Experiments In Gratitude- Day 337: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Gratitude is one of the major foundational elements of any Radical Self Love practice and it is such a pivotal component of our healing, growth and positive evolution. 

This video was recommended to me by one of my dear friends and fellow RSL member. During our high vibing chat about meditation and the power of gratitude and she shared that this video really left a positive impression and impact on her heart.

Sometimes in this world we need a little extra encouragement or evidence to nudge us in the direction of implementing change. This video is a amazing illustration of the basic science behind the practice of gratitude.

This little experiment warmed my heart to watch and reminded me just how powerful gratitude is and how the expression and sharing of our gratitude has the potential to ripple out massive inspiration and activate love in the hearts of the people we share with.

Share your love, express your gratitude- it will make you happier, science says so after all 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Unconditional Giving = Rippling Out the LOVE- Day 197: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today in my meditation I received a very interesting mission from my higher self.

Every day in my meditation I request guidance from my higher self on how to be loving and fulfill on my earthly mission. Today I received a very different mission from the norm. Today my higher self requested I tithe, and do so in a slightly unconventional way.

I was instructed to take $20 out of my wallet and go to the local coffee shop. I was to purchase my coffee and request the $20 be broken into four fives. From there I was to tip one of those fives to the coffee shop and then give the person working the till the remaining $15 with this request:

“My request is that you use this remaining $15 to purchase the coffee of anyone who walks into this coffee shop today who is grumpy, agitated, challenging to deal with or looking like they are having a down day. The customers you select are of your own choosing. Thank you”.

So this is exactly what I did. What happened next was amazing.

Heart shaped splash

The girl working the till lit right up. Her eyes glimmered, her whole energy shifted, she opened up and became way more expressive. She asked a simple question “So this is like a pay it forward kind of thing?” My response “Yes, exactly.”

I stayed in the coffee shop to do some final writing for the 30 Day Radical Self Love Program which we are officially launching on January 13th, so I grabbed a seat and got to work.

From where I was sitting I could clearly hear the conversations behind the coffee bar. When the girl who had received the money shared the entire team got excited, they were super stoked to participate and the entire energy of the staff levelled up.

When we give, unconditionally we open the space for peoples expansion. We become the cause of a ripple of love.

The energy of unconditional giving filtered into each of the staff members working, everyone who overheard the original conversation between me and her, anyone who witnesses the act of contribution and of course those who are the direct recipients of the act of kindness.

imageshardest-to-love_originalYou may be curious why I was instructed to gift the act of kindness to the difficult customers. If you are the answer is simple. The people who are the most challenging to love need it the most. People who are surrounded by abundant levels of love are kind, they are happy and they ripple positivity. Those who are grumpy, mean or aggressive are that way because they are lacking that nourishing and life giving energy of love in their lives or perhaps just in their moment. Either way the people who are hardest to love need it the most.

inspirational-giving-quotes-12When we actively participate in the unconditional giving of our time, or our energy or of our money, so many people benefit. What I remembered today by witnessing it all was that at our core we all want to be good, we all want to help and we all want to give. Some people may not have the capability in the moment to give of their money, so for those of us who can we can give them the gift of being able to give by doing something like this.


If we all do what we can to be the cause of love ripples, this world will transform into a friendly, peaceful and loving place to be quicker than we may think. Let today’s example inspire you to give what you can. Even if it is a couple dollars. It makes a difference, it will make someones day and who knows you might even save a life.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!