Experiments In Gratitude- Day 337: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Gratitude is one of the major foundational elements of any Radical Self Love practice and it is such a pivotal component of our healing, growth and positive evolution. 

This video was recommended to me by one of my dear friends and fellow RSL member. During our high vibing chat about meditation and the power of gratitude and she shared that this video really left a positive impression and impact on her heart.

Sometimes in this world we need a little extra encouragement or evidence to nudge us in the direction of implementing change. This video is a amazing illustration of the basic science behind the practice of gratitude.

This little experiment warmed my heart to watch and reminded me just how powerful gratitude is and how the expression and sharing of our gratitude has the potential to ripple out massive inspiration and activate love in the hearts of the people we share with.

Share your love, express your gratitude- it will make you happier, science says so after all ūüėČ

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


30 Days Of Blogging Left And A Gift For You All!!!- Day 335: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Holy smokes today is the final 30 day mark lovers!

radical self love kelsey grantIn 30 days from now I will have successfully completed one full year of one blog post per day! 365 blog posts!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

In these final 30 days I intend to optimize this time together and write about the things YOU really want me to cover. This is my first of many gifts to you all! In the coming months after this blogging project wraps up I will be transitioning to a video blog format as well as weekly blogs over on my website and I would love to get into the habit of writing content based on our communities questions and interests.

So I have an ask of you.

If there is a specific topic you would like me to cover in these next 30 days let me know. Anything related to radical self love, self care, relationships, breakups, makeups, forgiveness, boundaries, trusting, healing infidelity, signs from the Universe, ego, love, fear, patience, anything about our 30 Day Program, RSL courses or RSL coaching we offer- ask away!

Send me a quick email at rsl@kelseygrant.com and give me a short heads up on your RSL or Relationship related questions and the first 30 people to write me I will be answering their questions directly on the blog for the final month. Every submission question will be kept anonymous to respect privacy of each of you love faces.

Everyone who submits a question will receive a direct response from me confirming we received the question and approximately the date your question will be addressed on the blog. If we end up with more than 30 questions we will find alternative creative ways to answer the questions to benefit you and the community- if you are one of those submissions I will let you know what to expect from us!

radical self love kelsey grantWhat I love about this style of sharing is, if one of you is having a challenge with anything self love, self care or relationship based, guaranteed there are many others dealing with a similar challenge. When you speak your truth and ask for what you need you give others permission to do the same and you also contribute in a massive way to the community as a whole.

I receive a lot of questions 1-1 and it makes sense to me to frame the inquiries in such a way where all of us can benefit from the insights, wisdom and coaching. Really excited to step it up a notch for the final stretch! I am so very grateful for each and every one of you lovers who have joined me in co-creating this community. This past year of blogging and radical self love adventures has been pretty wild and deeply transformative and this gift one of the best ways I can illustrate my gratitude and give a massive THANK YOU for all of the support and love!

Send me your questions loves and lets rock these final 30 Days together in a HUGE way! xo (rsl@kelseygrant.com)

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Incarnated Angels and Divine Intervention- Day 290: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I came across a very inspiring video this morning. I’m not a religious person but I am incredibly spiritual and believe there is room for all faiths, religions and denominations. With that being said I am choosing to share this video not for its religious context but for its spiritual context.

What I witnessed in this video was nothing short of a beautiful miracle- a moment of divine intervention by an incarnated angel. I love this video for the example it shows that we are all united and connected. It is a beautiful illustration EVERYONE has something of deep sacred value to contribute if we create the conditions for its unfolding.

I hope this inspires your heart as it has mine!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Divine Compensation and Abundance Consciousness: A Workshop For Artists, Musicians and Actors- Day 286: 365 Radical Self Love Project

When one door closes another one opens.

Last month I made the big decision to stop our local monthly RSL workshops. It was a choice I didn’t make lightly. My inner guidance had been encouraging to make the move and there was a part of me that was really resistant- after all I love teaching and I love facilitating a live session. Magic happens when people are in the same room, absorbing the same information and creating the space of inspiration and growth to emerge.

Listening to my inner guide means trusting even when things don’t make sense.

I couldn’t see why at the time I was being redirected out of those workshops but I trusted it was for my highest good and the highest good for all involved. After holding strong in my faith and positive belief it is becoming more clear why that shift has taken place.

First and foremost it allows me to make the transition from teaching primarily from the context of “self love” and shift towards my passions which are relationships. I freaking love love. I have been obsessed with relationships and love my entire life. My path here is to support people in co-creating incredibly and fulfilling relationships. The foundation for this spiritual love, intimate love and romantic love is always rooted in self love—ahhhh it’s all making sense meow;)

Additionally as a musician I have a strong pull to support artists in getting their talent and gifts out in the world which means getting out of their own way. Getting out of their own way means building the confidence. What is at the core of confidence? You guessed it self love.

Getting to the Core of Confidence: Divine Compensation and Abundance Consciousness for Artists, Musicians and Actors

I’ve been asked by a local actors studio to come in an facilitate regular workshops for the acting, musician and artistic communities teaching confidence, self love and divine compensation. It is such a incredible manifestation and merging of all my areas of passion. What I love most about this opportunity is that it was born out of my young adult RSL Mentorship Program.

radical self love kelsey grant

Giving and Receiving

Once a year I choose one person to work with closely, share wisdom and support for 6-12 months depending on their journey. This year I am working with the brilliantly talented Brittney Grabill. Brittney is an actor and incredibly talented musician who has a deep desire to positively impact the world through her art. I see massive potential in her and it’s been such a blessing watching her grow and thrive this past year.

The final phase of our mentorship is group and public facilitation. There is no better way to learn how to do something than jumping in and learning on the court. We designed an opportunity where she would be able to step up and co-facilitate a workshop while still being able to observe and take in my teaching style and developing her own from my example.

This ongoing workshop series is a result of our co-creation and I am so proud to be working along side her. The next workshop is scheduled for April 17th here in Vancouver. For all you local cats here are all the event details if you want to join in the fun!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The Heartwarming Vibes Of Being Good To Each Other- Day 285: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I came across a super inspiring video today.

This “pay it forward prank” was a co-conspired act of epic kindness, generosity and inspiration and has certainly warmed my heart!

We all have it within us to pay it forward and make someone else’s day a little bit brighter, better and incredible. Let this video be a wonderful reminder to us all about the power of positivity, possibility and generosity~

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Jonathan Budd’s Journey of Healing and Self Love- Day 282: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Wow! Epic masculine vulnerability ahead!

I came across this incredibly raw, real and authentic video from a fellow Awesomeness Fest tribe member Jonathan Budd today. Jonathan is such an inspirational leader in our Afest family and such a positive inspiration in the world and he just took that greatness to a whole new level of awesomeness.

In this 30 minute video he vulnerably shares his journey of Radical Self Love. This is such a courageous story and he zones in around the 21 minute mark as to why doing this work is so freaking important for our journey.

Have a watch, get ready to hear some radical real talk and best of all see that where ever you are, whatever you are going through, whatever you’ve gone through you are not alone and it is completely ok and acceptable to own your journey just as it’s been and to give yourself permission to “do the work”.

If you know you are ready to step it up and dive into your Radical Self Love Journey you can do so HERE by joining our 30 Day Radical Self Love Program.

You are worthy, you are deserving and you are so loved above all else ‚̧

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

Love, Nail Art and Desire Mapping: A Day In The Life of a Radical Self Lover- 232: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Life is magical and full of miracles, abundance and beauty if we are open to seeing it.

A day in the life of a radical self lover

This morning I awoke to a beautiful offering to receive a lil pampering and have my nails done with some beautiful Valentines goodness. What a wonderful way to start the day!!

Before heading out to my nail appointment I met up with a precious girlfriend caught up, shared insights and vibed high on the amazingness of life. So grateful for friends like these. In this conversation she helped me to remember to see the beauty in entirety of the process of birthing a company, programs and products into the world. She reminded me of the incredibleness of celebrating the small successes. It is when we celebrate these little achievements we are lead to bigger and bolder wins. Solid reminder. I am blessed.

1902837_10153849790480145_1516216145_nNext onto the nail appointment. Full on Valentines/love nail art accompanied by some high vibin love filled conversations. Laura is a ROCKSTAR and if you want a top quality mani or pedi she is the woman. So grateful to Frilly Lilly for the gift of this mornings pampering. You ladies are such a blessing.

Then back home for an afternoon of meditation, reading, researching and developing course material for our up and coming RSL Relationship Course! I absolutely LOVE this content and I am so freaking stoked to kick off a 9 week journey of self love, relationships and rocking the high vibin- success- love filled- relationship train with our incredible Radical Self Lovers!

There is still time to apply to join us! If you are interested in more details of the program and want to learn how to either attract the relationship you are actually worthy of or interested in learning how to enhanse and create more flow and harmony in your relationship hit me up and lets chat! Send me an email @ rsl@kelseygrant.com for more course details. We’re rocking the webinar style classroom so all of you beauties around the globe can join in if it feels aligned for you! xo


Next on the day’s agenda I’m heading to session 1 of our Desire Map book club with a community of incredible peeps who are committed to bringing more love, light and awesomeness into their lives and into the world. YEAAAA budday!!

And to complete this beauty of a day I’ll be meeting up with the love of my life to enjoy a later date night, some dinner and some incredible connection time.

My life is blessed.

Beaming loads of love, joy, blessings and happiness to each and every one of you lovers xoxo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Confidence, Channelling and Radio Talk Time- Day 222:365 Radical Self Love Project

Well tonight’s event was an epic success. A packed room of musicians, artists and actors showed up to get to the core of confidence and boy did we ever. In front of this particular audience I felt the most in … Continue reading

RSL Feature Friday: Jessica Johansen & Fierce In The City- Day 217: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Oh it’s¬†Radical Self Love¬†Feature Friday time loves!!

unnamedI am so very excited to introduce you all to the beautiful Goddess Jessica Johansen who runs the community Fierce in the City. Jessica is a pure burst of positive energy and we are so blessed to have her be our featured RSL member this week!

Why we LOVE Jessica:

She is kind, friendly and has a heart of gold. She believes in spreading a message of love and kindness where ever she goes and whatever she does. He bright and positive outlook on life is refreshing and completely invigorating to be around. She knows that she really does have the capacity to make a real difference for people and for this world just by resonating in this love energy and going throughout her day.

We totally resonate with this perspective. Every conversation, every experience, every challenge is an opportunity to be love and share love. Jessica is a gorgeous example of this principal in real time action.


Why Jessica is our featured member today:

unnamed-1Jessica has a beautiful intention to empower people to step into their greatness. She loves the work she does as a digital marketing executive and she loves the community she serves with her passion project Fierce in the City, a blog dedicated to supporting people in accessing tools and resources they often require to harmonize their busy careers or education with a healthy, vibrant, self lovin lifestyle.

Let’s face it the majority of people in this world live a really fast paced life. Jessica understands this completely and knows how challenging it can be to stay on top of things when juggling a job, going to school, getting in exercise, having kids and still finding the time and space to nourish and take care of YOU.

She loves guiding people towards a guiltless acceptance of taking the time to self care and she gets so jazzed to share all the effective tools, resources and strategies to bring this balance into the lives of the busiest of the busiest people.

Jessica is a fabulous self love ambassador in this world and we just love her to bits for doing what she does each day to bring this message of love and positivity to the minds and hearts of the people she touches.

unnamed-2She recently launched a virtual running group through her Fierce in the City community called Fierce Runners, as a way to support runners from all over the world, in completing a local race in their community with the support of a world wide running tribe. Pretty freaking awesome!


unnamed-3Jessica’s kindness, commitment to serving her community, dedication to health and her deep understanding of the power of self love make her such a valuable contribution to this world and to our tribe here at RSL.

Jessica wishes to leave a legacy in which some way or another, she wants the people whom she has met to be left with the experience of feeling happier, loved and more confident. In her own words “I would love for people to feel like absolute badasses, like they can run the world ‚Äď because they can!” – Yup that is certainly a legacy we can get behind and she is well on her way of leaving this impression on us here at RSL and we believe with every ounce of our being she leaves this beautiful impression where ever she goes and in all that she accomplishes.

This is a powerful and incredible woman we all want you to know! Lets give her some well deserved RSL LOVEEEEE!

To connect with Jessica:
Website: http://www.fierceinthecity.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fierceinthecity
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jandarini
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/jandarini
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/jandarini

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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Back In The Flow of RSL Workshops and Community Goodness- Day 216: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Ahhhhhhh how I love facilitating live events and community workshops!

Tonight we got right back to it and did the first RSL workshop of 2014.

While I am honestly very tired, and my tank is empty- my heart is full and bursting with happiness. The beautiful tribe of women who showed up tonight were in complete harmony with each other and with the vibe of Radical Self Lovin.

We rocked an incredible workshop and shared some truly precious heart connecting moments. I am so blessed to have met three new beautiful Goddess women and I am so incredibly grateful to have these women in my life and in my tribe.

Tonights conversations really got me present to the fact that we are all dealing with such similar life experiences and if we just open up to each other we can truly learn so much. The power of the Goddess and Goddess tribe is so nourishing and delicious and I am so blessed to have a tribe of these calibre of women in my life and in this RSL community!


If you really wanted to be part of the conversation tonight and couldn’t make it or live in another part of the world send me an email and I’ll hook you up with a virtual option ($11). Email me @ rsl@kelseygrant.com

I absolutely LOVE that this is my life and I get to have these conversations, hold sacred space with a tribe of Goddesses, interact with this INCREDIBLE Radical Self Love community and honestly live my dreams each day.

Thank you all for being such a beautiful part of my journey and of this life experience! You are loved and cherished more than you may know! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Ready for your 30 Day RSL Journey? Sign up here: www.kelseygrant.com/30dayprogram