It’s Time To Go Bigger and Brighter!!! Day 347: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I am over joyed and deeply moved with the outpouring of love and support from my communities within the last 24hrs.

Since publishing my post last night I’ve been flooded with positive feedback, incredible stories of courage, people relating and taking inspired and brave actions in their own lives. All of this possibility, transformation and love because of one extremely raw and authentic post.

Releasing that blog post was one of the best moves I’ve ever made.

It activated people in a big time way.

It touched hearts.

It opened minds.

It widened the capacity for compassion and forgiveness.

It evoked strong emotional reactions.

It caused the activation and expression of truth.

It gave the beautiful souls in this community the space to tell the truth on themselves.

It was shared- a lot.

This is not a coincidence. This is what happens when love leads the way. The activity and incredible feedback I have received in the past 24 hrs sparked within me a massive jolt of creativity, confidence and increased my capacity and willingness to be real and be seen.

Writing that piece wasn’t easy and releasing it out into the world brought up a lot of resistance- but the benefit I’ve seen in such a short time makes up for any initial uneasiness.

So Im stepping up.

radical self love kelsey grant

I’m playing bigger.

I am willingly submitting my work to additional platforms and allowing this to take me where I am meant to go.

I am going full stop into my passion- supporting peeps in repairing the #1 relationship in their lives (the one with themselves) and support these lovers in rocking their romantic relationships through the vehicle of Radical Self Love.

This past year has been literally life changing and I’m stepping into it all. I’ve been cracked wide open and I’m ready and willing to step beyond my limitations and play like I never have.

We’re getting really real and really rad for this next year of RSL.

Love you all so dearly. Thank you for standing for love in the world. Thank you for being you. Thank you for showing up and thank you for your willingness to radiate love consciousness into the world. Even if we’ve never met you have contributed to my life in such a deep and profound way, for this I am eternally grateful and I won’t stop going deeper and expanding higher. I’m open, ready and willing to release the aspects of my ego archetypes that keep me from being fully lit up, self expressed and self loving.

You all have made this journey so fulfilling and I bow in humble gratitude to your brilliance. Lets do this lovers! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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Happy 5 Year Vanniversary To Me!!! Day 305: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Well today lovers marks the official 5 year anniversary of me picking up my life in Calgary and moving myself out to the west coast and beginning a new chapter in the beautiful Vancouver.

In light of this awesome celebration I am calling this my Happy 5 Year Vanniversary!

So much has changed in the 5 years since I moved. It honestly is a bit mind boggling that it has already been 5 years!!! I am certainly not the same person I was when I moved.

Taking the Leap that would forever change my life

radical self love kelsey grant

When I made my way out here 5 years ago- I was fresh out of a long term relationship, just came back from my first solo travelling trip to South Africa, Spain, Portugal and the UK and I had just opened up to the entire world of transformation.

Now here I am 5 years later in a relationship with the love of my life and the man I am planning to build a life with- WIN!

I am building a company that is completely heart centred and a compilation of all the trials, tribulations and massively successful wins of my personal and romantic journey- WIN!

I have created an incredible soul family- completely fulfilling on my life long intention of having a super large family- WIN!

I live in one of the most gorgeous cities in the world, have a life I absolutely adore and have the honour of spending each day with people who elevate my soul, awaken my being and call me to greater levels of consciousness and love. EPIC WIN!

My life is absolutely blessed and I am deeply grateful for where this leap of faith has taken me. I had no idea what would happen moving out here, I just knew I had  to. My soul was pulling me here. I had to trust in the unknown and dive in. The reward of my faith and willingness to go forward into the unknown has surpassed my wildest dreams.

If I could go back in time and tell my 26 year old self what would be in store for the next 5 years if I made the move to Van- I would have never believed it.

When we leap into the unknown we absolutely have no idea where we will end up but jumping in and following the call of spirit will always lead us into the most incredible places.

radical self love kelsey grant

I am so deeply grateful for the incredible people that truly make my life one worth celebrating and honouring. To each and every one of you who have made my life here in Van such a delight I am so grateful!! Looking foward to what the next 5 will bring 😉

Is there something that your soul is nudging you to do? There always is- we just have to get still and present enough to hear the call.

Get still.
Have faith.

And jump.

To you and your incredible life adventures!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!


Mega Milestone- 200 Days of Blogging Complete! Day 265: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Wow today marks a pretty significant milestone- I’ve been blogging for 200 days straight!!!

With 100 days left to go in this project I’m going to take tonights blog to reflect on the some top personal highlights of this journey so far.


1. Blogging every day for the past 200 days has taught me that I am far more capable of taking things on and ROCKING them that I ever thought possible.

2. I can overcome adversity- there were parts of this journey so far where I came up against challenges- technology, internet or just my own internal crap- that would get me stuck. The number one solution: Asking for help. By sharing openly the challenges I was facing peeps showed up with genius ideas and solutions to help me out.

3. I have learned on a new level just how committed, dedicated and consistent I actually am when I am driven by a capacity to serve and share a message of positivity, love and inspiration.

4. It’s made me realize what a friggin awesome writer I am and has given me loads and heaps of solid content to pull from going forward.

5. I’ve learned what a difference my journey is making for others. I receive feedback on the regular thanking me for my vulnerability, my openness and my daily presence of inspiration and love. Knowing that when I show up here to write each day other people are going to be positively impacted really makes my heart happy.

6. And best of all- it has helped me get super comfy being uncomfy. Sharing my vulnerabilities, my life and my journey so openly has helped me really get ok and relax into my role as teacher, coach and mentor. Every time I share on this platform I gain more and more confidence, awareness and clarity into who I truly am and how much the world is craving connection, vulnerability and real human rawness.

It has been a friggin delight and honour to have shared these past 200 days with you lovers and I’m looking forward to what the final 100 days have in store for us!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Vancouver ManTalks- An Epic Success For My Partner And Our Relationship- Day 264: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Well last night it happened- the first ever round of  “ManTalks” took the stage here in Vancouver and it was a brilliant success.

The premise for this event is to support men in establishing communities of fellow high vibin, conscious and awake men.

Women have these networks all over the place- we are natural connectors. It’s now time to support our male friends, partners, brothers, fathers in creating more masculine networks that are based in the vibration of authenticity, vulnerability and real rawness.

Human beings are freaking masters of illusion. We are so good at putting on the “I’m fine- everything is perfect” mask. When we do so we run the risk of loosing the opportunity to truly connect with each other and experience the bliss of human heart connection.

For this connection to happen we gotta let down our guard, we have to allow ourselves to be seen and we have to open up and be vulnerable enough to let the stuff we would rather keep hidden be shared from a place of power, possibility and evolution.

photo 2This is what ManTalks is all about, creating the environment for men to dive into the fabulousness of community, of their vulnerability and ultimately of their humanity. I am so freaking thrilled of how the first event went. The speakers were all incredible and set the tone for a really incredible community to begin to unfold and the opening of such a significant cultural conversation to begin.

I’m so proud of my warrior man who by sharing his truth, his vulnerability and leadership has called this same gift out of some pretty incredible men in this Vancouver community. I also really dig that it’s an open space for women to come to watch and connect with men who are diving in and leading by conscious example.

I think its so easy for us as a collective female gender to formulate stereotypes about men or ideas about their ability to open, be real and be raw. I quite enjoyed the sharing, the stories and the inspiration that came out of each of them and as a woman I am thrilled to watch a community of like minded and like hearted men (and women) take shape.

This is a massive win for our collective human family. One step closer to harmony, unity and ultimate love connection!

photo 3

For all you curious cats here is some info on each of the speakers!

Scott Low

photo 8Co-Founder of FS Financial Strategies. FS is a social conscious financial strategy group that donates $50 to any charity of your choice after a consultation through their Mission of Care program.

Aran Seaman

photo 5Co-Founder of Eartheasy. Eartheasy is an online store for anything and everything sustainable. Their goal is simple:  to encourage, inspire and inform people about the benefits of a simpler, less material lifestyle, and the importance of protecting our natural environment as the source of our well-being.

Wes Baker

photo 4Co-Founder of Debrand. Debrand is an innovative pioneer specializing in secure and responsible recycling solutions for corporate waste. They find unique and environmentally friendly ways to recycle materials while respecting brand protection.

Phillip Mckernan

photo 6Founder of, a boutique experiential retreat based company dedicated to connecting people to what they love. Best selling author, runs retreats around the world, speaks around the world, work with companies and individuals to help them create a more meaningful life by connecting to the things they love. I work with high level athletes, entrepreneurs, actors, couples and anyone who gets in their own way to real fulfillment.

Connor Beaton

photo 7Founder of ManTalks a platform for men to authentically share their biggest challenges, passions and purpose to inspire the development and like minded and like hearted community. Connor is a leadership and development expert who thrives in the environments of effectively directing people how to lead, inspire and grow their teams in the most on purpose manor. He is a coach and mentor for men who have a desire to positively impact the world through the work they do and the lives they live and the best part he walks the walk and talks the talk. He is a true leader who leads by clear example. His willingness to openly share is vulnerabilities, rawness and masculinity is what makes him a source of authentic inspiration to his community and to this world.

All of the proceeds from last nights event (nearly $600) is being donated to charity. Our charity of choice this time around is Music Heals  we were blessed to have the executive director Chris Brandt join us in the evenings festivities!

photo 1

I am so proud of my partner for putting together this event and taking his vision and making it a reality. His story is one of complete transformation and I know will be a catalyzing force for more men to reclaim their true authentic power and shine in their incredible masculine essence.

There is a massive awakening happening and I am blessed to know my partner and all of these men and women are a massive catalyst for change.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Celebrating B-School With Some Yummy Yin- Day 259: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Well lovers I made the leap.

I registered myself for this years round of Marie Forleo’s B-School!!! I am beyond pumped and I am so excited to be back in the classroom and learn.

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned throughout my life is the value of investing into myself and my future. The last time I made an investment of this magnitude (I registered for the Landmark Forum and went on to complete the entire curriculum for living) my life forever changed.

I repaired my relationship with my parents.
I got closure on a significant relationship I had just left.

I opened my heart to love.

I got mega clear on what I was looking for and felt inspired and powerful to take action.
I accessed the courage to ask for what I wanted in love.
I moved cities.
I created a soul tribe in my new city. These people are now my closest family mates, friends and business partners.
I started my own business and began living my soul purpose.
I was totally freed up to live my life, by my design.
I began attracting opportunities for growth and expansion and all the tools to get me to this point I’m at meow.

And now it is time to take the leap again, level up, invest into myself, my development and the expansion of this beautiful company and incredible community.

It’s been a pretty big step for me to take and I am certain this investment, this learning platform is the tool I am requiring to blast through to the next level of fabulousness, to be able to serve my purpose and serve this community to my greatest capacity. I am incredibly excited for what the future holds being a part of this incredible new community.

It has finally sunk in today that I am saying a big time YES to me, a big time YES to life and a BIG time YES to my soul purpose.

It is an honour to be here with you all and I am truly looking forward to being able to serve you lovers and support you all in going to your next level whatever that might be.

Our tribe here at RSL is so precious and I am delighted to watch it grow and to see you all THRIVE in your greatness.

To celebrate this massive win and HUGE new chapter I am taking myself to a hot yin class, to stretch out, relax and enjoy some sacred partner time with my man.

Feeling blessed, excited and ready to ROCK it!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

From Breakup to Breakthrough- How One Year of Self Love Changed Everything- Day 206: 365 Radical Self Love Program

Well we did it!!!!! The 30 Day Radical Self Love Program is complete and out in the world! Right now I am feeling pretty darn excited, proud and in all honesty a little overwhelmed, in the best possible way. This program came … Continue reading

Beauty, Abundance and the Power of Forgiveness- Day 159: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Oh wow!! Tonight we wrapped up the final classroom session for the 7 week RSL Forgiveness Course!!!

Kelsey Grant Radical self loveHoly, accomplishment lovers!

I am absolutely in awe of the magic which has transpired in the past 7 weeks with the beautiful women in the course. Each of them had a chance to share their great accomplishments and breakthroughs tonight and my heart is so completely blissed out.

There is something beautiful, sacred and magical when women come together in a spirit of love and kindness. Wounds- life long wounds- can be healed, hearts can be opened and transformation on a global scale is possible.

I have watched each of these women, grow, nurture their respective paths and ultimately flourish in their own self awareness and brilliance. To me this is the biggest honour.

I love teaching, I love to be a supportive pillar for transformation and I love watching people break out of their fears and OWN and revel in their exceptional beauty, abundance and brilliance. It is a true honour to have gone through this journey with them and I am so blessed to be part of a now growing community of women and men who are up to BIG things in life, who stand for each others greatness and who ultimately are transforming the planet through their example.

Tonight I am left with a huge expansion of my heart, a massive flooding of connection and presence to the true abundance we are all capable of aligning to.

One of my beautiful participants gifted me with this amazing completion gift:

radical self love kelsey grant

My favourite flowers

Chocolate (my two fav’s combined vanilla and salt in dark chocolate)

and Oranges- an abundance of them.

Tonight I am so present to the beauty and abundance I bring into the world through my own transformation, my own healing and my own forgiveness. I have learned so much about myself through teaching the one thing I needed more of- forgiveness.

I can proudly say my intention for this course has been wildly fulfilled and I am so proud of each of the women who showed up each week, who did the work (and they all did) and who opened their hearts and minds to the incredible power of forgiveness.

The world is a better place today because of the internal work these women have invested themselves into. More love beams are now possible through the opening forgiveness provides. More brilliance and connection is now possible. More women in harmony with one another is now possible. More women connected to their truth and following their heart’s path is now what is happening- All because they were all brave enough to expand their knowingness of forgiveness.

Ladies I truly acknowledge you, for your courage, for your vulnerability, for your honesty, for your transparency, for your willingness, for your growth, for your acceptance, for your wisdom and most of all for your love. Thank you for be-ing. You have made my role as a teacher so incredibly fulfilling and for this I am deeply deeply grateful.

The better it gets, the better it gets 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Being of Service Rocks-Another Epicly Successful Event! Day 97- 365 Radical Self Love Project


I am in constant awe of the amazingness of this universe. Tonight we hosted our monthly Radical Self Love workshop topic: Letting go, forgiveness, how to rock it when shit hits the fan and our egos try and run the show. Nearing a complete sell out I am present to a couple amazing things:

kelsey grant radical self love1. People are amazing and I love them. Seriously everyone who showed up tonight in the room was incredible. I am so honoured to have had the opportunity to share, teach and learn through them. The interactiveness of the group of peeps tonight was incredible and it beings me so much joy when people are really into the content and asking questions relevant to their lives.



2. This work is really making a difference. Tonight I graciously received some pretty incredible and powerful feedback about the positive impact within the content of the workshops, the blog and the community of Radical Self Lovers that is developing. Hearing the ways in which the content, coaching and self love information is really supporting peeps in making HUGE shifts in their lives makes me want to jump for freaking joy!!! I am honoured and humbled to do this work and show up for you all every day. Thank you all for making it so meaningful and incredible through your ongoing participation. I value and appreciate each and every one of you.

Kelsey Grant Radical self love3. When guidance comes it comes for a reason. This afternoon I kept hearing over and over and over “your next step is writing and offering a course on Radical Forgiveness- self love styles“. I honestly at first tried to ignore it, and as the day went on the messages got louder and louder until I surrendered into the call of my spirit. Tonight I announced the 6 week Radical Forgiveness course. We are starting the second week of October with a small and intimate group of 8 Radical Self Lovers and so far we have 6 interested peeps!! I’m completely blown away. This to me is full proof that the Universe always has our backs and if we just surrender into the guidance of our true nature (love) everything always works out in completely magical ways. Plus I’m freaking EXCITED to rock a 6 week course where we are rocking RSL lessons each week! Whooop whooop!

Life is amazing if we allow it to be. Tonight was a beautiful expression of vulnerability, sharing, growth, curiosity, service and above all Radical Self Love.

So grateful to each person who showed up tonight- you all inspire me. And big juicy lovey love love to my co-facilitator Kristin for rocking it big time tonight and co-creating this awesome adventure with me!

kelsey grant radical self love

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Archery and the Gloriousness of Trying Something New. Day 66: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Over the weekend I blogged about heading to my friends wedding celebration. It was filled with incredible moments and we truly had such a blast!

1160_545517958841181_2091966910_nPart of my journey has centred around the process of learning what works for me and honestly what does not. Part of the process of figuring all of it out calls me to step out of my comfort zone and occasionally try something new. Here is the thing ,without giving it a go I would actually not know whether or not it works for me.

This is why I have dabbled in many different things in my lifetime, different hobbies, types of work and even different styles of relationships. To me it is an exploration, a discovery and a research project into learning myself and what honestly vibes with my soul.

Through this lifelong discovery I have learned some pretty solid things about myself and what really works for me. A couple that truly stand out are:

1. I dig monogamy- Yup I know it’s not the route for everyone however it is the route for me. I love spending my life with a single partner. I think on some level I always knew it but I had to do some exploring to be sure. I am comfortable in the ways in which I got to this awareness of what works for me and now I actively create that reality with my loving partner every day.

2. I really love yoga and I really love gyming it up. Like many things in life I like variety and options. Without change we grow stagnant. One of the ways I express fulfilling the need of change is with my exercise routines. Some days I really love the warm, gentleness of yoga (even the hot and sweaty kind) and somedays I really crave a run and pumping weights at the gym.

3. I like things clean and orderly in my home and in my surroundings. This goes for me on a personal level too. I really like being clean and there is everything right and ok with that. Some people like to play in the dirt and get really dirty. I am not one of them. I tried it and through the trial and exploration got really clear that being clean and organized makes me feel the best. So I go with it and when I really honour this about myself I am a true expression of free flowing, high vibin, self loving energy!!!

4. I love love love coffee with lots of cream. That’s it. I just do.

5. I feel the most calm, centred and connected in my relationships when I have consistent physical human contact. My preference- cuddling. Maybe it’s because it brings back memories of being in the womb, I’m not sure,  whatever reason may be I just love physical contact and it is my main love language.

6. I am an observer. It is how I learn best. I watch repeatedly and I play it out step by step in my mind until I feel ready. It is at that point when I take on something new. Only in the past couple years I’ve realized the way I learn and approach taking on something new, invokes one of the main tools of manifestation- visualization, which is pretty freaking awesome!

And finally for today,

7. I only do things I am good at. Period. Instead of trying to fix my areas of challenge or struggling to embrace certain qualities which do not come naturally to me I’ve scrapped that entire model and only do things I’m truly good at. I focus on my strengths and dive into finding ways to enhance my natural abilities and capabilities. Doing so has opened me up to seeing alternative strengths and qualities I had laying dormant and allowed me to embrace the totality of my strengths and enhance my ability to experience calmness, flow, boundaries and self acceptance.


Now back to the theme of the day. Exploration. Over the weekend I did something I had never done before. Archery. It took me a while to mentally be at the point of preparation for the activity however, after watching the instructor and the other participants rock through a couple cycles of bow and arrow shooting I was mentally and physically ready to give it a go. By honouring my learning style and observation tactics, I was able to shoot the arrow with ease and by the second cycle of arrow shooting I was hitting the target.

Artemis_by_nat_ratHonouring myself allowed me to really enjoy the experience in a way that made sense to me and truly made the most of an incredible activity. I now know that I really dig archery and I know with a little more practice I will fine tune my skills and become even better. For now I can add another thing I am good at to the KG list and I have found more joy in my expression of self. Archery is so much fun for me and I have a feeling it was not my first lifetime shooting an arrow 😉 Maybe on some level I am channeling an inner goddess of times gone by and returning to an element of my being which truly lights me up. From what I can tell archery holds many valuable spiritual lessons for my growth such as agility, focus, calm steady intention, release and the balance between form and structure and relaxation and surrender. Pretty great for a new afternoon activity.

There are always juicy and delicious opportunities available when we dive into new and unknown territories. Honour yourself to explore this in a way that makes sense to your head and your heart. Go at your own pace- only you know what is best for you. When you embrace life in this manor your experience of being alive flourishes and your path of Radical Self Love grows and expands exponentially. True Story!

Share with us in the comments below your experience of how trying new things has lead to a greater sense of self discovery and Radical Self Love! Sharing is caring lovies!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!


Why Being Emotional is a Really Great Thing Day 48: 365 RSL Project

I am emotional. It’s true, and I love this about myself. cancer_symbol

I didn’t always, in fact a large majority of my life I spent resisting my emotional and sensitive nature. In the past few years I’ve really started to embrace this energy about myself and allow it to contribute positively to my experience.

Today during my personal development time there were some pretty clear repetitive messages I was receiving.

  • Practice the law of non-resistance. When challenges arise, and they will, flow with them. Instead of reacting and flying off the handle, take some time and respond to the circumstance.
  • Be like water. Water flows, it’s gentle and it always gets to where it needs to go. Relax into the beauty of the present moment, trust my emotions will guide me to where I am meant to go and be gentle with myself and others in this process.
  • Practice the law of least effort, otherwise known as the path of least resistance. Life is not supposed to be hard. It is only hard when I resist my true nature (love) and get out of harmony with who I truly am. I am meant to be happy, joyous and truly enjoy the abundant blessings constantly being presented in the human experience.
  • Make being of service and a positive contribution the top priority. When I am focused on something bigger than myself (something like directly helping 500,000 people learn how to radically love themselves more) and being of service to a higher good, all worries cease, inspiration and creativity flow and massive doors open.

Waterfall-mountains-ImageToday was one of those days where I allowed these messages in and gave them the power to direct the flow of my day. Inside of this surrender to a higher purpose some truly magical doors opened that will allow me to truly achieve my intention of helping 500,000 people learn how to radically love themselves more. How freaking awesome is that?!!

The Universe really does have our back and the more I invite guidance in the more I am directed to opportunities for success, wellbeing and truly living on purpose!


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!