The Juciness of Our Three Day Christmas Tree Adventure- Day 177: 365 Radical Self Love Project

As I sit writing this I am surrounded by my family, all of us sitting in the living room respectively working on each of our personal projects. It is so incredible to be with incredible people, all on the same vibe.

radical self love kelsey grant

We have Christmas music playing in the background, our Christmas dinner cooking on the stove, a holiday movie ready to roll tonight and our tree is finally complete.

I’m pretty sure our Christmas Tree Adventure happened as it did for a couple reasons. The first being so that I could truly appreciate the beauty of having it and having it complete and the second being a funny story to tell about my first Christmas Tree.

I’ve lived on my own for the past 13 years and this is the first year I have had to get my own tree. I’ve always lived with roommates who had the tree and I never really had to think about it.

Day 1

This year we were so graciously gifted a massive tree..7.5 feet. Absolutely HUGE. Our apartment is really nice and open and pretty big for a downtown space, however it is not quite big enough for a 7.5 foot tree 😉 We made a solid attempt. On Friday we unpacked it and unfolded the branches only to find it took up our entire living room, yes the entire room.

Our Friday night decorating adventure didn’t quite happen the way we thought- perhaps a lesson in releasing attachment?! 😉

Day 2

So Saturday my mom and I set out for what would be an entire day of adventuring to different places attempting to locate a little 3 foot tree. By 7pm, a full nine hours after we had started our Christmas tree adventure, we returned to the very first place we went to. I had surrendered into the acceptance that whatever tree we would end up would be the perfect one and with the clarity it would be a super cute three foot tree. I even made up a little funny song to sing to myself and the Universe with my three foot tree intention. It made me laugh on the inside and that raised my vibes to be in alignment to receive the gift from the Universe.

From there we ended up attracting a hilarious manager who helped us find the perfect tree and gave it to us for 50% off since last week it went on sale for a couple days and he wanted to make our trip really fabulous. We scooped up a couple more ornaments and came home to finally decorate and get that beauty all set up.

Day 3

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantOur tree while fully equipped with lights required batteries to turn them on- so our final step today was to pick up our batteries and come home and turn our beautiful tree on.

I am so happy with our cute little 3 footer and it is the perfect size and addition to our family and our home.

This three day adventure has taught me patience, reinforced the power of clear intention and the value of surrender and detachment. It has also made for a hilarious family adventure and a beautiful outcome…a stunning tree full of love, handpicked ornaments and awesomeness!

Grateful, grateful, grateful!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Feature Friday: Family Addition- Day 175: 365 Radical Self Love

Today’s Feature Friday is focused on my love of family.

While in the midst of all the holiday hustle and bustle and all the goodness we have coming down the pipe for 2014, our next few Feature Fridays are going to take on a slightly different flavour. We’ll resume the Featuring of RSL members in January and for meow lets share about family fun time!

Last night my mom came into town for our holiday celebrations. CB and I will be kicking it in our home city for the Christmas season so this mini family trip is incredibly special to both of us. We get the opportunity to be with family, do all the Christmasy things like decorate the tree, have wine and cheese, shopping adventures and most importantly time together as a family.

I am so grateful for the beautiful day we got to spend together today. It is incredible to have mom here and for us to get to spend this precious time with her.

We kicked off this morning with a trip to Ethical Kitchen for a delicious breakfast. We had chagga mushroom tea and all three of us enjoyed delicious, massive breakfasts.

radical self love kelsey grantradical self love kelsey grant

Following breakfast we took a little mini work break- caught up on some adminy things and then headed off to the Vancouver Christmas Market.
Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant

radical self love kelsey grantThe market was filled with lots of little trinkets, christmas tree decorations, chocolate, mulled wine and loads and heaps of fun and laughter and of course CB and I stole some smooches beside the massive Christmas tree.

radical self love kelsey grant

Following the market we picked up a few more decorations, had and early dinner and meow are at home gearing up for a night of hockey, wine and decorating our tree. Such a perfect day. It is moments like these with the people we love most I am really keen on drawing attention to and featuring.

Now that we live in different cities than our families it is incredibly important to us as a couple to invest time and energy into our family units when ever possible. These moments are so precious and although life can get “lifey” sometimes it is growing clearer and clearer to me as I go through my life just how important family time really is.

I am so thankful for my beautiful family and for all these experiences that will forever reside as gifts in my heart!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


RSL’s Feature Friday- Earth Angels Day 154: 365 Radical Self Love Project

YEAAAAA!!! It’s Radical Self Love’s Feature Friday time!!! Today’s Feature Friday is a little different and incredibly significant.

EA_Logo_500-2Today I am giving a massive love shout out to all the beautiful Earth Angels who, through their daily contribution of kindness, love and light make all our lives a better place to be.

These are the people who will probably never be recognized for the incredible contribution they have made towards a stranger and who acted out of pure love to make some one’s day a little brighter.

There are a couple of these people who stick out in my mind today. One of them I don’t even know. I was sitting in a cafe in Dominican Republic the day I was coming home. I was inquiring with the people who I was eating with if any of them knew how long a commute to the airport would be and what the cost would be. None of them really knew and this caused a surge in my stress levels.

Out of no where a complete stranger, or as I like to call them- Earth Angel- approached our table. He mentioned he over heard our conversation and wanted to give me the information I was looking for since he was a resident of the area and could give me a little piece of mind with that seemingly small contribution. To me it wasn’t small. It gave me a HUGE amount of piece of mind and then allowed for the next Angel’s to show up moments later.

After knowing the details of how much and how long to get to the airport were in my experience the next step was to find a cab to get there.

Not speaking a word of spanish I had to ask for help. One of the women, another Earth Angel, with us was fluent in spanish and called numerous cab companies to help me to get a cab. After about 20 mins of no success I was getting super stressed.

I went back to the table and explained what was happening and that I didn’t have much time to find a cab and make it to the airport in time to board my flight.

What happened next was in my mind a miracle and an act of divine intervention. The wise wise man sitting across from me looked into my eyes and said this: “Kelsey, time isn’t out here, it isn’t outside of you. Time is in here (pointing to his heart), it is within you. You have the ability to shift and move time according to your internal state”.

It snapped me right back into the present moment. While I knew being stressed would repel that which I was trying to attract, I couldn’t quite get myself out of it. Enter the Earth Angel. Who in such a calm and knowing way reminded me of what I already knew and called me to relax, centre myself and remember all is within me already.

I closed my eyes, took a couple deep breaths and really tuned in to the knowingness that I would be taken care of and everything I needed would show up. Within what seemed like seconds, one of the cab companies called back the restaurant phone we had been calling from and told us they had found someone who was available to come and pick me up in 20 mins- exactly the time I had intended on leaving. A pure miracle. For this gift I am so grateful. Now any time I feel myself getting stressed I hear this Angel voice in my ear reminding me that time is within me and all I must do is calm down, centre myself and rock out in the present moment in the vibe of love and certainty. He may never know the immense impact that one little phrase will forever have on me and my life. Which is why today’s Radical Self Love Feature Friday is a tad different.

Today is an opportunity for me to beam gratitude, thanks and love to all of the Earth Angels who have crossed my path for sometimes seconds at a time and have given me the gift of empowerment, support and love. These people are constantly acting in ways to support the consciousness evolution of the people they come into contact with. They make the world better through their natural state of being.

So to all the incredible Earth Angels who have come into my life, and will continue to come into my life I offer you my deepest gratitude, the most abundant of blessings and a reminder that all you do is so appreciated, valued and seen.

If there is someone who you may not know, who has played this role of Earth Angel for you, share your story in the comments below. Even though they may never see your act of acknowledgement the energy of the blessing will transfer to them as well as everyone else who reads it. This is the ripple of kindness and the energy of love. When we give our blessings either out loud or silently it contributes to the evolution of us all- an evolution to our higher nature inside of the transformational power of love.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!


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RSL’s Feature Friday Jesus Parlange- Day 147: 365 Radical Self Love Project

YEAAAAAA BUDDAY!!! It’s Feature Friday time here at Radical Self Love!!

radical self love kelsey grantI have the honour and pleasure of introducing you all to the incredible RSL member Jesus Parlange- known to his community as Juno.

radical self love kelsey grantJuno is an award winning musician and producer and his nic-name comes directly from the Juno award he won for his epic production skills. Juno is also an amazing web developer and a highly skilled top notch DJ.

What we love most about Juno and why he is our featured member today is simple, he completely embodies the essence of love.

I have never met someone so genuinely kind hearted, giving and hilarious in my life. This man has the most hilarious sense of humour and has really come here to teach us all the value of laughing, playing having fun and not taking this life so darn seriously. He is also here to teach us the value of unconditional giving. Juno is the type of person who would give the last dollars he had to buy food for someone in need. His generosity and kindheartedness is a true inspiration and such a powerful contribution to this world.

His talent for music and technology is absolutely inspiring to the MAX!!! When it comes to music Juno has the innate ability to hear things that most people miss. His attention to detail is pristine and this amazing quality enables him to create the most beautiful pieces of music and produce epic pieces of art with other artists.

radical self love kelsey grant

Juno displays having harmonized a beautiful balance between focus and play. When Juno is working he is in the zone, dissecting every little detail to make the totality of a project the best possible quality it can be. This translates into leaving people truly taken care of in whatever line of work his projects take him. In the music world it means hearing the ways in which to make a track the best sounding and balanced it can be and to pull out the melodic patterns which are really going to translate well in the ears of the listener. When it comes to his web development this means a keen eye for detail and ensuring all pieces of a project are functioning at the highest capacity and doing complete work. He has a beautiful characteristic of expecting the best. The best of himself, the best of others and the best of the Universe. This makes him a true pleasure to be around. He is one of those incredible people who everyone is just happier around.

radical self love kelsey grantWhen the work time is complete Juno really embraces the essence of playfulness, silliness and enjoying every single moment to it’s fullest. His creative mind makes up the most random social activities that bring people together in the most hilarious, on purpose and love filled way. His heart is huge and what I love most about him is that he is a real time example of love’s presence in this world.

He leaves a place better in his presence, he inspires people to be happier, more playful and more intentional with the quality of work they release into the world. He reminds us of the beauty of being gentle, giving and compassionate.

Juno is a truly great human and we are so incredibly blessed to have him in this tribe and as a part of our family here at RSL. Juno we acknowledge and appreciate all you do to make this world a more beautiful, honest and love filled place. You are loved!

radical self love kelsey grant

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!!
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Connect with Jesus:

RSL Feature Friday- Adventurous Andrea!!- Day 126: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s Feature Friday!!!

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantToday I have the honour and pleasure of introducing Radical Self Love member Andrea Nicholas otherwise known as Adventurous Andrea

Andrea is a true beam of beauty and angelic light in this world. Her spirit is so gentle, kind and positive it is such a blessing to have her vibes floating around. I remember my first introduction to Andrea was through a common friend who suggested we connect. So naturally I hopped on my computer and did the virtual scoping out. I watched one of her Youtube videos and I was hooked. She embodies such a gentle, pure feminine energy I was immediately drawn to her and grew ever more grateful of the light she shines into the world.  Here is the first video I ever saw of her:

Andrea lives what some may think as an unconventional lifestyle. She chose to listen to the call of her spirit and the calling of her heart to make a lifestyle out of travelling and adventuring the world.

radical self love kelsey grant

radical self love kelsey grantWhat we love most about Andrea is her courage. Her courage to do what not many people do and follow her heart to unknown corners of the earth and explore the abundant blessings which await. We love her genuine and kind energy, her willingness to openly share her experience and to bravely lead the way for others to follow their own truth.

radical self love kelsey grantHer adventures literally take her around the world and from what we can tell are completely guided by her intuition and sense of trust in the Universe. It takes a lot of faith to pick up from your life and take off into the unknown. This is what Andrea has done and because of it her life is incredibly beautiful and is now a major inspiration to people world wide.

We also commend her for the bravery it takes to travel solo. Travelling alone while incredibly freeing and exciting can be frightening for people. We love that she is breaking that idea and showcasing in real time how safe and taken care of she really is. To us this is an example of how we are truly taken care of by the Universe, how we are always safe and protected if we believe we are and when our intentions are fuelled from spirit all things are possible.

radical self love kelsey grant

We also love her because she is a big supporter of living on purpose and living in a healthy manor. As you can probably tell from her glowing skin, bright shiny eyes and the glass of juice she is holding in her hand she takes great care of herself inside and out.

radical self love kelsey grantThe Radical Self Love Journey is exactly this. Learning how to love ourselves, fuel our bodies with the highest vibing food, energy and thoughts. Take care of our bodies through exercise, meditation and connecting to nature. Connecting within by getting clear on who we are, what we are here to do then doing it. It is the process of awakening to our purpose and then having the courage to live it. Andrea to us embodies all of these things.

She is such a beautiful soul and we are honoured to feature her today and so grateful to have such an incredible role model and friend in our lives.

Adventurous Andrea radical self loveAndrea is currently adventuring in Switzerland and from the pictures and updates we get to see on the regular, her travels have been blessed with incredible people, connections, juicy life lessons and most importantly a strong connection to herself.

To follow her adventures connect with her here:




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Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

RSL’s Feature Friday- Ride For Dreams Day 98: 365 Radical Self Love Project

RSL Feature FridaysIt’s Feature Friday time lovers!!

We are so stoked to introduce you all to Radical Self Love member Dave Weale!!

227828_10150586389180456_1752168_nDave is a rockstar ski instructor, personal development coach and all around awesome human being. Dave has partnered with Whistler Community Services Society and is heading up a new project called Ride for Dreams in which he is biking from Whistler Canada to California to raise money to fund kids from low income homes have access to pursuing their dreams of professional sports!

Why Dave and Ride for Dreams inspires us:

Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love Ride For DreamsAs long as we’ve known Dave he has always been a bright, kind and genuinely positive person who truly inspires happiness wherever he goes. After breaking his neck less than a year ago he has fully recovered and healed his body which is inspiring and magical on its own. However, healing a broken neck was only part of the miracle, Dave is now continuing on his mission to make professional sports dreams accessible for kids from lower income homes by rocking a cross country charity bike ride!!! WHOOP WHOOP Inspiration to the MAX!!

kelsey grant radical self love ride for dreamsHis positive attitude and perspective on life remind us here at Radical Self Love that anything and everything is possible. For most a severe neck injury would stop them-for Dave it was just an opportunity to show the world what he is capable of and heal it from the inside out. Here at RSL we completely believe in each persons power and ability to over come any circumstance or heal any physical ailment when we align our thoughts, feelings, vibration to that of love. To us Dave is a real time example of someone who has truly mastered the power of his mind. I know as a fellow coach (him and I did our training together) he has been on an incredible journey so far in life, which has always stretched him to become greater, stronger and a truly inspirational leader for his community and the world to look to.

Dave’s passion for teaching kids really resonates with us as we absolutely love little humans and all the wondrous magic they can teach us adults 😉 To know Dave is out there making a solid difference with his community in Whistler shows us that no matter where we are, what circumstances we face we can always be a positive contribution. We can always make a difference through who we are being with others and how we are showing up for life. Dave shows up for life every day and because of that this world is a better place!

And how incredible is it that all those little humans who are bursting with potential are being given opportunities to follow their dreams and live in the vibration of passion, love and contribution?! Pretty incredible and this is why Dave is our rockstar this week for Feature Friday!


Ride For Dreams

kelsey grant radical self love ride for dreamsThis fundraising campaign is two fold. Firstly it’s raising funds for kids who wouldn’t otherwise have access to a professional sports coach to receive training, coaching and opportunities to follow their dreams. Secondly it is illustrating how one person and their vision can unfold in the most incredible ways. Dave began this project about 4 years ago with a small community program and since then it has completely taken on a life of it’s own. They are now expanding the program to welcome more kids and make an even bigger impact and difference within our future generations of little human athletes.


More details here on the Ride for Dreams campaign:

Connect with Dave:

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Remember if you are up to something inspiring and incredible we want to hear about it. Check out the criteria and if it resonates email us @ cause we want to feature YOU!!

Feature Friday Criteria Here —->

New Radical Self Love Yumminess Coming Your Way!!! Day 89: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Kelsey Grant Radical Self LoveNewness rocks!

Here at RSL there are some pretty rad-tastic things I get to share with you today!!!

First- The new website is looking ahhhhmazing and I’m so excited to share it with you lovers really soon! The website will be home base for all the RSL programs, courses, coaching, mentorship, free content, blogs, videos, podcasts…simply put-pure awesomeness!

Second- Today I filmed the first video for the new weekly online Radical Self Love TV show! Here I will be diving into everything relationship and self love related. I can only dive to a certain level with a written blog and the videos each week are short little practical self love nuggets you’ll be able to take and apply straight away. These videos will often be how to’s for loving yourself more and having rockstar relationships. Yup we’re doing it!

Third and final announcement- Every Friday starting this week I’ll be selecting a RSL community member to feature. I’ll be sharing projects, people and companies that are up to inspiring, positive and loving “work” in the world. If you are a member of our online community and want to be featured hit me up. I wanna hear from you. I wanna share your awesomeness with our community and with the world.

RSL Feature Fridays

Here is the criteria for being selected:

1. You are doing positive, inspiring or love filled work in some way shape or form.

2. Your intention is to make the world a better place through your unique example.

3. You are living what you teach. I’m going to leave this one up to you to be responsible for. There is no way for me to actually know whether this is true or not. Only you know if you are living in alignment with your truth and the things you are teaching/sharing with the world. It is your karma so be mindful this is a community of highly intuitive peeps and if you are out of alignment most people will feel it- myself included. I’m really only interested in rippling out messages which are in alignment.

4. You have a legit page, website and project to share. It’s gotta be in the works and ‘live’ in the world.

5. You believe in collaboration and understand the value each person brings to the world.

6. You are humble, kind and a rad-tastic human.

7. You are comfortable sharing a photo of you, links to your website, project and trust I will frame you in the most positive light ever. I will not be sending over the pre-copy for you to review. The share will cover three things: 1. What you are actually up to (your mission)  2. Why I dig it.  3. How peeps can connect with you.

8. You will be featured on the blog on your Friday, on the RSL facebook page and also be tweeted.

9. You want/need help in getting your message out and are open and willing to ask for support.

10. You are an active member of RSL.

11. Your message, mission and project is aligned with our community and will be a contribution to their experience.

If you vibe with these simple points send me a message @ or in a private FB message on our Facebook community page and let me know in 200 words or less what you are up to with links to your content. If your project is selected you will be contacted by our team for the next steps. Also if you know of someone who is up to something awesome and might want to be featured share this post with them!

We already have a full month of peeps lined up so I’ll be rocking approvals on a first come first serve basis!!

Looking forward to spreading the love with you beautiful humans!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Why Friday 13th Is Actually Awesome- Day 84: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I’m seriously over Friday the 13th having such a bad rap.

photoDuring my life I have come to observe Friday the 13th having a pretty harsh reputation. As long as I’ve been alive the dominant beliefs around this day are rooted in fear with the intention of spreading fearful thoughts, feelings and reinforcing not so constructive ideas.

Following up yesterdays post which was focused on “we become what we think we are” is the concept of “our beliefs about people, circumstances and experiences also shape our perception of them”. Meaning Friday the 13th can either be a negative, crap day for you or it can be a powerful and positive experience. The only thing that stands at the helm is your personal perception, beliefs and whether you choose a belief rooted in fear or one in love.

Here is what I have learned during my journey of life.

Astrologically Friday is ruled by the planet Venus- which is the planet of love so already we are off to a great start 😉

The number 13 while in our current society has a negative association when looked at in terms of vibration and numerology is actually really strong. In this sense the number 13 resonates to the vibration of 4 which is all about foundation, organization and structure. It also hold elements of both 1 and 3. One represents inspiration, new beginnings, forward movement, adventure and leadership. Three represents self expression, happiness, joy and creativity. Again all very positive meanings.

2724008f-80c5-4591-9202-f27926522c68I am a lover of the Goddess.

Goddess spirituality and encouraging women to re-connect to the sacred Goddess spirit within is something I’m really passionate about. Throughout history many spiritual practices have existed where the Goddess was celebrated and the earth was deeply respected and honoured greatly. In these times of Goddess spirituality, Fridays were believed and became known as very powerful and positive days as they represented the focus of love. Friday the 13th became associated with the Goddess Freya who is the Goddess of love, fertility, sensuality and creative expression.

For women the number thirteen shows up in many ways. For example, given there are thirteen months in the true lunar calendar means there are thirteen menstrual cycles which is a very powerful time for women to reconnect to their feminine essence and celebrate the beauty of their being.

Thirteen is also a symbol of our creative force for all humans. 1 (forward movement) + 3 (creativity and self expression) =  4 (foundations for success). We amplify our power by celebrating this creative energy on a Friday which connects us to the divine energy of love.

So today I’m choosing to reinforce my positive belief around Friday the 13th and celebrate it as a connection to love, sensuality and my inner creative force. Doing so only empowers me to see the rest of the world through this lens of love which is a pretty rad-tastic thing 😉

Whatever your personal beliefs may be take some time today to check in with yourself and take inventory on your current and dominate belief systems. I invite you to make a choice to keep only the ones that serve you, your highest good and the highest good of all involved.  Doing so will activate more positivity within you and set you further on the path of love. Which really is the goal here at Radical Self Love!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!