Beauty Is A State Of Mind: A Touching Reminder- Day 296: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Beauty is in the mind of the beholder.

This morning a wonderfully amazing RSL member shared this video with us. It is so chalked full of Radical Self Lovin goodness that I just had to share with you all tonight.

Below is a video documenting a very powerful experiment in beauty.

Watch, reflect and be inspired!

It is what we think about who we are that matters the most. There is never a quick fix that will make us more beautiful than we have declared in our minds that we are. To be beautiful we must begin with thinking beautiful thoughts about ourselves- and then the transformation begins.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


What Having Fun, Self Care, Radical Self Love and Creativity All Have in Common Day 61: 365 RSL Project

I am a super creative person. When I am in a state of creation I am at my happiest whether it is making up new songs, writing content, brainstorming, painting, cooking, dancing or anything else my heart fancies, I love making things up and bringing them to life. It makes me feel alive, gives me a sense of purpose and allows me to truly be a positive contribution to the world around me. Sometimes though, I get stopped. My creativity is blocked. I’m stuck and the creative vibes are just not flowing.

There is one method I’ve implemented for a while which always recalibrates my vibes and gets me back in flow and it’s simple.

Have more fun, invest in self care regularly and celebrate the blessings each moment brings.


Curious how this works? Keep reading.

Did you know:

When you are having fun you are in flow?

When you are in flow you are most likely to take care of yourself meaning you feel better?

When you feel better the image you hold of yourself is more aligned and positive?

When you are in alignment with your authentic image you are practicing Radical Self Love?


When you are rocking the Radical Self Love bliss train your creativity is at an all time high?

Well dear RSL lovers it’s true, having more fun and taking time for personal and self care is the simple and easy process for getting back into the vibes of creation.

Today I set a pretty awesome goal.

I intended to complete the rough draft of my E-book “Introduction to The Conscious Breakup- 15 Lessons of Radical Self Love”. I knew if I got too in my head about it I would not even come close to finishing. So I implemented my RSL creativity flow.

RSL61I woke up early, meditated, hit the gym, got a coffee and then I went for 3 hours of pampering with my sista/wife/bestie. We got pedicures, manicures and a chance to connect and really enjoy each others company and playfully celebrate the incredible gift of pampering we were receiving. After returning home I made a litre of green smoothy to charge up my energy even more and started writing. I took a break in between writing chapters to do a Radical Self Love Reset Coaching session for 30 mins and then I kept on creating.

I was able to accomplish more today in 3 hours than I do when I spend an entire “workday” in the mindset of “being serious”, “working hard” and “making/having no time for playing and enjoying life”.

Now as I’m completing this post I have minor touches to complete on 3 chapters and the ENTIRE rough draft is complete. I know I will finish at least one more tonight and by tomorrows end be ready to rock the editing phase!!!

WHOOOOP WHOOOOP!! To me this is a HUGE win! Even though I will complete the book tomorrow instead of day I got a massive amount accomplished, created inspired and love filled ripples in my client relationships and all the while feeling super yummy with my new nails and glowing skin.

Life is seriously amazing!! Super grateful to the ladies at Frilly Lilly Yaletown for taking such incredible care of us today!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!!