“All About Me Days” Are The BEST- Day 288- 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today has been an all about me day.

I made a choice today to do only things that would nourish my heart and leave me feeling happy and fulfilled- that is what I mean by an all about me day. These days take a tremendous amount of inward reflection and presence,

To know what to do to nourish my heart I have to be tuned into it.

To know what to do to feel at my best I must be present to what I desire.

To know what I need to feel fuelled and fulfilled I have to be aware of what my body is communicating to me and then have the COURAGE to follow the guidance.


So this is what my Radical Self Love Day looked like:

1. This morning instead of pushing myself to wake up early and go to yoga I simply asked my body what it needed. After 5 days of workouts and intensity my body said REST. So I listened. I lounged in bed and I skipped yoga- and savoured every second of my leisurely start to the day.

2. Before heading out for the morning I grounded out in gratitude journalling and some crystal meditation- YUM.

3. I went and met up with a fellow high vibin, soul connected lady friend- gabbed over coffee and inspiration. Self Loving- Absolutely

4. I enjoyed my walk home in the rain and listened to an audio book.

5. I talked to my man mid afternoon- such a lovely surprise! Heart happy?! CHECK

6. I met up with one of my besties and we went on a little shopping adventure. Grabbed a coffee, shared a delicious donut, did some shopping, explored some hidden gem stores we’d never been too, laughed, chatted and completely enjoyed our time connecting.

7. Returned home for some delicious home cooked Moroccan Stew, a lil B-School, some writing and a super chill relaxing night.

Taking the time to do things that nourish your soul is an absolute requirement if we want to really amp up the feelings of happiness, fulfillment and connection to something bigger than ourselves- LOVE.

Make it a regular practice to set aside a few hours each week dedicated only to doing things that just make you freaking happy and stoked on life- the rest of your week will benefit and so will everyone who gets to come into contact with the happy, fulfilled and heart centred YOU.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



Happy LOVE Day!!! Day 238: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Happy Love Day Lovers!!!

HappyLoveDay radical self loveI have to say today has been a pretty magical day so far! I’ve never really celebrated Valentines Day (except one time-for true) and this year is technically my first V-day with my man- we were still separated last year at this time.

With all that has transformed this year I was really looking forward to a little romantic day where we got to consciously focus on loving each other. One of the fabulous things about our relationship is that most days are like this- but I am a romantic at heart and I just love any excuse to rev up the cuteness and go out of our way to be great with each other.

I’m of the belief that Valentines is a two way street and if we are going to dedicate an entire day to love and relationships it really aught to be about BOTH partners giving and receiving. 

Somewhere along the way an expectation formed that Valentines Day is a day for men to spoil their partners. I have come to know that the best relationships happen when both people are feeling loved and supported. This means both people must give love and be willing to receive love.

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantI will say though that my man really did spoil me today. I awoke to a beautiful gift of my favourite flowers and a card with a list of the things he loves and appreciates about me, aweeeee!!!! The it was onto the amazing breakfast surprise, he made me gluten free pancakes surrounded by a fruit heart and arrow. Seriously adorable and incredible creative which I LOVED!

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant

Then off on our morning adventure we went! I got us coffees and we ventured to our favourite book store. Coffee, books and an amazing partner. Serious bliss.

Then he conveniently went off to meet his friends for the afternoon so I had time to finish up his gift. I wrote him an original song, about our journey and my love for him. I had just enough time to record it and send it to him before he arrived back home 🙂

Now this evening we are set to head out to a beautiful dinner with friends…a triple Valentines Date- yup this is a first!

My Valentines Gift To YOU

To ensure that everyone is feeling the love and bliss of this day my gift to you today is sharing a fabulous interview I rocked for the Dream Bigger Extravaganza.


You can all access it for the entire day here: http://bitly.com/1ePjfST 

My talk “Thriving in Romance- The Ultimate Journey Through Fear to Radical Self Love dives into:

* Getting real about the main roadblocks we all face to experiencing amazing, juicy romantic love
* How facing your biggest fear will break you through into the expansiveness of your brilliance
* Setting yourself up for success in love- creating aligned energy and environments within for the love you want
* Practical steps for boosting confidence, self-esteem and self-love

Pretty Yummy stuff!!! The interview will only be available for today listen in here: http://bitly.com/1ePjfST

So much love lovers!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

Unconditional Giving = Rippling Out the LOVE- Day 197: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today in my meditation I received a very interesting mission from my higher self.

Every day in my meditation I request guidance from my higher self on how to be loving and fulfill on my earthly mission. Today I received a very different mission from the norm. Today my higher self requested I tithe, and do so in a slightly unconventional way.

I was instructed to take $20 out of my wallet and go to the local coffee shop. I was to purchase my coffee and request the $20 be broken into four fives. From there I was to tip one of those fives to the coffee shop and then give the person working the till the remaining $15 with this request:

“My request is that you use this remaining $15 to purchase the coffee of anyone who walks into this coffee shop today who is grumpy, agitated, challenging to deal with or looking like they are having a down day. The customers you select are of your own choosing. Thank you”.

So this is exactly what I did. What happened next was amazing.

Heart shaped splash

The girl working the till lit right up. Her eyes glimmered, her whole energy shifted, she opened up and became way more expressive. She asked a simple question “So this is like a pay it forward kind of thing?” My response “Yes, exactly.”

I stayed in the coffee shop to do some final writing for the 30 Day Radical Self Love Program which we are officially launching on January 13th, so I grabbed a seat and got to work.

From where I was sitting I could clearly hear the conversations behind the coffee bar. When the girl who had received the money shared the entire team got excited, they were super stoked to participate and the entire energy of the staff levelled up.

When we give, unconditionally we open the space for peoples expansion. We become the cause of a ripple of love.

The energy of unconditional giving filtered into each of the staff members working, everyone who overheard the original conversation between me and her, anyone who witnesses the act of contribution and of course those who are the direct recipients of the act of kindness.

imageshardest-to-love_originalYou may be curious why I was instructed to gift the act of kindness to the difficult customers. If you are the answer is simple. The people who are the most challenging to love need it the most. People who are surrounded by abundant levels of love are kind, they are happy and they ripple positivity. Those who are grumpy, mean or aggressive are that way because they are lacking that nourishing and life giving energy of love in their lives or perhaps just in their moment. Either way the people who are hardest to love need it the most.

inspirational-giving-quotes-12When we actively participate in the unconditional giving of our time, or our energy or of our money, so many people benefit. What I remembered today by witnessing it all was that at our core we all want to be good, we all want to help and we all want to give. Some people may not have the capability in the moment to give of their money, so for those of us who can we can give them the gift of being able to give by doing something like this.


If we all do what we can to be the cause of love ripples, this world will transform into a friendly, peaceful and loving place to be quicker than we may think. Let today’s example inspire you to give what you can. Even if it is a couple dollars. It makes a difference, it will make someones day and who knows you might even save a life.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Doing Something For You-Day 128: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Once and a while we need to take time for ourselves.

This is precious, sacred time where we can relax and just do the things that bring us joy.

radical self love kelsey grantNo agenda.

No to do list.

No pressure.

Just living.

Just loving.

Just being you.

Today is that day for me. I’ve given myself full out permission to do whatever I wish today and if that means doing nothing I’m totally ok with it. My batteries needed a recharge and I’m listening.

I’m letting love lead me today and so far it’s been pretty incredible. I had a wonderful sleep in. An intense run/workout, a massive green smoothy, got some clarity with a card reading and now it’s off for coffee, sunshine and who knows what else.

radical self love kelsey grant

I have no idea what is going to happen…and I’m ok with it.

Wishing you all a beautiful, relaxing, happy YOU day!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


What a Batch of Disaster Pancakes Taught Me About Having a Sense of Humor Day 71: 365 Radical Self Love Project

20120707-093652Well this morning things didn’t exactly go as planned.

I had my heart set on making pancakes this morning and so my man and I had a nice leisurely wakeup, made some coffee and I set up to make an epic batch of pancakes.

I’ve been making pancakes since I was a child and I’d like to think of myself as some what of a pancake pro. This morning something went terribly offside. They were awful. Today it would seem that my pancake skills went on a temporary vacation.

Now upon reflecting on the facts of the situation there isn’t much that is truly upsetting. However my ego would beg to differ. One of the main ways my ego acquires the feelings of validation and acceptance is through the ever awesome compliments on my cooking.

photoMy man was so loving and kind gently encouraging me with things like “oh they are just falling apart- I’m sure they will still taste amazing” “everything you make is so good don’t worry” and even when he was trying to eat them he was still managing to be kind.

Then as we were both struggling to finish our plates we looked at each other with giggles in our eyes and spoke the truth- they were gross as we burst out laughing.

What this mornings events taught me:

1. Chill out on the self imposed expectations. Sometimes life goes a little offside and while we can always course correct (in this case make a new breakfast) imposing really heavy expectations on myself and of upholding a false sense of perfection is exhausting.

2. Laugh at the hilariousness of a mistake– I could wonder all day what went wrong with the making of the pancakes, however that is a serious misuse of my day and energy. AlI know is they turned out the way they turned out and it was an opportunity for the both of us to have a good laugh and keep that experience in our memory bank for future giggles.

3. When offside things happen we can turn them into whatever we desire through our perception. Ya at first I was pissed at myself for making a terrible breakfast, annoyed with myself for being pissed at my self, upset because my 100% perfection streak had been broken- but then I snapped out of it. I saw this was an opportunity for presence going forward. I’m usually really present when I cook, this morning I really wasn’t paying attention. It made me really wonder how not being present really does influence attracting things I don’t really want. So the lesson is simple shift the perception I was viewing the situation from, learn a valuable lesson and trust the next batch I make will be perfect just the way they are 😉


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!!


Sunday Funday!! Day 23: 365 RSL Project

Today dear friends is Sunday Funday, a day dedicated to having fun and loving all over my life!

photo copy 2The morning started with an early morning KG date fully equipped with my lap-top, coffee, 1.5L of water, a sunny patio and RSL inspiration to the max.

I spent 3 hours writing blog posts, Radical Self Love articles for two new websites I’m a featured columnist for and writing another chapter of my Radical Self Love relationship ebook!!

Then I did a lil shopping to prepare for my LA performances this week, set up multiple meetings to discuss the sharing of RSL into community programs across Canada, scoped out some new places to live with the BF and now here I am writing to you all!

This afternoon I’m going to hit a seawall run/workout, sing and play my guitar and go read in the delicious sun for a few hours before finishing the day off with the best boyfriend in the world!

I am seriously so in love with my life and I am incredibly grateful to share this journey of Radical Self Love with you all!

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Radical Self Love to the Max 😉