Bench These 3 Naughty Holiday Relationship Habits For An Amazing Season

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3 Day Juice Cleanse, 2 Songs and A Whole Lotta Love- Day 350: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today wraps up my time in Victoria.

The past three days have been jammed full of creative expression, full on creation, cleansing and so much love.

I chose to do a gentle juice cleanse while I was recording for a few reasons.

  1. When I’m juicing I feel so much lighter and brighter. This is optimal when going into a state of creation. To feel bright and clear makes the entire process that much more enjoyable.
  2. Additionally it fills me up with raw life force energy, which is the pure energy of love. When I’m juicing I find it quite easy to dip into deep states of meditation and I am much jollier. Gratitude radiates out of me and I go with the flow so much more.
  3. I also have a stable levels of energy which is really required when doing work of this nature because it is so energetically consuming.

radical self love kelsey grant

radical self love kelsey grant
radical self love kelsey grant

In this state of super high vibes I am in very clear alignment with my creativity. Which makes recording music a lot easier and enjoyable.

In all my years of writing and recording music this by far was the most incredible and enjoyable process. I just got to be in my flow and the results speak for themselves. Without the pressures of “perfection” I could relax, get into alignment and allow the musical magic to flow through.

I spent about 5 hours in total recording both songs. I recorded the guitar, main vocals and background vocals for both and to do so in such a short amount of time seriously impressed me. We spent today in post production land mixing and putting the finishing touches on both of the tunes- and I am so pumped with how they turned out.

I headed out to a meeting just as the songs were being finished and when I came back to listen to the final product I was blown away. So freaking pumped and honestly really proud of myself and the amazing job I did. Listening to the guitar I was really impressed with how good it sounds and gave myself some serious credit for how far I’ve come in my playing in the past 6 years.

All in all this trip was exactly what my soul needed. I cleansed out the body, opened up to massive amounts of creative energy and allowed love in in a major way. The time I was so blessed to spend with my family, warmed my heart and spiked my energy even higher.

As I return home today I am tired but feel so damn alive and in alignment. So very excited for the next chapter of this crazy awesome adventure called my life 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Causing Pain or Causing Happiness: Wisdom From My Yoga Mat- Day 284: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today at the yoga studio we are practicing the spiritual law of Karma, other wise known as cause and effect.

For every action there is an impact, a seed is planted with every thought, feeling and action we take. Those seeds will at some point be the cause of an effect. All situations in our lives can always be traced to the originating thought, feeling and action whether it be positive or negative.

radical self love kelsey grant

My dear friend and fabulous instructor said something at the end of class that really struck a chord with me. She heard this from one of her teachers growing up and I felt it had incredible significance for me right now. She said:

“We either make decisions that cause pain or decisions that cause happiness”.

I reflected on this in a few ways.

First I reflected being the cause of an effect in another person. Every interaction I have with someone holds the opportunity to either cause them pain or cause them happiness. Certainly in my past I’ve made crap loads of decisions that absolutely lead to the experience of pain in someone else. I’ve also made a tonne of choices that lead to the experience of happiness in someone else.

With this increased awareness I really have brought this question to the fore front of my mind when it comes to my interactions with another: “Is what I am about to do or say going to cause an experience of pain or happiness- either immediately or in the future?

This simple check in with myself allows me the conscious space to be acting from a place of integrity, honesty and respect.

The second way I reflected on it was more personal. I reflected that every thought, feeling or action I take has the potential to either cause me a future experience of pain or happiness. It has become very clear to me over these past few weeks of deep heart healing and soul work that I have been engaging in a major addiction to negative obsession (more on this in a future posty post). These obsessive thoughts I’ve been “indulging” in have lead to the effect of feeling shit, anxious and fearful- which is not good for anyone, especially me.

radical self love kelsey grant

Inside of this super clear ahhh haa! moment today I can see how my insecurities have been rooted in the choices of thoughts, feelings and actions I was taking. This ultimately is the cause of my pain (even though it was an unconscious behaviour, the choice still lead to the pain).

Now the unconscious has been made conscious and I’m already beginning to see a shift. I “outed” myself to a couple girlfriends today and I also told this truth to my partner. Doing so reduces my access to indulge in these patterns. When we share our awakenings and awarenesses of our patterns to our close peeps they generally don’t give us space to keep running them, because they see us as someone who is capable of overcoming this layer of growth.

So here I am tonight “outing” myself to all you beauties. My major shift will be happening inside- in the ways in which I think, feel and act towards myself and my relationship. The self awareness muscle I’ve built when it comes to others and understanding the future impact I am responsible for with them, will serve me greatly in taking on this new area of internal transformation. I will keep you all posted on this internal journey as I have a feeling this one hold a pretty massive treasure inside 🙂

Mega gratitude and love to my soul sisters who held space for me today, for my soul family who always has my back, to my incredible, patient and loving partner who always calls me to be greater and step into my brilliance, and for each and every one of you beautiful souls part of this self love movement- you all make this world such a brighter place through your awareness, willingness to step into love and your ability to move forward fearlessly.

You are all amazing in my eyes and I love you dearly!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


3 Synchronistic and Serendipitous Messages From The Universe- Day 250: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today has been nothing short of the perfect example of divine timing, divine intervention and incredible messages from the Universe.

Today began with my standard RSL routine and from there kicked into high gear.

I had the honour and privilege to participate in two incredibly powerful and heart warming coaching sessions this afternoon. Both conversations left my heart incredibly open and feeling so blessed to have such beautiful souls in my life and to be in a place where I can show up and really be of service in my role as coach. It is pure magic.

Then after this major opening some of my “stuff” started to come up. I am so blessed to have a partner who is incredibly patient, loving and in-tune with me. We had a brief conversation which opened up an area of challenge for me and left me feeling pretty raw. Ok, but raw and pretty delicate emotionally speaking.

Enter Signs From The Universe.

No joke within moments of my conversation ending with my partner one of my best ladies sent me a message “Hey what are you up to? Want a coffee and a hug? I’m on my way to your fav coffee shop right meow”.

Ummmm pure perfection.

Spending time with her connecting, laughing, drinking coffee and creating in divine flow was exactly what my heart needed to embrace the raw emotional stuff that had just been worked through. It was so divinely synchronistic.

Then I come home to check the mail one last time for the Valentines Day card from my Dad that he sent Feb 8th, which still hadn’t arrived. I had sent him a message this morning saying “the card didn’t arrive 😦 I guess this means it will show up exactly when it is supposed to and when I need it the most”. I had no idea this morning when I wrote that how true it really was. When I opened the card it was  this beautiful message of love- reminding me how HUGELY I am loved and cared for by my Dad. I started to cry- it was exactly what I needed to hear today. Exactly. He also included a massively generous gift for my partner and I to go have a nice date night dinner. So kind, generous and loving. I felt so blessed and Divinely cared for.

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant

Then I opened my email to an incredible message from another one of my best ladies. We are big into numerology and synchronicity. Numbers is one of the main methods in which I receive my messages from the Divine. She sent me a fabulous email reporting some pretty significant synchronicities on our respective community pages. At 3:33 this afternoon she noticed that my page was at 2,444 lovers and hers was at 1,555. Triple numbers are majorly significant in numerology and divine messages. She took the time to write out each of the meanings and take this picture collage of it all.

Magical Synchronicity

I felt so taken care of, so loved and divinely guided BIG time.

Inside of these beautiful occurrences today I was able to be of service, work through some of my own stuff, allow myself to be nurtured and cared for, be in receptive flow of goodness, celebration and divine compensation and then to top it all off I got to return to being of service and close out this beauty of a day with teaching week #2 of our RSL Relationship Course.

I am so blown away by the massive progress each woman in the course has made since week 1!!! My heart was exploding and I was so giddy listening to their wins, their growth and knowing that the divine energy I have been called to share, is making a massively positive impact in their lives. The ripple is so expansive and we are just stepping into week 2 baby~

When we open up to the magic, synchronicity and serendipity of life the Universe responds in a BIG time way. I encourage you tonight to open up a little more, embrace the magic of being alive and dance in this gloriously divine energy of Radical Self Love.

It’s a game changer.
It’s a life changer.
True Story.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


A Beautiful Day Spent With Beautiful People- Day 244: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today I am so very present to the abundant beauty in my life.

This morning kicked off with an incredibly powerful and soul inspiring coaching sessions. Showing up for life in this flow of service is incredibly fulfilling and as I witness the moment of breakthrough there is a very obvious shift in energy. People become softer, their eyes begin to twinkle, their bodies relax into the perfection of the now and their hearts open.

I witnessed this exact transformation this morning on my first client session of the day. What a fabulous way to kick off the day.

Then it was off for some family funtime!

Shopping, laughing, sushi, coffee, photos and completed the day extravaganza with a family workout! So rad!!

Then onto one last work call for the day and we are wrapping up this beauty of a day with a delicious homemade dinner, some vino and relaxation.

Life is good and I am so blessed.

radical self love kelsey grantMy invitation to you tonight is, where ever you are, however your day went close it out or start it- depending where you are in the world, is to stop what you are doing and connect to 7 things you are deeply grateful for and can appreciate right now.

When we dwell in gratitude we make this entire world a more kind, friendly and beautiful place to be. Thank you all for stepping up, showing up to life and beaming out the beautiful energy of love. I honour, appreciate and deeply respect each and every one of you love faces!!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


A Family Yin Adventure and Reminder of A Law of Love- Day 228: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I absolutely love how divinely perfect everything always is.

Tonight I was at my usual Yoga volunteer shift and a bunch of my family mates showed up to do class together.

There is something truly magical about like minded and like hearted people in the same room, opening the heart chakra and letting more love in.

This week at the studio is the Spiritual Law of Giving and Receiving.

I observed a beautiful expression of this law right in the moments of the class. When I began the class, in our first posture my left hand (the energy of receiving) brushed my partners and we grabbed each others hands and held the posture. In this posture I was openly receiving his energy.

To close the class we were totally turned around for the last posture and my right hand brushed his (the energy of giving) and we completed the class holding hands except this time I was the one giving my energy to him.

This reminded me of how important in relationships it is to balance the energy of giving and receiving. At times we are the ones extending the energy and at other times we are called to receive. The happiness of our experience in relationship really lies within our ability to give love and receive love in balance.


I am so grateful for this beautiful reminder tonight and feeling so blessed to have an incredible family tribe who I have the pleasure of sharing precious moments like this one with.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Solid Family Weekend, Recharged and Ready to Dream Bigger- Day 226: 365 Radical Self Love Project

My partner and I just returned home from a very quick but very awesome trip back home to Calgary. This trip was massively monumental for a few reasons. First reason my pops is moving cities and this is possibly one … Continue reading

Super Moon Intensity and A Lil Social Media Break- Day 225: 365 Radical Self Love

Yesterday was the second new moon this month, otherwise known as a  supermoon, it also happened to be the beginning of a New Year cycle in the Chinese calendar.

supermoon-01Due to the rare nature of this occurrence we can really use these new energies to our advantage. We are entering the year of the wooden horse which simply put is about prosperity, happiness and freedom. Pair this with the super new moon which is a great place for planting seeds of manifestation and getting clear on what we want to bring into creation.

The energies of the next few days are the ripe soil to plant your desires. It is a fabulous time to do some conscious creation and be very mindful of the thoughts you are thinking, the emotions you are feeling and the actions you are taking.

Given the intense energy of the super new moon it may bring up a lot of emotions or cause the mind to run wild. If this is happening a conscious deep breathing exercise is so important right now. Deep breathing calms the nervous system which triggers in the brain that you are ok and there is no actual threat to you. It also stabilizes the emotional mind and allows you the space to rationally reframe the creativity of the emotional mind.

Something I have been really present to lately is how creative our imaginations actually are. We also generally use this imagination to dream up the worst possible scenarios. When we allow our imaginations to go off on these types of tangents we are planting seeds in the soil of our minds. These are seeds of fear and of things we don’t actually want to have happen.


To shift this pattern and to use your imagination to your benefit and for the greatest good for you and all involved we must begin to consciously shift our habitual practice of fantasizing about the negative and instead train our brains to focus on what we want and creatively fantasizing about the best case scenario.

The first step of this is awareness. We must be aware of how much our mind “goes off the deep end”. Then when we notice it has attempted to go on it’s negative creating spree, stop it with a new train of thought.

This new train of thought doesn’t punish you for having the negative creating thought- since that is just more fear and negativity. This habit is often disguised as a moral judgement of right or wrong thinking. This unconscious habit which punishes us for “doing wrong” is a another sneaky face of fear and it something we must embrace through the lens of love.

black-heart-wallpaper-9297-hd-wallpapersLove is kind and accepting. It doesn’t punish or make wrong. It seeks to understand, it sees the divinity which flows through all people, all thoughts and all circumstances of our human lives. Love is forgiving. Love says

“I have chosen a thought that is outside of what I wish to create, I have chosen a thought of fear as a product of my past conditioning and I have all the power within me to transform this habit and replace it with a love based consciousness. I choose to forgive myself for this choice and choose a new thought aligned with love. If I were to dream in a love consciousness what would I be thinking about right now?”

Then wait. The thoughts of love will come.

Then the thoughts of fear will probably creep back in. When they do, take a deep breath and remember that building a new habit takes time, consistency and repetition and this is all part of the process. Begin to see these experiences of fear from a higher place where you understand your ego and fear consciousness is trying to pull out all the stops to keep your from stepping into your power and your bliss, and anything you experience as contrast, pain or upset is all a function of the illusion of fear.

It may take some time to really “get” this for yourself. Keep up the practice of noticing when you have a disempowering thought and then change it as soon as possible. With a committed practice the space between the breakdown (negative creating) and the breakthrough (positive creating) becomes shorter and shorter.

Here is also another thing to keep in mind.

You are human and breakdowns are part of the journey. It may be your path to reach enlightenment where the fear consciousness is completely dissolved from your experience and it may be your path to learn how to navigate it gracefully and efficiently or it may be anywhere in between.

  • Be patient with yourself
  • Learn self reliance
  • Learn to reach out for support when you need it
  • Practice self compassion and forgiveness

(Forgiveness removes a block in you, to your awareness of love’s presence)

imagesInside of the Radical Self Love Journey we learn through trial and experimentation what our needs are, what triggers us the most, the places we feel most raw and vulnerable and then we beam love and compassion into those spaces. We learn to fill ourselves up internally instead of relying on others to give us this sense of self worth, validation or confirmation.

You are your own best guide and the path of Radical Self Love will support you in uncovering it. Every part of your process and your journey is required for your highest good and highest evolution. You are a beautiful and incredible contribution to the world and playing BIG is your access point to epic inner transformation and beaming a new love based consciousness into this world.

Where you are is perfect.

Take some time today to disconnect from the distractions and reconnect within.

I’ll be taking a social media breather today and instead going outside, spending time with my family and revelling in the beauty of this moment. Today I will also be planting some positive, empowered and love filled intentions into the soil of my mind and heart. It’s a fabulous day to take some time out for you, focus on what you want and begin the new practice of fantasizing about the BEST possible outcome, the BEST case scenario and ALL of your dreams and ambitions.

Wishing you all a beautiful and love filled creation day!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


A Little Yin and A Lotta Love- Day 207: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Tonight I rocked my usual 8:15 Yin yoga class.

After completing 13.14 miles this week in the gym it was time to give my muscles a treat and surrender into a hot yin class.

The postures tonight were absolutely perfect for the muscles I had just worked out and to complete the class in a hot room allowed me to really relax and surrender into each posture.


A beautiful added bonus tonight.

The room was filled with some of my soul family tribe. Doing yoga is awesome, and there is something even more amazing about it when done with friends and family in a vibe of love.

After class we caught up, shared stories, laughed, took pictures and smothered eachother in hugs and love. The most perfect way to wrap up my night and complete yet another successful week toward my goal of 55 miles by Valentines!! So far I have completed 23.94 miles in 14 days! Yeaaaa budday!

I have a sense I may meet my target sooner than later if I keep up this level of progress!

Major gratitude to the studio, to my teacher and to my beautiful soul family who are always an incredible contribution to my experience. I love you all dearly ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


New Beginnings, More Completions and Celebration!!! Day 201: 365 Radical Self Love Project

After a full day of writing, editing, more writing and more editing I can proudly say the content for the 30 Day Radical Self Love Program is complete!!!


This program is a culmination of my entire year of learning, growing and expanding into greater versions of myself. I put myself through this program at the start of 2013 and it truly set the foundation to launch me into incredible success in all areas of my life. To see it complete is a massive accomplishment.

proudI am so proud of all the work I have done on myself this year, and I am so proud of the courage it has taken to do the work and then boldly share it with the world.

The program as it stands one year later still holds the same foundations as last year but the depth of the content is so much richer, clearer and powerful. It took my year of clearing, healing and service to be able to put together such a rocking program!

I am so stoked for the official launch of this baby on Jan 13th!!! We will be fine tuning all the systems for the launch over the weekend, so if you feel you can’t wait until Monday or just don’t want to wait until Monday I’m happy to hook you up with a pre-sale of the program just email me at and we’ll send you all the details!

I spent the evening tonight taking a little break to celebrate this massive accomplishment and milestone with my Vancouver family. It felt so fabulous to be surrounded by so much love, encouragement and acknowledgement. I am feeling the love big time and I am so freaking excited to share this baby with you all so very soon!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!