Feature Friday: Family Addition- Day 175: 365 Radical Self Love

Today’s Feature Friday is focused on my love of family.

While in the midst of all the holiday hustle and bustle and all the goodness we have coming down the pipe for 2014, our next few Feature Fridays are going to take on a slightly different flavour. We’ll resume the Featuring of RSL members in January and for meow lets share about family fun time!

Last night my mom came into town for our holiday celebrations. CB and I will be kicking it in our home city for the Christmas season so this mini family trip is incredibly special to both of us. We get the opportunity to be with family, do all the Christmasy things like decorate the tree, have wine and cheese, shopping adventures and most importantly time together as a family.

I am so grateful for the beautiful day we got to spend together today. It is incredible to have mom here and for us to get to spend this precious time with her.

We kicked off this morning with a trip to Ethical Kitchen for a delicious breakfast. We had chagga mushroom tea and all three of us enjoyed delicious, massive breakfasts.

radical self love kelsey grantradical self love kelsey grant

Following breakfast we took a little mini work break- caught up on some adminy things and then headed off to the Vancouver Christmas Market.
Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant

radical self love kelsey grantThe market was filled with lots of little trinkets, christmas tree decorations, chocolate, mulled wine and loads and heaps of fun and laughter and of course CB and I stole some smooches beside the massive Christmas tree.

radical self love kelsey grant

Following the market we picked up a few more decorations, had and early dinner and meow are at home gearing up for a night of hockey, wine and decorating our tree. Such a perfect day. It is moments like these with the people we love most I am really keen on drawing attention to and featuring.

Now that we live in different cities than our families it is incredibly important to us as a couple to invest time and energy into our family units when ever possible. These moments are so precious and although life can get “lifey” sometimes it is growing clearer and clearer to me as I go through my life just how important family time really is.

I am so thankful for my beautiful family and for all these experiences that will forever reside as gifts in my heart!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Adventures, Friends and Epic Pancakes- Day 155: Radical Self Love Project

Today our awesome friends took us on a little brunch adventure.

Since it was CB’s birthday this week it was a birthday celebratory brunch. They wanted to take us to their favourite breakfast joint. So we decided to bust out the adventure vibes and try something new.

WOW. So happy that happened!!!

They took us to this quaint little organic and love filled cafe called Ethical Kitchen.

ImageEthicalKitchenThe vibe was homey, warm and my fav- the natural vibe. Organic, healthy food joints have a distinct smell to them, a smell I absolutely love because I know it means high vibing, amazing tasting, love prepared eats.

I can say with complete certainty I had the best pancakes of my life this morning, and for it I am so very grateful. Sourdough pancakes, with wild boar bacon, eggs and a life altering maple butter syrup.

radical self love kelsey grantWhat I loved about this place even more than the incredible food was their commitment to contribution. For every mealshare item purchased they donate a meal to someone in need. Incredible.

I love discovering local gems like this and I’m so grateful for our amazing friends who introduced us to such an amazing local company doing what they can to make this world a little better 🙂

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!