Unravelling The Ultimate Ego Sabotage Through Self Love-Day 365: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Holy shitballs I did it!!!

radical self love projectSuccessfully completed writing one self love blog post every day for an entire YEAR!!!! There are so many things I could write about today and I have given careful and thoughtful consideration for them all.

  • I considered writing the highlights of the year.
  • I considered writing the top lessons of the year.
  • I considered not writing much at all- total honesty and transparency 😉
  • I considered writing a simple celebratory post.
  • I considered just writing another self love lesson.
  • I considered sharing the impact of a year of self love on my relationship.

All of these were great however they didn’t feel quite right. Today is a significant day for me. For the past few years I have been levelling up and giving myself these “challenges” in order to grow and expand the person I know myself to be. This 365 Day RSL blog project was no exception.

To show up and create a blog post every day for an entire year took some serious commitment and dedication. It took bravery, honesty, transparency. It required me to face my shadow and deal with my shit. It called me to step into my role as a leader and a teacher and really own my place in the world. This project supported me in getting clear on who I am and what I am truly meant to be doing in the world. And it brought me face to face with my biggest supporter and my biggest nemesis- and coming to the profound realization that both happened to be me.

Today’s post I am going to share the biggest transformation that has taken place over the past year.

Unravelling The Ultimate Ego Sabotage Through Self Love

In one year I’ve done a hell of a lot of healing, forgiving, loving and moving forward.

But there was one thing that has held me back in all areas of my life and in the span of this project I was brought face to face with this disempowering mechanism. This is what I call “the ultimate ego sabotage” and I have had the opportunity to look it in the face with loving and kind eyes and find ways to gently and lovingly put it to rest.

That sabotage was an old familiar story of “not feeling like it”. How many times in my life have I used this line as a way to manipulate, get out of commitments and generally not show up for life? More than I can count.

Giving my word to a project of this magnitude brought me face to face with this disempowering habit every single day. Yes every single day it reared it’s face. Some days more than others but it always did.

radicalselfloveMy new self love habitual patterns were the only saving grace. If I had allowed my ego’s justifications or behaviours to run the show I would have quit. Something would have stopped me along the way. But because of my solid Radical Self Love foundation I was able to maintain my commitment even in the most challenging of times.

In my past my ego didn’t have to work very hard to get me to stop going down the path of transformation. It would pull the “oh I’m tired” excuse or something very similar and that would be enough of a reason to not show up for life.

As I grew and expanded my awareness my ego took to instigating physical pains in attempts to prevent me from showing up somewhere that would inevitably be a cause for my further transformation. The most memorable occurance of this function showed up a few years ago when I was heading out to be a production supervisor for the Advanced Course through Landmark Education. This role at the time called me to step up and lead a team of peeps and also create the space for all the people in the seminar to feel safe to dive into their own transformation- not an easy role by far. The morning of I was leaving my house and literally tripped over my own feet and fell down the steep stairs of my house. In the past this would have been enough for me to not show up- but I had done enough work to get acquainted with my ego that I knew it was just trying to take me out in any way possible to avoid my own immanent growth. Pretty bold stuff.

This year brought me into a whole new level of understanding my tricky ego. The function remains the same it’s just the measures and characteristics that change. Writing a self love blog every day for a year stretched me. Some days the words flowed, inspiration was at an all time high and some days it was fucking hard. I was emotional, my world was crashing around me and some how I managed to pull it together long enough to get real, get transparent and transform. In this year I have come to learn my ego’s new game is to take things incredibly personal.

I honestly at times couldn’t believe just how ridiculous I was being but somehow I couldn’t manage to stop it- that is until I realized this behaviour was a new form of my old ego friend. Once I became aware of this mechanism I was able to notice it’s take over sooner and become less reactive and more responsive to life.

This self love blog was ultimate training in playing bigger, creating something from nothing and standing for something way greater than myself. I knew my key to healing my heart was rooted in finding something I cared more about than the pain I was feeling. That “something” is this community, that “something” is supporting people in having more deliciously juicy relationships to themselves, to their lives and to the people in their lives. That “something” is self love.

radical self love kelsey grant

In honour of achieving such a kick ass milestone I want to celebrate with some gifts to you all!

Gift #1:

A FREE copy of my first RSL ebook-  Sabotaged Love: The 12 Archetypes Keeping You From The Love You Want. This baby is launching into the world on July 17th. Everyone on our email list will receive a free copy of the book as a mega thank you for being here and co-creating such a magical community of love and transformation. You can sign up for our email list HERE

Gift #2:

First dibs on attending my free summer webinar: The Self Loving Secrets To Long Lasting Commitment.

For more details drop me an email at rsl@kelseygrant.com and I will send ya all the registration details! xo (eta end of July- Official date will be released within the next week).

Gift # 3:

Radical Self Love Coaching. For those of you who have been wanting to work with me to get your self love vibes thriving I’m rocking a summer coaching promo:

My 30 Minute RSL Reset five pack- (normally $444.00) until June 30th: $222.00 from July 1-30th: $333.00

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To register for the 30 Day Intensive send me an email at rsl@kelseygrant.com with subject line: 30 Day RSL Intensive Celebration Gift

I am so proud of what has been achieved in this past year and I am looking forward to this next year of bliss with all you lovers. A heads up, since the intention of this blog is complete I will be shifting over to my website for my regular blogging. Make sure to sign up to the email list to ensure you stay up to date on all things RSL!

I will likely post a couple more blogs here just to phase out and to share my new blogging schedule after I take a well deserved couple days off 😉

So much love to you all!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming along for this journey! We’re only going up from here! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Searching For Security and The Quest For Freedom: The Dance Of Relationship Polarities (PART 2)- Day 315: 365 Radical Self Love Project

The Quest for Freedom.

radical self love kelsey grantWe are all freedom seeking beings however the sacred masculines deep desire is to come into complete understanding of what freedom means. Freedom, flexibility, movement, change- these are all aspects of the divine feminine.

While the masculine energetically represents structure, stability and groundedness the feminine represents the free flowing energies that dance between the boundaries of structure.

Why we need each other.

Without the free flowing nature of the feminine the masculine would become hard, ridged and incapable of change. Without the grounded and structured nature of the masculine the free flowing energies of the feminine turn chaotic.

When we start to understand that we have so much to learn and contribute to each other we can begin to put down our emotional armour and get on with our expansion and evolution.

radical self love kelsey grant

Gents listen up:

radical self love kelsey grantThe masculines life long quest is the pursuit of freedom. A common misconception exists that when it comes to relationships freedom and commitment are two incompatible energies.

There is a distinction to be made here. Freedom and commitment are two different entities that very much can co-exist harmoniously with one another. As far as my human life has proved so far there is a wide spread belief that it’s an either or conversation. We can either have freedom- which is equated to being single and doing whatever the heck we want or we can have commitment- and have our freedom contained.

When looking from this vantage point neither option looks all that enticing and it’s no wonder men and women are stuck when it comes to diving into the magical world of relatedness. What the masculine is here to learn is what freedom actually means. To come into this understanding and elevation of perspective, vibrational energy must be increased and a devotion to a life long quest of personal growth and discovery must be claimed.

To stand in our own awareness takes courage and strength- two qualities that are present in each and every human being.

To begin this evolution the masculine is called to look to the feminine to shed light on the true meaning of freedom. Freedom is an inside job, freedom is a state of mind. It is not something we acquire “out there”, it is not something we get. It is something that we are.

Freedom is our ability to change our minds- to assign positive associations to what we interpret the world to be around us. Freedom gives us access to challenging our deeply engrained beliefs and transforming elements of ourselves we thought were unchangeable. Freedom allows us to be in acceptance of life as it is and at the same time hold the awareness that our perceptions are ours and ours alone. Perceptions do not represent reality. They represent our internal reality and they give us major access to the ideas, beliefs and reality we are playing out deep in our subconscious. If we truly want to be conscious creators of our experience, which I know ever sacred warrior does, a true understanding of freedom must be attained.

What the divine feminine is here to teach the sacred masculine

radical self love kelsey grant


The divine feminine is flow, in a constant state of change, evolution and movement. She understands the importance of constant change and movement. The divine feminine knows without movement life gets stagnant and energy is stopped. She also understands the harmony between commitment and freedom.

The relationship between commitment and freedom

The divine feminine is the profound understanding that when we give our commitment we free ourselves. Inside of making commitments we hold ourselves to a higher level of operation. We can’t get away with the low level shit anymore when we truly give our heart felt word. In our commitment to something bigger than ourselves, whether it’s a way of being, a project or a relationship- we break free from the shackles of low level behaviours. We set ourselves free from the weight of fear and we return back to love. Commitment does that.

This is why I believe most women unconsciously push for physical commitment in relationships and why generally speaking the masculine resists it- it is his lesson after all. Physical commitment is fabulous, I personally am a big fan of monogamy however I also know, first hand, it isn’t the only form of relationship commitment. Commitment in a relationship is a co-created agreement. It is the conscious design of the relationship context and agreements based on all peoples, needs, wants and hearts desires. The more we let go of our rigid ideas of what commitment means (monogamy and forever promises) the more we can actually dive into the sacred world of conscious partnership.

The sacred warriors first access to freedom is committing to himself, committing to his greatness committing to his souls destiny. Without his ability to commit to himself, give his word and keep it- relationship commitment is going to be one hell of a rocky ride.

The masculine, along his warriors journey is going to learn this one way or another. The more resistant to commitment and change the warrior becomes the harder life occurs to be.

radical self love kelsey grantThe warrior who elevates and spiritually surrenders begins to see the blessing of change, the honour of commitment, the power within free flow and the ever evolving movement of our human nature. The sacred masculine who looks to the divine feminine is well on his way to his truest alignment. It does not make a man weak to look to a woman for support- in fact it’s required. We must learn to release the stigma and shitty belief systems that keep us from opening our hearts to each other.

A woman dancing in her divine feminine will madly respect the sacred warrior who shows up at her heart with a humbleness and willingness to grow and step into the man he is destined to become. I have yet to see a woman who when faced with a man’s honest vulnerability goes on a destructive rampage with his precious heart. A warriors ability to soften will always soften the heart of a woman. This is the power of vulnerability. And guess where our freedom resides? You guessed it in our ability to be real, to be vulnerable, to be free to be ourselves just as we are.

Free to be who we are without the masks, without the armour, without the judgements, without the anger, without the resentment, without the entitlement, without the deception of the ego.

The divine feminine will lead the sacred masculine to the path of his truth. She will lead him home to his heart where all of his wisdom, power and answers reside.
Both the masculine and the feminine have pretty big missions to help each other fulfill. The missions are balanced in their energetic requirements however differ in the nature and application of the healing.

What we do together

The masculine will bring the structure and energetic boundaries for the free flowing creative juiciness of the feminine to dance between. On an individual level this means we must come into balance with these aspects of ourselves.

We must have equal amounts of structure to equal amounts of flexibility.
We must have equal amounts of decisiveness to equal amounts of creative free flow.
We must have equal amounts of groundedness to equal amounts of dreaming and visioning
We must have equal amounts of work to equal amounts of play
We must have equal amounts of security to equal amounts of freedom.

radical self love kelsey grant

Why relationships are the perfect territory to learn

In a romantic relationship our hearts are open and to some degree we have an understanding that the unification of our polarities is necessary for our greatest evolution. Relationships give us access to the bliss and deliciousness of love’s embrace. They also quickly bring to the surface of our awareness everything that is unlike love. This happens so that we may activate the courage and strength it takes to clear all of our blocks to love.

radical self love kelsey grantOur resistance to learning from each other is one of the biggest blocks we collectively must overcome. We will have loads and heaps of generations to forgive and ultimately this forgiveness will set us free. Forgiveness is a shift in perception from fear to love. It removes a block within you, to your awareness of loves presence. It is the ultimate healing tool and the one most avoided by all people.

A conscious partnership will actively embrace the wisdom of forgiveness and allow the space for both people to expand into their greatest potential. To prepare ourselves for this new level of conscious relationship we must do the work within first to establish the foundation. This foundation will hold and withstand the intensity of the divine feminine colliding with the sacred masculine will ultimately unleash.

This level of relationship will pierce through your illusions, break down your walls and nurture and call out the brightest light that has always dwelled within. It starts with the relationship you have with you.

For those of you who are ready for the quest of conscious relationships, a Radical Self Love practice has to be in full swing. We must first have a healthy and vibrant relationship towards ourselves in order that we are in vibrational alignment with this level of partnership. If you are ready to begin your sacred partnership journey join us in the 30 Day Radical Self Love Program to begin building that solid love foundation for your divine love to thrive inside of.

The greatest gift we can ever give another is the gift of our own self development.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Dealing With Residual Anger and Upset On Your RSL Journey- Day 301: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Lets face it we all have a shadow and sometimes that shadow comes in the package of anger. When delving into the path of self love and relationships we are bound to come face to face with any residual energies … Continue reading

Vancouver ManTalks- An Epic Success For My Partner And Our Relationship- Day 264: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Well last night it happened- the first ever round of  “ManTalks” took the stage here in Vancouver and it was a brilliant success.

The premise for this event is to support men in establishing communities of fellow high vibin, conscious and awake men.

Women have these networks all over the place- we are natural connectors. It’s now time to support our male friends, partners, brothers, fathers in creating more masculine networks that are based in the vibration of authenticity, vulnerability and real rawness.

Human beings are freaking masters of illusion. We are so good at putting on the “I’m fine- everything is perfect” mask. When we do so we run the risk of loosing the opportunity to truly connect with each other and experience the bliss of human heart connection.

For this connection to happen we gotta let down our guard, we have to allow ourselves to be seen and we have to open up and be vulnerable enough to let the stuff we would rather keep hidden be shared from a place of power, possibility and evolution.

photo 2This is what ManTalks is all about, creating the environment for men to dive into the fabulousness of community, of their vulnerability and ultimately of their humanity. I am so freaking thrilled of how the first event went. The speakers were all incredible and set the tone for a really incredible community to begin to unfold and the opening of such a significant cultural conversation to begin.

I’m so proud of my warrior man who by sharing his truth, his vulnerability and leadership has called this same gift out of some pretty incredible men in this Vancouver community. I also really dig that it’s an open space for women to come to watch and connect with men who are diving in and leading by conscious example.

I think its so easy for us as a collective female gender to formulate stereotypes about men or ideas about their ability to open, be real and be raw. I quite enjoyed the sharing, the stories and the inspiration that came out of each of them and as a woman I am thrilled to watch a community of like minded and like hearted men (and women) take shape.

This is a massive win for our collective human family. One step closer to harmony, unity and ultimate love connection!

photo 3

For all you curious cats here is some info on each of the speakers!

Scott Low

photo 8Co-Founder of FS Financial Strategies. FS is a social conscious financial strategy group that donates $50 to any charity of your choice after a consultation through their Mission of Care program.

Aran Seaman

photo 5Co-Founder of Eartheasy. Eartheasy is an online store for anything and everything sustainable. Their goal is simple:  to encourage, inspire and inform people about the benefits of a simpler, less material lifestyle, and the importance of protecting our natural environment as the source of our well-being.

Wes Baker

photo 4Co-Founder of Debrand. Debrand is an innovative pioneer specializing in secure and responsible recycling solutions for corporate waste. They find unique and environmentally friendly ways to recycle materials while respecting brand protection.

Phillip Mckernan

photo 6Founder of PhilipMckernan.com, a boutique experiential retreat based company dedicated to connecting people to what they love. Best selling author, runs retreats around the world, speaks around the world, work with companies and individuals to help them create a more meaningful life by connecting to the things they love. I work with high level athletes, entrepreneurs, actors, couples and anyone who gets in their own way to real fulfillment.

Connor Beaton

photo 7Founder of ManTalks a platform for men to authentically share their biggest challenges, passions and purpose to inspire the development and like minded and like hearted community. Connor is a leadership and development expert who thrives in the environments of effectively directing people how to lead, inspire and grow their teams in the most on purpose manor. He is a coach and mentor for men who have a desire to positively impact the world through the work they do and the lives they live and the best part he walks the walk and talks the talk. He is a true leader who leads by clear example. His willingness to openly share is vulnerabilities, rawness and masculinity is what makes him a source of authentic inspiration to his community and to this world.

All of the proceeds from last nights event (nearly $600) is being donated to charity. Our charity of choice this time around is Music Heals  we were blessed to have the executive director Chris Brandt join us in the evenings festivities!

photo 1

I am so proud of my partner for putting together this event and taking his vision and making it a reality. His story is one of complete transformation and I know will be a catalyzing force for more men to reclaim their true authentic power and shine in their incredible masculine essence.

There is a massive awakening happening and I am blessed to know my partner and all of these men and women are a massive catalyst for change.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


B-School- Accountability-High Vibes and Rockin New Directions- Day 263: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today I had the honour of connecting for the first time over Skype with my B-School accountability partner.

In choosing to do this program as it’s designed I decided to step out of my comfort zone in a big time way and reach out to a fellow B-Schooler that I didn’t know to create this dynamic.

Why oh Why Did I Do This?

doodle-marie-bschool2-308x400Well it’s simple, for me when I have a pre-existing relationship with someone there can be a tendency to play safe on both sides. There is more at stake if a accountability partner who is a close friend calls out a way of being or something we said we would do that we haven’t done. It leaves the space for bruised ego’s and for potential friendship upsets if either party shows up in the friend zone instead of the accountability zone. Basically I want to work with someone who isn’t afraid to call me out if I need it and be incredible supportive at the same time.

I also love the vibe of being with someone I don’t yet know and having the opportunity to create myself as someone who plays BIG, follows through and is a rocking support partner. I also love that I get to create her the exact same way. Double win for both of us!

The dynamic with someone new is comparable to the objectivity that occurs in a coaching session. Full transparency, full accountability and a ear who will listen for greatness.

I made the agreement this morning to show up, play big and always relate to my partner as a woman who is fully capable of achieving everything she sets out to do.

The call was incredible and so inspiring. We are definitely similar in some respects and quite different in others. I love this dynamic because it means there is so much potential for us both to learn from one another.

My B-School accountability partner is a powerhouse. She’s high vibin, driven, authentic, creative, transparent, honest, respectful and such a delight to chat with. I’m seriously so pumped for this new chapter, for this new level of greatness and for the new directions I can already see my business taking. If you wanna check out all the awesomeness she is up to you can do so HERE.

B-School is going to be a wild ride and I’m ready baby!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Being Who You Are IS Enough- Day 246: 365 Radical Self Love Project

This morning I was reminded of a very valuable life lesson:

Being who I am- just as I am in this moment- IS enough.

radical self love kelsey grantJust like anyone else I have my days where I just don’t feel like showing up for the day and being interactive with people in my life. This morning was one of those super introverted feeling days.

I had given my word to attend a presentation/seminar session this morning. When I got really honest with myself I was just not feeling social. Plain and simple.

Even though I had these “feelings” I chose to honour my word and show up. While on route there I became a little more open to the idea of networking with a group of strangers but still was feeling resistant.

Then I gave myself the real talk pep talk

I went to the washroom and just had a few minutes to collect my thoughts and my vibes. I reminded myself that there is ALWAYS something of value to gain out of any experience and my access point to seeing it is shifting my perspective.

The shift in perception looked like this:

Instead of being focused on not wanting to connect and keep to myself I asked my inner guide for support. I said “What would you have me do or say to be of ultimate service right now for the highest good. Gently guide my thoughts and my energy to the perfect people and situations to honour the divinity within us all”.

Then I walked out of the bathroom.

I ended up connecting with some super sweet people and completely enjoyed the entire presentation.

Afterwards someone who had been at a lecture I had recently done (Getting to the Core of Confidence) appeared right in front of me. We celebrated the familiar faces in each other. Then he said something fabulous and forever impactful.

He said:

“Honestly this morning I really didn’t feel like being here, I didn’t want to connect, talk to anyone or be social (sounded familiar ;)) but then I saw you when you walked in and immediately your energy just had me feel better, you reminded me to surrender and reconnect within”.

WOW – Just WOW.

Because of a lecture I had led nearly a month ago, in which I surrendered and allowed source to speak through me, the impact of that night had remained in the heart and mind of this lovely man.

Just by literally showing up this morning, the presence of my energy positively impacted someone else, whose day may have gone a very different way if I had listened to my ego this morning when it tried to convince me to cancel because I didn’t feel like being social.

In that divine exchange I was deeply reminded that my spiritual work here takes many forms and one of the most profound expression of my divinity comes just by being myself. By showing up to life- however it looks- however I’m “feeling” I have the opportunity to ripple this positive and divine remembrance towards those who may need it the most.

When I run the selfish story that I am not enough I rip others off from remembering who they truly are by seeing themselves in my love filled reflection. We are all so important and worthy of being here and the more we show up for life the more we help each other remember who we are and why we are here.

Show up for life- shine- let others see you, because it is in that seeing you ultimately lead others towards truly seeing themselves in all their divine glory- through your reflection. YOU have the power to do that- if you show up for life and rock your awesomeness like I know you can!!!


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Join our 30 Day Radical Self Love Journey HERE and shine that beautiful light of yours out even brighter!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

A Once In a Lifetime Kinda Love- Day 208: 365 Radical Self Love

Tonight I fell in love

I went to the Keith Urban concert with my dear sister/wife/bestie and had an absolute blast. Anyone who knows me knows KU is my all time fav and I love him to bits.

Tonight I didn’t fall in love with him though it was someone else.

Tonight during his concert I fell deeper in love with my man. Over the past few days with the launch of the website, the new program and the one year mark of our epic journey- a lot of emotions have been flying through our relationship.

I have been a whirlwind of emotions, going from super happy one moment to fully breaking down in tears the next. I completely understand this is all part of the growth and shifts I am meant to be experiencing but it has been intense to say the least.

Today I was moved by two really incredibly kind gestures from my partner. As I left for the concert my heart was already warm open and willing to be receptive to love’s presence.

A lifetime kinda love

About halfway through the concert Keith stopped playing and began recounting a precious moment between him and his wife when they first got together. She was scared and not too sure if they would pan out. He consoled her and knew that with her it was a once in a lifetime kind of love and they were going all the way.

Being in my hyper emotional state my eyes filled up with tears as I became incredibly present to my relationship and that is the kind of love we have the privilege and honour of sharing with each other.

We’re going all the way- a lifetime love

radical self loveIt has taken a lot of work inside and out to get here, and it was all worth it. I wouldn’t give any of the pain up, any of the lessons away because that would mean I wouldn’t be here now, with him, with the absolute love of my life.

He makes my heart flip every day and I feel like the most special woman in the world. When he looks at me he sees me-all of me-right to my soul. That type of intimacy I had always been searching for but too scared to let in- I now have that with Connor and every single day I am so grateful.

Grateful for him and all he brings to my life and grateful for all the work I did to love myself, heal and get into alignment with my dream relationship. Because I did the work it showed up.

Keith Urban reminded me of that tonight through the reflection of his experience and his relationship. Man how divinely perfect is that?

And if you are looking for that soul filling, heart expanding, juicy and incredible love I have a couple open coaching spaces for February. I’ll be sharing with a select few exactly how I got the love I so deeply desired, how to get into alignment with the perfect relationship and all the self lovin goodness that comes along with it. If you are ready to be in a relationship you are truly worthy of me lets connect. Send me an email (rsl@kelseygrant.com) or hop to the website HERE

My wish is for everyone who is ready to have an incredible rockin, soulful and truly fulfilling passionate relationship to have access to creating it. I can help with that and it’s what I’m here to do- so lets dive in lovers.

A once in a lifetime love is possible and it’s closer than you think 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


In honour of this beautiful opening here is the song for all you lovers to enjoy!

Acknowledging Yourself- A Fabulous Lesson in Receiving Support- Day 157: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today was an incredibly amazing day.

I had a fabulous morning rocking my RSL Routine, followed it up with an amazing interview for the Give Good Podcast and then an afternoon of epic conversations to continue to expand our incredible community.

One that stood out the most came from an unplanned, totally spontaneous coffee hang out. My roomie and I headed to a coffee shop this afternoon to catch up and obviously have this incredible conversation.

Inside of this convo he shared with me how I occurred to him- a strong independent person. Great right? Yes there is a lot fabulous with that- it also comes with the flip side of being very closed off to support, help and a feeling of “I can do it better alone”.


Story of my life. Literally.

I know this is a common default pattern of mine, to just want to do it on my own. I spoke about this in my interview this morning. One of my major limiting beliefs I’ve chosen to overcome (an it’s an ongoing process, these things don’t go away we just get more effective at handling and managing them when they show up) is my need to control everyone and everything.


He shared with me how beneficial he sees my work as and made it incredibly clear how he sees the entire world benefiting from the message I am here to share. He also called me out on not asking for help- in a very kind and compassionate way- and had me realize for the most part I have been keeping this under my tight control and a little allowing of support would do incredible things to take this entire project, company and coaching platform to levels I can’t even imagine right now.

I let the feedback in, I received it with love then I acknowledged myself OUT LOUD with him as my witness, for my willingness to receive his coaching.

radical self love kelsey grantWhen it comes to building the muscle of being receptive especially when it comes to external support positive reinforcement is always a game changer. The secret to this acknowledgement- it has to come from you first. You have to learn to acknowledge yourself first. What this does is creates a harmonious alignment and environment to receive others positive contribution and feedback. If we don’t see the greatness first we will reject it when it comes from another.

This conversation was an incredible gift, it opened the space for me to go into the rest of my day feeling confident, clear and strong enough to ask some pivotal people in my network for support in exactly the areas I was looking for. I have a deep desire to begin to donate greater and greater amounts to the charities I’ve selected and to do so requires a full coaching roster and full classrooms for my online courses in the new year. So I asked for what I needed and got an overwhelming positive response of support.

Ask for what you need- It will always be there. I wrote these words in a song of mine over a year ago and today I really got the impact of how magical this can be when I don’t try and go at it alone and allow the support, love and contribution from my tribe right in.

For all you curious cats here is more info on the current RSL coaching programs. 

Feeling incredibly grateful and blessed to be alive ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


RSL’s Feature Friday- Ride For Dreams Day 98: 365 Radical Self Love Project

RSL Feature FridaysIt’s Feature Friday time lovers!!

We are so stoked to introduce you all to Radical Self Love member Dave Weale!!

227828_10150586389180456_1752168_nDave is a rockstar ski instructor, personal development coach and all around awesome human being. Dave has partnered with Whistler Community Services Society and is heading up a new project called Ride for Dreams in which he is biking from Whistler Canada to California to raise money to fund kids from low income homes have access to pursuing their dreams of professional sports!

Why Dave and Ride for Dreams inspires us:

Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love Ride For DreamsAs long as we’ve known Dave he has always been a bright, kind and genuinely positive person who truly inspires happiness wherever he goes. After breaking his neck less than a year ago he has fully recovered and healed his body which is inspiring and magical on its own. However, healing a broken neck was only part of the miracle, Dave is now continuing on his mission to make professional sports dreams accessible for kids from lower income homes by rocking a cross country charity bike ride!!! WHOOP WHOOP Inspiration to the MAX!!

kelsey grant radical self love ride for dreamsHis positive attitude and perspective on life remind us here at Radical Self Love that anything and everything is possible. For most a severe neck injury would stop them-for Dave it was just an opportunity to show the world what he is capable of and heal it from the inside out. Here at RSL we completely believe in each persons power and ability to over come any circumstance or heal any physical ailment when we align our thoughts, feelings, vibration to that of love. To us Dave is a real time example of someone who has truly mastered the power of his mind. I know as a fellow coach (him and I did our training together) he has been on an incredible journey so far in life, which has always stretched him to become greater, stronger and a truly inspirational leader for his community and the world to look to.

Dave’s passion for teaching kids really resonates with us as we absolutely love little humans and all the wondrous magic they can teach us adults 😉 To know Dave is out there making a solid difference with his community in Whistler shows us that no matter where we are, what circumstances we face we can always be a positive contribution. We can always make a difference through who we are being with others and how we are showing up for life. Dave shows up for life every day and because of that this world is a better place!

And how incredible is it that all those little humans who are bursting with potential are being given opportunities to follow their dreams and live in the vibration of passion, love and contribution?! Pretty incredible and this is why Dave is our rockstar this week for Feature Friday!


Ride For Dreams

kelsey grant radical self love ride for dreamsThis fundraising campaign is two fold. Firstly it’s raising funds for kids who wouldn’t otherwise have access to a professional sports coach to receive training, coaching and opportunities to follow their dreams. Secondly it is illustrating how one person and their vision can unfold in the most incredible ways. Dave began this project about 4 years ago with a small community program and since then it has completely taken on a life of it’s own. They are now expanding the program to welcome more kids and make an even bigger impact and difference within our future generations of little human athletes.


More details here on the Ride for Dreams campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ride-for-dreams

Connect with Dave: http://daveweale.com/

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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The How To For Loving You: 11 Steps to Get You Started- Day 96: 365 Radical Self Love Project

How do I love myself?

Kelsey Grant radical self loveI get asked this question a lot and I love it every time.

As we all some how know, the first step in transforming or changing anything is realizing there is a need for the change. This question illustrates a desire to be better, a desire for a more rich and fulfilling human experience. We all deserve to have a beautiful and fulfilling life and we are the only ones who can actually make that happen.

Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love

Here are the 11 fundamental basics when hoping onto the self love train!

The How to for Loving You

1. Make a declaration. This is the ultimate first step. Nothing will change unless you put your foot down and declare that it will. Doing so is an incredibly empowering and powerful act. When you make a declaration of this kind the Universe begins to conspire with you immediately to bring to your awareness evidence of that which you seek, the circumstances most impactful for your growth and evolution and support in so many ways you can’t even imagine!

2. Stop playing the victim. You must, must, must, begin to step out of the blame game. Life isn’t happening to you it is responding to what you are putting out and who you are being moment to moment. You will have to step up and claim 100% responsibility for yourself and your life. If you have experienced hardship (we all have) have compassion with yourself and release yourself from the trap of giving up your power (blaming/playing the victim) and the trap of making yourself wrong for the experiences and circumstances of your life until now. Embracing this wisdom “we are always doing the best we can with the tools we have” helps to diffuse the ego and surrender into the expansiveness of the human experience.

images-33. Build up your muscles of seeking good. We all can get better at this. Even the top leaders in the world can seek out the worst in things- however, they make a conscious choice not too. They instead know their energy is better invested into seeking the good, finding the underlying lesson inside of contrast and viewing the world through the lens of possibility and love.

4. Quiet your mind. An over active untrained mind will always default to worrying, anxiety and fear. You do have the power to shift that pattern. Sit with yourself once a day and be still, be quiet, experience solitude. If there is a lot of healing to do being with yourself sans distractions will most likely be uncomfortable at first. So create an environment of success and start small. Almost everyone can sit in silence with themselves for 2 minutes a day. Start there. When you feel a calmness and sense of peace enter your stillness increase your time. Doing so will support you in building a successful meditation practice.

5. Take care of your body. This is your vessel for experiencing the world. Treat it with love and respect. Be mindful of what you put into your body and create the time to physically move your body each day. This might mean giving up late night TV in exchange for being able to get up earlier in the day or rock a workout after your day is done. Move your body, stretch, relax and nurture your body. Feed yourself with high vibrational food as often as possible. No one else is going to do this for you. Step it up.

6. Learn how to think. Begin the process of cultivating stronger more positive thought patterns. Mental activity and idle thought does not count as thinking. Thinking is consciously directing your thought and energy patterns to be in alignment with the life you desire and your intended outcome. If you are desiring financial abundance and the only thing you constantly focus on in your thoughts is your perceived lack, your thoughts are out of alignment with what you want. You must train yourself to do this. Begin by bringing your awareness to your thoughts. Take notice of the general theme. From there you can dive into the world of programming positive and building constructive thought patterns.

7. Give up self defeating and diminishing talk. The way you speak to yourself is the invitation you send out into the world for how you want to be treated. Stop being so hard on yourself- speak kindly within and without. If you said the things out loud to others that you say to yourself you would most likely not have many friends left. So why oh why would you speak to yourself like that? You are a beautiful being and deserve love and kindness. Being hard on you only tanks your energy and diminishes your ability to love yourself and others.

Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love8. Be of service. Taking the focus of the ego’s drama via service of others is the quickest way to open your heart more and connect you with the innate goodness within everyone and everything. Whether it is opening the door for a stranger, volunteering your time and energy, creating art, making a friend dinner, smiling at a stranger on the street- being of service activates the heart in the most extraordinary ways.

9. Build up a daily discipline. Self love is a practice and a daily discipline. It takes showing up each and every day as your best version. This muscle is built through building constructive daily disciplines. Commit to yourself and design a routine that empowers you. My daily discipline is simple- invest minimum 30 minutes into learning/personal development (#6), drinking minimum one litre of water a day and either writing, reflecting or speaking my gratitude. These daily disciplines keep my vibes high, my energy in alignment and inspire me to take empowered actions throughout the day.

10. Acknowledge others. What you do unto others you have already done to yourself. Sometimes it is easier to notice the goodness others are up to so do it. It feels good to share your acknowledgement and it ensures the other person feels seen, appreciated and valued. In turn you unknowingly cultivate those same feelings about yourself when you give another person your appreciation. These moments can change a life and sometimes save one. Do more, share more and leave a lasting imprint of love everywhere you go.

11. Acknowledge yourself. This will have multiple positive impacts. It will help you break away from the addiction we all have of seeking validation and approval of others. It will also ensure you are always acknowledged for the greatness you are beaming out into the world each day. Lastly it will boost your confidence and your knowingness that you are a capable, competent, brilliant and incredible human- which is where the growth of self love will stem from.

Kelsey Grant radical self love

There is much to this path of Radical Self Love-which is why we have build a community and a company to support you lovers in the development of this incredible aspect of life. In our continued commitment to supporting and loving the crap out of you all, this is what we have brewing at RSL in the coming months:

  • A weekly free video series exploring the how to’s of self love and successful relationships
  • A new website YUMMMMY!!
  • The Free 7 Day Radical Self Love Challenge
  • Our 30 Day Radical Self Love Program
  • Our RSL 1-1 coaching packages
  • The Conscious Breakup: 15 Self Love Lessons To Open To Love Again- E-Book
  • More lovetastic music
  • Free radical self love meditations
  • An interactive 6 week Radical Self Love for Relationships course
  • And more monthly RSL workshops!!!

Stay tuned as we beam these beauties out to you all!! If there is something you would really like to see us cover or teach at RSL leave us a comment below. We are here for you lovers! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love