Bench These 3 Naughty Holiday Relationship Habits For An Amazing Season

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3 Effective Ways to Clear Your Energy After Boxing Day Craziness- Day 188: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Boxing Day is usually a pretty big energy zapper.

CO-BoxingDay03.JPGWhether you are working in retail and are dealing with swarms of chaotic energy or are one of the peeps just out an about in the crazy busy intensity of boxing day, it is important to effectively clear your energy after exposure to those energy vibes.

Why energy clearing is important

1c56e1bd41bfebf7dda2c0a0b5daac30All of us have an energetic body, and when we are in close proximity to another our energetic bodies touch and intermingle. Usually when we pass someone with a lot of negatively charged vibes we can sense it, we can feel it. Like wise when we pass someone with positive energy we can feel into their good vibes.

The thing about energy is whatever type of energy we are immersed within activates the same resonance within us. Meaning being around lower energies activates the lower energies residing within us. Without effective clearing we can carry around risidual energy of a complete stranger if we don’t clear on a regular basis. On days where we are exposed to a variety of energy bodies it is especially important to clear and reground.

Boxing Day Clearing

Lets face it the over all energies surrounding boxing day shopping aren’t exactly the most loving and positive. There is a lot of “getting” energy which when combined with small spaces and high volumes of people can turn into quite the chaotic mess. This is one of the high times for increased frusteration, anxiety, overwhelm, and upset so with all those not so great vibes in the air it is important that we clear that energy from our own individual vessels to ensure we don’t impose those same vibes onto another person. This is being ultra responsible about our energy.

3 Ways to Effectively Clear Your Energy

1. Have a shower.

Seriously. Rinse all the vibes and energy off and let it flow down the drain. Water clears our energetic field, relaxes the body and refreshes our state of mind. Water in incredibly healing and if at any time during the day our emotions flared, connecting with the water element to rebalance is a fabulous idea. If you are brave enough, rock the blasts of cold water on the spine followed by warm water. This clears out the energetic body really quick. For those of us not wanting to rock the icy waters standing under the shower head and doing a release visualization will do the job nicely. Also soaking in a sea salt bath is a great way to pull toxins out of the body and toxic energy out of the auric field.

2. Visualize.

Take a few minutes in a quite space, sit down, slow your breath to a nice steady deep inhale and exhale and visualize the “scrubbing” of your energy field. Imagine a bubble of light that surrounds you body, as you tune in you will either see or get a sense where there may be darker energies lurking. First scan your body from head to toe with a bright white light to “clean” your energy. Then after your cleaning scan if you still feel darker energies kicking around focus your visualization on that spot directly and see yourself “washing” the area clean. I like to visualize making little circle motions like when I’m scrubbing a sink and see myself scrubbing out those parts with stuck energy. Once the scrubbing is complete do another full body scan from head to toe with the white light and seal your visualization with a ย grounding. In your minds eye anchor your feet on the bare earth and feel them literally “rooting” into the ground and connecting back to the healing energy of the earth.

3. Exercise.

This is one of the best ways to get out excess energy and transform lower energies to higher ones in a very short amount of time. Working up a sweat is good for all parts of your body, it helps release toxins in the body, it helps to re-energizes the cells, de-stress our minds, increase our flexibility, strength and endurance AND it releases endorphins and dopamine both feel good chemicals in the brain.


It is important that we integrate these clearing practices into our daily routines as a form of self love. When we take care of ourselves first we are better equipped to actually be a fabulous representation of love for others. We can beam more love and light into this world the more we ground out, release and make sure our bodies, minds and energies are clear, bright and beaming with greatness. The first step is always awareness, the second step is aligned action.

Share with us your favourite clearing methods so we can all learn from each other’s wisdom!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Merry Christmas Lovers!!! Day 187: 365 Radical Self Love Project

YAY it’s Christmas!!!!

Well it has certainly been an incredible day so far. I am beyond grateful for the generosity of my family and friends and I am so stoked to give back and prepare a fabulous dinner tonight!

Along with our festive dinner we are rocking a Christmas Movie Extravaganza!!!

The Three Movies we are watching tonight to rock the festive spirit:

Elf1. Elf




HomeAlone2-Still12. Home Alone 2




images-43. A Christmas Carol



I am so incredibly happy today to just be creating new traditions with the man I love. Christmas is a time to be with the people we love, doing things that allow happiness and love to flow out of us and to each other. So far today there has been loads of laughter, snuggles, smiles, smooches and love!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas today!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Christmas Eve and a Visit From The Awesomeness Advantage- Day 186: 365 Radical Self Love Project

As some of you may or may not know last year I was co-hosting a weekly web-series called “The Awesomeness Advantage”.

64630_312634402176107_895277858_nWe combined spiritual wisdom, practical application techniques with silliness, humour and of course AWESOMENESS!!! We invested a year of our lives and recorded an episode every week for an entire year. It was an incredibly fun and growth provoking experience for both of us.

Last year we made up our own version of the tune The 12 Days of Christmas, which I thought would be the absolute perfect post for today’s festiveness!

Enjoy and if you like the episodes there are 51 TAA Episodes to choose from, makes for some solid holiday entertainment ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy Merry Christmas Eve lovers! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Giving Up Seasonal Obligation and Guilt: Returning To The True Spirit of The Holidays- Day 184: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Self Love, Friendship and The spirit of the holidays

You know those friends who you can spend massive amounts of time apart and the second you come back together it’s like no time has passed?

I had the privilege of meeting with one of those friends today.

tumblr_kuwqduor9x1qzr04eo1_500There is something really sacred about these types of dynamics, the ones where you just “get” each other. As I get older I have become more attuned to what really makes me happy. One of the things that brings me joy is hanging out with high quality and incredible humans.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by such gems all the time and it makes me realize how far I have truly come. Our friends are a reflection of who we are. My amazing time this morning with a girlfriend who has been living in another country for the past few months was an incredible reminder of how I have truly changed over the years.

Giving up the guilt, giving up the perceived obligation

I used to really be bound by a sense of obligation when it came to spending time with people over the holidays. Now I powerfully choose what my heart wants to do and who I want to spend time with. I’ve learned to select people who are a beautiful balance to my energy, a positive contribution and an example of love in the world.

Tis the season to be jolly

JollyThe holidays to me represent a time to enhance the experience of love and through many experiences of feeling anxious, overwhelmed and obligated I have learned how to say no lovingly and to say yes to only those people and experiences which allow me to embrace the true spirit of the holidays.

To all of you who are wondering if it is OK to do what you honestly want to do during the holiday season and to hang out with the people you truly want to bond with, the answer is:ย  YAAAA BUDDAY!


You have full permission to drop the guilt, drop the obligation and drop other people’s imposed expectations of what you should be doing. Instead trading it for inner peace, alignment with your heart and powerfully declaring what it is that would make you the most fulfilled, happy and love filled being this holiday season.

The holidays, just like any other time of the year, I have the power to consciously choose and direct how my holiday season will go. I make the choice to honour my heart, honour my needs, honour self care and self love first and foremost. Doing so ensures I am truly a positive contribution to all I meet and in that space of internal alignment I am connected to my core, which is love.

This dear friends is the greatest gift of all: the gift of love to one another.

You have a say in how it all goes, you always have. Find that power within and take care of you this Christmas season so you too can be the gift of love and positive contribution to all those who have the pleasure and honour of connecting with you.

Mega love and Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The Key To Dissolving Holiday Anxiety- Day 178: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Holiday season is just plain busy.

christmas-shoppingWhether you celebrate the holiday season or not I’m pretty certain we can all agree that during this time of year, at least here in Canada there are higher levels of anxiety, impatience and over all busyness.

I’ve been feeling the impact of this holiday hustle and bustle over the past few days. Being out and about with my mom has exposed me to some cray cray vibes and it was starting to weigh on me. In all honesty I could feel my levels of anxiety at an all time high and my patience levels at an all time low. Not at my finest that’s for sure.

So instead of taking it out on people who have absolutely nothing to do with the icky vibes I’m feeling on the inside, I chose to fill up my tank, get those energies out and take care of me first.

The Key to Dissolving The Holiday Anxiety Vibes

It’s simple. Take time for you, and take that time right at the start of your day.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the fast pace of the season and forget to do what makes you feel happy, and on the top of your game. To actually be present with people I need a certain amount of time in the morning to do my RSL am routine and attend to important company items. When I do this I feel centred, clear, and on top of all the things I have control over. When I take the time to “have things handled” first-even if it is just an hour to return all my emails, or set up my week ahead, I am much more productive in my day, way more present AND much more pleasant to get along with.


Today I rocked my morning routine, hit up the gym then carved out two solid hours of Kelsey solo work time. I was so incredibly happy. When you love the work you do it never occurs as an obligation or something you have to do. For me working on RSL is a passion project, it lights me up and as I have seen this week when I don’t have a couple hours invested into working on it I get antsy, I get anxious and I get irratible. The thing is I want to be pouring my heart and energy into this company each day, because it makes me come alive, it helps me to fill up my tank and it ripples massive amounts of positivity out into the hearts of people worldwide.

I also know how important face to face time and quality time is with the people I love. So my lesson this holiday season is this:

best uTo really show up as my best version, in the craziness of the season I have to invest into me first and foremost every day. No exceptions. Even if it is just a quick 30 mins to make sure all is well and running smooth, to take this time each morning puts my mind at ease and my energy in a stable positive vibe. When my vibes are high I am able to be in those more chaotic environments and not take on the energy of other people. I can observe it with loving detachment and maintain my peace of mind.

A pretty solid breakthrough to take me through this beautiful holiday season ๐Ÿ˜‰

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The Juciness of Our Three Day Christmas Tree Adventure- Day 177: 365 Radical Self Love Project

As I sit writing this I am surrounded by my family, all of us sitting in the living room respectively working on each of our personal projects. It is so incredible to be with incredible people, all on the same vibe.

radical self love kelsey grant

We have Christmas music playing in the background, our Christmas dinner cooking on the stove, a holiday movie ready to roll tonight and our tree is finally complete.

I’m pretty sure our Christmas Tree Adventure happened as it did for a couple reasons. The first being so that I could truly appreciate the beauty of having it and having it complete and the second being a funny story to tell about my first Christmas Tree.

I’ve lived on my own for the past 13 years and this is the first year I have had to get my own tree. I’ve always lived with roommates who had the tree and I never really had to think about it.

Day 1

This year we were so graciously gifted a massive tree..7.5 feet. Absolutely HUGE. Our apartment is really nice and open and pretty big for a downtown space, however it is not quite big enough for a 7.5 foot tree ๐Ÿ˜‰ We made a solid attempt. On Friday we unpacked it and unfolded the branches only to find it took up our entire living room, yes the entire room.

Our Friday night decorating adventure didn’t quite happen the way we thought- perhaps a lesson in releasing attachment?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Day 2

So Saturday my mom and I set out for what would be an entire day of adventuring to different places attempting to locate a little 3 foot tree. By 7pm, a full nine hours after we had started our Christmas tree adventure, we returned to the very first place we went to. I had surrendered into the acceptance that whatever tree we would end up would be the perfect one and with the clarity it would be a super cute three foot tree. I even made up a little funny song to sing to myself and the Universe with my three foot tree intention. It made me laugh on the inside and that raised my vibes to be in alignment to receive the gift from the Universe.

From there we ended up attracting a hilarious manager who helped us find the perfect tree and gave it to us for 50% off since last week it went on sale for a couple days and he wanted to make our trip really fabulous. We scooped up a couple more ornaments and came home to finally decorate and get that beauty all set up.

Day 3

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantOur tree while fully equipped with lights required batteries to turn them on- so our final step today was to pick up our batteries and come home and turn our beautiful tree on.

I am so happy with our cute little 3 footer and it is the perfect size and addition to our family and our home.

This three day adventure has taught me patience, reinforced the power of clear intention and the value of surrender and detachment. It has also made for a hilarious family adventure and a beautiful outcome…a stunning tree full of love, handpicked ornaments and awesomeness!

Grateful, grateful, grateful!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Feature Friday: Family Addition- Day 175: 365 Radical Self Love

Today’s Feature Friday is focused on my love of family.

While in the midst of all the holiday hustle and bustle and all the goodness we have coming down the pipe for 2014, our next few Feature Fridays are going to take on a slightly different flavour. We’ll resume the Featuring of RSL members in January and for meow lets share about family fun time!

Last night my mom came into town for our holiday celebrations. CB and I will be kicking it in our home city for the Christmas season so this mini family trip is incredibly special to both of us. We get the opportunity to be with family, do all the Christmasy things like decorate the tree, have wine and cheese, shopping adventures and most importantly time together as a family.

I am so grateful for the beautiful day we got to spend together today. It is incredible to have mom here and for us to get to spend this precious time with her.

We kicked off this morning with a trip to Ethical Kitchen for a delicious breakfast. We had chagga mushroom tea and all three of us enjoyed delicious, massive breakfasts.

radical self love kelsey grantradical self love kelsey grant

Following breakfast we took a little mini work break- caught up on some adminy things and then headed off to the Vancouver Christmas Market.
Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant

radical self love kelsey grantThe market was filled with lots of little trinkets, christmas tree decorations, chocolate, mulled wine and loads and heaps of fun and laughter and of course CB and I stole some smooches beside the massive Christmas tree.

radical self love kelsey grant

Following the market we picked up a few more decorations, had and early dinner and meow are at home gearing up for a night of hockey, wine and decorating our tree. Such a perfect day. It is moments like these with the people we love most I am really keen on drawing attention to and featuring.

Now that we live in different cities than our families it is incredibly important to us as a couple to invest time and energy into our family units when ever possible. These moments are so precious and although life can get “lifey” sometimes it is growing clearer and clearer to me as I go through my life just how important family time really is.

I am so thankful for my beautiful family and for all these experiences that will forever reside as gifts in my heart!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!