Numerology, Love and Relationships- Day 340: 365 Radical Self Love Project

As an intuitive being I am super keen on using numerology in just about any way I can.

When it comes to relationships there is one particular way in which I find it very helpful. The personal year cycle. This is done by adding the date of birth, with the month of birth with the current year and reducing to a single digit.

For example my birthday is July 27th so I figure out my year cycle by adding all the numbers together like this:

My birth day is 27. I add both numbers together to get my first single digit: 2+7=9

Next I add 9 (day) + 7 (month I was born)= 16

16 reduced to a single digit is: 1+6=7

The I add in the next number which is the first number of the current year (2): 7+ 2= 9

Add in the next number of the current year (1): 9+1= 10

Reduce this number to a single digit: 1+0=1

Finally add in the final number of the current year (4):1+4= 5

My current year cycle is 5.

Knowing this I can prepare myself for the significant lessons of 5 this year which are change, movement and freedom. I use this website for a more in depth read out of each cycle. 

Then I do the same process for my partner to see what year cycle he’s in. This gives me access into understanding what challenges, growth and expansion await him in his year ahead.

Knowing this information allows me to operate at a higher level of awareness. First I can prep my partner for what may be coming down the pipeline for me. For example I knew that a year 5 brings massive change, lessons in freedom and flexibility and movement. At the start of the year I shared with him that this year for me would likely be full of experiences where I would be tested to learn and understand the true meaning of change, flexibility and freedom in my life. Simply put there would likely be a lot of change to experience.

To know this about myself helps me to be more responsible about my life and what we will likely face together as a couple.

Knowing his year cycle also gives me the opportunity to be the type of partner who will support his soul lessons for that particular year. For example my partner is in a 9 year, meaning this year is all about endings, completion and wrapping up an entire 9 year cycle of lessons and growth. Knowing this I can gently direct him into completing on certain areas of life, leaving old patterns behind and above all else not forcing new things to happen right now. There is a huge opening and serge of new life in a year 1 cycle and to push for things to happen in a 9 year only leads to upset and frustration.

I also use numerology to gauge the compatibility between people. I personally believe everyone has the capability to be compatible with one another, however some relationships are going to be more free flowing than others. The way we increase the flow of compatibility is through understanding the information in a numerology chart.

radical self love kelsey granto

I want to know what the soul urge of my partner is since this number influence will be the driving force behind almost everything he does. Having insight into his life path lets me see what the main themes of his life will be. Knowing the characteristics of his outward personality number lets me see who he becomes when in a community setting (out in the public eye).

There are so many extensive ways to utilize numerology within the relationship. The best use is always going to be for your own self discovery of YOU. The more you know how you are, the ways in which you function, what your areas of strength are, what your areas of challenge or growth are, you begin to return to the remembrance of your wholeness. A person who is in alignment with their wholeness and aware of their divine nature is a pretty sweet individual to partner up with simply because they are tuned into the power of love.

People often use these tools as a way of only understanding the other person better. That is all fine and dandy, it’s great to have positive insight and guidance on what could make the dynamic most optimal, but it is so so so important that you remain focused on using this tool to deeply understand yourself on a authentic level.

When you know who you are and what you stand for being in a relationship transcends into a whole new level of connectivity, relatedness and possibility.

When beginning to explore the world of numerology starting with a basic awareness of your year cycle and what is likely in store will support you in being your best version, embracing the soul lessons, passing the spiritual tests and rocking the main lessons of the cycle with as much ease, grace and positivity possible!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The Benefits of Being Real In Relationships-Day 338: 365 Radical Self Love Project

As my RSL journey has unfolded I’ve become more tuned into my passion and love for relationships.

Inside of this passion I’ve been noticing some behaviours in the dating and relationship world that deeply repel love in really sneaky ways.

This is one of the main reasons why I was called to write the first RSL ebook “Sabotaged Love- The 12 Archetypes Keeping You From The Love You Want”. 

One of the archetypes I explore in the book is The Chase and Dodger. This archetype thrives on the thrill of the chase. It knows what to say, how to say it, when to say it to keep their “interest” interested. The thrill of chasing and pursuit is strong in this archetype and once they get what they say they want almost instantaneously loose interest.

While I won’t dive into why this archetype shows up I will offer you some very solid coaching on how to lovingly approach and handle these types of dynamics.

The best and only way to approach people with this archetype is to be straight up. Be real. Be honest- like all out on the table honest- right from the beginning.

radical self love kelsey grant

This archetype only wants to pursue someone who is OK with ambivalence, ok with the grey zone and ok with a lack of clarity and grown up communication. The hint of any real talk spooks this archetype and they fast track themselves into the second aspect of their behaviour which is to dodge- dodge talking, dodge clarity, dodge commitment anything deemed as restricting their idea of freedom will send them running for the hills.

You might be wondering why clear communication is a good thing with these archetypes if they spook easily. To know where you stand with yourself means you are in your power, you are in alignment with your heart. When you are in this alignment you attract people who are playing at the same level. People with honest and true intentions, who have dealt with their shit, and are willing to be real and vulnerable can only be attracted into your life when you are being this way. People harbouring this archetype are, at the present time, unable to reciprocate this honesty and transparency, which leads you to know with deep certainty they are not the perfect partner for your precious heart.

Have the courage to pull out the real card, get honest and tell the truth about how you feel will filter out the chase and dodge types nearly immediately. This way your time isn’t wasted playing cat and mouse dating games and you support the vibration of love in the world by not buying in and feeding their ego archetype.
radical self love kelsey grant

Being real with a new potential partner is either going to freak out and run away or they will be excited and relieved because you are both on the same page. Either way you are taken care of. If they run away- it is a massive blessing from the Universe protecting you from a potential painful future heartache. The people who run away are NOT your perfect partner. No matter how we reason, justify or try and manipulate it, the fact is the perfect partner for you is the one who meets everything you are looking for and is willing to invest themselves into the relationship 100%. This means the perfect partner for you is someone who is available in every sense, mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually.

If someone freaks out because you love yourself enough to respect what you want and have the courage to boldly communicate your desires- they are not the perfect person for you. Let them run, eventually they will face themselves and once they do they too will be able to find themselves in the arms of their perfect match.

radical self love kelsey grantYou are so deeply worthy of a love that fills you up and a partner who is truly available to you and your heart. Honour yourself, be radically real and raise those standards baby! By declaring how you feel and what you are looking for right away you confirm your relationship order with the Universe. You have to act in alignment with your desires in order to bring them to fruition.

I knew my ideal partner would have to be someone who was capable of hearing my truth but also open and conscious enough to speak his truth and what his heart was calling for. Ever since I uncovered this nugget of wisdom years ago my dating life has become this beautiful, exciting and respectful place to dwell.

There is an ease present when both people know what the parameters of the union are and are in full agreement with the co-creation.

My relationship now is a testament to my clarity and willingness to speak my truth over and over and over. My heart is happy and my relationship is thriving. Being honest may not bring you the immediate result (person) you were hoping for but it will always deliver you exactly what you ask for (the perfect person for YOU) if you open your mind and heart to receive it.

If you would like to receive a copy of the first RSL ebook before we release it to the world hop onto our mailing list to join the community who will receive first dibs on reading this juicy book! You can join our list over at our website

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!


30 Days Of Blogging Left And A Gift For You All!!!- Day 335: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Holy smokes today is the final 30 day mark lovers!

radical self love kelsey grantIn 30 days from now I will have successfully completed one full year of one blog post per day! 365 blog posts!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

In these final 30 days I intend to optimize this time together and write about the things YOU really want me to cover. This is my first of many gifts to you all! In the coming months after this blogging project wraps up I will be transitioning to a video blog format as well as weekly blogs over on my website and I would love to get into the habit of writing content based on our communities questions and interests.

So I have an ask of you.

If there is a specific topic you would like me to cover in these next 30 days let me know. Anything related to radical self love, self care, relationships, breakups, makeups, forgiveness, boundaries, trusting, healing infidelity, signs from the Universe, ego, love, fear, patience, anything about our 30 Day Program, RSL courses or RSL coaching we offer- ask away!

Send me a quick email at and give me a short heads up on your RSL or Relationship related questions and the first 30 people to write me I will be answering their questions directly on the blog for the final month. Every submission question will be kept anonymous to respect privacy of each of you love faces.

Everyone who submits a question will receive a direct response from me confirming we received the question and approximately the date your question will be addressed on the blog. If we end up with more than 30 questions we will find alternative creative ways to answer the questions to benefit you and the community- if you are one of those submissions I will let you know what to expect from us!

radical self love kelsey grantWhat I love about this style of sharing is, if one of you is having a challenge with anything self love, self care or relationship based, guaranteed there are many others dealing with a similar challenge. When you speak your truth and ask for what you need you give others permission to do the same and you also contribute in a massive way to the community as a whole.

I receive a lot of questions 1-1 and it makes sense to me to frame the inquiries in such a way where all of us can benefit from the insights, wisdom and coaching. Really excited to step it up a notch for the final stretch! I am so very grateful for each and every one of you lovers who have joined me in co-creating this community. This past year of blogging and radical self love adventures has been pretty wild and deeply transformative and this gift one of the best ways I can illustrate my gratitude and give a massive THANK YOU for all of the support and love!

Send me your questions loves and lets rock these final 30 Days together in a HUGE way! xo (

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


How To Release Disempowering Dating and Relationship Habits- Day 327: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I have a very exciting announcement lovers!! For the next six weeks leading up to the release of the ebook I am going to write two related articles to chapters in the book every week.

The first one: how to release disempowering dating and Relationship habits

When we become aware of the less than favourable antics of our ego inside relationships we can begin the journey to more conscious love and partnership. Single? This means more success, harmony and higher calibre dateable options. Attached? This means more success, harmony and authentic intimate connection with your partner.

When we practice detached awareness we can begin to see the crap our ego pulls in dating and relationship land. From there we jump start the process of acceptance. It is from that new juicy space of awareness and acceptance where we can actually begin to shift these patterns.

A common circumstance I find a lot of women I work with is going after or ending up in relationships with men who are in some way shape or form unavailable. Today I’ll be diving in to foundation for healing and releasing this not so optimal habit in love.

What to get first

Examine how available you actually are. If you are attracting men who MIRROR unavailability to you it is a massive hint to look within yourself to the ways in which you withhold aspects of your emotional, mental and spiritual availability. What most people likely find in this initial exploration-if they are truly honest-is they are not as available as they initially thought they were. Are you honestly open with your heart? Do you give freely without the expectation of anything in return? If either of these answers are no there is some inner work to be done.

Until we learn to hold our fullness and allow another person into the totality of who we are we will keep picking up partners who reflect unavailability. These relationships often lead to an experience of upset and emotional pain and each time we repeat the pattern the pain gets more intense. This is completely by design from our higher selves in hopes that inside of the painful experience we will be pushed enough to make a change and instead of thinking its all “out there” (blaming the partners you selected) that it’s actually all “in here” inside of you. These painful experiences are wake up calls designed to lead us towards our potential, expansion and our alignment with who we truly are. The only common denominator in all of your past relationships is YOU.

radical self love kelsey grant

Next step is increasing your standards

You are the one responsible for choosing the people you date and the criteria or standards they must meet before you enter into a dynamic with them. If you want to be with someone who is committed you have to learn to ask the tough questions. Questions like: “I am interested in a committed monogamous relationship- what is it that you are looking for?” Direct. To the point.

Ask it right away, at the very beginning, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to dive into a relationship where two people want two different things. Love is not the business of conversion. If someone doesn’t want the same things you do they arent the right person for you. Plain and simple. If you ignore this and go after someone anyway who has clearly expressed they are interested in something different than you are and you go forward anyways with the idea of ‘oh but once we hang out enough, or do this, or do that, they will see how amazing I am and then change their mind”, you set yourself up to repeat those painful patterns.

To ignore the truth of another because it doesn’t match your wants is setting yourself up for some major heartache down the road and it honestly is disrespectful toward the other person. Manipulating anyone regardless of how subtle or unconscious it is, is still manipulation and it never feels good or ends well. When you try to convert someone to want something they have said they don’t want is emotional manipulation. Tough to hear, but necessary. 

Shift your perspective

radical self loveIt requires courage and gumption to be upfront ask these tough questions and risk “rejection”. However, if you ask the tough questions first you find out immediately if people are a match to what you are desiring and if you are a match to what they are desiring. All parties must be on the same page for things to move in a conscious and harmonious direction.

If you ask and find out that you want different things that is actually awesome. Your time is precious and why invest it with someone who just won’t celebrate and welcome in your gorgeousness?


Just because someone wants something different than you do doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough or that there is anything wrong with you. You are perfect whole and complete and so is the other person. It’s only a matter of wanting different things and being spiritually and emotionally mature enough to trust that if you aren’t a perfect match someone who IS is on their way to you.

When you are clear right away you find yourself at a spiritual lesson crossroads. Lets say the person doesn’t want what you do you, you now have an opportunity to really anchor in your “order” to the Universe.

If you default to the old behaviour programming of lying about what you want, changing your story, compromising what you actually want (“oh I don’t actually need that type of relationship right now I just want it some day- ya a casual thing is totally fine with me”) then you loop back into your past pattern and will play out the same story and it’s your heart that will most likely end up bruised- but your ego will be thrilled with this choice and path of action.

If you embrace the opportunity to build a new behaviour based on your higher awareness and what you honestly want deep in your heart you anchor in a very very very clear and direct order to the Universe that you mean business. You actually want what you say you do because you are willing to act in alignment. Acting in alignment means saying NO to anything and everything that isn’t a match with what you are wanting at the core. What you are looking for can only make its way to you if you are constantly giving off very clear messages. Mixed messages = scattered and often unfavourable results.

Saying no opens the space for the right people to say yes.

When you stop choosing the same type of people your outcome will be very different. Energetically when you align your behaviour with your intention, that is how your intended outcome or manifestation can make its way to you.

Your clarity directs the delivery of your desires.

radical self love kelsey grantGet clear about what you want then act in alignment. Don’t settle, every time you compromise what you truly want because you don’t believe you can actually have everything your heart desires you send out wonky vibes to the Universe and fuck with the flow of your desire. What you ask for can only make its way to you when you are clear and deliberate about what you seek.

Get clear and act accordingly 😉

Stay tuned for the second relationship, dating and self love post later this week! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Sunshine, Smooches And A Whole Lot Of Love- Day 295: 365 Radical Self Love Project

What an absolutely perfect first day back together today!

We had a nice leisurely start to the morning, enjoyed the sunshine filling up our bedroom this morning, laughed snuggled and just enjoyed staying in bed longer than usual.

After a breakfast of fresh raw juice and gluten free blueberry and banana pancakes we set out on our day adventure.

We walked to a coffee shop we had never been to together did some reading and enjoyed delicious coffee. Then our long walk began.

radical self love kelsey grant

In total we rocked a 10km walk and adventured to new places and soaked up the sun, fresh air and the gloriousness of each others company.

After some smooches and selfies we made our way home to relax, make dinner and have a super chill night just lovin all over each other!

radical self love kelsey grantradical self love kelsey grant

I am so grateful to have him back and this time apart truly strengthened our bond and we are clear more than ever just how “in” this relationship we both are and how deeply committed we both are to the success of our partnership- such a massive win!

radical self love kelsey grant

With a very happy heart I wish you all the most beautiful evening! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


1 More Sleep Until My Man Comes Home!!! 293: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Only 1 more sleep until my man gets back and I am so freaking stoked!!

After 2 weeks of being apart he will be coming home tomorrow night and my heart couldn’t be happier. Today as a beautiful way to wrap this entire adventure up we hopped on a call and just reflected on all the positive aspects of our time apart has had on our relationship.

Some of the highlights:

1. We learned how to more effectively communicate our needs to each other.

2. We had the opportunity to have really deep, authentic and new level conversations about our relationship, where we are headed and share our excitement in co-creating in this new direction.

3. We got a chance to really miss each other.

4. We explored new creative territory with one another and infused this new creativity into our daily communication.

radical self love kelsey grant5. We got a chance to really build a foundation of trust and honesty.


While I am grateful for all of these beautiful gifts we have acquired over our time away from each other I am most certainly ready for him to come back.

So tonight I am going to celebrate this massive accomplishment (being apart and being ok) with my favourite dinner and a lil vino and enjoy a super chill vibe in the house flying solo for one more evening. I feel so blessed to have the relationship that I do and it most certainly has required work, positive intention, commitment to both our healing and a desire to co-create the relationship of our dreams.

After todays reflection I’d say so far we are doing pretty freaking amazing 😉

Wishing you all the love in the world and the most happiness this evening can provide!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Asking For What You Need IS Part Of The Path Of Love- Day 291: 365 Radical Self Love Project

The lessons just keep coming and it’s perfect.

As I shared a few days ago my partner and I celebrated a pretty fantastical milestone. If you missed it you can read about it HERE.

Over the past couple days I’ve been present to a few things. First being that it is so easy to get caught up in comparing our lives with what we think we know about someone else’s. When we slip into this ego trap we are comparing our lives, with all our beautiful and not so beautiful pieces, to an INTERPRETATION or PERCEPTION of what we THINK another persons life is- not the actual reality of it.

This is very true when it comes to looking at role models or leaders in our lives. The truth of the matter is EVERYONE has shit they gotta deal with and even the most distinguished and incredible leaders still have to deal with the lifeyness of life. No one has a picture perfect life- we all have challenges and we all have wins.

The second thing I’ve been present to is how much of the journey is really about claiming what we need moment to moment and conjuring up the courage to ask for what we need.


This showed up in my relationship BIG time these past few days.

Even though we achieved a significant and incredible milestone it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. We’ve had to work through some dark ass shit this week. Ultimately leading us to the place where I was able to really get clear on what I needed and ask for it.

At this stage of our relationship I’m really feeling the need for a little re-assurance and external validation from him. While I know he shows me love in many different ways there was still a major disconnect- I wasn’t pickin up what he was throwing down so to speak.

So we dove in.

We stood head on in the face of both our shadows and called for the greater parts of ourselves. The parts that were capable of understanding one another. The parts of us that are pure, divine and sacred.

This took some time but over the course of a few conversations we were finally really understanding each other. We came to the realization that right now the most effective means for him to communicate his love to me in a way that makes sense to me is through words of affirmation.

The outcome:

I awoke to one of the most beautiful written notes he has ever given me AND certainly the most love filled note I have ever received from a partner. The second I read it my entire body and being relaxed, I settled into the massive beam of love and affection he had just sent my way and I allowed myself not only to receive it fully but completely surrender into the bliss of the gift.

The lesson:

Not only is it completely OK to ask for what you need, it is a requirement for our path and our healing. It is also completely OK if from time to time you need outside reassurance and validation during this path. It can get intense and if we have the courage to ask for what we honestly need (while still doing the work to fill ourselves up in the self love department) we will always be blessed with the abundant gifts of the Universe and most likely we will start to see a side of the human condition that is soft, kind and downright incredible.

Give yourself permission to really OWN what you need right now, trusting that it may very well change in the future but for now it is what you need- and it’s all perfect.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



A Year Ago Today- Celebrating a New Year of Relationship Memories- Day 289: 365 Radical Self Love Project

A year ago today was a hugely monumental day.

It marks the official re-uniting day between my partner and I. After a short 6 week breakup we began seeing each other. Testing the waters. After 5 weeks of seeing each other and clearly moving in the direction of being together we had to have the “clearing” convo. This convo took place exactly a year ago today.

The convo where he told me everything.

This convo about everything changed everything. In the moment of hearing the entire truth I had the chance to react in the same ways I always had and ultimately walk away or I could choose something different. Do something I had never done before- with no guarantees of a successful outcome- but with the opportunity to create infinite positive possibilities. So,

I chose to stay.

I chose to forgive.

I chose to heal.

I chose to grow.

I chose to love.

It has been one hell of a ride so far. Not easy by any means. It’s be rough. We’ve hit some major breakdowns and some major breakthroughs. We’ve had to deal with the impact and the delicate nature of both of our healings. While it has been nutty at times I wouldn’t change it for anything because he is the one I choose. He is the greatest love of my life and to me this kind of connection, authenticity, and depth of love is worth every ounce of challenge we’ve endured to end up here.

While I know there may be some more bumps along the way today marks a hugely significant milestone for us and I am so thrilled to see what this next year ahead has in store. In honour of the incredible journey this past year has been I’m going to share a little picture montage documenting this amazing year together!


1. The first event we went to following our official reunion

radical self love kelsey grant radical self love kelsey grantradical self love kelsey grant


2. A family camping trip to kick off the summer

radical self love

3. A trip to LA for a performance I rocked

radical self love kelsey grant

4. Some summer time mountain climbing 

radical self love kelsey grant

5. A visit with my mom and more summer time adventures

radical self love kelsey grant

6. Wedding #1

radical self love kelsey grant

7. Wedding #2
radical self love kelsey grant

8. September Romantic Getaway -Salt Spring

radical self love


9. November Romantic Getaway- Whistler

radical self love kelsey grant

10. December Romantic Getaway- Big White

radical self love kelsey grant

11. Christmas Funtime

radical self love kelsey grant12. Christmas with the Famjam

radical self love kelsey grant

13. A New Years Trip Home 

radical self love kelsey grant

14. Sibling Visits to Van

radical self love kelsey grantradical self love kelsey grant






15. Our last date day before his work trip

radical self love kelsey grant


This has been one of the biggest and most profound years of growth and expansion I have ever experience and I am so grateful to spend my life with this incredible man by my side. Looking forward to levelling up this next year ahead! To the magic that awaits us…

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!




Causing Pain or Causing Happiness: Wisdom From My Yoga Mat- Day 284: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today at the yoga studio we are practicing the spiritual law of Karma, other wise known as cause and effect.

For every action there is an impact, a seed is planted with every thought, feeling and action we take. Those seeds will at some point be the cause of an effect. All situations in our lives can always be traced to the originating thought, feeling and action whether it be positive or negative.

radical self love kelsey grant

My dear friend and fabulous instructor said something at the end of class that really struck a chord with me. She heard this from one of her teachers growing up and I felt it had incredible significance for me right now. She said:

“We either make decisions that cause pain or decisions that cause happiness”.

I reflected on this in a few ways.

First I reflected being the cause of an effect in another person. Every interaction I have with someone holds the opportunity to either cause them pain or cause them happiness. Certainly in my past I’ve made crap loads of decisions that absolutely lead to the experience of pain in someone else. I’ve also made a tonne of choices that lead to the experience of happiness in someone else.

With this increased awareness I really have brought this question to the fore front of my mind when it comes to my interactions with another: “Is what I am about to do or say going to cause an experience of pain or happiness- either immediately or in the future?

This simple check in with myself allows me the conscious space to be acting from a place of integrity, honesty and respect.

The second way I reflected on it was more personal. I reflected that every thought, feeling or action I take has the potential to either cause me a future experience of pain or happiness. It has become very clear to me over these past few weeks of deep heart healing and soul work that I have been engaging in a major addiction to negative obsession (more on this in a future posty post). These obsessive thoughts I’ve been “indulging” in have lead to the effect of feeling shit, anxious and fearful- which is not good for anyone, especially me.

radical self love kelsey grant

Inside of this super clear ahhh haa! moment today I can see how my insecurities have been rooted in the choices of thoughts, feelings and actions I was taking. This ultimately is the cause of my pain (even though it was an unconscious behaviour, the choice still lead to the pain).

Now the unconscious has been made conscious and I’m already beginning to see a shift. I “outed” myself to a couple girlfriends today and I also told this truth to my partner. Doing so reduces my access to indulge in these patterns. When we share our awakenings and awarenesses of our patterns to our close peeps they generally don’t give us space to keep running them, because they see us as someone who is capable of overcoming this layer of growth.

So here I am tonight “outing” myself to all you beauties. My major shift will be happening inside- in the ways in which I think, feel and act towards myself and my relationship. The self awareness muscle I’ve built when it comes to others and understanding the future impact I am responsible for with them, will serve me greatly in taking on this new area of internal transformation. I will keep you all posted on this internal journey as I have a feeling this one hold a pretty massive treasure inside 🙂

Mega gratitude and love to my soul sisters who held space for me today, for my soul family who always has my back, to my incredible, patient and loving partner who always calls me to be greater and step into my brilliance, and for each and every one of you beautiful souls part of this self love movement- you all make this world such a brighter place through your awareness, willingness to step into love and your ability to move forward fearlessly.

You are all amazing in my eyes and I love you dearly!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Saying Goodbye, Getting Real and Taking Relationship Connection To A New Level Of Greatness- Day 281: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Tomorrow my man takes off for 2 weeks of work training.

With that being said today’s post will be shorter than most as we make the most of our last day together for a couple weeks.

This is a huge step forward for us and a massive opportunity to heal and really move into the next chapter of our conscious love story. So to make the most of it we declared the entire day to our relationship and having fun with each other.

radical self love kelsey grantWe got up early and went to a hot yoga class together.

Came home made breakfast I did a couple things around the house and gave myself a 20 min max for responding to important messages and being on social media.

Then we headed out to Granville market to grab stuff for dinner, do a little shopping and enjoy one of my favourite places to go for date day.

We followed the market up with a trip to one of our fav coffee shops and did some creation and brainstorming for his project.

Then our ego’s flared

Upon detached reflection I think this was our ego’s (or at least mine) attempt of avoiding addressing feeling sad and emotional for this time apart- and it lead a little mini breakdown in communication.

The breakdown in communication ultimately lead to the uncovering of my vulnerability and sadness of him leaving. While logically I know everything is going to be ok and I have worked through the anxiety of this massive step (for us) there was still a sadness around him leaving.

We got to explore the feelings and get out what needed to get out. I allowed myself to be true to myself and honour my feelings and show him that I truly was going to miss him. That realness and vulnerability is what truly brought us closer today. Sure all the fun stuff we did today was fabulous for the memory bank however the true heart merging occurred when I was ok enough with not being ok to show him exactly where I was at and what I was feeling underneath the strong exterior.

From this release, opening and connection we solidified our communication plan, made sure all of our modes of technology were working and set out to have a great night together, make some home made pizza and embrace this new chapter with as much positivity, realness and possibility we are capable of.

So off I go to have an incredible night with my man and say goodbye in the most honest, real and loving way I can 🙂

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!