The 3 Magical Gifts A Year Of Blogging Blessed Me With- Day 355: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Holy hot damn I have 10 days left on this blogging project!

I can’t believe it has been nearly a year since I started this incredible blogging journey. There has been so many incredible blessings and lessons I have embraced this year and today I am going to share with you

The three top gifts this year long project has blessed me with:

1. A mega appreciation and deeper knowing of what being committed really means.

This year has taken something to complete. There have been days when I honestly just didn’t feel like showing up, I didn’t want to write and I didn’t want to share. But I have. I’ve shown up every day. To do so required me to play at a higher level than I ever had before. I know this new relationship to commitment will bring incredible value and wisdom into my coaching practice. I know have the honour ย of supporting others in this community to remain committed to themselves even when they don’t feel like it. This is self love on a whole new level baby.

2. An awareness and acknowledgement of my talents, passions and interests.

Over the past year I have come to terms with the fact I am a really incredible writer. My talent and love for writing has truly blossomed over this past year and I am honestly so proud of who I have become and how powerful my writing actually is. My heart is inspired to keep writing- just in new and expanded capacities.

3. The ultimate truth: I am capable beyond measure.

This year has taught me I am so freaking capable of acheviving everything I invest my heart into. I knew this on some level before I began and this project has given me the space to become so clear that as long as my heart is leading the way there isn’t anything I am actually incapable of achieving.

radical self love kelsey grantAfter nearly one year I have a profound new understanding of what living on purpose and creating on purpose truly means. I have shed many layers, grown in a multitude of ways and anchored in an incredible foundation to build the rest of my life upon. This next year ahead is going to be magical, abundant, love filled and so very blessed- because I say so ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m still in a bit of shock and amazement that here I am 10 days left and so filled with love, excitement and hope. I know by living the example of Radical Self Love I hold the potential to inspire a global community of amazing people who are ready to let love in, create a kick ass relationship with themselves and in turn create relationships that play in conscious partnership playground.

WOW- this is what my life has become and damn is it beautiful โค

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



Kickin It With The Conscious Divas! Day 321: 365 Radical Self Love Project

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Sunshine, Smooches And A Whole Lot Of Love- Day 295: 365 Radical Self Love Project

What an absolutely perfect first day back together today!

We had a nice leisurely start to the morning, enjoyed the sunshine filling up our bedroom this morning, laughed snuggled and just enjoyed staying in bed longer than usual.

After a breakfast of fresh raw juice and gluten free blueberry and banana pancakes we set out on our day adventure.

We walked to a coffee shop we had never been to together did some reading and enjoyed delicious coffee. Then our long walk began.

radical self love kelsey grant

In total we rocked a 10km walk and adventured to new places and soaked up the sun, fresh air and the gloriousness of each others company.

After some smooches and selfies we made our way home to relax, make dinner and have a super chill night just lovin all over each other!

radical self love kelsey grantradical self love kelsey grant

I am so grateful to have him back and this time apart truly strengthened our bond and we are clear more than ever just how “in” this relationship we both are and how deeply committed we both are to the success of our partnership- such a massive win!

radical self love kelsey grant

With a very happy heart I wish you all the most beautiful evening! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Moving In and Moving Up- Epic New Beginnings Day 38: 365 RSL Project

AHHHHH being 31 is so incredibly RAD!!! This new year for me has so far been getting better and better and I am incredibly grateful for it all!

photoToday marks a massive milestone. My partner and I officially moved in!!!! I’m so freaking excited. We have certainly been through our far share of ups and downs since we starting dating last August and to be at this point together truly feels like an honour and quite honestly a massive achievement.

During the move today it was such a beautiful illustration of us both focusing on what we are good at and really balancing each other out.

Connor physically moved all of the furniture and boxes (very yang/masculine) and I unpacked and organized everything (very yin/feminine). It all flowed so easily and 6 hours later we are completely settled in, unpacked and ready to really step into this new chapter together!

I am so blessed to share my life with this man who makes my heart sing, who calls me to be greater, who challenges me like I have never been challenged before and loves me fully and completely. I know now more than ever, that everything we had to go through was so we could get to this point together, completely balanced, in our true authentic power and able to receive each others greatness.

photo 1How does it get better than this?!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!