Some Video Inspiration to Elevate the Vibes- Day 326: 365 Radical Self Love Project

positive-mindsToday as I made my official master list of everything that needs to be accomplished before moving and one of my favourite things to do when attending to tasks of this nature is to put on some high vibin audios and set my vibes even higher.

So to ripple out the high vibes I’m sharing my top 3 audios that I listened to while I worked away, organized and cleaned out one area of the apartment!


Video 1: Mindfulness and the power of getting still for 10 minutes a day

Video 2: Relationship Goodness from Abraham Hicks

Video 3: Learning where you are at vibrationally via whats going on in your relationship

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


A Simple And Effective Way To Release Frustration- Day 303: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Sometimes in life we get frustrated, upset and down right pissy.

Today was one of those days for me, one of those days when I woke up just a little bit off and every little thing triggered me. I am no angel by any means and  little ego-ic blowouts or at least a mini breakdowns often precedes my availability to soar into the beautiful realms of love.

Funny on Easter Sunday this would happen a day that symbolizes to a lot of people the energy of rebirth and renewal. So in the spirit of rebirth and accessing new levels of love and my funky vibes earlier today, I will share with you a simple and highly effective tool I use to get out of a lower vibe fast.

The Simple and effective tool to get out of a funk fast:

Cry, scream into and punch a pillow. That’s it. Simple and so so so so so effective.

Inside of this form of release we get to experience the gloriousness of an emotional and physical release, all the while not harming anyone or anything in the process.

As one of my lovely lady friends put it yesterday “I cried and pounded the shit out of my pillow this afternoon and it was glorious” and she is so right- it is glorious. When we give ourselves permission to get the pent up aggression and emotion out we feel clear, we feel renewed and we can begin again on a wonderful clean slate.

I gave myself permission to do this today and I feel so much more at ease- all in the perfect time to attend a 4 day free virtual meditation conference starting tomorrow (if you want more deets on the conference you can check it out HERE). For me to really soak up all the potential and plant empowered seeds throughout the conference I needed to be clear, I needed to do what was right for me to get those icky vibes out of my system.

So on this day of renewal and rebirth give yourself permission to clean the slate (whatever that means to you) and begin planting new seeds of all the gloriousness you would like to bring forth in the next new cycle.

Happy Easter Lovers!

radical self love kelsey grant

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


A Radically Loving Approach To Handling Drama Queens and Haters- Day 213: 365 Radical Self Love Project

What someone says about you says more about them than it does about you.

It’s inevitable when working in the public eye there are bound to be people who just gotta hate and drum up drama no matter what.

I first will preface this with a mad acknowledgement that in 213 days of spreading the love today was the first and only experience of our team at RSL receiving a non-supportive and hate filled message. This means that 212 Days of running this community have been filled with generous support, kindness, possibility and juicy amazing love and that dear lovers is absolutely incredible.

I know all to well the spirit of transformation and evolution. With it comes the shadow side of jelousy, anger, envy and hate. These are all a function of a fear based consciousness. No need on our part to judge in fact it is a call for us all to love more.

I can’t think of a more perfect day for this to happen. A day of celebration of the great MLK Jr where we are reminded of the power of love.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only LOVE can do that”.


The only way to truly eradicate fear is to starve it of energy.

What we give our attention to grows. So if we get caught up in someone’s drama, their ego-ic illusion and their hate filled heart- we activate those energies with us. When we activate them we open the space to activate this consciousness in others.

The only answer is to choose love

Dealing with the Drama

beautifuAs children we learned if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

This is the absolute best course of action when dealing with someone who is completely off the charts and more interested in spewing their unhappiness onto others and more committed to their misery than anything else.

Here is the thing we can only support those who are willing to be supported. Not everyone is ready to have the fullness of love, happiness and bliss enter into their experience. We have to release our agendas of what we want for them, even if it is an agenda of peace, blessings and love, and let them go through what they need to.

1350Keep in mind when dealing with haters or drama queens of any kind they most likely have not learned any other way to get attention or get their needs met. Again, this is not for you to fix. They have to come into this awareness on their own, in their own time and transform it for themselves.


imagesFinally when dealing with drama, if you are going to hold anything, hold the space of love. Pray for them. Send love to them- and mean it. I’ve come to learn that only hurt people hurt people. I know someones fear based actions are actually nothing personal. When people are seeking conflict externally they are doing so to match the internal conflict they are experiencing. In other words they are already deeply suffering. As messengers of love we need not add and compound their experience of conflict and suffering. Knowing this we can see them through the lens of compassion and hold the best possible outcome in our hearts for them.


Healing the Haters One Heart Mist At A Time

One of my favourite methods for this (and this works with anyone whom you experience a challenge with) is a visualization and forgiveness exercise.

I get into a comfy seated position, grab some high vibin crystals, close my eyes and take a couple deep cycles of breath.

I then visualize the person who is in need of love.

I imagine a pink love mist (I call this heart misting) emanate from my chest and surround  their entire body.

From there I look at them face to face, look into their eyes, say their name and repeat this:

My wish for you is peace

My wish for you is love

My wish for you is freedom from all suffering

There is only love between us.

I release you from the role you have played for me. You are free to go in peace. May you always be blessed with the abundance of the Universe and the presence of love. I forgive you and I release you.

Then I call on my Angels (Arch Angel Michael) to cut the energetic chords between us and seal them with love.

I close it by repeating their name again and saying you are peace, you are forgiven, you are love, you are blessed.

It’s really that simple.

You are far too precious as a messenger of love and light to invest your energies in these directions. Stay true to you and always remember it is an act of love for you to say no.

Just because you believe in love, self love and compassion does not mean to have to tolerate and “take” someone’s drama. It means the opposite. It often means closing the door, saying goodbye and wishing them well from afar.

Keep those vibes high, sparkly and full of heart misty goodness.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


2013 In Review: Some Awesome Reflections of An Epic Year- Day 193: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Wow 2013 you were a doozy.

I am thrilled to enter into this new year ahead and first a little reflection on the epic road 2013 paved.

Starting the year with a bang!!

My 2013 began with a unexpected breakup and just as unexpected breakdown. Inside of this massive shift was an even bigger opportunity- to finally figure out what I was truly made of.

Relationships up until this point had been a source of validation for me. In the break of my relationship I got to see the depth of my being-all the dark nasty energies that were lurking in the background. It was these energies, memories and stories I had been holding for years which were indeed holding me back. I needed to breakup to actually see all of them.

When I finally began to uncover these elements of myself I courageously made a choice to let them go. Not know how to actually do that, or what it would look like I took off on a journey of wild faith, complete surrender and soul healing.

radical self love

The first win

Out of my deepest suffering I birthed something great. I created a 30 Day Radical Self Love Program for myself. I put all of my knowledge, wisdom and guidance I was receiving from my spiritual practice and made a program to get myself through this intensely painful time. I was aware enough to know that I was only given that which I was capable of handling, even if at the time it seemed otherwise. This 30 days of self love began my reset and rebooting phase.

I began to stand up for myself, I began to take really good care of my body, my mind and my spirit, I began repairing relationships, completing relationships, setting clear and firm boundaries and diving deeply in to the world of self discovery, self development and self expansion.

In my 30 days I was gifted with many incredible ideas from the Universe.

The first was a Healing Gratitude Practice to heal the heart through a breakup and to provide clarity, support, healing and nourishment to BOTH parties. To me this was a very sacred gift, one to be used with great responsibility and care. It was this practice that began to set the stage for what would be an epic romantic re-uniting.

The second was a book. A step by step guideline to consciously process and gracefully accept the lessons of a relationship breakup. This book will be ready upon the new year and I believe it is one of the main reasons why I was able to hold the energy of love, embrace forgiveness, invite the soul searching and accept the deep healing that was required on my part to re-enter a relationship or be ready again for love.

The biggest win of the year

Following a completion of the 30 day program, I kept going and designed a 60 day program and a 90 day program. Midway through the 90 day program I experienced one of the most profound miracles of my life.

My former partner and I found our way back together.

radical self loveIn the time apart we had both experienced what we needed to to finally be clear. To be clear of what we wanted and be clear to act in alignment with what we wanted and to know full heartedly that what we wanted was each other. This was no easy ride. It has been months of intense emotional processing, deeper levels of forgiveness, practising raw honesty, learning how to be deeply vulnerable and most importantly learning how to let go to move forward. In this reuinion my heart had found it’s home. I was full and complete as I was, and when I finally came to the realization of this through all the deep inner work I had done, the relationship appeared. When I was actually ready, mind, body soul ready- it showed up.

Following this reunion Radical Self Love was launched.

I knew I had been given this experience not only for my soul growth but for the soul growth of the millions of others who are dealing with a self love deficiency and thus experiencing challenges in love as a result. My journey this year lead me to realize my life isn’t just for me, its for the betterment of all. My journey is an avenue for others to learn, progress, expand and transform. It is in this energy of self acceptance that we finally set ourselves free. It is in the practice of radical self love that we set the foundation for true happiness, prosperity and love.

Radical Self Love


Knowing this we lauched RSL and since then have mindfully allowed it to grow, expand and direct us to our next spiritual assignment. Inside of the launching of this community I was asked to come share the stage and share my music at an incredible conference in LA this past July. To take the stage with Kyle Cease and all of his guest speakers was a true honour.

radical self love

Hitting the stage

Returing home in the fall we launched into the monthly RSL workshops to begin building a local community of women and men who are commited to love, committed to loving themselves first and open and receptive to learning effective ways to do so. I am so proud to share how incredibly fulfilling and successful these events have been. It warms my heart to see the community in person coming together in the spirit of greatness, transformation and love.

Wrapping Up Beautifully

To wrap up the year we lauched our first RSL Course: The Seven Levels of Forgiveness. Every time I think of this course, the content, the participants and results which were caused in our 7 week journey together my heart flutters with pure joy. I am so thrilled to bring this course back to our international community in 2014!!

radical self love

The final accomplishements and wins of 2013 were amazing seeds we planted for the start of 2014: A radio interview (Jan 30th), the official launch of our new website, the release of the 30 Day Radical Self Love Program (the one I wrote about at the start of the blog), my first speaker summit in Feb, a guest facilitator for Warp Academy’s Creative Mastery Course, a brand new coaching program, our first RSL E-book…and that is just the first two months of the year!!!

I am truly so grateful and feeling the epic blessings of this past year. Although it was honestly one of the hardest, most emotionally demanding, soul purging, hard working years- it was the best year of my life.

If I were to sum it all up this year brought to me my life’s work and my life soul partner. Two pretty incredible accomplishments 😉

My invitation to you tonight is simple. Take time tonight or tomorrow and truly reflect on your accomplishments, lessons and wins from this past year. To know where you have been gives you solid clarity and power into knowing where you want to go in this year head! Let’s let love lead this year and make 2014 the best year yet!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Reading the Signs From the Universe. Day 190: 365 Radical Self Love Project

The Universe is always communicating with us.

signFor those who are open, willing and receptive we can learn to read the signs and the communication from the Universe to keep us on path and keep us living on purpose.

One of the main ways the Universe speaks to me is through numbers. There are three sets of numbers I kept seeing on repeat today and for the past few days.

555- The Vibration of Change.

This is a message of big time change and shifting. It is the energy of making choices, life changes and being open to going with the flow of life. It reminds us to be open and receptive to adventure, new opportunities, activities. The changes you are being called to make are for your highest good, brings forward long awaited circumstance and results and a full alignment with your divine life purpose and soul mission. The key to this alignment is staying centred in meditation and positive affirmation and healthy habits. This is a time to let go of the old to make way for the new.

888- The Omen of Abundance.

This is a message that financial and material abundance is on it’s way to you and it possibly suggests the receiving of unexpected rewards from past good work. Possibly times when you have worked for free (in alignment with your soul purpose) or given of yourself in the early phases of developing your craft or your life path work. It is a sign that your life’s work and mission is completely supported by the Universe and reminds you that the Universe is abundant and generous and the wish is to share the prosperity with you. This is a very auspicious sign that money is flowing to you.

999- The Energy of Completion.

This is a message that a very important phase of your life path is coming to a completion. This completion is required for your soul mission and is the clearing to fully pursue your life’s purpose and life work. The main themes of this energy are harmonious communication, inner resolve and strength, leadership, humanitarianism, leading by example, intuition, insight, being in service to others and the greater good and becoming an example of the Universal Laws in action. In this omen there is a reminder that a abundance of guidance is available to you from your guides, angels and Universal energies all you must do is ask for assistance in fulfilling what is required of your life’s mission. This cycle of completion is required to bring to you a new lifestyle reflective of your positive and love filled life-path work. To see this message is a important reminder to take action on your life’s purpose and soul work immediately. Once the step is taken the next one will be given to you.

I am so clear right now that 2014 is going to be a fabulous year for us here at Radical Self Love. The messages are clear from the Universe that the more we do to keep the mission of self love alive and support others in their self love journeys, the more we all benefit. This is such a fabulous sign of support and encouragement from the Universe.

I am incredibly stoked for this new year ahead and for all of us to blossom and thrive together!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


3 Effective Ways to Clear Your Energy After Boxing Day Craziness- Day 188: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Boxing Day is usually a pretty big energy zapper.

CO-BoxingDay03.JPGWhether you are working in retail and are dealing with swarms of chaotic energy or are one of the peeps just out an about in the crazy busy intensity of boxing day, it is important to effectively clear your energy after exposure to those energy vibes.

Why energy clearing is important

1c56e1bd41bfebf7dda2c0a0b5daac30All of us have an energetic body, and when we are in close proximity to another our energetic bodies touch and intermingle. Usually when we pass someone with a lot of negatively charged vibes we can sense it, we can feel it. Like wise when we pass someone with positive energy we can feel into their good vibes.

The thing about energy is whatever type of energy we are immersed within activates the same resonance within us. Meaning being around lower energies activates the lower energies residing within us. Without effective clearing we can carry around risidual energy of a complete stranger if we don’t clear on a regular basis. On days where we are exposed to a variety of energy bodies it is especially important to clear and reground.

Boxing Day Clearing

Lets face it the over all energies surrounding boxing day shopping aren’t exactly the most loving and positive. There is a lot of “getting” energy which when combined with small spaces and high volumes of people can turn into quite the chaotic mess. This is one of the high times for increased frusteration, anxiety, overwhelm, and upset so with all those not so great vibes in the air it is important that we clear that energy from our own individual vessels to ensure we don’t impose those same vibes onto another person. This is being ultra responsible about our energy.

3 Ways to Effectively Clear Your Energy

1. Have a shower.

Seriously. Rinse all the vibes and energy off and let it flow down the drain. Water clears our energetic field, relaxes the body and refreshes our state of mind. Water in incredibly healing and if at any time during the day our emotions flared, connecting with the water element to rebalance is a fabulous idea. If you are brave enough, rock the blasts of cold water on the spine followed by warm water. This clears out the energetic body really quick. For those of us not wanting to rock the icy waters standing under the shower head and doing a release visualization will do the job nicely. Also soaking in a sea salt bath is a great way to pull toxins out of the body and toxic energy out of the auric field.

2. Visualize.

Take a few minutes in a quite space, sit down, slow your breath to a nice steady deep inhale and exhale and visualize the “scrubbing” of your energy field. Imagine a bubble of light that surrounds you body, as you tune in you will either see or get a sense where there may be darker energies lurking. First scan your body from head to toe with a bright white light to “clean” your energy. Then after your cleaning scan if you still feel darker energies kicking around focus your visualization on that spot directly and see yourself “washing” the area clean. I like to visualize making little circle motions like when I’m scrubbing a sink and see myself scrubbing out those parts with stuck energy. Once the scrubbing is complete do another full body scan from head to toe with the white light and seal your visualization with a  grounding. In your minds eye anchor your feet on the bare earth and feel them literally “rooting” into the ground and connecting back to the healing energy of the earth.

3. Exercise.

This is one of the best ways to get out excess energy and transform lower energies to higher ones in a very short amount of time. Working up a sweat is good for all parts of your body, it helps release toxins in the body, it helps to re-energizes the cells, de-stress our minds, increase our flexibility, strength and endurance AND it releases endorphins and dopamine both feel good chemicals in the brain.


It is important that we integrate these clearing practices into our daily routines as a form of self love. When we take care of ourselves first we are better equipped to actually be a fabulous representation of love for others. We can beam more love and light into this world the more we ground out, release and make sure our bodies, minds and energies are clear, bright and beaming with greatness. The first step is always awareness, the second step is aligned action.

Share with us your favourite clearing methods so we can all learn from each other’s wisdom!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Setting The Tone for Success Weekend Style- Day 182: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I used to have a ritual a few years ago of going to hot yoga every Friday night. It was my way of unwinding from the week, getting a great workout in and balancing out my energies.

I also observed it held another major function to my development of self love. Doing an activity that was high vibing, healthy and spiritually connected, set the tone for my weekend.

The way it used to be

self-care-habitI totally used to be the party girl, who was out dancing and drinking every single weekend. Lets clear up right away there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, however, it didn’t really create the foundation or environment for my creativity to thrive or my energies to evolve and expand. It did the opposite.

So without even making that connection one Friday I finished work and headed to the yoga studio and rocked a hot class. The interesting thing about doing something that high intensity is afterwards I only wanted to put high vibing energies into my body, which meant a super healthy dinner and relaxing with people I loved.

The impact of conscious change

I also noticed it had a huge impact on the way I spent my weekends. Entering the weekend in a space of clarity, high vibes and healthy made me want to keep it up. So gradually as I practiced this new Friday night ritual my weekends became more constructive, I found I was more creative, more inspired and had way more energy to spend really connecting with the people I love.

Setting the tone for success

As part of my new commitment to health I noticed today that my Friday night ritual has returned without me giving conscious thought to it. As I was in my early evening hot yoga class I realized just the impact of setting up my weekend in this way, and ultimately setting myself up for success buy investing my energies into a healthy and soul nurturing activity.


Tonight I acknowledge myself for my commitment to my health and for coming back to this incredible ritual which feeds my soul. It feels so good to be in this space of filling up my tank and soulfully investing into myself.

With loads of love and high vibes I wish all of you an incredible weekend ahead full of beautiful blessings and happiness!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The Sexiest Thing a Man Can Ever Do. Day 179: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I am constantly blown away by the calibre of men in my life now. I’ll be honest with you it wasn’t always this way.

radical self loveI’ve made my journey through the most contrasting of relationships and dynamics with men. Men who are doing the best they can to express their understanding of what being masculine truly means. What I’ve learned from those men is what sexiness isn’t. To me sexiness isn’t the best dressed or machismo displays of dominance, “power” or strength. To me it isn’t the man who can outsmart and belittle others or the one who no matter what show he always has it together. It’s not the man who coolly supresses his emotions and plays it cool with women. It’s not the man with the best hair cut or the super cut body. It’s not any of those things.

A return to the true masculine- the sacred masculine.

I completely understand those types of sexiness and those types of masculine displays need to exist. To me they showcase a very valuable piece to our evolution. They show us the massive impact of a world where a lot of men are brutally cut off from the freedom to be. The freedom to be just how and who they are and be loved and accepted. It illuminates, through contrast, the immense possibility and potential we hold as a human collective to make things better. It shows us the pain, anger and destruction that comes from cutting off the emotions, the intuition and the feminine.

We all have masculine and feminine aspects within us. We have both sets of hormones just in different levels. Men obviously have more testosterone and women more estrogen. Here is the thing men have estrogen and women have testosterone. What this tells us on a spiritual level is that both genders are meant to learn, embrace and allow the lessons and power of the non-dominant energy within them. To do so causes the experience of balance, inner calm and inner peace. When women learn to balance their emotional and intuitive strengths with the energies of logic, rational and strength we see a emergence of women who are powerful beyond belief and who are humble, who are kind, who are compassionate and who can stand their ground when they need to.

radical self love

Likewise when men learn to balance their dominant energies of strength, forward motion, decisiveness and power with the more subtle feminine energies of receptivity, intuition and compassion we see an emergence of men who are powerful leaders, who instinctively understand the diverse nature of the human experience who then can use their powers of guidance to lead people toward their own empowerment. We see an emergence of men who not only know how to listen but also know the incredible power which resides within truly listening, they understand the value of being in touch and very aware of their emotions and find constructive ways to channel them. A man who is balanced in these energies is clear. Energetically he is strong, psychologically people know he can be relied on and is trustworthy. Men in their power understand the gift of vulnerability. 

The sexiest thing a man can ever do is to allow himself to express his vulnerability with power and clarity.

radical self loveThere is nothing else like it in the entire world. A man who is so connected and clear about who he is, doesn’t give a shit what other people will think or say if he speaks his truth. When he shares honestly what is up for him, what he’s been through and where he has fucked up he opens the space of possibility, rapport and leadership. He knows by doing so he will give other men and women the external permission they are seeking to do the same. He not only can be honest about his shortcomings but will also learn from them, and he will use this learning for his greatest good and the greatest good for all those who have the privilege and honour of meeting him.

He has learned spiritual surrender and knows inside of this surrender is where his true power resides. He knows by taking down his walls his power can radiate into the world and when his authentic power radiates into the world his mission and purpose can be wildly fulfilled. 

The sexiest thing a man can ever do is be real.

Real with himself and real with others. He is courageous enough to be real in such a way where communities are inspired to step into their greatness and bravely live their truth. This level of integrity, strength, honesty and raw vulnerability is the sexiest thing a man can do in my eyes.

radical self love kelsey grantI am so blessed I have a man of this calibre as my partner. Every day he continues to expand into his greatness and be a stand for what he knows in his heart to be true. He is a fearless leader, a loving and supportive partner and a courageous example of the journey of the sacred masculine. He is a powerful source of inspiration and guidance to many, myself included. A man who is willing to receive guidance, a man who shows me all of him, a man who is connected spiritually, emotionally and physically in this lifetime. A man who bears his soul so that others may find their own power and strength again. A man who reminds the world to love, to be a contribution and that we all have something of incredible value to share with this world.

Our experiences are given to us for many reasons one of which is to bravely and constructively share them with the minds an hearts of the masses. A truly powerful man understands this and leads by incredible example.

I am honoured to have a partner who has chosen to be all of this for the world and who continually shows up to do the sexiest thing a man can ever do- be real, be raw and be vulnerable. I know just by his and his circle of influence’s impact we will see a beautiful transformation in the minds and hearts of men and women for lifetimes to come.

With deep and loving gratitude to all the men who show up this way for the world, you are honoured, you are valued and you are so very loved!

Thank you for all you do to make this world a better, gentler and loving place to be.

Radical Self Love to the Max


Why It is Totally Ok To Be Anti-social, AKA Social Hibernation- Day 169: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Connection with other humans is amazing.

So is being anti-social, when it’s done to amp up the RSL vibes.

Today was one of those social hibernation days for me.

tranquilityquotesI stayed cocooned in my bed for as long as possible- until I actual ran out of reading material.

I moved to my work station and wrapped myself in a cozy blanket as I did some writing.

Then it was coffee time- which did mean a venture outside.

I put on the coziest scarf, a warm toque, rainbow mittens at stepped outside.

I went to the coffee shop and came home.

While I was out I noticed something about my state of mind. I was irritable. I was feeling really anti-social and I just wanted to hibernate from all forms of social contact and connection.

Nothing actually happened to trigger it, but I could feel within me my fuse becoming incredibly short. Today was a perfect reminder for me that some days are really meant to be spent in stillness, silence and solitude. I’m usually pretty chatty and responsive. Today I haven’t been. I’m not in a chatty or outwardly connecting mood AND I’m ok with it. When I get this way I know its a call from my spirit to connect with me.


After some reflection today I’ve noticed in the light of my busy couple weeks I’ve been feeling a little out of control in the sense that I feel as thought life is happening at a super busy pace, and I’m not having the time to get the work done I so deeply want to do. Then I realized I’m at the centre of that. I am the only one who creates my schedule and while my slightly anti-social feelings today are a lot to do with taking time to reflect and regroup, they are also bringing my awareness around being more diligent with my time.

It’s a solid lesson and a fabulous one to realize right before the start of the new week. Tomorrow is a day for me to set up for the week ahead and I now know I need a little more time with the phone off, in KG flow/work/writing land. I am the one who has to carve out the space for my morning routine, carve out the space to get all the writing done and for all the amazing projects I’ve got on the go. It is after all of these things are done- going forward- that I will be scheduling time with others.

It’s just the way it’s got to be to make sure I’m taken care of so I can show up 100% in all I do. This may not make some people happy- and I’m ok with it because it makes me happy. Ultimately this means when I do have time with people I can be present 100% and that is such a great gift. I would rather have my “stuff” handled so I can really be present and enjoy some one’s company.


I’m also heading into week  four of my cycle-which as you ladies know- is a fabulous time to be introverted and design my week in such a way where I respect this more sensitive and introverted energy. Ahhh the wonders of social hibernation- this time truly does bring so much goodness into my awareness. Without this feeling today I wouldn’t have come to this realization and perhaps would have had a very different week.

I’m excited to plan my week tomorrow- in a way that honours my energy, honours my flow and honours the gift of life I have been given.

So if any of you are feeling overwhelmed or like you want to go into social hibernation for a little bit- do it. Give yourself permission to do what is right for you. It makes you a better human and ultimately a greater contribution to this world!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Feature Friday: Soul Sister Style-Day 168: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s Feature Friday!!!

radical self love kelsey grantToday I’m taking this spotlight time to shine some much deserved attention and energy to my incredible girlfriends!!!

This week has been an amazing time of re-connection, new connections and soul connections. I am so incredibly grateful for the calibre of women I have now created in my life. I am so blessed to have an abundance of smart, funny, beautiful, powerful, gentle, feminine Goddesses in my circle of influence.

radical self love kelsey grant

Each of the women I have close to me embody a beautiful quality and equally beautiful contribution to this world. I feel so blessed to share my life and my loves with these fabulous goddess angel women.

radical self love kelsey grantIt wasn’t always this way. For a long time I didn’t trust women. As a young girl I learned girls are fickle, they will turn on you in an instant and ultimately cast you out when you think you belong. Little did I know in my younger years this contrast was leading me to the precious lesson of SELF ACCEPTANCE.

The more I began to accept myself and own all the beautiful qualities about me my circle of friends began to shift. I was no longer attracting surface level friendships which were more based on outer appearances and looking good- and was now attracting deep, fulfilling soul connections, where there was space for everyone’s brilliance and each and every one of the women in my life represented something gorgeous about the divine feminine.

radical self love kelsey grantNow as I have really grown into my own skin, learned to love me, and am constantly levelling up to greater domains of self acceptance my girlfriends are a true reflection of the inner transformation which has taken place.

This week I have been so blessed to unite my energy with new friends who are clearly soul sistas, and with my ever incredible circle of Goddesses who are absolutely brilliant and beautiful in every way, shape and form.

radical self love kelsey grant

radical self love kelsey grantToday I honour you ladies. Thank you for showing up, thank you for all you do to beam greatness into this world and thank you for being the space for my brilliance to shine. You are so incredibly valued and I am honestly over the moon with how amazing each and every one of you are.

radical self love kelsey grantThis week has been such an example to me of the power women have when we unite in love. We are such gentle and loving beings and we all deserve to have friends who reflect this to us. The key is showing up that way for ourselves first. The more loving I became within, the more love I experienced outside of myself aka in my friendships.

Ladies I am truly honoured to be on this journey with you, my heart is happy because you are all in it.

With deep love and gratitude for the Goddess-Soul-Sistahs in my world! 

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

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