3 Self Loving Steps To Gracefully Navigate Emotional Storms- Day 361: 365 Radical Self Love Project

There is a general vibe floating through the air these days in the RSL community.

Stories of breakups, heartache and intense emotional upheaval seem to be subtly crossing my path lately. I sure have been through my fare share of all of these this past year and a half I wanted to shed some inspired light on navigating this tender territory from a place of self love.

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3 Self Loving Steps To Gracefully Navigate Emotional Storms

1. Give yourself permission to be feeling what you are feeling.

It’s actually ok to be experiencing whatever you are. Happy, sad, upset, angry- whatever has made it’s presence known in your experience, is there for a reason. If we avoid, deny or try to stuff down this “stuff” it just builds more momentum and comes bursting out uncontrollably at a later date. Giving ourselves permission to be is one of the most freeing things we can ever do for our healing, growth and spiritual evolution.

A wonderful RSL mantra: “I give myself permission to be human and experience all emotions knowing each serves a divine and perfect purpose.”

2. Come into full acceptance of your emotions when they arise.

A really magical thing happens when we come into acceptance- diffusion. When we give ourselves permission (step 1) then accept the emotional experience we are having as its happening- the duration of the upset is significantly reduced. Now all emotional upheavals and storms will be unique and some may last longer than others and that’s totally ok. The point is to remind yourself it is perfectly ok to be experiencing what you are.

A really great RSL mantra I use when emotions arise is this: “At this present moment I am having an experience of (I then identify the experience as best I can- anger, jealousy, sadness, loneliness- whatever it is give it a name), it is ok that I am having this experience as having it means I am growing and expanding who I am, I accept this experience and trust I will receive the value of what it is here to teach me.” Then…

3. Allow, allow, allow.

Your emotions need an avenue to clear themselves, period. It is at this stage where you also encounter the divine assignment of practicing personal responsibility. Just because you’re having an emotional storm doesn’t mean everyone around you needs to be pulled into the emotional hurricane too. Find responsible and respectful (to yourself and others) outlets to allow the emotion to pass. Like all storms it will and the more you resist it the longer and more intense it will get.

If I am in a situation where the clearing will negatively impact another I make a promise and pact with myself to allow the emotion passage to happen at a specific time and place in the very near future- then keep my word to myself. If I am in a space where no one will be negatively impacted I just allow the clearing to happen in the moment. To consciously make this distinction will require self awareness and self loving discipline, which in all honesty just takes a bit of practice to polish.

Some of the things I do to allow the clearing:
  • Crying (I’m a Cancer and this is the most effective method for me)
  • High intensity exercise
  • Screaming into a pillow
  • Punching a pillow or punching bag
  • Lions breath
  • Real talk journalling
  • Verbal clearing (done only in a professional context with a coach)
  • And my ultimate fav, because it inevitably cracks me up is: stomping around and over dramatizing- think 2 year old temper tantrum 😉

All of these prove to be quite effective and in my allowing of the emotion to pass through, without additional internal judgement (“Oh I shouldn’t do this, I shouldn’t be feeling this”) I am able to return to a state of clarity and calmness relatively quickly- in the grand scheme of things.

Part of the Radical Self Love journey is learning how to be ok with all  aspects of your human experience. Learning how to bless these types of “negative” experiences and extract the gold always lying deep within, has certainly been one of the most fulfilling aspects of my Radical Self Love journey to date.

Give yourself permission, own the experience, allow the storm to fill you up and then allow it to pass on through. What you will begin to notice, with regular practice is, the duration and intensity of each emotional upheaval lightens as you become stronger in your application of these three graceful steps.

When we spend less time, energy and emotion in the stormy storms we free ourselves up to play and radiate in the blissful moments and experiences our lives are meant to bring.

Where ever you are is perfect, what ever you’re feeling is perfect, you are perfect just as you are. Remember that.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Why Being Emotional is a Really Great Thing Day 48: 365 RSL Project

I am emotional. It’s true, and I love this about myself. cancer_symbol

I didn’t always, in fact a large majority of my life I spent resisting my emotional and sensitive nature. In the past few years I’ve really started to embrace this energy about myself and allow it to contribute positively to my experience.

Today during my personal development time there were some pretty clear repetitive messages I was receiving.

  • Practice the law of non-resistance. When challenges arise, and they will, flow with them. Instead of reacting and flying off the handle, take some time and respond to the circumstance.
  • Be like water. Water flows, it’s gentle and it always gets to where it needs to go. Relax into the beauty of the present moment, trust my emotions will guide me to where I am meant to go and be gentle with myself and others in this process.
  • Practice the law of least effort, otherwise known as the path of least resistance. Life is not supposed to be hard. It is only hard when I resist my true nature (love) and get out of harmony with who I truly am. I am meant to be happy, joyous and truly enjoy the abundant blessings constantly being presented in the human experience.
  • Make being of service and a positive contribution the top priority. When I am focused on something bigger than myself (something like directly helping 500,000 people learn how to radically love themselves more) and being of service to a higher good, all worries cease, inspiration and creativity flow and massive doors open.

Waterfall-mountains-ImageToday was one of those days where I allowed these messages in and gave them the power to direct the flow of my day. Inside of this surrender to a higher purpose some truly magical doors opened that will allow me to truly achieve my intention of helping 500,000 people learn how to radically love themselves more. How freaking awesome is that?!!

The Universe really does have our back and the more I invite guidance in the more I am directed to opportunities for success, wellbeing and truly living on purpose!


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!