistently, intentionally putting high vibing food and drinks into my body and rocking the start of a 30 day squat challenge. makes for a solid 7 day reset. I’m going to keep this area my one of focus for the next week and likely the entire month until I finish my squat challenge which meansΒ I’ll probably have some interesting shares about that in the upcoming weeks πŸ˜‰

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


High Vibin Breakfast to Kickstart the RSL Ripples Day 78: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Radical Self LoveWhat we put in directly influences what we get out of any given situation.

This applies to any and everything.

Think about it.

The food you put in your body is the fuel for your system so if you put in junk you aren’t going to get much out of your body likewise if you put high vibrational, healthy food into your system your energy will skyrocked and your experience of being in your body will be more positive.

The information you immerse yourself with is inputting into your mental and emotional tanks. If you are surrounding yourself with positive and uplifting information your state of mind will be more positive and your emotions will be more stable and constructive.

The dominant thoughts you think sink into your subconscious and drive the majority of your behaviour. From my perspective I believe it’s very wise to program my subconscious consciously by investing the majority of my thought energy thinking about what I want, what is working and think about all the good actually happening in the world.

With that being said I want to share with you lovers a high vibin breakfast I rocked this week that kept me well fueled and tasted amazing. The original recipe was discovered on my friends site Shred Till Your Dead– She’s an incredible trainer and human- you probably want to check out her stuff!! πŸ˜‰

I made a couple modifications to suit my personal tastes!

photoBaked Berry Oatmeal Ingredients:

  • Handful of ripe strawberries chopped
  • 2 handfuls of fresh blueberries
  • 2 bananas
  • 1 peach
  • 1 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup sliced almonds
  • Handful of coconut
  • 1.5 TBSP of cinnamon
  • 2 TBSP of raw honey
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 egg


Preheat oven to 350

Slice bananas and place at the bottom of the pan. Bake for 10-15 mins until bananas are soft.

Add the rest of the chopped fruit, cinnamon and drizzle honey over all the fruit

In a side bowl mix together the sliced almonds, coconut and oats. Once thoroughly mixed sprinkle on top of the fruit.

In another side bow combine milk, vanilla and the egg. Whisk until everything is well mixed and pour overtop of the oats.

Bake for 30-40 mins and enjoy!!

Radical Self Love Baked Berry Oatmeal

This meal is super high vibin and full of lots of goodness to keep you vibin at your best all morning!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!


3 Really Good Reasons Why Being a Homebody Rocks Day 76: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Some days are just meant for being a homebody.


I love being a homebody and today I practiced it full out. There are just times in life when I am honestly just not feeling social or feel like leaving the cozy comfort of my home. I reflected on my homebody-ness today and came up with three really good reasons why being a homebody rocks, here they are:

inspiring-quotes-about-life-gratitude11. It gives me a chance to really appreciate how amazing my home and life is. When I take time to actually be at home I am really present to all that I do have- a beautiful apartment, a view of the ocean and the mountains, a fridge full of food, all the tools and technology I could ever need and all the other beautiful ‘things’ we have around the house. The time for reflection on all that I do have immediately activates gratitude and alignment with abundance.

428365_203325109773704_285164301_n2. I can rock the PJ attire all day if I want to. From time to time wearing pajamas all day long is just a must in my books. Not having to get ready for the world is often a really nice break from the norm. Don’t get me wrong I love getting ready, looking pretty and dressing up and I think there is everything great with it. Sometimes though I just don’t want to and being a homebody allows me the freedom to be me- pj’s and all.

1069798_10153104163760145_121570179_n3. It’s cozy and comfortable and Β the best excuse ever to wear rainbow slipper socks πŸ˜‰ I am naturally a snuggly, cuddly person. I like to be warm, cozy and comfortable. On my stay at home days I love snuggling up with some warm tea or coffee, wrapping myself in a blanket, turning on some cozy lighting if necessary and rocking out my days work all while wearing rainbow slipper socks or fuzzy socks of any kind. To me this is perfection and a way to recharge my batteries while still being productive.

Lets be honest there are just days when we don’t feel like being “on” or being social. While our lives may not always permit us to stay at home all day or work from home we can activate the gloriousness of being a homebody throughout our week as time permits.

Make it a priority to invest time as often as you can into reflecting on the good, relaxing and wearing comfy clothes that make you feel great and rocking your version of cozy rainbow slipper socks. Doing so will most certainly help you to stay connected to you, be ok with taking care of your needs (self care) and honouring what your body and energy needs most on a regular and consistent basis (self respect and self love).

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!!


Bro Chats and Radical Life Shifts- Day 73: 365 Radical Self Love Project

IMG_2217Sometimes all I really need is a good solid chat with my brother. My bro is a pretty special guy in my life and in the last year especially we’ve really been able to rekindle our super sonic sibling bond even more.

Like most families we had our ups and downs and my brother has always been there for me. Even when our lives took us to different cities and physically away from each other there was still this knowingness that if shit hit the fan we would be there for one another in a heart beat. To me that kind of bond is so incredibly precious and I feel deeply grateful to have the relationship I do with him.

Our paths in the last 4 years have really been off in quite different directions and some major changes are happening for him and those changes, not so surprisingly have set our individual life paths back in sync and alignment. My lil bro is stepping into the unknown and building his own company and I couldn’t be more proud or excited for him.

I believe in my brother and the incredible work he does (he’s a super talent landscape designer, water feature/irrigation systems expert and an incredible team leader). I know in my heart he will be incredibly successful in his venture and to know by following his heart path he will be fully lit up, financially free, emotionally fulfilled and truly happy makes my heart leap for joy. If you’re wondering if the pic below is a photo of his most recent solo project you would be correct πŸ˜‰ So talented right?!!!


My brothers experience also has served as a beautiful mirror to my progress, my success and my ability to soar as I keep going along this sacred divine path of teaching Radical Self Love.

What also literally brought tears to my eyes during our conversation is something he shared about my Dad. My Dad has chosen to take a new job, with a really incredibly salary in a new city (my bro and both my parents all currently live in the same city) with the intention of providing my brother with the investment capital and mentorship he will need to start his own company. This generous and completely selfless contribution has boldly reminded me how kind and incredible my Dad is.


What I love about this is simple- Both my parents have always been supportive in their own respective ways to me and my brother. Deep down I always felt loved, supported and provided for. When I moved to Vancouver to start my new chapter 4.5 years ago my mom was really in a place where she was able to step up and support me emotionally, physically and financially throughout my entire process of moving cities and launching my company. Now my Dad has given my brother the same opportunity. Based on my experience of how incredible it has been to have so much support I know my brother will have everything he needs to succeed just as I did.


This isn’t to say my mom hasn’t supported my brother or my Dad hasn’t supported me. My point is they each have supported us in the most perfect ways, at the most perfect times, in the best ways they always can. I find it so magical they have both done the same thing- just at different times- with both my brother and I. It illuminates to me the power of family even when the family unit looks different than what I thought it should be (my parents separated over 10 years ago and still maintain a positive dynamic).

IMG_0919Today I am so moved, inspired and touched by the immense blessings both of our parents have provided us with. They are both incredible humans and I am so honoured to call them my parents. I only hope I am able to always contribute just as fully to their experience and remind them just how incredibly precious they both are to me and my brother.

Feeling so grateful to have the life I do, with the incredible family mates I have.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



What a Batch of Disaster Pancakes Taught Me About Having a Sense of Humor Day 71: 365 Radical Self Love Project

20120707-093652Well this morning things didn’t exactly go as planned.

I had my heart set on making pancakes this morning and so my man and I had a nice leisurely wakeup, made some coffee and I set up to make an epic batch of pancakes.

I’ve been making pancakes since I was a child and I’d like to think of myself as some what of a pancake pro. This morning something went terribly offside. They were awful. Today it would seem that my pancake skills went on a temporary vacation.

Now upon reflecting on the facts of the situation there isn’t much that is truly upsetting. However my ego would beg to differ. One of the main ways my ego acquires the feelings of validation and acceptance is through the ever awesome compliments on my cooking.

photoMy man was so loving and kind gently encouraging me with things like “oh they are just falling apart- I’m sure they will still taste amazing” “everything you make is so good don’t worry” and even when he was trying to eat them he was still managing to be kind.

Then as we were both struggling to finish our plates we looked at each other with giggles in our eyes and spoke the truth- they were gross as we burst out laughing.

What this mornings events taught me:

1. Chill out on the self imposed expectations. Sometimes life goes a little offside and while we can always course correct (in this case make a new breakfast) imposing really heavy expectations on myself and of upholding a false sense of perfection is exhausting.

2. Laugh at the hilariousness of a mistake– I could wonder all day what went wrong with the making of the pancakes, however that is a serious misuse of my day and energy. AlI know is they turned out the way they turned out and it was an opportunity for the both of us to have a good laugh and keep that experience in our memory bank for future giggles.

3. When offside things happen we can turn them into whatever we desire through our perception. Ya at first I was pissed at myself for making a terrible breakfast, annoyed with myself for being pissed at my self, upset because my 100% perfection streak had been broken- but then I snapped out of it. I saw this was an opportunity for presence going forward. I’m usually really present when I cook, this morning I really wasn’t paying attention. It made me really wonder how not being present really does influence attracting things I don’t really want. So the lesson is simple shift the perception I was viewing the situation from, learn a valuable lesson and trust the next batch I make will be perfect just the way they are πŸ˜‰


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!!


Pride, Mom Visits and the Epic Birthday Adventures Continue Day 44: 365 RSL Project

HAPPY NEW DAY/ HAPPY PRIDE!!!! Today my momma flew into town for a quick little bday visit. It’s pretty cool that my mom flies out to the city I live in on her few days off just to spend some time together and celebrate my birthday.

These occasions are just so incredibly precious. There was a time when I honestly didn’t truly value the importance and amazingness of the relationship with my mom. I can say I am truly lucky to have awoken to the preciousness of a mother daughter relationship and am so incredibly blessed to have done some big time solo healing in order to open and allow our relationship to develop into the incredible friendship we now share.

photo copy 12I feel so lucky to have such a loving and caring mom, who truly does support me in every single way possible. To have a relationship so connected that she flew out to Vancouver (after flying to LA last week to support me in my show) to take Connor and I out to celebrate my birthday.

photo copy 13Before our dinner tonight we quested around this beautiful city, went for breakfast, visited our favourite book store, took a lil gander to a crystal store, picked up some new friends for the crystal collection, got mom her new ipad and then made our way to an incredible dinner.

I am so happy to have the relationship we now do- and it has come formed through our cultivation of these four principals:

1. Honesty

2. Vulnerability

3. Openness

4. Unconditional Love

We each have travelled our unique paths to lead us to this point in time. Both paths have been filled with juicy lessons and opportunities for growth and deeper connection. I am so happy we both stepped up to the plate many years ago and freely chose to co-create a better relationship. The bond we share now is beyond what I ever thought was possible and I can truly say my mom is one of my best friends.

I am so grateful for this mini weekend trip and all the magical blessings it has already ushered in. How does it get any better than this?!

photo copy 10Love you momsie!!!

P.S. Mega gratitude to my moms friend Tony who blessed us with some incredibly pie for birthday dessert! Feeling very loved! ❀

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!