The Key To Dissolving Holiday Anxiety- Day 178: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Holiday season is just plain busy.

christmas-shoppingWhether you celebrate the holiday season or not I’m pretty certain we can all agree that during this time of year, at least here in Canada there are higher levels of anxiety, impatience and over all busyness.

I’ve been feeling the impact of this holiday hustle and bustle over the past few days. Being out and about with my mom has exposed me to some cray cray vibes and it was starting to weigh on me. In all honesty I could feel my levels of anxiety at an all time high and my patience levels at an all time low. Not at my finest that’s for sure.

So instead of taking it out on people who have absolutely nothing to do with the icky vibes I’m feeling on the inside, I chose to fill up my tank, get those energies out and take care of me first.

The Key to Dissolving The Holiday Anxiety Vibes

It’s simple. Take time for you, and take that time right at the start of your day.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the fast pace of the season and forget to do what makes you feel happy, and on the top of your game. To actually be present with people I need a certain amount of time in the morning to do my RSL am routine and attend to important company items. When I do this I feel centred, clear, and on top of all the things I have control over. When I take the time to “have things handled” first-even if it is just an hour to return all my emails, or set up my week ahead, I am much more productive in my day, way more present AND much more pleasant to get along with.


Today I rocked my morning routine, hit up the gym then carved out two solid hours of Kelsey solo work time. I was so incredibly happy. When you love the work you do it never occurs as an obligation or something you have to do. For me working on RSL is a passion project, it lights me up and as I have seen this week when I don’t have a couple hours invested into working on it I get antsy, I get anxious and I get irratible. The thing is I want to be pouring my heart and energy into this company each day, because it makes me come alive, it helps me to fill up my tank and it ripples massive amounts of positivity out into the hearts of people worldwide.

I also know how important face to face time and quality time is with the people I love. So my lesson this holiday season is this:

best uTo really show up as my best version, in the craziness of the season I have to invest into me first and foremost every day. No exceptions. Even if it is just a quick 30 mins to make sure all is well and running smooth, to take this time each morning puts my mind at ease and my energy in a stable positive vibe. When my vibes are high I am able to be in those more chaotic environments and not take on the energy of other people. I can observe it with loving detachment and maintain my peace of mind.

A pretty solid breakthrough to take me through this beautiful holiday season 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!