Starting The Day By Nourishing The Soul- The Importance Of A Daily Self Love Routine-Day 334: 365 Radical Self Love Project

“How things go depends on how they start”- these are lyrics from one of my original songs and one of my mottos in life.

(If you want to listen you can do that HERE)

I have found this rings true in relationships- the relationships starting off on the grounds of truth, honesty and love always go in that same direction, like wise the relationships I’ve had that started off as secrets, with lots of lies or lack of integrity ended up going further in those directions.

I have also found in my day to day this motto is also true. When I invest into myself and my wellbeing first thing in the morning it sets the tone for the remainder of the day. Days when I rock my soul-nourishing morning routine I am happier, I am more effective with my time, I am way more productive and I am way easier to get along with.

radical self love kelsey grant

As I keep stepping into my power and truth it becomes more and more clear that the foundation of my success is deeply rooted in my willingness to nourish my soul, take actions which bring me into vibrational alignment and setting intentions around the direction of my day.

When I first stepped into the world of spirituality and personal development I learned exactly what those specific actionables were that would have me be at my best. After years of testing, trial and assessment I lasered in on the top “actions” that would lead me feeling nourished and in the highest vibrational alignment.

Why is this nourishment and alignment so important?

In the words of Abraham Hicks: “That which is like unto itself is drawn” meaning energies which are in alignment are magnetized and pulled towards each other.

When I take the time every morning to get my vibes as high as possible (my best/highest vibrational alignment varies from day to day) I ensure that I put myself on the best possible path for the day. Meaning when my vibes are optimal I attract amazing people, circumstances and opportunities. I also get to experience the blissful power of flow- where I can trust the Universe has my back and relax into allowing things to unfold naturally.


When I don’t do my soul nourishment in the morning I am higher strung, way more stressed out, combative, irritable, impatient and I attract people, situations and circumstances that I don’t want to be experiencing.

The only reason I experiencing anything I do, is because I am a vibrational match.

The only way to change what I am attracting or experiencing is to change my vibes. How do I change my vibes? I take actions that are in alignment with nourishing my heart, my soul, my body and my mind.

This is what my soul nourishing/Radical Self Love routine looks like:

  •  Leisurely awake
  •  Spend 5-15 minutes doing some positive self reflection and positive life reflection (just thinking of positive aspects)
  • Gratitude journal minimum one page
  • 6 Minutes of Ego Harmonizing (breath work/meditation)
  • RSL Mantra Meditation/ Inner Guide chit chat
  • Drink 500ml-1litre water
  • I usually add in exercise but some days I do my exercise later in the day and I do take a day or two off a week to rest my body.

These are the things I know I must do each morning to keep myself in tip top shape mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. All of these actionables are vibe aligners which always bring me to the most exciting, fulfilling and incredible places, spaces and circumstances life has to offer.

In our 30 Day Radical Self Love Program we meticulously designed a 30 Day Journey that is accessible and attainable for even the busiest of busy people. In my opinion when we glorify being busy it is often a way to avoid doing the things we need to do most but maybe don’t want to do because they are uncomfortable, take energy and time. Investing into yourself in these ways will make you way more productive and happy in the long run and really thats what we are up to here at RSL- setting people up for success in life and love. It all starts within and it all starts with you ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Sunshine, Smooches And A Whole Lot Of Love- Day 295: 365 Radical Self Love Project

What an absolutely perfect first day back together today!

We had a nice leisurely start to the morning, enjoyed the sunshine filling up our bedroom this morning, laughed snuggled and just enjoyed staying in bed longer than usual.

After a breakfast of fresh raw juice and gluten free blueberry and banana pancakes we set out on our day adventure.

We walked to a coffee shop we had never been to together did some reading and enjoyed delicious coffee. Then our long walk began.

radical self love kelsey grant

In total we rocked a 10km walk and adventured to new places and soaked up the sun, fresh air and the gloriousness of each others company.

After some smooches and selfies we made our way home to relax, make dinner and have a super chill night just lovin all over each other!

radical self love kelsey grantradical self love kelsey grant

I am so grateful to have him back and this time apart truly strengthened our bond and we are clear more than ever just how “in” this relationship we both are and how deeply committed we both are to the success of our partnership- such a massive win!

radical self love kelsey grant

With a very happy heart I wish you all the most beautiful evening! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


RSL Feature Friday- Alex Echols One Life Brand- Day 259: 365 Radical Self Love Project

WAAHOOOO!!! It’s Radical Self Love‘s Feature Friday time love faces!

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantToday I get the super awesome pleasure of introducing you all to the incredible and beautiful soul Alex Echols.

Alex and I connected first through an event I work each year called Awesomeness Fest– he was one of our delegates last year in Bali and from there our paths crossed. As a fellow Afester I knew we would share a lot of common ground as all peeps in the Afest tribe are up to some pretty inspiring and impactful work in the world- it’s one of the requirements! Since getting to know Alex over this past year he certainly had surpassed my expectations of a human doing incredible heart centred and inspired work for this world.

1lifelogocircleAlex is the creator of One Life Brand Co and the editor atOne Life Momentum. A few months back he so graciously brought me on as a guest contributor for his site. It was my great honour to support him in what he is up to and help spread messages of positivity and inspiration into the hearts of the masses.

This is what Alex does day in day out. His personal philosophy is to make the most of each moment and the most of each day in order to live life to it’s fullest potential.

Why we love Alex:

As a member of RSL Alex deeply understands the importance of self care first and foremost. He gets that in order for him to show up for life, show up for his community and to lead by inspired action, his tank needs to be full first. Self care and self love is first on the list of to-accomplish every day for this man. He stars his day before the sun rises, heads to the gym for a high vibin workout, follows it up with some solo quiet time, meditation and gratitude. Sounds very similar to our RSL am routines!

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant One Life Momentum

To begin every day like this takes something. It takes dedication and it takes being connected to something greater than ourselves. If we are just getting up every day for us the motivation fades, but when we get up every day and invest in ourselves in this manor because we KNOW it is going to increase our ability to positively serve others, bring the energies of positivity and love into the awareness of others and to really make a solid impact on the world- the inspiration of that knowingness calls us to get up and show up. Alex is one of these people who really understands this on a massive level and practices this in real time.

We love that he has made the conscious connection between his ability to be a powerful positive contribution and taking care of himself first and foremost.

Why Alex is our Featured RSL Member today:

We LOVE what he is up to with One Life. He currently has 4 different key parts to his company and all of them beautifully fit our mission of being a positive contribution and doing what we can to make this world a more beautiful, open and love filled place to be.

The first being the work he does with start ups and for-benefit entrepreneurs to create purposeful and effective marketing for their companies AKA helping peeps who have an incredible message get it out in the world.
2. Being the editor or One Life Momentum he has created a space for a community of inspired writers to come together, share insights, wisdom and perspective with peeps all over the world.
3. Rocking the nutrition and fitness coaching and training to support peeps with getting their bodies into a state of harmony, strength and health. LOVE it!
4. Creating One Life Merchandise which allows peeps to align themselves with a powerful and uplifting mission “to live their dreams and inspire others to do the same”.

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant One Life Brand

All four aspects of Alex’s company are so incredible and a true heart contribution to this world. We love his personal mission to inspire people to be their greatest selves and that their dreams are valid and they have within their reach anything they can dream possible. We love that he is infusing this mission into his company and into the way he lives his day to day life.

A huge element of Alex’s ability to be this support and do what he does is highly correlated with his perspectives of self love. For Alex self love means at the core knowing when to say yes and when to say no. He understands that self love allows him to really enjoy life while at the same time being conscious and mindful of his choices and decisions. Everything we do has an impact and what I really personally jive with is that we both share the perspective that even though some choices may be initially gratifying they may not actually benefit us long term and to make choices and decisions that will bring forth long term sustainable success and happiness.

Alex is a beautiful bright light in this world and we are truly honoured to feature him today and have him be a fabulous contribution to this community!

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant Alex EcholsCurrently Alex is looking to feature the stories of other inspired peeps up to greatness in the world. To submit a contribution/writing to One Life Momentum you can do so by heading over to his

And finally it is with extreme giddiness and epic congratulations that we get to support Alex in celebrating his TEDxSydney talk in 2015!!!! It makes my heart so happy to see a thought leader and an inspiration magnet like Alex take the stage and spread the LOVEEE!!

To connect with Alex further you can catch him at:

Website: and

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!
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RSL’s Feature Friday: Dr. Rhea Mehta- Living Rhea Day 224: 365 Radical Self Love Project

WOOP WHOOP its Feature Friday love puffs!

Rhea Mehta-1214 (1)Today I am so stoked to introduce you all to the fabulous Dr. Rhea Mehta. Rhea is a wonderful friend, soul sister and fellow self love messenger.

Rhea is the face, mind and brilliance behind Living Rhea- Your Guide to Optimal Living. We love her high vibin awesomeness and her desire to ripple love and light every where she goes and inside of all she does.

LR logo

Why we love Rhea:

Rhea (WOAM)-1269First because she is absolutely fabulous. Rhea is one of those souls who you immediately feel at peace and at home around. I had the pleasure and honour of meeting Rhea in person this past November. She was just as lovely in person as I had imagined her to be. There is so much to be said about someone who is the real deal. Rhea is the same loving, bubbly, fun loving and deeply compassionate being behind the screen, on the stage and off the stage. This is incredibly important to us here at RSL. Authenticity is one of our mega access points to living a life on purpose and resonating in love consciousness. Authenticity is our ability to do the work to learn who we are in all our gloriousness. This means learning all the aspects of our being the darkness and the light and coming into loving acceptance of them both. Rhea has done the inner work in a BIG way and it shows in the way she shows up in the world. Her energy is so warm, friendly and kind- people glow just being around her. We love that she brings this type of brilliant energy to the world and that she walks her talk.

Why Rhea is our Featured Member today:

1471101_10151733794685740_553038051_nA massive part of the Radical Self Love Journey includes harmonizing the body and nourishing it to the core. Part of our spiritual nourishment includes our physical nourishment. This is Rhea’s area of expertise. I have found that the cleaner my body temple the easier it is to love myself. I am so blessed to have Rhea as a friend and advisor. I know if I’m always soaking up the abundant wisdom, knowledge and creativity she brings to the awareness of plant-based whole foods and self-care practices, that the rest of the world is vibin in her greatness too!

Dr Rhea is a toxicologist and published author who specializes in empowering people to self-heal, by teaching them how to utilize the body and mind as tools for health recovery, restoration, and rejuvenation, focusing on plant-based whole food wisdom and self-care. As a conqueror of Western-diet related disease, Rhea openly shares her life for others to use as a guide for their unique journey of health and wellness.

We completely resonate with her on this level. I personally have learned the value of utilizing diet paired with mind and emotional healing tools to heal a so called “incurable dis-ease” out of my body. To see another powerful love filled woman rocking the message of self healing really jazzes us up here at RSL.

2013-02-10 108We love the ways in which Rhea reaches out to her community and generously shares her insights, wisdom, research and healing techniques. It’s within her dedicated social media presence, integrative health coaching, workshops, retreats, speaking engagements, and publications that her manifesto, to inspire communities and change makers to wake up and smell the green juice – comes alive in the minds and hearts of people worldwide.

Rhea is a real time example of love in action. She lives the life she guides all of her clients to live which makes her incredibly effective and successful in her field. All you have to do is take a look at how clear her skin is, the twinkle in her eyes and sparkle in her soul to know her work in this world is spot on.

We totally vibe with her perspectives on self love as we too see the immense connection between honouring ourselves in every which way, always, situation independent and having a full self love tank. To Rhea self-love means offering ourselves nothing less than the most optimal mind-body fuel with which to flourish and rise. Yup we dig it.

pics for new header

Rhea is launching her new newsletter next month which you can check out here:

IMG_8270She currently also offers Complimentary Optimal Life Strategy Sessions to newbies to her community which you can contact her directly about!! We highly recommend hoping into one of these highly valuable sessions- she will knock your socks off!

Rhea wishes to leave this world knowing she played an active role in raising the consciousness of humanity, and acted as an incarnation of Mother Earth and all of her soul-nourishing medicines- based on the incredible work this woman has already accomplished in her lifetime we’d say she is well on the path to leaving this profound and incredible impact on the minds and hearts of people everywhere.

Connect with Rhea


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

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Double Yoga Bliss: My New Commitment to Health- Day 172: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Last night I made a new commitment to myself.

I made a commitment to make my health and fitness one of my top priorities again.

In all honesty it totally has been slacking and I haven’t been doing what I know I need to to keep my body in top optimal functional levels.

Every new journey begins with a single step and I’m taking it day by day. I have found this is a structure that truly sets me up for success. When I get too far ahead of myself I freak myself out and become overwhelmed, and when I become overwhelmed I stop taking action in attempt to somehow gain control.

bikini-countdown-s3-photo-of-woman-working-outKnowing this about myself I can come at it from a space of flexibility and self respect. I know what works for me and that is taking it one day at a time. The commitment is to do some form of physical activity to strengthen my heart, my lungs, my muscles and detox the body. This could mean one day I’m at the gym, the next I’m at yoga or anything else that gets my heart rate up and my endorphins flowing.

Today it looked like a double yoga class. I headed to a hot hatha class and followed it up with a warm yin class a few hours later. This was exactly what my body needed. A nice workout then a deep stretching session.


So there it is love puffs- I’m sharing with you all my new commitment and if there is a commitment of some kind you wish to share with the community let us know and we can all support each other in becoming our best versions!

Inspiration, An Eclipse and Planting Seeds of Juicy New Habits- Day 135: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I am happy to report I am on the mend and feeling like I am getting back to my normal high vibin self!!!

In the spirit of sharing high vibes and allowing the spirit of love to fill us up I wanted to share a really fabulous video I watched this morning to begin my day, and first an important share.

kelsey grant radical self love

Today is a really special day vibrationally. Today we are experiencing a eclipse meaning it is a fabulous time to initiate a new habit. I chose to let today be an example of all the positive habits I wish to embody for the next 6 months.

I woke up quite early this morning 4:52am the first time and around 7 the next.

I spent the first hour of my day connecting and loving and smooching with my man.

I invested about 45 minutes into meditation.

I drank a lot of water.

I went outside and did a slow and intentional walk.

I drank great coffee.

I ate great food.

I rested when I was tired.

I honoured my body and what it needed.

I surrendered into the moment and allowed myself to be supported.

I connected with my family.

I laughed.


I worked on my company (RSL) doing things that inspire my heart and soul.

kelsey grant radical self loveThese are the themes I wish to positively bring forth in the next 6 months and so I intentionally planted the seeds for their sprouting and growth.

To share some inspiration check out this video I saw compliments of Cowabunga Life. Mega gratitude to Mr. Brad Morris  for finding this gem and sharing it this morning!!

Enjoy lovers!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Feature Friday!! Meditation Awesomeness, Bradley Morris and Cowabunga Life- Day 119: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s Feature Friday time lovers!!!!! Whooop whoooop!!

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantOh goodness I am so thrilled to introduce you all to the fabulous Radical Self Love tribe member Mr. Bradley Morris. Bradley is one of my dearest friends and most certainly what I consider my soul brotha.

Bradley came into my life at just the perfect moment a few years ago. I had been rocking out a meditation practice but in all honesty was feeling a little antsy and uninspired with the whole thing. I had only known meditation to be a sit still and observe your thoughts kinda thang and just when I needed some mega inspiration this man appeared in the most magical synchronistic way.

A few short minutes after virtually connecting we were on skype and had planned for him to come to Van, stay with us and rock a meditation workshop. What I love most about Bradley is his incredibly trust, faith and true positive outlook on the world. His spirit is bright, brilliant and so incredibly welcoming. When he is around the earth looks even more beautiful, the sweetness of life increases and the presence of love is strong and radiant.

radical self love kelsey grantBradley is the founder of an incredible company called Cowabunga Life where he teaches and leads people into their own unique inward journey through meditation. What we love and appreciate most about what Bradley does is HOW he does it and WHY he does it.

From all I have observed (I’ve rocked through his 40 Day Meditation Journey, co-produced a couple workshops with him and attended many of his brilliant live event workshops) his main perspective on life is to ENJOY it, have FUN, be kind, be present and be love.

Bradley is such a great example of what goodness is possible when we work as a community, we open up to trust others whole heartedly, we follow the call of our spirit and live in the NOW.

Bradley’s playful spirit reminds me daily the importance of play, laughter, resonance with the heart and living in a constant state of gratitude, thanks and appreciation.

radical self love kelsey grant

I know this world is a better place because he is in it. He teaches meditation in what some may call unconventional ways at times. To me this illustrates his deep understanding of human diversity and that there isn’t a one size fits all model when it comes to meditation and when it comes to life. We must allow for flexibility, openness, acceptance, gentleness and expansion within our practice and within our lives. This is what Bradley brings to his community and to the world.

My meditation practice is so rich, diverse and enjoyable since meeting Bradley and participating in his flow. I learned it’s ok to not want to always sit still and listen to my breath or observe my thoughts and to expand my perspective on what meditation means and all the abundant avenues and tools in which we can use to acquire the same desired outcome.

There are many paths to enlightenment and inner peace.

radical self love kelsey grantMy quest has always been: discover what works for me and leave the rest. Bradley has certainly supported me greatly with my meditation practice and on deeper levels he has helped me to develop a greater sense of self acceptance, self awareness and self love, for this and the abundant blessings he has brought into my life I am eternally grateful.

Here at RSL we absolutely LOVE when people step into their authenticity and shine their light for others. This is exactly what Bradley and Cowabunga Life do each day. For this we love them and feel so blessed to have them as a beautiful piece of this love tribe!

Currently Bradley is leading a $40, 40 Day Vision Quest which is a daily exploration of meditation, self activation and glorious celebration! I highly recommend checking out this program it was one of the best things I ever did to build up my self love practice…just sayin 


Connect with Bradley:
Vision Quest:

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving- What Are You Grateful For? Day 114: 365 Radical Self Love Project

radical self love kelsey grantToday it is Canadian Thanksgiving and my most favourite holiday of the year!!

I love the colours of fall, I love the coziness of the season, I love bringing family together, I love massive family dinners and most of all I love being thankful.

At least from my vantage point in life there is a whole lotta good to be grateful for. I like most sometimes forget. I get caught in the busy-ness of life and occasionally my gratitude practice wavers. Today is a beautiful reminder to re-presence myself to the abundant blessings within my life and the expansive freedom maintaining a regular gratitude practice ushers in.

kelsey grant radical self love

Since our family tribe is rockin our family dinner tomorrow I took today to take it slow and re-tune into the beauty in my life. This is how my day shaped up:

  • I stayed and snuggled in my warm bed this am with the bright sun shining through the windows.
  • I spent the first 30 mins of being awake watching this gem of a video and having my heart chakra blasted open: 
  • I got up did a lil work, seriously I only spent 45 minutes working this am 😉
  • Made a green smoothy.
  • photoWent for a beautiful run outside in the sunshine and fresh air.
  • photo copySpent some solo time in reflection while enjoying a post run coffee.
  • Picked up dinner items for an untraditional Thanksgiving dinner tonight: Home made gluten free PIZZA
  • Came home set up our official Meetup group page, our Youtube channel and completed a few admin tasks.

Meow I’m off to make a beautiful dinner, catch up with my poppa and have a super relaxing evening with my roomies and my man!!
Wishing you all the most beautiful Thanksgiving blessings! What are you most grateful for today? Leave us a comment below!! xoxo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



The How To For Loving You: 11 Steps to Get You Started- Day 96: 365 Radical Self Love Project

How do I love myself?

Kelsey Grant radical self loveI get asked this question a lot and I love it every time.

As we all some how know, the first step in transforming or changing anything is realizing there is a need for the change. This question illustrates a desire to be better, a desire for a more rich and fulfilling human experience. We all deserve to have a beautiful and fulfilling life and we are the only ones who can actually make that happen.

Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love

Here are the 11 fundamental basics when hoping onto the self love train!

The How to for Loving You

1. Make a declaration. This is the ultimate first step. Nothing will change unless you put your foot down and declare that it will. Doing so is an incredibly empowering and powerful act. When you make a declaration of this kind the Universe begins to conspire with you immediately to bring to your awareness evidence of that which you seek, the circumstances most impactful for your growth and evolution and support in so many ways you can’t even imagine!

2. Stop playing the victim. You must, must, must, begin to step out of the blame game. Life isn’t happening to you it is responding to what you are putting out and who you are being moment to moment. You will have to step up and claim 100% responsibility for yourself and your life. If you have experienced hardship (we all have) have compassion with yourself and release yourself from the trap of giving up your power (blaming/playing the victim) and the trap of making yourself wrong for the experiences and circumstances of your life until now. Embracing this wisdom “we are always doing the best we can with the tools we have” helps to diffuse the ego and surrender into the expansiveness of the human experience.

images-33. Build up your muscles of seeking good. We all can get better at this. Even the top leaders in the world can seek out the worst in things- however, they make a conscious choice not too. They instead know their energy is better invested into seeking the good, finding the underlying lesson inside of contrast and viewing the world through the lens of possibility and love.

4. Quiet your mind. An over active untrained mind will always default to worrying, anxiety and fear. You do have the power to shift that pattern. Sit with yourself once a day and be still, be quiet, experience solitude. If there is a lot of healing to do being with yourself sans distractions will most likely be uncomfortable at first. So create an environment of success and start small. Almost everyone can sit in silence with themselves for 2 minutes a day. Start there. When you feel a calmness and sense of peace enter your stillness increase your time. Doing so will support you in building a successful meditation practice.

5. Take care of your body. This is your vessel for experiencing the world. Treat it with love and respect. Be mindful of what you put into your body and create the time to physically move your body each day. This might mean giving up late night TV in exchange for being able to get up earlier in the day or rock a workout after your day is done. Move your body, stretch, relax and nurture your body. Feed yourself with high vibrational food as often as possible. No one else is going to do this for you. Step it up.

6. Learn how to think. Begin the process of cultivating stronger more positive thought patterns. Mental activity and idle thought does not count as thinking. Thinking is consciously directing your thought and energy patterns to be in alignment with the life you desire and your intended outcome. If you are desiring financial abundance and the only thing you constantly focus on in your thoughts is your perceived lack, your thoughts are out of alignment with what you want. You must train yourself to do this. Begin by bringing your awareness to your thoughts. Take notice of the general theme. From there you can dive into the world of programming positive and building constructive thought patterns.

7. Give up self defeating and diminishing talk. The way you speak to yourself is the invitation you send out into the world for how you want to be treated. Stop being so hard on yourself- speak kindly within and without. If you said the things out loud to others that you say to yourself you would most likely not have many friends left. So why oh why would you speak to yourself like that? You are a beautiful being and deserve love and kindness. Being hard on you only tanks your energy and diminishes your ability to love yourself and others.

Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love8. Be of service. Taking the focus of the ego’s drama via service of others is the quickest way to open your heart more and connect you with the innate goodness within everyone and everything. Whether it is opening the door for a stranger, volunteering your time and energy, creating art, making a friend dinner, smiling at a stranger on the street- being of service activates the heart in the most extraordinary ways.

9. Build up a daily discipline. Self love is a practice and a daily discipline. It takes showing up each and every day as your best version. This muscle is built through building constructive daily disciplines. Commit to yourself and design a routine that empowers you. My daily discipline is simple- invest minimum 30 minutes into learning/personal development (#6), drinking minimum one litre of water a day and either writing, reflecting or speaking my gratitude. These daily disciplines keep my vibes high, my energy in alignment and inspire me to take empowered actions throughout the day.

10. Acknowledge others. What you do unto others you have already done to yourself. Sometimes it is easier to notice the goodness others are up to so do it. It feels good to share your acknowledgement and it ensures the other person feels seen, appreciated and valued. In turn you unknowingly cultivate those same feelings about yourself when you give another person your appreciation. These moments can change a life and sometimes save one. Do more, share more and leave a lasting imprint of love everywhere you go.

11. Acknowledge yourself. This will have multiple positive impacts. It will help you break away from the addiction we all have of seeking validation and approval of others. It will also ensure you are always acknowledged for the greatness you are beaming out into the world each day. Lastly it will boost your confidence and your knowingness that you are a capable, competent, brilliant and incredible human- which is where the growth of self love will stem from.

Kelsey Grant radical self love

There is much to this path of Radical Self Love-which is why we have build a community and a company to support you lovers in the development of this incredible aspect of life. In our continued commitment to supporting and loving the crap out of you all, this is what we have brewing at RSL in the coming months:

  • A weekly free video series exploring the how to’s of self love and successful relationships
  • A new website YUMMMMY!!
  • The Free 7 Day Radical Self Love Challenge
  • Our 30 Day Radical Self Love Program
  • Our RSL 1-1 coaching packages
  • The Conscious Breakup: 15 Self Love Lessons To Open To Love Again- E-Book
  • More lovetastic music
  • Free radical self love meditations
  • An interactive 6 week Radical Self Love for Relationships course
  • And more monthly RSL workshops!!!

Stay tuned as we beam these beauties out to you all!! If there is something you would really like to see us cover or teach at RSL leave us a comment below. We are here for you lovers! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love

What Hyper Criticalness Taught Me About Body Image And Radical Self Love Day 57: 365 RSL Project

So last night I had a full on meltdown.

Yup it happened. Within a couple hours of me posting the blog and admitting that when I am on the verge of something big my ego usually pulls out all the stops to keep me operating in the usual familiar ‘safe’ manor, I had an emotional breakdown.

Well it would appear I am on the verge of a breakthrough with my body image cause the ego has been rallying up quite a lil shit storm lately.

I_love_my_bodyAs I mentioned a few weeks ago my relationship to my body has always fluctuated. I have observed a new pattern inside of my body image relationship. I compare. I’ve caught my ego in a mess of comparison lately and behaving this way has completely distorted my perception of myself and my body.


The wonderful part of the Radical Self Love journey is that my awareness is attuned to observe these patterns of behaviour and bring them up for transformation.

I logically and rationally know that comparison is the thief of joy and I am pretty good a noting when I am comparing in almost all areas of my life. When I do notice it I generally catch it, reframe it and let it go. The one area that still trips me up, in all honesty, is body image.

Inside of my breakdown last night one thing became very clear. The physical actions I take (exercise and eating healthy) really make minimal difference if my internal dialogue is abrasive and down right mean. Meaning the physical state of my body is a manifestation of the internal state of my mind and thoughts about myself. Everything is a mirror.


One of my strong suits is my attention to detail and the value I place on high standards and high quality. While this serves me well in most areas there is a flip side to it. When I use attention to detail to place unreasonable expectations on myself and become incredible critical about my appearance.

When my partner and I dove into this conversation last night we were able to get to the root of my body image issue which is that I’m hyper critical of myself. I’m almost constantly comparing my body to my perception of other women and placing completely absurd expectations on how my body is supposed to look all the time. I am really hard on myself for the way I look compared to the way I think I should look and most importantly I do not speak in a kind and loving way towards myself when I get caught in the trap of the ego and comparison.

935850_600609979962295_1137674081_nThe reason I am sharing this with you all today is simple. When things are out in the open I can no longer ‘get away’ with running these patterns of behaviour and self sabotage. I love how my body feels when my thoughts and emotions are in harmony with feeling good, being appreciative and loving towards the way I look. Any time I am able to do that something shifts in the physiology of my body. My eyes are brighter, my skin glows, my body looks and feels more toned. There is an energy I emit when I am in alignment with my true essence and practicing a positive relationship with my body and the image I hold about myself.

Today I got to practice this moment to moment, one step at a time. I gave my word to myself this morning to see the beauty in my body and to do things that were aligned with maintaining the positive self perception. How did my day go? Pretty well.

First to shift my energy in a big time way I focused on something greater than myself, being of service. To do this I rocked a clearing meditation and then invested in a 3 hr Radical Self Love coaching session with a client. Our session took us into a full day adventure of eating clean, hot yoga, green smoothies, green juice and lots and lots of love. I ended the day with an amazing follow up conversation with my partner, who held the space of compassion, understanding and unconditional love.

It’s a start and tomorrow when I wake up I am going to choose to be loving towards my self and my body. I will continue to wake up day after day and make this conscious choice and commitment until the new perception totally sinks in. However long it takes, I’m willing to do it. After all, I am worth it 😉


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!