My Secret Sauce For Long Term Success- Day 360: 365 Radical Self Love Project

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This Week’s Theme Song- Day 358: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Music is amazing.

It lifts our spirits.
It communicates the things most challenging to say.
It puts words to our deepest emotions and most blissful experiences.
It connects.
Connects us to ourselves, to our experience and to each other.

Music is the Universal language.

It is also a massive tool for programming messages into our subconscious minds. Our subconscious minds drive the majority of our behaviour (96-98% on average). Knowing this I’ve been really aware of the messages I program into my mind via music.

I tend to be drawn to music that leaves me feeling good and inspired. I also am super keen on being mindful of the lyrics of the tunes I listen to repeatedly. Our access to consciously reprogramming our subconscious is through repitition and consistentcy. So when we hear the same songs over and over, the programming (intentions and lyrics of the tune) becomes registered in our subconscious and ultimately begins to influence our behaviours.

With that being said I still love music that captures the full range of human emotions and I am all for a tear jerking song when the circumstances call for it. However, for the most part I prefer to stick to positive and uplifting tunes cause when I feel good magic begins to manifest in my life. In the spirit of sharing here is a song I have had on repeat a lot lately. It’s called Good Life” by One Republic and its full of delicious high vibes and positive messages!

Enjoy this beauty and feel free to share with us on our FB page your favourite feel good tune! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Consistency: It’s The Secret Ingredient to Success- Day 174: 365 Radical Self Love Project

How are you so consistent?

I have heard this exact same question or versions of it all week long. I’m taking it as a sign to actually answer it and give some insight into how I maintain such strong consistency.

1. I just do it.

I have invoked a no excuse policy with this year long commitment. Which means no matter what comes up, I do what I say I will do. I sit myself down at the computer every day and make sure that I have carved out the time to make this magic happen. When I don’t know what to write- I write that. From there something beautiful always comes through-always.

2. I’ve learned to prioritize.

ConsistencyIf I was shite at time management and gave whim to all my excuses this project would never happen. I have learned to choose what is important to me and make sure there is always time to get those things done. I start my day with my RSL routine and I don’t compromise. To be a light in this world and a leader I have to be able to show up 100%, to do this my tank has to be full. For the tank to be full I have to know what is important to my success and ensure those things get done first. I don’t always write in the morning but I ground myself so that whatever the day brings- I am able to create the space and time to sit and write a post.

3. I only invest my commitment into things that actually light me up.

This was a big lesson. I had to learn to say no to things I really wasn’t inspired by and to only give my word to things I really wanted to do. I chose this commitment because it inspired me, it also challenged me to take a achievable “big” step beyond the boundaries of what I knew was possible for me and level up my game. I know what I’m capable of handling and I also know what will push me out of my comfort zone. The key here is to find the delicate balance between those two worlds because that is what inspires us to become greater versions of who we know ourselves to be.

love trust respect

My big why

It is just as important to share with you why I place so much value on being consistent. The underlying reason it builds trust. I begin to build trust in myself that I can give my word and fulfill on it, that I can actually accomplish any thing my heart desires, and trust in that I am fulfilling a greater mission by completing these writings.

To be real honest, there are days when I really don’t want to write a post. There have been days where I push it to the very last hours of the day to actually sit down and write. And even though I have resistance sometimes I still continue to fulfill on my word. This is what sets me up for success in my relationships, in my career and in my life.

a_little_more_love_couldn__t_hurt_by_gorilla_ink-d559n4oIt leaves an impression on the world that I am someone who can be relied on and trusted in a big time way. You know what that makes possible? More vulnerability, more heart opening, more healing and more love. The environments required for this type of work have to be created with the utmost care and intention. People aren’t comfortable going into the deep dark parts of their being if they don’t trust they will come back out of it. This is why I am consistent. To be the safe space for people to open to their own brilliance, to embrace their shadow from a place of empowerment and to open to the incredible beauty of their vulnerability- which is their capacity to give and receive love.

This is why I choose to be consistent. For myself and for those around me. To participate in being a guiding force to bring forth real time examples of what is possible when we are inspired by love’s energy. It is why we are all here after all 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!